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Allah tells us about a person who is satisfied with Islam and Allah as long as his life is good. However, if a trial or calamity befalls him, he turns back on his faith as if he never believed in Allah to begin with. Allah says that this person has lost his dunya (worldly life) and his akhira (hereafter).

What is the Ultimate Loss? [Juz 17] – Nouman Ali Khan

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Okay, now you're gonna be very quiet I'm gonna read some code on and I'll tell everybody what your name is okay? I'm going to tell everyone what your name is. Okay.

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be what? alpha but who fit not only

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the one who Swan movie.

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Silly me, looked at me lasagna, Ali. Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He was happy to join Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly. Today we are doing the 17th chose Alhamdulillah were unsuitable Hajj, the 22nd surah and this is the 11th ayah This is Walid my share

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with you but anyway so in the 11th I Allah says what mina nassima Yeah, but Allah Allah have among people, there's a kind of person that

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worships along the edge of a cliff house actually means edge here so it means you know, somebody standing at the edge of a cliff. It's kind of dangling, he's not quite there, not quite off. Well, so Allah describes this image and since for in asaba, hi, Ron, Avi, then if something good happens to him,

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okay, then if something good happens to him that he's satisfied with it. He's good, he's happy. He's satisfied. When a sobre to fitna tone and if a trial occurs to him, hits him in Calabar, Allah Wa, he turns back on his face, he reverses. What this is talking about is a person who's committed to Islam, so long as it's convenient. So some good thing happens. I love Islam and hamdulillah things are good, something goes wrong. And all of a sudden, why is he doing this to me, I don't who needs religion Anyway, you know, I don't need to do this, I deserve better, etc, etc. So they get this really aggressive attitude towards Allah and towards the faith altogether and turns back around like

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he wasn't even Muslim before. Allah says this kind of person has a lot to do with the little religion you had even didn't amount to anything, this kind of person last lunia and Hara, these people on the edge that only turn back to a low and convenient and then turn back away, the moment trial hits, unless as about them, you lost this world, and you've lost the Hara, and uses a word that's typically not even used. The alcohol cusano movie that is the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate loss, and it's obviously the ultimate loss. You haven't earned anything towards your afterlife, and you haven't earned anything towards this world. In other words, even in good times, when he shows

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faith, it doesn't count for anything. It doesn't because it doesn't pass the test of any trial. Any trial you turn back, that's not real faith at all. It's not even hostile. It's a salon. This is actually a hyperbolized form of the word loss, ultimate loss. This is clearly the ultimate loss. So if that's the state of your face, if you feel like you know, every time things get tough, your Eman disappears, then you have to be really warned about this you know the state of affairs and you have to ask a lot for Sabbath for like firmness of your heart that you're able to maintain strength of your faith through difficult times. inshallah is the exact continue when we get to later on, you

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know, lectures, Lanka boot and sort of other other schools then we'll see in shout out Allah Allah teaches us how to deal with trial and difficulty and how he will give us strength to be able to manage our affairs and be able to go through the hard challenges in life barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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