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rubbish. Silly MD. Dr. Tommy lasagna Coco live Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while the early he was he as vain salamati Come on weekly, we're on the 21st jos and I'm sharing with you an ayah from Surah of Rome, the 30 the 30th surah actually, and this is the 22nd of that surah Allah says something very powerful that has many implications for us as Muslims living in a diverse society or wherever we are in the world. Unless his of his miraculous signs is the creation of the skies in the earth. When a lot of call something his sign it means it has to be revered and appreciated because it guides back to him. Anything that guides back to him should be acknowledged

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and respected. Like the Quran is all the Quran is I have a lot I mean it he had the human IoT he cadaveric these what I'm reading to you are his eyes also. So his IOD deserve respect because they lead us back to him. So the author of creation, the skies in the earth, they are revered creations of Allah we honor the creation of Allah because it takes us closer to Allah. Now Allah says of those signs was the Luffy alsina t comb is the differences of your tongues, the different languages, different cultures in the world, are part of the the diversity on the earth is actually a sign of a lie. So it's a proof of a lie. It's a miracle of Allah, that Allah azza wa jal created us from one

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human being from one man and one female, you know, hello, come in Hello, Jehovah seminoma john and Kathy anomalisa you know, Calico, coming up Sinhala Kala caminhada he created from a single person and then you know from from him the spouse and then created so many of you and here he says, So, many of you became so many different languages, so many different languages, other Elisa was taught alisma the words that must have been one language, right. So all languages in the world are like the children of the language of other mothers set up. All these different languages that are there are variations further and further and further variations of the original language taught to

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automatically set up so people that speak a language different than yours are not to be made fun of they're supposed to be respected. What's coming out of their mouth is actually something tied directly to Revelation. So you might think somebody who's speaking, you know, Cantonese, somebody who's speaking Bangla, somebody speaking Punjabi, somebody speaking English, somebody speaking French, they sound weird, they sound funny. As a matter of fact, all of it should be respected because it's from the heart of Allah says the different languages are his ayat. So English is an ayah of Allah French's and I have Allah Punjabi is an ayah of Allah subhanaw taala. These different

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tongues, these different languages are out of Allah are signs of God. And then he has worked the larvae and juanico You know, he adds, one equal your colors, different colors, skin is a sign of God. So the fact that there are different ethnicities in the world, from the Muslim perspective, from the Quranic perspective, we're supposed to have respect for different races, just because Allah called races themselves different colors of skin, themselves, a divine sign, a sign of himself or reminder of himself. So when people look at the the color of skin and consider someone inferior or superior or a hated race or a loved race, then that itself is a denial of the Ayat of Allah. So read

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all the places in the Koran, where Allah says those who disbelieve in our heart, those who disregard are those who don't care about our IOD, those who lie against our ayat, those who you know, don't consider our ayat. Then this is the ayah to a person's skin is an ayah to and you don't respect a person who has a different skin than you, you are disregarding and I have a lot What a powerful teaching of the Quran. What a powerful way to combat racism. So how can you call yourself a Muslim and you have racist tendencies? How can you do that? Woman iottie he was Hakuna Matata was de la semana de como el juanico. In Effie Danica, I art and in that there are many, many, many miracles,

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many signs, many teachings, many paths to guidance for people who actually know that I really mean

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So what are we learning? People who are racist and still call themselves Muslims can't possibly be knowledgeable. Because people that have knowledge, they will take the lessons from this. They'll learn from this. May Allah remove racism and prejudice and the disregard for other cultures away from our hearts because a disregard of that is in fact these things are in fact disregard of the eyes of Allah. And may Allah make us of those that every one of us I add, brings us closer to him, and a disregard of them is completely and it never happens in our hearts that we never ever, ever overlook. Something that ally supposed to that Allah made that we can come closer and closer to him

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barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

The fact that so many skin colors and languages came from a single male and a single female (Adam and Hawa) is a miraculous sign of Allah.

A Muslim is Not Racist [Juz 21] – Nouman Ali Khan

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