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Al-Baqarah 92-103 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la pseudogene Karim Am I borrowed for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem arbitragefreie Saudi were silly unreal. re watch that on melissani yokocho Holy urbanos ignor in

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Lesson number 16 Surah Al Baqarah number 92 to 103 translation. One of uncertainly Jerry acoem. He came to you, Musa Musa alayhis salam biloba unity with the clear truths, some then it has done you all took an original the calf men from Bharti he after him, what until and you are rarely more than ones who are unjust. What if and when? A hardener we took firmly Mita cocoon, your covenant? What a foreigner and we raised foco above you a Torah, the amount Who do you will take man? What are the knakal we gave you buco within with strength was my rule. And you are listen.

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Our Lu they said, semolina we have heard where assigner and we have disobeyed. We're oshri boo, and they were made to drink fi in kulu became their hearts and rejina the calf, because we him because of their disbelief.

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Paul say this summer, how bad it is what yet Morricone it orders you be with it. Mr. Newcomb your belief in if quantum you were meaning believers, all say in if cabinet, it was logical for you all at Dell, the house, the home and after I do have the hereafter or in the near Allah He Allah Holly Sutton exclusively men from dooney other than a nurse the people

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Fatima No. Then you all wish alamode them the depth in if quantum you were saw the again ones who are truthful

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one and never get them and know who they will wish for it ever the ever be man because of what are the Met it sent ahead? ad him their hands. One law who and Allah or Lehman always all knowing bills law the mean with those who do wrong?

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What and left surely didn't know whom you will definitely find them. Russell most greedy and ness of the people either upon hierarchy in life well and men from an levena those who are shocked who they associated partners with Allah. Yeah, what do he loves? Or how to whom each one of them loan if only your model, he is granted life? alpha of 1000 Senate in yours warmer and not? Who would it be Moses z in the least one that moves him away?

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men from either the punishment and that you're our motto, he is granted longlife one law who and Allah bursley You don't always have seen the man with whichever year or Maroon they do.

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Say man whoever cannon he was either one an enemy eligibility for gibreel for inner who So indeed he Nasrallah who he revealed it either upon conviction, your heart, be evening with permission, Allah He of Allah, Muslim, as confirming Lima, for that which VEDA day he before it. were hidden and a guidance were bushwa and good news. Little movement in for the believers. Man whoever canon he was our the one enemy lead there he for Allah, woman equity he and his angels were also the he and his messengers. Would you believe that

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And gibreel when we can and we can aim for in the lower than indeed of our the one enemy live Kathleen for the disbelievers one apart and certainly einzelner we sent down ilica to you buy in versus signs by uniting once clear, warmer and not yuk, foru he disbelieves be here with it in there except, and first of all, those who cross limits, those who disobey.

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Do what and condyloma whenever I do they promised or then a promise never there who he threw it for UConn, a group mean home from them, but rather extra home most of them left not up known they believe. What a man and when

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he came to them rasuluh a messenger Minh from rindy near Allah him Allah, Messiah decoding confirming Lima, for what Mara home is with them. Nevertheless, he threw foliage on a group of men from a Latina those who who do they were given al Qaeda, the book kita book, Allah He of Allah, what are behind the roti, him their backs are unknown, as if they learn not Yeah, the moon they know whatever and they followed. Man what that loo they read. They recited a shout out they knew the devils either upon monkey Kingdom suit a man of Sulaiman or a sudden,

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warmer and not cafaro he disbelieved so they Emmanuel Suleiman when are kidnapped but when are kidnapped, but

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I share Polina the devil's cafaro they disbelieved.

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Your only morning they teach, and NASA the people are sick or the magic woman and what wound Zilla it was sent down, either upon Amanda Kane, the two angels be Babylon in Babylon. How about them? How old were modeled and modeled.

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Warmer and not your Alemany. They do teach men from a hadn't anyone had that until you're cooler. They do would say in Nevada indeed not but national we are not doing a trial

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fella. So do not duck for you the spinning Fiat on the moon. Then they learn min homerun from them two mile walk you for the owner. They divide their separate building with it bainer between an maoi demand was odd and his wife, woman and not from the billboard Arena in the least ones who horn be with it. Men from a hadn't anyone in the except be evening with permission. Allah He of Allah.

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Ya Allah Allah Muna and they learn man what your beautiful home it harms them wanna and not yen for home, it profits then one occurred and certainly I removed the new lemon surely whoever is Shah, who he bartered it man not level for him fee in an era the hereafter main from color in any share

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one of itself and surely how bad man what shadow their soul be with it and foster home their souls? know if only can they were here on the moon. They know

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what Oh, and if unknown indeed they I know. They believed what the coal and they feared. They adopted taqwa

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lemma so bottom, surely a big reward main from in the near. Allahu Allah hyaluron is better known if only Kanno they were here on the moon. They know let's listen

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ad model

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ad me

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yeah what

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Mukesh Suleiman

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una Maya boo boo boo mana

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