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Boyfriends, Girlfriends, & Temptation [Juz 12] – Nouman Ali Khan

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rubbish actually somebody were silly Emily looked at me Sonia Coco de al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was

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such a difficult just to pick something from were actually I had to go back to the 12th chose again and just pick an IRA from sort of the use of this sort of use of 12 chairs, and I am number 23. And in this particular just on this particular I was talking about the temptation I know I'm talking to people on YouTube, and on Facebook in particular. So I figured I'd talk about something that young people, you know, face temptation. So let's head over to a lady who Effie Beatty had the wife of the minister. Allah says that she tried to seduce him and the word Raja is used which comes from a way which means slowly or away dynamic Huawei dot away that means slowly.

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So the suggestion is that she tried to reel him in and try to seduce him not just one time, but she kept at it. And she kept, you know, trying to get him like, you know, can just come over here. It's okay.

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I look really handsome today. She's dropping a line or two and he can't get away because Alyssa, I love to have you at her. The one in whose house he was. And the rhetorically just saying, Beatty, how her house means she has access to the entire house. He can't get away from her. everywhere he goes, she's there. And she's slowly little by little by little making her advances. When he's a young guy. He just became a teenager just in the previous I Allah describes him becoming coming into manhood when I'm not Bella Harsha, who right was also interesting to notice. When the man of the house first brought him in. He actually recognized the intelligence of this kid on the road trip

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that isn't even mentioned in the Quran on the road trip to the house in Egypt where he stayed the minister. He realized this kid is special and he should be treated with respect a kid that sold as a slave. How does the slave get respect? But the first thing he comes home he says to his wife is a creamy mess. Well, you better honor his long term permanent room. Do not give him a room. Not put him give him a place to live. Get him a bed? No, no honor. Honor. His permanent rule muscle actually means a state a place where you stay for generations. Meaning I want this kid to be here. I want him settled. I don't want him to leave. He's a real asset. He recognized that. But he also recognized

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his wife has a problem with dignity. Because he didn't just say to her, give him a room. He said honor his room, meaning don't just walk into his room. Give him a space. I don't want you to just walk you know, feel like you can go and mess with him anytime you want to talk to him or give him instructions. Even as a kid. He wanted her to keep a distance from him. So he says are creamy mouthwash. Now what? Was he right on the money? Yeah, it was because time comes. She's trying to seduce him Little by little, she's throwing hints at him as he's becoming a man. And then the other thing that's happening is urawa also means comes from another intention. And they say alaba is when

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you try to make someone have the same intentions you have. So she's trying to get him to think like her. It's not a big deal. It's okay. There's nothing wrong with it. Don't you feel anything? You know, don't you think I'm beautiful? She'll, she'll say these things like she wants her to think how he thinks. And, you know, a young man with the temptations that he has he's a regular human being he doesn't say I don't put myself above temptation. He doesn't say that. Even Quran says Hola, Tommy Bahama mahalo la cuchara be he she desired him he would have desired her to Have you not seen the evidence of his master. But the point I wanted to make, finally is when she really desired him. She

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was a you know, an FC. He she wanted him to slip from his own intentions, his intentions were he's going to stay pure. He's not going to indulge in this sort of thing. How many young people can we say that with a beautiful woman is after you. She says there's nothing wrong with it. She says it's fine. She's the one coming for you. Usually men are pursuing the women. The woman is pursuing you. You know, and it's in the privacy of a house and she's your boss.

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And she's you have all the reasons the hair well that's my boss. She told me to do whatever so it's it's okay.

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Of all the rationalizations are possible all the doors are locked, Linda katella Bob, she didn't just lock one door she locked multiple doors and every door had multiple latches on it. So it's totally private, nobody's gonna find out. And then she says, Hey Taylor Come over here. And hater is used as a seductive word it's not used normally. Hurry up and get over here. She's I mean, Allah doesn't even describe how she was, you know, we don't even want to know why she's throwing herself at him literally. And she's, you know, calling him hater luck. And solely at that moment, we learn the awesome character of use of all the guys that are on campus. All the guys that are in high

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school, all the guys that are at the workplace, all the guys that are just walking by in the mall, you know, all of you guys that that look at some girl texts you that, you know, she says, you know, you're kind of cute. You want to talk later, here's my number, or whatever. Like this man, people, people you know, young people, they fantasize about the situation.

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They fantasize about the situation. So for example, in this situation, and he can remember that he that Allah is watching at this situation. That's the that's the thing we're being taught here. And he turns to us as my other law, I seek the refuge of Allah, I seek a place where I can find a less refuge because my heart is considered in some love, a place, I seek a place where I can find refuge in a little bit after a month while my master has taken good care of me, and which is on in, he's really provided me good housing, which he's referring to a licensed master. And if she doesn't believe in the master, at least when she hears the same word, she might think that Rob refers to the

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owner of the house, that he's honored me. So if she clearly doesn't fear God, at least she'll fear her husband says the wisdom of use of Allah He said, um, that the words you use could be referring to Allah, which in his case, he may be saying, Allah took care of me. How can I be disloyal to Allah, and she hears my master and she might not even think of love, she might think he means her husband, who has been good to me. If you can't be fearful of God, at least think you have a husband, woman. Before you do something like this, you know, in Santa Monica in recovery mode, wrongdoers don't don't prosper, and he's not going to prolong the conversation. First of all,

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so awesome. Was the vocal Bob. You know, when the story continues, the next thing you know he's not no lady, you need to come down. Think about this. I'm sorry. I can't. He doesn't. He knows he's not into the talk. He ran for it was debacle, Bob, don't sit there and just talk to talk to the girl and say stuff. That's haram sister. You know, you really should think about what you're saying no, don't give her advice. You're not giving her advice. You're just spending more time with her. Be honest to yourself. Get away from there. Get away from that conversation. don't pursue it further. don't respond back to her. You're in Ramadan man. don't respond to her text messages. Don't do it. Make

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Toba from it. Don't even say I won't text you anymore. Don't say hit.

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You know, why aren't you responding to my emails? No. and stuff like that. Don't even respond. Do not engage. The same thing goes for the girls. If you guys want to really take advice from the Quran, this is real stuff. This is not just a story. This is your story. This is what you're up to right now. And if you're if you're involved in this, and you heard these sorts of Quran Allah will ask you and beyond judgment a these if you heard you think there was a stories. They weren't talking about up the croco is talking about you Allah says in it is your mention? And is it your story? So advice for you. So don't just read the story and think it has nothing to do with your dating life

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has nothing to do with your little you know, personal exploits that your parents don't know about, that your friends don't know about. It does. It very much does. There's no accident. This is mentioned in the Quran. This is a timeless problem. And if you're suffering from it, I pray that you know, learning from the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam makes you really rethink what you're doing with your life. you're praying, you're fasting, you're trying to read Quran, and there's a girlfriend.

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There shouldn't be. You really need to think that this is not a small sin. This is not something small you're doing. You're playing with your own faith. And I pray for you and I pray that you're strong enough to do the right thing and cut off a long relationship. And if you cannot cut it off that you make it head on, but you man up and you make it into a solid relationship barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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