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Jannah Gems #45 – Seven Under the Shade of Allah

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Haifaa Younis

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Sina Barrera narrated that Rasul Allah salatu salam said, Seven will be under the shade of Allah

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in the day where there is no shade, but his shade these seven and this is the sequence is in the Hadith as a Rasul Allah sort of salaam taught us. Number one Imam on Idol Imam added just ruler, one. Number two, shabu Nasha fer Tila, a young man, a youth, man or a woman raised upon worshiping Allah or raised worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. Number three Orajel don't call Humala company masajid a man or a woman their hearts is attached to, to the mosques for war or Giuliani to have Bernie or not Giuliani to have Bernie filler Egitim Ali, whatever, Carly. So two men, two men or two women loved each other for the sake of Allah, they get together, meet together for this reason, and

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they died. And they still have this or they separate for this reason. And why don't you learn that humor that from also being a man, a man was invited

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load by a woman and this woman has two characters. She's pretty, she has power and money.

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And she called him while doing that to call him meaning to haram. And his response was harmful law.

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That man says I am afraid of Allah subhanaw taala this applies to a woman if she is in the opposite situation. She was invited by a man of power

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and authority and she said I am afraid of Allah not for any other reason. And number six, what are you known for? Sadaqa be solder cutting Falfa and human being a man or a woman gave charity in secrecy hidden to the point his left hand at the latter lamouchi Malik Shimanto motto for Cremino he spend gave this charity so much in secrecy and hear Rasul Allah saw to some gave a parable that his left hand, his left hand, doesn't even know what's his right hand. Did a number seven water Junoon the Corolla Hollein father Tiana and a man or a woman but remembered Allah subhanho wa Taala and they start crying. And he said only the seven only the seven categories and there is no shade but

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his shade. So my only choice and your choice to be under the shade of Allah subhanahu wa Tada on that day is to be one of these seven categories.

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I have to be one of the seven to guarantee because that's a hadith of Rasul Allah is Allah to center. This is the only Buhari and Muslim or my uncle Annie Hawa. He does not speak out of his own desire la sala to a sinner in Hawaii Noah who knew how the meanings is, has been revealed. Aspire to rasool Allah salatu salam. So I need to say to myself, I need to be at least one of these seven