Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L171C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of showing respect and not allowing others to enter one's behavior is emphasized. It is crucial for building a strong understanding of one's own actions and actions of others. The importance of learning to be a good person and not just a judge is emphasized, as it is crucial for building a strong understanding of one's own actions and actions of others. The segment discusses the meaning of the word "so" and how it is used to describe behavior, including the potential for evil actions and the impact on one's behavior.
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We're in Toluca, and if they dispute with you in the context, who doesn't refer to the or who done a solid, the machine, if they dispute with you, if they do argue with you, that you're trying not to argue with them, you're avoiding all of these disputes with them. And you have delivered the message to them, still, instead of accepting they dispute with you, then what should your way be physically level, then you should say that Allah, Allah will he is most knowing be matter Malone of what you all are doing.

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Allah knows very well off your actions.

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So this is a threat to them. Mainly, this is a response to the objections of the Jews and the Christians as well as the machine of Mecca, that threaten them with this, warn them with this, that Allah knows about your actions, Allah knows about what you're doing. So we see that a person should avoid any sort of dispute, when it comes to religion. Your responsibility as an individual is to convey the truth. And if someone does not listen, then do not force your opinion on them.

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And just tell them that Allah knows very well about what we're doing about what you're doing.

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Allahu jacobina come and tell them that Allah will judge between you when yom will be empty on the day of gentlemen.

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Because there are some differences which cannot be resolved, isn't it? So?

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Like, for example, some Muslims, you know, they become very enthusiastic, and they say, you know, we want to put an end to this difference of opinion amongst the scholars amongst the Muslims.

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The fact is, these differences have been there for the past 1400 years. And you think you will do something today, which will resolve all those differences? No, it's not possible. Allahu jacobina comb Yokoyama, T, female kuntum Fie, the study found in all the matches that you were deferring it, Allah will decide as to who was right, who was wrong, what was the correct way? And what was the wrong way? And how will he judge? Because if you think about it, this judgment, Allah subhanaw, taala, has already given in this dunya when it comes to religion, which religion is the correct one, when it comes to worship? Which worship is correct, isn't it? So what does it mean by this judgment

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on the Day of Judgment, this is by giving reward to those who were upon the truth and giving punishment to those who were upon faltered. So Allah will judge between you on the Day of Judgment concerning all those matters, that you deferred it

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will listen to the recitation and will continue

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The thing is that there are differences, okay. You may come across one evidence that is stronger than the other and because of that, you believe that one opinion is better than the other? And, yes, as I mentioned to you before, as well, that within all of these differences, there are opinions that are stronger compared to others, why? Because their evidences are more correct, they support our opinion more.

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So, if you happen to come across such an opinion, and you believe that it is the correct one, and the other person does not follow that opinion, it could be because they do know, simply.

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So just on the basis that a person does not practice a certain ritual, this is why you will not allow them to enter your

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mustard, they don't raise their hands before going to the record, they don't do refer here then. So therefore you will not allow them to enter, or just because somebody does it, you will expel them from the mustard. This is not the correct way, if you know something shared with the other, not with hatred, but with love,

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differences of opinion may be there. But it doesn't mean that our love should become bad. Because as we have been learning in the sort of constantly yesterday, also we learned that, you know, the houses will stay, the buildings will stay, the people will be gone. And at the end of the day, what will be seen their actions, their behavior.

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So it's just a test, as I mentioned to you that this is a test that allows a pilot that is testing us that how do we behave? What does our clock become?

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We have been seeing the sort of how, along with the rituals, the respect is also extremely important, right when when you are asleep, hello Mattila and Darlene off the shadow of a lot of hometel Allah, which shows that it's not just about rituals, but it's also about respecting them showing honor to them. And part of showing honor to them is that when you discuss them, when you talk about them, do so in a respectful manner.

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When you tell somebody about it, do so in a respectful manner. Respect the person and also respect what you're talking about. Because no matter what it is that you're telling the other person about, no matter how beautiful it may be, no matter how perfect it may be, if you talk to them in a derogatory way, if you talk to them in a disrespectful way, will they like what you're presenting to them? Will they know

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if I make a lovely cake? And I say to you in a very nasty way, eat this, I made this for you. I put in so much effort, what do you want to eat it? Like take it back, I don't need it. If you want to give it to me in this way, I don't want it. So no matter how tasty It doesn't matter how delicious it is, my way of presenting it to you will turn you off.

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So this is something very important. Part of the theme of shine of Allah is showing the shine of a lot in a respectful way. And that is through our speech through our flock.

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The garden succeeds panela the students of knowledge when they start getting this knowledge and they start learning what evidence is or Hades or Sofie or I mean, they haven't even attained the full grasp of it. Despite the fear of regular people, they start doing the cleaning of the old man. I mean, Subhanallah this just amazes me that you have just taken the baby step, and you have the arrogance to go ahead and they start doing the cleaning of the older man, then Subhan Allah have an alum, even though if it's the head was wrong, let's say even if he came to a conclusion, that was wrong in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. And we don't know we are not the judge of that he is

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still getting the reward of his a class, and also for his HDL. And let's see, if an alum gets both right, this is the hardest correct in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala he gets the reward for getting it right for his effort and for the class panela. So we have no room to judge anyone. Exactly, there is just no way we can just anyone

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this shows knows the importance of constantly growing in our knowledge. Because if we continue learning knowledge is what makes a person humble. And if a person thinks I know so much, and based on my knowledge based on my understanding, based on what I have come across, so and so person is wrong, and so and so person is right, this is pride, because if you keep learning, what do you realize how ignorant I am? how little I know,

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when a person continues learning, it keeps him humble.

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I was just thinking that a lot of times when Muslims come and try to ask you questions, or I tried to argue with you about Islam, it's about these small issues like about niqab or about a women's rights or about polygamy or something like that. So don't let them argue with you take it back to tawheed. And even if you look at the last verse, For this one, it says, Allah created you and He will take you away, and then he will give you life again. And like if you think of that all the time, then all these small issues, they become so irrelevant. What's more important is to heed and then it says at the end of the verse that surely you are upon right guidance, so have confidence in

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yourself and call them to what's more important. Exactly. And what is more important than calling them to the worship of

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Sonico I just remember that like you become like very interested in the difference opinion. And then you end up sometimes like missing almost your prayer. But what makes you realize that this is wrong is when you start learning the Koran from page to page that your main focus should not be in this differences but what kind of slave of Allah you are. So then you just change but I mean if you are just only focusing like Subhanallah, though we have the knowledge of Islam is giving nowadays is that focus on or ambitious focusing on the field on the difference of opinion. And this is one of the main focus of this course.

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On this institute, that is our objective is to teach people what is in the Quran and Sunnah. Which is why you will see that when we teach you any subject, we don't tell you Okay, this is the shaft very faithful. This is Hanafi fiocco. This is that this is that, if you look at it in all of your books, any precept that is taught, any rule that is taught behind that isn't evidence from the Quran, or from the Sunnah, or both. So this is how I will we should be that when a person connects himself with the Quran, then these differences, they become so insignificant, they don't give any importance to you at all.

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Just to share my personal experience, about focusing on the towel heat, because there's one sister who embraced Islam, and because she was presenting difference of madhhab and all that stuff, you know, it's not for Allah, she left Islam, because she got more confused and all that stuff. And it was like, okay, somebody has had been focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala, how great his creator is, and all the things that we should be focusing on. And not the difference because the person got confused now. And then like, now what like now she will be forever searching because she already got the truth. And then she lasted.

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So the main thing is that when you invite people or invite them with the colons and invite them to the main thing, whether in Arabic and rise above the differences, and if they try to touch them, that they're disputing with you concerning the differences, take them back to the main objective, take them back to the main goal, which is where they

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Whoa, whoa,

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whoa, whoa, lady

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Okay, let's continue.

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I don't Arlen Do you not know. And the La Jolla, Alamo? Memphis, some of you will have that Indeed, Allah knows what is in the heaven and the earth. In the previous ayah, what is mentioned, that Allah will judge between those people who differ with one another when on the Day of Judgment.

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And his judgment is the correct one. His decision is that which is most just, why because Don't you know that he knows everything that is in the sky and the earth, his knowledge is complete, nothing at all is hidden from him.

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And Murphy's summer, he will up. This includes the entire existence, the entire creation, whatever exists. Allah subhanaw taala knows about it.

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And he doesn't just know about its being, but he also knows about every action that it does, every move that it makes. He knows about every word that it utters every sound that it produces every single thing in the sky in the air.

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And he knows about all of their circumstances as well. Every end, every human, every bird, every bee, he knows about its circumstances he knows about its whereabouts. He knows about its activities, he knows where it's going, where it's coming, what it's eating, what it's looking at.

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So his knowledge is complete here allama mesosoma he will.

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So you think he does not know about you? He does not know about your differences. He does not know about who is right and who is wrong, of course,

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in McAfee kita indeed that is in the book. What

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meaning that what has been mentioned over here that Allah subhanaw taala knows about everything that is in the book that is written in the book which book the lower levels

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Meaning, Allah knows from before what is to happen. Allah knows from before what is to happen he has recorded everything in the low heard Marvels.

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So every word that a person says every action that a person makes, Allah knows about it already and it is recorded where fakie tab in the lower corner fools.

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So what do we see that Allah has knowledge is not limited to the past, present, or future. Rather, his knowledge is complete, he knows about what is going to happen even before it actually happens. And in the valley, Karla lahia seed in the that upon Allah is very easy. It's very, very easy for Allah. Why? Because he is early, because He is Allah.

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So we see in this ayah, that nothing of man's deeds is hidden from Allah. Nothing of man's words are hidden from Allah.

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The Lord who knows what isn't the heavens and the earth also knows about our deeds, about our behavior, about our efforts. He knows well about every single one of us.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah issued his decrees concerning the measurement and new proportion of the creatures 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth.

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Imagine, he decreed everything with regard to the creatures, how many years before the heavens and the earth were created 50,000 years.

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Also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the first thing that Allah created was the pen. And he said to the pen, right, and it said, what should I write? So a lot all depends, right? What will happen? So the fan wrote, everything that will happen until the Day of Resurrection. So everything is written, everything is recorded, including our actions, including our words.

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But despite the fact that our last knowledge is so complete, despite the fact that he is the one who has given everything to us,

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all our material provisions as well as spiritual provisions, because if you look at it in the beginning, material provisions were mentioned.

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And then in the eye of motsek, spiritual provision was mentioned. And then his knowledge is mentioned.

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So despite the fact that Allah knows about everything, he is our provider, he is our logic. We are doing them in doing it. Now he but still they worship besides Allah, what matter that which lamb unison will be so fun and he has not sent down any authority.

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Despite that, they worship besides Allah, for which he has not sent down any authority. As you know, the word so far has several meanings of them his authority and off the meanings of silvanus. Evidence proof, also power. So over here so long gives me enough evidence proof has

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meaning Allah has not given any evidence for the worship off, other than Allah, for ship. And this sovann It's neither by knuckle, meaning there is no revelation there is no text that has been given to people that supports chick,

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woman Leyzaola whom berate him and that for which they have no knowledge, meaning and they worship that which they do not have any knowledge about.

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Meaning they do not have any knowledge that whether these are actually gods or not. They're worshipping them on the basis of complete ignorance. There is no logical evidence even for the worship of these beings.

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So we see that where it is mentioned Madame Yuna, Zippy Sultana, this indicates there is no naturally evidence nakiya

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and where it is mentioned, where my laser Lacombe, it refers to evidence that is of our meaning logical evidence.

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So there is no textual evidence nor is there any logical evidence for

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one woman is lonely, meaner, and not for the wrongdoers meanness, lead and helper meaning they will not have any helper on the day of judgment to prevent them from the punishment.

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What either to clarify him is tuna by Hina did and when our Verses are recited to them, which versus by genetic as clear evidences, but you know, it is a plural of Burkina.

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So, when our clear I had I recited to them or when our if I recited to them as clear evidences, what do they prove the oneness of Allah? What do they prove the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu. What do they prove the reputation of Schick?

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So when such I add or recite it to the people, what's the reaction

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30 foot you would recognize fee would you hit Lavina cafaro in the faces of those people who display

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that when the Quran is being recited you see in those faces al Mancha the wrong disapproval.

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You can see rejection and disapproval on their faces. When COVID gives a sense of disapproval, anger, the expression of dislike the expression of unhappiness. So you can see it very clearly on their faces. They do not want to listen to the Quran at all. They show dislike, they show a version, they show anger, they begin to frown on their faces is encountered on their faces is rejection on their faces his disgust and dislike for what is being recited.

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And they're so unhappy at listening to the ad, that the Kaduna, they're about to, they're at the verge of Yes, foon abilitynet lunarlon him

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that they would assault those people who were reciting our if

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they're so upset that they would almost physically attack those people who are reciting the Quran. They get so upset, they get so angry. They don't want to listen at all. The word your stoner is from the roof ever seen Paul? Well, Sutton and step one is to attack someone and overpower them to physically attack and overpower. It is that subtle for us? When a horse, it rises up, and it raises its front legs. And imagine if a horse does that advises appointment and raises his front legs, then what's gonna happen? If he comes down on a person, that person is gone? Isn't he? He's finished. He's doomed.

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So from the set what is also used for attacking someone physically attacking someone, like, for example, attacking someone with one's hand attacking them in the sense that they're given a blow, they're given a slap. So this is what's the point is,

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so you're Kaduna. Yes, tuna, out of extreme anger, they would assault with physical violence, by hands or by their tongues, they cannot bear it, to the extent that they come down to physical violence, against to against those people who are reciting our is to them. This is how unhappy they are. This is how angry they are. This is how upset they become. They don't want the Koran to be recited at all.

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And you all know about the story of avocado beyond that, how when he recited the Quran in public how he was beaten up. And it wasn't just him. There were many other companions as well. Who when they dared to recite the Quran out in the public, how they were beaten up physically, that people did not want to listen to the Quran, because they knew that it was having an effect on some. So they did not want that effect to be there. And they became so upset that they began physically attacking them, physically beating them up to the point that these companions, they almost died. Just imagine somebody is beaten to death, or is beaten to almost dying. Why? Because he had said something. Why?

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Because he has recited some words. This is how much they dislike the clock.

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And yes, this is talking about Who? The Michigan of Makkah. But unfortunately, this kind of hatred exists today even against the words of Allah.

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And unfortunately, it's not the non Muslims who have this hatred, even among so called Muslims, they have this kind of hatred for the Quran.

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That as soon as the Quran is recited, they say, turn this off. I don't want to listen to it. Why are they reciting the Quran? What's the purpose over here? What's the objective? We don't understand anything? Forget it, leave it.

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And I mentioned that incident to you once that my mother once she was in a conference and people were discussing something about some laws. And she opened up the Quran because people were saying that, oh, this law has no evidence of the Quran. This is not from Islam. This is just Arabian law. So she opened up the Quran to tell them you know, this law is given the Quran. And as soon as you open it this, close this, close it right now, this cannot be opened over here. They forced her to close it and she said that in my heart, I promise that you force me to close it, I will open it Alhamdulillah the focus of all what is called on every heart every hand. This is our focus because

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people don't want the Quran to be opened up. You dare do that. We're going to try our best to deliver the Quran to every person.

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So we see that the machine of NACA had this attitude. But amongst Muslims, even those people who claim to be Muslim, even they have this attitude that when the Quran is recited when it's opened up, they say

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Close it, turn it off. Stop this person we don't want to listen. This is how violent they become. And you see monkey on their faces Yeah, Caledonia stone abilitynet lunala humanity.

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Allah says people say to them, if I own a vehicle, should we inform you then be sure remains illegal, of that which is evil than that? Shall we tell you of something that is be shared him with evil means alikom then that or you are

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what does that even refer to? This anger of yours? You're getting very angry and listening to the Quran. You're getting very upset that the Quran is being read over here. You're getting so angry, shall we tell you of something that you will dislike even more than this Quran

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that you will not want to see at all. You will not want to hear at all. It is enough. It is the fire.

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Right now you cannot tolerate listening to the Quran. Will you tolerate hearing the defeat the Shaheed of the Hellfire in a way

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effort will not be accomplished. The menzerna illegal and now it is the fire. What are the Allahu Allah has promised it for who and Medina cafaro those who deny those who disbelieve those who hate the Quran. Those who become so violent against those who believe in read the Quran

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will sell mostly and how evil is it as a destination? What an evil destination it is in a sad monster Coronado karma

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imagine the one who has created the Hellfire is telling us that the Hellfire is an evil destination.

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Just imagine this is how much he's warning us against it. That make sure you don't get here. But still we see that out of arrogance out of pride people do such things that make them deserving of entry into hellfire.

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full effort will not be accomplished remains Alec Zelikow and now it is the fire. What are the Hello who led in a couple weeks and mostly what an evil destination it is.

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See ya

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over here what is described as those people who have a hatred for

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those people who have a lot of hate and dislike for the religion of Allah.

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And in the previous ayah What did we learn that sometimes it could be our behavior that could turn people away from the religion

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so some people they have hatred, they are biased other people they're not biased but our attitude our behavior can turn them off.

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He would come to any other gathering right? But when you tell them oh is the Holocaust occur and we're gonna teach? No, we know it. We have read it. We have read the translation. We know what's in it, there's no need for you to explain it to us. But if it's any other Galilee or for sure you will see huge crowds. You will see huge for people you've never seen before they will come if you call them to the front they don't they stay away. Why Why is there a need

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the things that when you like something, when you love something, if somebody tells you that you will get it at a particular place you will come isn't if you love a particular person. If you love a particular food, and they tell you it's going to be at this gathering you come even if you don't have the time you'll make time. So if a person really loves the Quran, he will come and if he does not, if he thinks that all he knows enough, he does not need to learn more. Then he will stay away from it.

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people to come to the dean the main attraction

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Is the food unfortunately seriously like fortunately that's right tell you that there is a free refreshment or whatever like in a tree food and all that stuff and people will come really and they would come and then that's the only time that you can talk to them about the

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Oui oui. Oui Naka.

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Be sure

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