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Today as a closing for our we have our Milan wraps up, we recited a very beautiful sudo surah Allah and Allah Allah Allah subhana wa tada he states if caught up with the middle beacon lady, hello, hello inside them in Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah inside Amanda miana

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these verses are very, very powerful. And the uniqueness about these verses in particular is that these were the first verses to reveal on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Where was the puppet said a lot while he was said about age of 40 sitting inside a cave, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an innocent man searching for the innocent truth. He desired to stay away from the filth of the community. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is sitting there contemplating this reflecting, he had no idea what was going to happen to him that day, how his life was going to change and how he would turn it from an ordinary person to the greatest of all

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prophets. The prophets of Allah while he was suffering from his birth was prepared for this day. And he went through different challenges and spiritually developed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. As the years passed by, as every day passed by us, every hour passed by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being prepared, he was being prepared. And today the prophets of Allah wa it was cinema sitting in the cave, all alone. And all of a sudden, gvrd salaam appears before the prophets of Allah.

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And he says to him, yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed read in the problem is that a lot of money was sent. I mean, he's shot of all of you, but he's his mind and because he I don't know how to read. And then he says, All Mohammed read, and each time he squeezes the promise of a love audio system, and he squeezes departments that a lot of money was spent on so tight, that the purpose of a lot of it was that he says, I felt that I was going to die at that moment for like I was at an end class finish. But then he let the Prophet go and said, If I don't read and three times he repeats it to the professor, lots of the scholars they say, give me a lot. He said, I was transferring the spiritual

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strength from his heart to the heart of the Prophet said, a lot of money was sent him to prepare the prophets that a lot of money was sent him to be the person who looked on would be revealed on because Allah had offered the revelation to onto the mountains before Allah had to offer the revelation of God on to the skies before in the amount of the artists and I was one of the ones Jeevan. And when Allah offered this revelation to the skies, the earth in the mountains, what did they say?

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They said, We can't take the weight of this, this is too great. So kuranda couldn't be revealed on a mountain on the sky or the earth. Now the heart of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam becomes the place where that what is being revealed onto the prophets of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is elevated, and he's elevated. And as you read the put on, you know, when you start the recitation of the Quran from sort of fighting, and you work your way to the end, it's a beautiful story, sometimes of what I was talking about how it took the progress of a lot of it was someone struggling with the Jews of his community, that I love and talks about how the Prophet

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sometimes was struggling with them, when else within the hypocrites in this community that I love brings a story to the earlier days how the Prophet was struggling with the machine of his community, that a lot tells us the story of the migration, and the tense situation that was that a lot talks about the Battle of buzzard, and then the battle, and then the Battle of conduct, and then the Treaty of Libya, and then the conquest of Mecca. mukaiyama. And as you read the Quran, you find these different stories, these unique things that are happening, sometimes the Prophet has said a lot of people's revelations, let's make him happy now. Sometimes the Prophet said a lot of audio

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sermons, very happy to join the prophets of Allah audio cinnamon happiness, Allah subhanaw taala reveals revelation, then sometimes you're reading the Koran. And the purpose of the law of audio cinema is facing bits and muscles in his reading, and he's not happy, there's something bothering him. So unless it's all Mohammed, you're not happy by facing this. Let's change that for you as well. So as you're reading the Quran, you're reading this beautiful story of the prophets of Allah while he was at him. And sometimes it makes you smile, because you see the love Allah hi for the Prophet. And then sometimes it's very same story makes you cry. Because you think to yourself, look

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how much the Prophet said a lot of audio sort of went through. But as you come near to the end of that story, and as the last suit as we read today, well, I mean, every person will cry. And the reason for that is because it reminds us of how the life of the Prophet also came to an end one day, and how the companions really felt the departure of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when the companions heard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was leaving them, when that moment came near, it was something that ripped their hearts apart when I was young, I remember I participated in the huddle put on my local machine. And after the whole thing was open over everyone

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was, you know, sharing sweets and they had some dreams and some hardware. And there was one brother sitting at the front who was my relative actually, and he was sitting at the front and he was sitting there crying. So I went

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To me, this is the first time I was a child I've ever seen anyone cry, and adult. So I said, I sat next to him. I said, Why don't you cry? He said, Young man, today we are finishing the recitation of the Quran. And I cry and beg Allah Allah, don't let this be my separation from the Quran. Now. For the past 30 days I was connected to the Quran. Now that we're doing the same, I fear that I might just be really separated from the fun, and many of us are victims of this unfortunately, where when the husband is completed tonight when the husband is completed, unfortunately, this will be our separation.

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But we don't feel that at times without realizing that wonderful revelation came to an end, the Sahaba and Medina when I when I became very sad, the last verse that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he hit Allah.

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The last verse revealed to the Prophet after that verse was revealed, the Sahaba they say, Medina, Managua became quiet. Everyone was sitting there quietly, they were worried, because they knew that now the revelation has stopped. The mission of the puppet has come to an end, which means now we have limited hours and imagine you're sitting next to your father or your mother and they're dying. And you're just waiting for that moment to come. And for the Sahaba, literally their lives halted. And then all of a sudden, the prophet becomes sick. And when he became sick, their hearts began to even pay feel more pain, because they realized that that time was coming closer. And then when

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they're sitting around the province of Aloha, it was one of those final moments. Each Sahabi was in tears because he realized that now the life of the Prophet has come to an end, and try to feel the emotion that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and while I've been juggling with your loved one are sharing at their last meeting, and the progress of a lot while it was said I was telling wah wah next time you come back from Yemen, I won't be here my grave will be here. And that's what the finishing of the recitation of the Quran reminds us of the end of the life of the province of Ahmadiyya Muslim. And within these very same in the last part, what on Allah subhana wa tada first

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reads to us, the first revelation, how beautiful what a joyful moment What a great moment that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is given Prophethood and then at the end, one of the last revelations is also in the last 10 lessons.

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In a

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for Serbia, because

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when they asked, because of the promise of a lot more It was said

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that what do you make a decision?

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What do you understand from it? He said, on this surah tells us that the Prophet is going to pass away, because the mission is likely to come to an end. Allah subhanaw taala says, and when the help of Allah will come, and you will have victory, meaning you will conquer Mocambo karma, one of the missions of the prophets that allow us to purify the Kaaba of ship. And now the Prophet had conquered Mocambo karma, the karma was purified of ship, that Allah says, well, even if he didn't have water, once you achieve this, Homer, everyone will accept Islam, because the hearts of the world are attached to the Kaaba. And as long as there's * happening there, they don't have that

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connection, they don't understand what that connection is actually about. They feel that connection is with the idols. But when you remove the idols from the picture, and only a lot remains in the karma, then they will realize that our connection is not with anyone other than Allah subhana wa Tada. you fulfill your purpose now, so that Allah says with the prophets of medicine, now spend the last day of your life

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glorifying your Lord with his praise and repent to Allah in Hokkaido. Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who accepts who accepts repentance, Allah subhanaw taala is the web. What we learn from this? Is that how the purpose of alarm it was sort of the revelation of what went on was a part of the life of the farmer.

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And the rest of the verses are a part of the journey of the life of the prophets that allowed them and the revelation of God is a witness to how much Allah loves the prophets of Allah. Why do I tell you this, and I don't exaggerate every prophet that was given a book before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, was invited to a particular location, and they were given the book at one time. You guys understand that? musante salaam was invited to the month to write each each Prophet was invited to a particular location, they were given the revelation. But when it comes to our heapsort allamani, Allah tells us if it is positivity, we won't disrespect him in college, any place

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you will follow him wherever he goes. If he's in his revelation, we'll go there. If he's in Revelation, we'll go there. If he's in Revelation, we'll go there. If he's in his revelation, we'll go there. If he's in Medina, Revelation will go there. If he's lying next to I shall revelation will also go there. The revelation will follow him. And it's interesting because now there are just a few days left before the Prophet passes away. And we've all heard of this narration very beautiful narration is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting at a gathering and all of us however sitting there silently, and an anonymous person came to the profits gathering and he asked

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the Prophet for questions. He said our messenger of Allah what is EMA and what is Islam? What is it side and when will the final hour be? You guys want the famous narration right? What is this narration calm

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debrie an anonymous person comes in ask these four questions. The Prophet answered all four and that man leaves the profit dental armaments authority alone. Do you know who that guy was? He said, Our messenger Allah, he was anonymous. No one knows where he was. So then the Prophet says that was God.

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And our scholar teacher used to say that that he took place right before the Prophet passed away just a few days before. And it says if Allah subhanho wa Taala, he made a very clear point to everyone that will follow the prophets of Allah It was said that his rank increased so much through revelation every day that went by in the pocket slide, his rank increased and increased and increased until such a point that the days before the Prophet passes away. Now, even his teacher has come to him as a student.

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You guys, you guys understand that? jabril was the teacher, all his life, he was a teacher. But now when the Prophet is passing away, Ally's making a point that today, even Mohammed has surpassed his teacher to be nice. And even he will come to the office that a lot of audio set up as a student and sit in front of the Prophet respect and learn from the prophets of Allah. Because this is what revelation does to you reference. You know, you attach yourself with a baton, you become a lofty person, you become a great person, how long will you and I continue to live our lives without being attached to the fun? How many times during the week become emotional because we enjoy the recitation

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our hearts longing for the recitation of the Quran. When we're reading the verses of the Quran, sometimes we're sitting there and we're shocked because we feel the put on is speaking directly to us. It is speaking directly to us. The Quran is a connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no other way that you can communicate with Allah other than the Quran, right? Even in saliva is there when you want to speak to your Lord, you open the Quran, this is the caliber of Allah subhana wa Tada, you and I cannot see with our eyes in the world led to the equal upside because no I can see Allah. But if you want to communicate with a lot, that read the Quran, if you want to learn a lot,

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learn about the life of the prophets that allowed them read the Quran, we can continue to live these lives that we have, you know, our teacher used to share the story with us that there was this young kid, he used to go to mother, sir, you know, the local Islamic school. And on the way there every day, there would be this lady who was standing by her door, and she would wait for him to pass by and when he would pass by, she would smile at him and wave at him. So he saw her one day, next day he saw her again third day he saw her again. And he got a little freaked out because this lady was stalking him right? Every time he walks past he's smiling and waves out of so one day that lady

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called him over. She said young man come here. He went to her. She said she said to him, I would like to invite you for lunch one day, and he was already freaked out. Now. You know, how do you think he feels?

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Like really scared, right? But at the end of the day, anyone who goes to college right now knows that food Trumps fear any day.

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Is that right or wrong?

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Food Trumps fear any day. So if you're hungry, even if you're scared, you're still gonna go for the food food. Young man said you know what? Free food. I'll be there in Sharla. Right now, she set up this beautiful destacan tablecloth, he came to her house. She put all the food you can think of you know, artists thought imagine that kind of food, you know samosa and fruit chart and this and that. And everything's under the sun, all the foods there. So when he sat down, he didn't ask any questions. He just started eating. He ate and ate. And then after he was an eating, he said to the lady, look, lady, I just want you to know you're a good cook. I love all the food. But I just want

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to ask you, why are you feeding me? And why do you stop me every day? This is a little scary, by the way. So then she says to him, Look, man, I actually don't even know you. And the reality is I don't even care for you. But the only thing is that I had a son who passed away and you look like him. And I always wanted to have one more meal with my son and I wanted to feed him everything that he liked. And I didn't have that chance because he died. So when I saw you, I remembered my son and I thought that if I couldn't feed my real son, then at least I could feed the person who looks like my son. And she said you see all this food right here. These are all the foods that he used to like, when

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you listen to the story. It really shocks you because if you can't interact with the one who you love directly, then the next thing cause will do you guys understand. We can't speak to a lot. We're not the prophets. We can't tell. I'm having tough problems in my life. Everyone's struggling here. Everyone wants to support the hierarchy. That's why we're here tonight because everyone wants to pour their heart out in the dialogue. They want to communicate with Allah. They want to listen to them, but the way to communicate with Allah subhana wa tada is through the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't abandon the Quran, be connected to the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says the prophet

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will complain to Alon the Day of Judgment. Yah, yah, yah will be in Nepal Mr.

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Maduro, the messenger will say oh my lord on the day of judgment will say oh my lord, my nation they abandoned we do not want to be one of those people inshallah everyone. Let us be connected to the Quran. Let us see. Let us be the people of the Quran. Let us be the people who read up on and enjoy every iota of it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us all to start the recitation of the Quran and never end it. That's one thing you'll note today with the hundreds of finishes off the remaining sutras and when he finished with the legendary oneness when he stopped there, yes or no, no, no. And the next, what is he going to do?

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Is and start again, because we never end the recitation on the phone as soon as we end it, what do we do? Start again, kind of like a kid who goes to a theme park. When he gets off the ride. What does he do? He

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runs back in line again. As soon as he gets off the ride, runs back in line again. And that's our connection with the phone. If either of us have handled that exception