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Truth v. Falsehood Part 3 feat. Prophet/Quraish + Prophet/Hypocrites

10th Juz
Begins: Al-Anfaal a. 41
Ends: Al-Tawbah a. 92

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Surah Al-Anfaal – Truth v. Falsehood: The Prophet and Quraish
Surah Tawbah – Truth v. Falsehood: The Prophet and the Hypocrites

Surah Anfaal – revealed after first major battle (Badr)
Surah Tawbah – revealed during the build up to last major battle (Tabuk)

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To be lucky, or early, he was hobbema rubbish. Actually surgery was suddenly Emery was looked at and Melissa Annie of Coco Lee robina attina Fredonia, Santa Fe, karate Hassan. Okinawa, not Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu can at least get someone to tell me if they can hear me. Okay, inshallah, that will be awesome.

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All right, very good luck. And thank you, Chuck McFadden. Let's get started. Today we have the 10th. Just with us in this just a program that we're doing. The 10 years is the juice that was revealed

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that there's two students in it, there is a Sudoku,

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Sudoku and fun, and so on number nine, and so to Toba. Both of these are in this surah number eight and so number nine, both of them are in the 10th just now these two sutras are around battles of the Prophet Salaam Salaam had fought these are sutras that detail matters of war also talk about matters of peace

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along with matters of war, but it must be considered that these suitors speak largely about

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about war and peace and how that is a you know to be perceived. Now, we will inshallah dive into them, this is a very today we have quite a bit to cover. Let me just share my screen with you all here inshallah.

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All right, so, this is the beginning

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of the 10th jewels, it begins at iron number 41 of surah and file ends with Ayah number 92 of Sora Toba we have not actually looked at sudo and file. So we will actually begin at the beginning of sudo tool and find right here. So, which is in the previous juice, just for the sake of continuity to make sure we are able to get a complete picture he can see a consistent picture, unbroken understanding, so to say okay, what does the surah How does the surah begin it says yes, Luna aka Anil and fall, they ask you about the spoils of war, see the spoils of war, pullin and follow lilla he was told they belong to God and His Messenger so fear Allah de la ha will also do that by Nico

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and set things right among yourselves will alter your law How are Sula who and obey God and His Messenger if you are true believers, this passage that we just read

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this passage is the beginning of pseudo toll and fall. Now, to understand this passage, we have to take a step back and read what happened before this passage is revealed. The the theme of pseudo unfurl is quite interesting. If you remember last time, when we spoke about SoTL are off the surah. Before the last two days that we've been discussing, it talks about truth versus falsehood, truth versus falsehood with the prophets of Allah against people who are opposing them. Okay. And when it came to Musan Islam, there was two, basically,

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two variants of that. One was Musa alayhis salam versus the Pharaoh, somebody who was an open enemy. And then musala Islam and buddy Surah Al the problems that bunnies yield brought, you know, with their behavior with their attitude when it comes to Muslim Islam and how he had to, you know, basically work with them and help them through the difficulties that they were facing. And it was a very, you know, difficult thing, sort of, pseudo tool and file and pseudo

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doba are similar. So and file talks about the Prophet Salaam and koresh and pseudo Toba focuses on the Prophet Salaam and the hypocrites, people who were pretending to be Muslims. So it's kind of like how the Prophet how Prophet Musa versus the Pharaoh, that first part is sort of unfiled the Prophet versus flourish. And the second part Prophet Musa with Bani Israel. Now the prophet SAW Selim with the hypocrites how we had to deal with the hypocrites to explain to them Islam and to navigate to the excuses. It's a quite a fascinating

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way to look at the parallels between the prophets of Salaam and prophets.

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Musa alayhis salam. Okay let's look at, though before we

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before we get distracted by the overall picture, let's quickly look at some of the details. So total unfurl is a Medina and surah revealed after the Battle of but and its name is Al and file. It comes from the word nothing. Nothing you might know for prayer is an optional prayer and optional prayer is called nothing. So an fal is basically what is the person what would the what the warrior who's fighting what they gain from the battlefield as the spoils of war, allows potluck calls the spoils of war and fall, meaning they are secondary, they are not the main cause for fighting. The gains that are worldly are secondary, the cause of Islam is primary. And that's a beautiful way of driving

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home the point just by how Allah named it and file. These are not this is not your objective. And if it is your objective, you should reconsider why you are even in the battlefield. The main objective is the cause of Islam to protect Islam to protect the Prophet Salaam to uplift the call of the Prophet Salaam, anything else is secondary. And that is what the name of it implies. Now there is a hadith that is in the background of this of the surah. Because if you notice, a lot begins this robot saying yes Luna, can they ask you they hear is the Sahaba and you hear is the prophets of Salaam. So what is the Hadith behind this well or other sama narrates on the Prophet Sallam went to

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battle of butter, and they met their enemies, and they defeated their enemies.

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The there was a group of people that were pursuing the enemy, a group of Sahaba, pursuing the enemy, you know, engaging in battle, a group of Sahaba that were on the back end of the of the lines with the prophet SAW the claws on them, you know, guarding him and holding forth at the back end of the of the, of the battlefield. Okay. Now, when the battle was over, the people who are pursuing the enemy would say, well, all the spoils of war war are for us, because we're the ones who fought and drove out the enemy, and thus they belong to us.

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Whereas those were in the back, we're like, well, we're actually here, you know, guarding our interests, you know, or protecting our interests strategically. So they belong to us, you know, just as much as they belong to you. So that became a,

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a back and forth a back and forth between the Sahaba, who participated in the Battle of butter, and that is when a lost control revealed this is aluna, carnal and fat. All right. Now, what's interesting is the Sahaba, who participated in the Battle of butter, we believe them to be the Sahaba at the highest level, okay, the Sahaba, who are not at butter are actually one level below the Sahaba, who are at butter. And in fact, about the Sahaba, who were at butter, the prophets have said about them that Allah has forgiven them, they can do whatever they want. Of course, they, of course, oblige, and kept their, their faith, in fact, were the best of our of our faith. But it was

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such an amazing honor to participate in the Battle of whether that the forgiveness for them will was instant.

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Yet as you see, human beings have human tendencies. And the Sahaba in this case, were caught up in how to divide the spoils of war. And that led to a loss patola addressing the matter in this surah. And he addresses it in a very fascinating way. He addresses it by first beginning the conversation in it number one, they asked you about the spoils of war, the answer of the spoils of war comes in number 41, not just right away, and he said panela, the question was asked, and if number one, the answer comes in, if 41. What happens in the 40 is before or what happens in the 40 is in between? Well, there's a number of things. A last part Allah addresses the root cause of the problem. In

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those ayat, he addresses why it is that this question is a problematic question. Yes, aluna Garnett and fall because the problem of prioritizing worldly gains over the the the life of the next world over the cause of Islam, the secondary tertiary things are becoming primary, and the last month addresses that. Also a fascinating thing to think about is the details of the battle are known because the Sahaba when the ayat were revealed, they were in the battlefield, they live the battle so they don't need a recap or like a replay of the battle. In fact, for

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As well, to get the details of the battle, we go to the books of history, we go to the books of Sunnah. And that's where we get like the detailed timeline. But the Quran is not is not doing that the Quran does not gives us that because those are known things. So the Quran focuses on the lessons that can be derived from that reminders that are related to the battle. Those are tangents. And this tangential method of the Quran is a beautiful way of, you know, bringing history to life. This is a historical account, what happened in the battle? Who was where, who, what did the Prophet do? What did these people do, etc, etc. And that kind of timeline could become a little boring, and in fact,

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could miss the point of what needs to be learned. The Qurans method is, you already know the details, let's talk about what we can learn from them, and the tangents that we can go off of that. So this is a very beautiful, organic style, to go on tangents, lessons learn, and also to address the problem, head on, before answering the question that was asked. And that's an amazing way of amazing discourse that the Quran presents to us. Now, here we are a last part Allah saying, firstly, he described to the true believers are, he says, also the who that have a nickel, set things right among yourselves and obey God in His Messenger if you are to true believers, the true believers are

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who they are the ones who, when,

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whose hearts tremble with all at the mention of God, whose faith grows stronger as they listen to his revelations. They are those who put their trust in the Lord. They are the ones who pray regularly establish the prayer and give in arms gifts, gifts spend in charity, or what We have provided for them. They are the ones who are the true believers like una haka. They have a high standing with their Lord, his forgiveness, and an honorable provision made for them. This is a beautiful idea. It reminds the people who are perhaps engaging in some back and forth about who gets the spoils of war who gets to keep the money who doesn't get to keep the money. A lot reminds them.

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The true believers are the ones who when Allah is mentioned, their hearts tremble. Their Eman goes up, when they learn something about Allah and His messenger. They learn something from the Quran, they are focused on establishing the prayer, they're focused on giving sadaqa not focused on you know, acquiring and holding their focus on giving. And this is an amazing, you know, like turning the question on its head a little bit. And also the expression is beautiful momentum matters economic boon they give from what We have provided them, meaning these people know that all they have is from Allah. They are like the guardians of the wealth that Allah has given them. It's not

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like even though it's theirs, and they own it, and it's under their is their property, but in reality, it is a property of a lot and they are just mere guardians temporarily. So they spend for the sake of Allah from it. Allah reminds again, again, the question was regarding money and monetary gains a lot of our minds, the true believers actually know all their money is from Allah, Allah and it belongs to Allah. So it's a very beautiful way of turning the tables, just in a few sentences

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in how the surah begins. The surah then recaps the Battle of bud Okay, this was a battle that was destined to take place like the Quran says not the Battle of Baba, as you may know, was a battle that took place that was the first major battle in Islam, the prophet Islam and the Sahaba went, they were trying to ambush a caravan of goods from perish. This was a retaliation against polish, who had basically stolen all the property of the Muslims who had left Makkah to go to Medina. So this was a retaliation. Also, it was kind of like economic sanctions. The Prophet wanted to cut off their trade routes and and economically put pressure on Quraysh so that their caravans couldn't go

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through the northern area of northern parts of Arabia, basically suffocating them a little bit.

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That was the plan. But alas, Parker had a different plan. Alas plan was, we're in como la jolla, and I thought if attaining God had promised you one of the two parties would fall to you. You wish that the one without sting should be yours. You wanted to take the caravan because it's easy, right? But God wanted to establish the truth by his words and cut off the root of those who denied the truth in your head can help cover you so that he may prove the truth to be true and false or true.

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be false, however much the wrongdoers may dislike it. The idea is this was a battle destined to take place. And that is how Allah describes it. There was no missing it. Then last month speaks about how Allah held through the angels. And he reminds the believers that you had divine help on this day, in the form of angels, I'm sending to your 8000 angels in succession, Allahu Akbar, and these 1000 angels in succession are sent to you.

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He says that

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he commanded the angels saying I am with us to make those who believe stand firm for sub B to levina amanu these, these angels were not only there to strike, and you know, be like soldiers in the army of the believers, but also to give strength to the believers. And this was done again mama Jarrah, Allah Allahu Allah, Allah This is done to give you good news, as well as your hearts might be content, but true victory. Omar Nasri. laminine della. True. Victory is surely from Allah, Who is mighty and wise. Allah speaks about how last potluck prepared the believers mentally and physically. Now this is a stressful time you're about to go into a battle, and you're about to go into a battle,

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underprepared and undermanned. The Muslims were few they were about 313, the people of coronation were about 1000. But that numbers aren't as big of a deal. The problem was the people the Muslims came not for a battle they had they had come to ambush a caravan. A caravan is like maybe like 100 or 200 camels carrying stuff with a few guards. Okay. That's what they came for the end of the facing of fully armed a fully equipped army. So they were under under equipped to to participate in battle. They actually could have been better prepared if they had brought everybody in all their all their equipment, but they didn't because they didn't. They didn't intend to go for the battle,

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number one. Number two, they were severely undermanned, in the sense that cavalry, the Quraysh had 100 cavalry, the Muslims had to cavalry. Cavalry is a man on a horse, and he has a sword and he goes in like stashes people and whatnot. But cavalry determined very frequently the outcomes of war. Okay.

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And in this case, this was a no battle two versus 100 is not a battle that is death. So it was a very stressful time. The odds were stacked so heavily against the Muslims, because of all of these factors underequipped no cavalry and also less in numbers. But in that moment of stress and difficulty, Allah sparkler provided relief to the believers How so? If you are shikumen know as a Amanita Minho he brought drowsiness upon you, he brought drowsiness upon you as in, he caused you to go into a deep sleep. Why? To give you reassurance this was something done by Allah to calm your nerves, and he sent water from the sky upon you, so that he may purify you, and the next day he made

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it rain and then it cause there were little pools of water that formed so the saga could take a bath and there will be fresh for battle. Their minds are clear, their bodies are prepped, they're clean and fresh, ready to go. While he will use the Van COVID adjuster Shivani while you're with Allah kulu become while you submitted them, remove Satan's pollution from you and make your heart and feet from last month have prepared them mentally, mentally and physically. And here is a good little tangent that for those who are you know, like

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what are the things that if a person is stressed out or really really in a difficult spot, they should, you know, go take a nap. And that is a really great way of relieving stress as mentioned in the Quran in multiple locations, including this one. And number 42 mentions the place of the battle again, there's a bit of jumping around here in this just the reason for the jumping around here is because again a lot is not sequentially addressed. The details of the battle. They are all over the place. A lot sparkler has tangents everywhere, but I want to summarize it first for you.

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He describes his anthem below are the words in Lumia humbler odo tipasa, you were on the near side of the valley, and they were further on the on the farther side and the caravan was below you meaning that you were going to miss the caravan and you're going to end up in confrontation with the army of Quraysh. The place of battle was set well actually up to the Allahu Imran CanAm of ruler. This was the encounter.

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took place so that God might settle a matter which was already pre ordained, destined to battle. The the Allah help the believers through perception. Perception in the sense that a lost Papa says if Eureka homerun love is Eureka mulago FEMA Anamika kalila I have 43 Gods showed them to you in your dream as small in number, the army of Quraysh. The prophet SAW them in a dream, and they didn't seem to be that big, the odds seemed manageable.

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And that's beautiful because if you are thinking it's impossible, it will be impossible. But here last month, I made it seem possible. Look, they're not that many you can defeat them even though you are undermanned and under equipped, but they're not that many you can defeat them. And this is what a lot of references. He says if he had showed them to you as many, you would have lost heart and disputed about the matter. But Allah saved you. He has full knowledge of what is in the human heart. So Allah Allah understands how we perceive things. If you perceive something to be just so difficult is a daunting task. Probably a person won't even start on it here last month on wanting to make this

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daunting task seem less daunting. And that's what he did. And then on the flip side, he made well, if you recall him he didn't aquatopia unicam kalila when the battle started, he made them appear few in your eyes, you didn't think they were that many, you know, you perceive them to be manageable. The odds, you know, are long, but they're still you know, you have a chance. Okay.

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And when you put a little comfy on him, and he made you appear a few in their eyes, he made you a he belittles you in their eyes. They were overconfident. They're like Oh, so but we're gonna win this, not even break a sweat. Okay, so that is what a loss partner did for both for the believers. He didn't show them the full number hadn't shown and the phone number would have been over. But he showed them only a little bit of the numbers of Quraysh. So they wouldn't lose heart and the disbelievers of Quraysh he made the believers look like nothing. So they got overconfident. And when a person gets or gets overconfident, quite often, that's a cause for for failure. And that is what

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the last part that did through his help to perception and there's some lesson there for us that we should always try to, you know, like when embarking on something, you know, manage the, the the, the perception of it, if, if you perceive it to be too easy, overconfidence will get us if you perceive the rich perceive it to be too difficult, then the daunting nature that has will get to us, we have to perceive it to be somewhere in the middle so we can work on it, and, you know, be successful. And that's something that can be applied to anything, not just the battlefield. This was a great victory as Allah mentions in Ayah number 10. That this is a great victory from Allah, Allah, he mentions an

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ayah number 17 as well, that this is a great victory for lambda to whom Allah, Allah, Allah, you did not kill them it was God who killed them. It was Allah who was behind this victory, you were just merely the, the instruments for his, for him.

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The Prophet Salaam before the battle begin took a handful of sand and tossed it in the direction of the flourish and loss model and made that sand miraculously travel all the way across the battlefield. And it went in the eyes of every single Qureshi who was on the other side. So Allah says, Omar Amita is ramita Joaquin de la rama, when you profit threw sand at them. It was not you. But it was God who threw it so that he might confer on the believers a great favor from himself. Surely God is all hearing and all knowing. So this was a great victory, the Battle of whether the Prophet Solomon college remember the theme of the sutra is the Prophet and the Polish, and how the

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Quraysh knew who the prophets Islam was so well, yet they had, you know, like,

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rejected him and expelled him and tried to assassinate him. At the very end of his stay in Makkah. Allah mentions that an ayah 30 were the young guru because Medina cafaro the youth in the youth we took a look. Remember how those who bent on denying the truth plotted against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you? They schemed when guru in this scheme, why am guru Allah and Allah also schemed, and he is the best of those who planned he his plan was better than the plan or the people of Quraysh

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Allah mentions without lolly he Maya tuna when our revelations are recited to them, they say, we have heard them. If we wished we could produce something like it. These are nothing but ancient, or fables of the ancients. They would say, Oh Allah, if really this is the truth from you, than rain down upon us stones from heaven, or send us some painful punishment.

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And Allah says Allah will not punish them well and fee him while he will profit somewhere in their myths, nor would he punish them. So long as this sought forgiveness. Allahu Akbar. Last motto says he would not bring about upon divine destruction to these people. While the prophets of Salaam, a walking mercy from Allah is among the people, that's impossible, and also allow it and bring upon divine punishment when the chance of them asking for a loss, forgiveness and reforming the ways was there so last month, I mentioned a little bit of a glimpse of how the profit and Quraysh were at odds, particularly towards the end of the life of the Prophet Salaam, and also the attitude of the

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parish. Right? we've we've the sporangia we've heard if you wanted to, we could make something similar, but they never took that challenge. The instead of affirming the belief in the Prophet they're like, you know what, if a lot of this is really truth, then I'm Tara Alina, hayata, Minister marine upon a stones that are really, you know, pathetic attitude that they had a attitude of mockery towards the Messenger of Allah and the message that he had brought. But Allah did not punish them in Makkah, through divine punishment, He punished those people, the leaders of kadesh in the Battle of brother through a humiliating defeat, and that was the, the thing that he mentions here

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the story mentioned here in Serato. And file now some reminders that Allah mentions in this surah there are, I believe, five times Yeah, you are levina Amina was called here are used in this surah. So if you read it, or you hear it, you will hear this statement a lot or you will believe believers when you meet in battle, especially those who deny the truth, never turn your backs on them. So the first thing here is don't flee the battlefield. That's an act of cowardice. And being a coward is contrary to being a believer. A believer is supposed to be

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you know, courageous, is supposed to show courage at all times. And cowardice as we learn in the next era, is a symptom of hypocrisy of someone who's living a double life doesn't mean that you don't fear like we mentioned musala Islam was afraid before he tossed his, his staff, the prophets solemn, and the Sahaba were afraid before the Battle of butter. It's not that you're not like that will be inhumane, or there will be just like you can be a robot and have no emotions. But you can be a coward, and put your well being ahead of the well being of the entire group. And that is something that is rejected. In fact, it's one of the biggest sins in Islam to flee the battlefield, a lot

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smarter mentions, I am number 24.

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He mentioned Yeah, you are living in harmony with the second time all you who believe comes here, obey God and the messenger says he would love He or our soul, better translation respond to God and His Messenger. Either the outcome and he calls you to that which gives you life. Whatever Allah and His Messenger tell us to do. That is a source of life for us. It is not a source of depth.

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embracing that gives us life. It revives us, Lima your eco Varlamov and Allahu Allah By Allah, He will be here now who will add Sharon know that God stands between the man and his heart, and all you all shall be gathered in his presence, what will fit that and and beware of an affliction that will not smite exclusively those among you who have done wrong. It could happen to anybody who are liable under law Shut up. What does this these two is referring to? Answer the call of Allah. In many men, the Messenger of Allah says do something, do it and that applies to all aspects. Don't put material gains above the next life. Don't put this dunya above in priority over the next life. That is not

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

something you should do. The one who does that. Right. Understand that a lock stands for being a person and his heart. Meaning Allah, Allah, insisting on constantly, constantly prioritizing this world constantly ignoring

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The command of Alan's messenger, you are putting yourself at risk of having your heart become hard.

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And then just like bunnies that ie the reminder doesn't have an effect. The, the words of Allah and His Messenger have no effect. That is a fitna that doesn't only afflict the wrongdoers that can afflict anybody. So Allah is warning the believers and here this is believers. Sahaba and everybody else, don't put the, the material gains of this world above the next life. respond to the call of allies messenger. Don't delay don't procrastinate. And that's a very powerful message. The next lesson of this surah is Yeah, you live in a hammock hula, hula walrus, hula, hula, Marathi comando de Lune. believers do not betrayed God and His Messenger and do not knowingly violate your trust.

00:30:58--> 00:31:27

Again, betraying London's messenger here in the context of this sort of is the battlefield but in replies to everything generally. Okay. And specifically, our trust, we spoke about commitments, fulfilling our commitments. So to my ADA, so number five was all about fulfilling commitments. And this is a sign of a man, a person who fulfills their commitments. A sign of hypocrisy is somebody who breaks their promises breaks their word.

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Allah mentions also

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that if you are truthful, he will open up your mind, heart and soul a very beautiful idea. Yeah, are you and Edina armano in La Jolla Jai Lacan for foreigner, we've got the Lancome sejati goodwill for LA como la Hulu for Lin, Allah who don't follow the lovely

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Oh or believers, if you fear God, He will grant you the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. And Lord, forgive your sins, for God is limitless in his great bounty, so panela the idea that

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if you are truthful in the law, if you keep your commitments to Allah and His Messenger, if you honor the commands of Allah and His messenger and respond to them, Allah will then as a result, give you the ability to open up your mind and your heart, where you can now start to see what's right and what's wrong. You're looking for the ability to see good from evil, the battle between truth and falsehood. Remember, that's one of the themes of the surah. In fact, the last two Sutras,

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truth and falsehood, if you are to answer a last call, if you honor your commitments, Allah will open up your mind and your heart. So now you can distinguish between truth and falsehood when others are not able to judge are looking for corner and he will open up your soul you prefer uncom sejati como felucca He will forgive your sins, and he will cover up your mistakes, right, your mistakes, you won't be exposed to people. And that is a beautiful

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that's a beautiful thing, where a loss protection is with us in this world and loss protection is with us in the next world. Now.

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difficulties are in life are meant to bring out the best of us that's a reminder that also is in the surah number 37 difficulties of this life. Leah Nisa Lovell hobbies I mean, I thought you were general hobbies Ababa. What about your Kumar who Jamia Allah houfy Johanna Hola, como la casa de la number 37. This tough battle that the believers had to go through this was so that God may separate the bad from the good, and that he will heap the wicked one upon another and cast them into hell, surely those are the losers, the difficulties of this life, bring out the best in us and also differentiates the people who are truly committed committed versus from the ones who are not

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committed at all. Also, Allah says in this surah number 45 and now we're in the next just hamdulillah that when you are in that in the battlefield, yeah, you live in harmony with Allah petofi Aton first Bhutto was guru la kathira La La Quinta freehold. Believers when you encounter a party, remain firm, and remember God much so that you may succeed now in the middle of the battlefield. What a lot is seeing is a person should not just rely on their physical strength, but also rely, you know, on the help of Allah spiritually, and this is a beautiful aspect of our faith. We rely on physical means, on physical preparation, but also on spiritual means and spiritual

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preparation. That is allows remembrance through his words. So this is the

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Some of the lessons there. Also, I mentioned something very fascinating. While you're allowed us hula, hula Tara zaru, for Tom Shalu, whatever you have already hokum obey God and His Messenger, and avoid dissension while at the naza, who don't get into fights Don't you know bicker amongst each other. Because when you do that, but tough Shalu you will falter, what doesn't have to come and your power will dissipate, it will leave you. And that's what happens anytime, you know, there is bickering and fighting it, it sets up failure, it sets a failure, whether that's an, you know, the corporate world, whether that's in a family, whether that's in sports, you know, that sets up a team

00:35:49--> 00:36:09

or a group for failure, and it takes away their power and strength, what testimony was miru The difficult thing to do is stay patient, while there's differences Be patient, you know, stay together, because a lot in the law, Hamas sabinillas, with those who are patient, all these are beautiful lessons and reminders from Surah

00:36:10--> 00:36:58

SoTL. And file with regards to as tangents from the Battle of Baba, and the Sahaba demonstrated all of this, at the end of the battle, Allah says to them don't like, don't give up after having achieved this great victory. Now, don't fight and don't fight particularly over spoils of war, some small financial game, don't do that, because that's gonna set you up for failure, and that will take away your strip. So such a powerful message that Allah mentions, he mentions the spoils of war. And the aftermath. I mentioned how the Sahaba had were, you know, getting into some conflict, you know, not conflict, like physically but confrontations about what to do with the spoils of war. Allah

00:36:58--> 00:37:15

sponza answers that question that if 50 of it is for Allah and His Messenger, who can then use it, you know, for the good of the state, and the rest would be distributed among the fighters, and all will share. And then also there was a big conflict or big

00:37:17--> 00:37:17

a big

00:37:19--> 00:38:04

situation, about the prisoners of war, what to be what is to be done about the prisoners of war? Because this is the first times the believers had prisoners of war. The Prophet asked us Haha, but what should we do the Sahaba were, you know, had different different differing opinions. And the Prophet chose the opinion of workers to do that we should keep the prisoners of war, and they can either be ransom by their family members, or they can earn their ransom by teaching 10 Muslims how to read and write, again, the Protestant prioritizing education so early, he was like, here's a way to get these privileged people to you know, get some benefit out of them. And that was that. Now,

00:38:04--> 00:38:09

last pantalla actually did not approve of that choice. He says Mark annalena being a Punahou

00:38:10--> 00:38:53

youth enough, it is not right for a prophet to keep capitals until he has battled strenuously in the land. You desire the gain of this world a lot what you desire, the gain of this world again, you want it the ransom money, so you decided to ransom them, while God desires the hereafter for you. And God is mighty and wise. Lola kita woman, Lady subak, Moroccan female Hotham, either one of them had it not been for a rich from God that had already gone forward, you would have been surely severely punished on on account of what you took. So eat of that which is lawful that you've gained and more that is lawful and good and fear God because He is most forgiving and most merciful. The

00:38:53--> 00:39:35

idea here is the Amara de la one who has suggested that every prisoner of war should be executed. This is not standard policy. By the way, this is not what's done in battles, any like, you know, islamically or otherwise. But this battle or not wanting to make a point, is like the people of grace here. These are the same people who persecuted us. When we were powerless. They trampled upon us, they expelled us, they took all of our money and all of our properties, and now they want us to rent let's just let them go, No, no, we're gonna, the way we should deal with these people is we will end them and that will send a message to the people that we're not you know, this is not a

00:39:35--> 00:39:42

battle that you want to drag on. Armor saw that this would end this conflict fast.

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

The the problem and the workers to decide otherwise, and they chose that. And what our last panelist implies here is that Omar on the line who was actually right, that is what should have been done in this battle. Not Of course, now, the of course, the

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Standard policy of, of the Sharia is of course, Prince Prince, prisoners of war are, you know, you know, not harmed. In fact, they're honored, they are given the best food and many of the prisoners of war of the Qureshi is actually became Muslim from them. And when he didn't believe, the brother of Parliament, eventually, he became a Muslim while he was a captain, because of the good manners and the good treatment he received, this is what our religion teaches us, but specifically in this case, and this case, only Armada wanted to set an example and this was a major, you know, point of the aftermath. And the Prophet Solomon Oh, Booker's deep, you know, we're moved by by by this ayah

00:40:44--> 00:40:47

to the point that they were crying over it

00:40:49--> 00:41:35

that surah mentioned some interesting points about how to be victorious as a community number is number 60 says right that well I do law home must apartamento prepare any strength you can muster against them in any cavalry with which you can overall God's enemy and your enemy as well meaning as a successful This is like now foreign policy. A lot of this is like you know, government's foreign foreign policy, foreign policy for a Muslim government should be or their defense spending strategy should be prepare strength to defend yourselves so much strength, Torah, Hebrew and Avi I do a lot here I do work on that through your strength, your enemies are afraid of attacking you. Right?

00:41:36--> 00:42:25

Because really you don't want to always be Fighting Fighting, fighting, fighting, okay, you want your strength in in power to be aka detriment from others have to want to attack you and harm you. Okay. That is one thing the ISS but also the ISS when Jenna who is selling me for Janaka, if they're inclined to make peace, that make peace is so critical that the IR here and in fact the Quran, in its entirety, and the Sharia the law of Allah is that peace is always preferred. battle, unfortunately, is a reality. That's why these Sooners talk about battle. And then as in Quran as an instruction for a Muslim government talks about how foreign policy and defense spending should be

00:42:25--> 00:42:51

prioritized, or what should be the priorities in those in those aspects. But also a key part of it is peace, if they are inclined to peace, make peace, meaning if they show inclination to peace, accept that and make peace Don't you know, don't think or don't try to second guess, because peace is so much preferred. So that is sort of

00:42:52--> 00:43:38

in file. And in this surah Allah speaks about the Battle of other and the lessons learn from it. And it concludes, by the way, by talking about how the believers need to be together united in supporting each other, just like it started with talking about the believers who are together, and they're the real believers. It ends by also reminding everybody who the real believers are it's a nice, you know, symmetry of the surah. The next surah is Surah Toba surah Toba also is called surah. Bara and there is some interesting parallels just like moose on Islam and Farah around and then Musa and bernisa. eel were mentioned here, the prophet vs. flourish and profit versus the polytheists of

00:43:38--> 00:44:25

Arabia is mentioned first. And then the profit versus the hypocrites. hypocrites are those who people who are not Muslim, but they pretended to be Muslim. They were like outright disbelievers. But they pretended to be Muslims because they lived in Medina could not afford to say to the others that were not Muslim or not accepting accepting the profit, because that would cause them to enter a state of war, and they couldn't wage war. So this is a very tricky situation, the problem has to navigate. These people are saying they're Muslims, but in reality they're not. How do you take their word? How do you take them on their word when they are clearly lying? Right? So this was the the

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

dynamic that the professor had to deal with enemies that are open and outright enemies and then enemies that are hidden and within very similar parallel to solid solid enemy that's open like the Pharaoh and enemies were that were hidden the shenanigans of much of bunnies that are in the Roseland feed, this faces the same situation here and against the Battle of truth versus falsehood is is on display and all the shades of grey, that are there of falsehood and how it is

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Difficult to tackle them and to navigate them so and find the surah before surah. Number eight was revealed after the first major battle, but through the Toba, this Surah Surah. Nine, revealed during the buildup and after the battle, the last major battle, the Battle of the book, right. So these two sutras are literally at the beginning of the prophets, battles and the end of the prophets battle. They're both together in the Quran in the same place. Okay, this is the only sort of that doesn't begin with Bismillah Ali Ravana was asked by a blue lemon or bass. Why is there no Bismillah in Surat. Toba, also known as surah. Bara, he said because the NFC learner handed him a man, Cobra, and

00:45:47--> 00:45:49

so that the safe laser he had a man.

00:45:51--> 00:45:54

And he says the law on who that mystery law is mercy and security.

00:45:55--> 00:46:36

That's what Bismillah is. this surah has no security and no mercy for the polytheists of the Arabian Peninsula. That's what the surah mentions. And also it is revealed mostly about the hypocrites. What did they do in the Battle of the book, The Battle of the whoop was the most difficult battle the problem ever fought the battle against the Roman Empire. It was a journey of close to six months, it was extremely difficult. This was the first and only time the prophets some had a military draft. Every single able bodied man was willing to join the army and go for battle.

00:46:37--> 00:47:14

The hypocrites at the doors were pretending to be Muslims who were not really Muslims. were pretending, hoping the Prophet son will just somehow disappear, hoping that when he dies, they could cause enough dissension and then have their own government. These people what they did the the things that they did to the problem in the battle on the lead up to the Battle of the book, that is what's described here in the sutra, and there is no security for them. There's no hiding, they have no hiding place, they are going to be exposed. And some of the things that they did were outrageous, they, as we will see,

00:47:16--> 00:47:39

would come and present all types of excuses against participating in the military draft, they will come and present all different types of problems trying to create a bring about all different types of criticism of the Prophet sallam, in the Battle of the book and in the lead up to the Battle of the book, they would come and

00:47:42--> 00:48:30

in as we learn the next juice, they would conspire with the Roman Empire to try to overthrow the Prophet sallahu wa sallam from within conspire by building a Masjid the part of the plan called Muslim there are and through that they wanted to overthrow the problem internally, these people or true enemies from within. And this surah details a lot about them exposes them interested in not by name, not by name, but the characteristics. Now why is their names hidden? Because the surah is called Toba. There's the door of Toba is still open. If these people were to rectify their ways, the door of Toba is open and nobody, no human being other than the alum and once a hobby who informed

00:48:30--> 00:49:05

would ever know who these people were. A law would cover their mistakes that door of Toba will be open for them. This Surah scotoma because the root word Tabata, WA and ba come 17 times in the surah. Again in line the door of Toba is open. Firstly, the surah speaks about the Prophet son versus the politics of Arabia, a very stern opening barato min Allah He was fully healed in our head 2 million which again, this is a declaration of immunity from God and His messenger to the polytheist with whom you have made agreements, meaning That's it, no more, no more.

00:49:06--> 00:49:50

immunity, your treaty is up either in four months. Or if your treaties, time is less than four months, it's up at the time. Or if it's more than four months, it will be over whenever the date expires. But after that it's done. No more peace treaty with the polytheists of Arabia, they are meant to either leave or engage in battle. That's what the surah is referring to. And again, please keep in mind this is a surah that is speaking specifically about the polytheists of Arabia at the time of the problem. And this is instruction to the prophet SAW some as the head of the Muslim state, as the head of government, as the leader of government. Basically, what is the foreign

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

policy? So understand that in this context, so let's you don't miss understand the ayat, even though there's a very stern opening that

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

Door of Toba is open I am number six says what

00:50:03--> 00:50:05

I number six says

00:50:07--> 00:50:25

sorry, number five first says when the forbidden months have passed, kill the polytheists who are at war with you, wherever you find them, take them captive and besieged them and lie and wait for them at every place of ambush. Again, this is referring to the policies of the Arabian Peninsula. But if they repent for entire who will call masala

00:50:26--> 00:51:15

but then they repent and take up prayer regularly and pay the arms then let them go their way, for God is Forgiving and Merciful. And if one of them is not sure about Islam, but if I had dominar mushrikeen esta jerrica he wants asylum. He wants asylum. He wants to think about Islam for a year who then grant him asylum. How is Morocco llama la so that he may hear the words of Allah filma abluminal then convert him to a place of safety. And then let him make up his mind is he believing or not such an amazing idea, even though in the middle of the most stern Ayat of the Quran, the most, you know tough Ayat of the Quran so tough that the companions didn't even write Bismillah in

00:51:15--> 00:51:55

the most half before these aisles begin, even in the middle of that last part that says, if one wants to understand Islam, then they should go to a peaceful place where they can make up their mind themselves. They shouldn't be forced to accept Islam, you know, at the tip of the sword, or at the, you know, being held at gunpoint, that it can be uncommon ly alone, but this is because there are people who don't know. So let them learn what Allah saying, and then let them go to a place of safety to so they can understand and make up their minds. And again, the idea the faith is not forced upon anybody. That is something that we find consistently in the Quran. And this is one

00:51:55--> 00:52:39

example of that. What is there is reason for removing these policies, the policies of Arabia, the prophet has battled with them for 22 years, 22 years he has gone against them. And now a loss has because this is the reason why right now you are dominant. So that's why they're not attacking you. But if they get the upper hand over you, they will neither respect kinship, nor covenant these people will not hold anything, you know, sacred, they will attack you, they will kill you. Okay. So Allah mentions the reason why and again, this is not the way other like the whole affair did not treat other feed groups this way. They made peace treaties with many, many people. The prophets have

00:52:39--> 00:53:18

made many peace treaties as well, by the way, but this was particularly talking about the policies of Arabia, and why they are the way they are yet even though in the middle of last month are describing how, how wretched these people that the prophets have had to deal with. He still says when taboo we'll call masala moussaka for one thing, if they repent, keep up their prayers, pay the arms and they are your brethren and faith if they again change their ways and become better for each one of them. For Dean, they are your brothers and feet. So panel up this is a constant theme of the Quran, constantly with the Quran and the constant theme of this sutra.

00:53:20--> 00:53:43

The Politics of operation are up operate the sacred mosque last month I mentioned this, that they are not allowed to operate and mess around. How can they when they are not believing in Allah and His Messenger when they are worshipping idols? It is not meant for them to operate the the mosque or the sacred mosque and Masjid al Haram.

00:53:45--> 00:53:46

This was a big blow.

00:53:48--> 00:54:09

Because the Muslims of Makkah who are new Muslims were like, well, if we stop the disbelievers the polytheist, from coming to America, that will mean we have less revenue, because the politics of excuse me, the politics of Arabia, or the largest number of people, if they don't come to Makkah, how can we then

00:54:10--> 00:54:50

trade with these people, we will lose most of our customers. This was a concern for the Muslims of new Muslims of Makkah. The Qureshi is we're just becoming Muslims. They were like this is really difficult for us. So Allah says when a Latin sacred mosque is not for them, the polytheists cannot come to the sacred mosque. It's only for the believers give because by back in the time Hodge was made by all people, he was made by emotional cornersville and they will come in make the offer, you know, without any clothes, and whatnot. So Allah subhanaw taala at this higher than that and said, it's all over. They can't do this anymore. That was something that sahaabah understood really well.

00:54:50--> 00:54:59

But the new Muslims were like, We don't understand, how will we make money, we will lose our source of revenue, we'll lose our customers, Allah says went to Milan if you fear

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

destitution, Allah will enrich you out of his bounty if he so wishes. And Allah is all aware and wise and Subhanallah Look at this, the Haram before the pandemic, of course, was open 20 473 65 days, always there are customers last month or replaced all those, those polytheists with Muslims that are coming from all over the world. So this is a fulfillment of his promise. And it shows that when we give him something haram for the sake of halal give him something haram for the sake of Allah, replace them with something halal, Allah will make that halal, more blessed than the harem ever was. That is a beautiful message for us here. The people of Scripture, this is again, people,

00:55:44--> 00:56:04

the problem was dealing like this against the polytheists of Arabia, the people of Scripture wasn't treated this way. They were treated in a way when there was battles. They had, you know, the Muslims and the people of Scripture had battles, many battles, but they had the option of battle or had to jizya

00:56:06--> 00:56:16

until they pay the tax, willingly and agree to submit the jizya was a tax like the Zakat is a tax on the Muslims. The jizya was given by the

00:56:18--> 00:56:50

Scripture, people the Scripture, and that meant they could then implement their religion in the place where they lived in their communities, they could implement their religion and practices as they wanted to. And this was something that the Sahaba like Omar odilon, who, especially outside of the Arabian Peninsula, implemented across the Muslim world, if they were pages here, and then people live the way they were living. And over time, the beauty of Islam, the justice of Islam will attract them to become Muslims.

00:56:51--> 00:57:31

But Allah says, you know, even though the people of Scripture because in this kind of situation, they will be living amongst you. They will be, you know, communities of the people of Scripture, all among the community of the believers Take heed, from their finance from their theological corruption, don't become like them don't become influenced by their theological corruption. How so if the huddle about Omar O'Bannon or baba mendola, they have taken their learn men and their monks from Lourdes besides God, so panela one of the Sahaba, who accepted Islam said the others would love me never took our monks and our rabbis to be gods, the prophet said did not make something haram

00:57:31--> 00:58:17

that allowed me to handle this. The Sahaba said yes, they did not make something halal that Allah had made Haram. Simon said yes, that is taking them as, as, as Alibaba Min lunella as Lords besides God, because the power to legislate is with a last pantalla only. And he gives that power to his messenger or he inspires that to His Messenger sauce alum. And that's it. In Islam. Allah subhanaw taala is a shadier and the one who legislates not human beings. understanding of the idea, its implementation, or its, you know, what it could possibly mean is, you know, like a human experience and that's why we have like mother herb and whatnot, and schools of thought, but the legislature is

00:58:17--> 00:59:00

a lost part of Allah, and he legislates through his words, or through inspiring His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also don't become corrupt like them. Like the, like the religious scholars of the people of Scripture. In the kathina mineral body were Romani layer, on one another wellness are all of them, many of them would wrongfully appropriate people's possessions and turn people away from the path of God. They would take and hoard money, people are starving, but the church is rich. This is something Allah said, don't do that. You should be people of Zakat, and in this Surah Surah number in

00:59:01--> 00:59:41

in sort of Toba, we have a number 60, the ayah of Zakat in the Masada caught, the clergy, and the people should be giving Zakat, not hoarding money, it should be given to the poor to the destitute to those who are in charge of collecting and distributing Zakat, those who are close, their hearts are close to exam, those who are in debt for freeing slaves for spreading God's cause, and for travelers in need. It is a legal obligation enjoined by a law funny that I'm in Aloha, aloha on Iraqi. Also the Muslim speaks about if I can get a few more minutes to just wrap this up this. This would be

00:59:42--> 01:00:00

the prophets of Salaam versus the hypocrites how he has to deal with these people and has to deal with their lies. I said here excuses How about their lies. And this is the reality. The he had to deal with the lies of these people when the Battle of the book was announced. And it was

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

said that this is going to be a draft. Everybody has to come fight. The first people who objected to that were the hypocrites. And they were said, Why are we going to fight the Roman Empire? What chance do we have against the Roman Empire? And those kinds of that toxic narrative affected the believers? And they were like, you know, in like two minds. So Allah says, How dare you be in two minds? When a prophet of Allah has said, it's time to go and battle these people? How dare you be in two minds? Why are you clinging on to the earth? We mala comida, a llama Luckman philosophy Sevilla lay faculty out, you're clinging on to the land, meaning you just want to preserve your, your

01:00:46--> 01:01:31

comfort zone, and stick to what you like, not willing to step out of your comfort zone. What Why would you do that? He reminds the Sahaba if you don't do this alone, ring somebody else and they will participate in the battles of the monster to wage and if you don't do it, Allah will help the Prophet without you. He's already done. So is the whole arena furutani f name. Allah has support had supported the Prophet sallam, when the people who denied the truth expelled him. When he was in the cave, him and a worker acidic. That's where he's mentioned, the two of them were in the cave. The second one is a worker there. And they were, you know about to be ambushed by the disbelievers who

01:01:31--> 01:01:39

came searching for him as the Prophet was migrating. And the Prophet said to a worker Siddiq law in the law hermana Don't worry allies with us.

01:01:40--> 01:01:45

Just like Allah protected obachan and the Prophet they were alone against the whole Qureshi.

01:01:48--> 01:02:32

People, the group of corporations that are out to get them a low will protect them and fulfill his his commands. Whether you are on this train or not, it's going to happen. And that's what Allah says rajala Kalamata live in a couple of South LA vaca Lima to LA he'll earlier he made the place the word of those who disbelieve the lowest, while God's word remains Supreme, and he is powerful and wise. He speaks about the analysis of the hypocrites and their lies. I am number 42. Allah says these are people who if the journey was short, if the battle was easy, they would have come with you. But well, I can borrow the Dalai Lama Shaka, this didn't seem too great for them. And they

01:02:32--> 01:03:15

would say, oh prophet of Allah, had we been able to, we would have gone out with you, but they are lying, literally hold on to the lies, they are lying. And that is something that, you know, they're causing their own ruin. They say they have not just that they are people who are lying. They are people of toxic influence. And this is something we have to understand the Sahaba were human. These people who were pretending to be Muslims had a very negative effect on the Sahaba with the Sahaba will start second guessing themselves too. So look at what the law says no, hello, jovica, Masato, Camila Havana, had they had gone forth with you, they would have only proved a source of evil for

01:03:15--> 01:03:57

you, and would have run back and forth among you seeking to sow discord among you. Right? Well, if you come somewhere on alone, and among you are those who would have listened to them. Because as human beings, we're not immune from negative influences. A lot is telling us here very carefully, be careful of who your influences are. If they're negative, if they're toxic, they will affect you. They affected the Sahaba How can they not affect us? So this is something that Allah mentions about them. He mentioned about them something very interesting. One of them says all messenger Don't, don't, don't put me in trial. Because the Roman women are so beautiful. If I go there, I will fall

01:03:57--> 01:04:15

in love and I will become, you know, crazy. This was a real excuse the person made and the Prophet just laughed and said, Okay, I laugh in fact that these are two, surely they have already fallen into a trial their lives, they are already in that trial themselves. A lot spotlight mentions,

01:04:17--> 01:04:30

you know, excuse lie upon lie, and he dissects lie upon lie of these people. As I mentioned, this is a surah that leaves no stone unturned is number 57, for example, mentions that

01:04:32--> 01:04:59

I'm in Humayun mizuka socket, the Prophet solem. would be distributing the wealth of sadaqa. And these people would criticize the Prophet. How can you give it to this person? How come you didn't give this person? This is the Prophet of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, When autoimmun Geraldo, if they're given, they're happy, they're like, okay, now he's a good person, he gave us money. But if they don't get anything, the prophet gives it to somebody else. Somebody who's more needy, somebody who he wants to bring costs closer

01:05:00--> 01:05:37

them, they start to question the judgment and the justice of the Prophet of Allah wa salam. Right. So these are people who are so self centered and really all they want is good for themselves, their priority is financial gains and the gains of this world not the next life. So these are a characteristics of the hypocrites last potluck you know compares that with the characteristics of the righteous, a lot one that mentions that the righteous say only you see banner in llama catalana everything that happens to us is because Allah has ordained us. It is good for us whether we live on health or muscle Amina

01:05:39--> 01:06:23

in whether we live and that's good for us, we win or we die, and we're martyrs, and that's good for us. This is the attitude of the believers. The hypocrites, a last mile contrast the true believers. If I can just show you two other things there. contrast the hypocrites here is 67 the hypocrites they enjoy and evil forbid right what's good and they are Jakub Ilona at home. They're stingy, don't want to spend anything, want to keep their money for themselves for their own pleasures. The believers on the other hand, Allah says they are number 71. They are mortal and I'm in my role for the enjoying good, they forbid evil. They establish Allah will you soon as the goddess spend, and

01:06:23--> 01:06:25

they obey Allah and His messenger?

01:06:26--> 01:07:08

Compare Exactly. They're contrasting the actions, the attitudes will tell you who's true and faithful and the one who is a hidden enemy. Despite all of that lasting a lost part that tells the profits loss on them. Or the profits also love has such a soft heart. Even though he knows these people are hidden enemies He will make to offer them He will make stefarr for them and loss as to the profit his stuff alone Oh let us the film. It is the same whether you ask forgiveness for them or not. Even if you were to ask forgiveness for them 70 times Allah will not forgive them for they have denied God in His Messenger a lot is our guide that evil doors, the profits and despite all of

01:07:08--> 01:07:17

their evil, all of their lies all of their you know scheming and shenanigans, he will still make the law that Allah forgive these people and guide them.

01:07:18--> 01:07:58

And the chief of the hypocrites, the chief, the guy who have the love and obey will saloon from day one in Medina was a thorn in the profit side who hurt him by accusing his wife of having an affair who hurt him in the Battle of took away a third of his army and came back home exposing the problem even more who heard the prophet SAW them at every instance of his life and every decision that the promises are made this man second guess the Prophet, and cause others to second guess the Prophet solemn. This man when he passes away the prophets Allah Salam goes and prays janazah on him.

01:08:00--> 01:08:43

And Amara Delano couldn't believe it. He was like why are you praying? for him? What? Oil aka yoga he said this on this day? Why are you praying em Rasul Allah. The Prophet said Dinah Yama. In the year two foxtel I was given a choice over Omar and I have chosen Leave me alone. And then after the Prophet prayed for this man, Allah revealed this ayah when not to suddenly Allah I had the men who matter other than Allah tala probably never pray for any one of them who dies. No standard is grave, so Han Allah. This was the ruling that Allah gave to the Prophet cillum afterwards, but it shows again, the prophet Islam despite seeing the enmity, there lies still had a soft heart in forgiving

01:08:43--> 01:09:13

them. Imagine if we could do that to our own Muslim Brethren, not this is the Prophet Sal was dealing with his enemies. Imagine if you could deal with our brothers and sisters in the same way. We asked the Lord to give us the feet to act according to plan so now shall tomorrow we'll pick up from over here, how Allah describes the believers. And then inshallah go on to the next Joseph says I'm looking for staying a little longer. I wanted to catch up a little bit and also finish the 10th Jews 100 Allah. I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place.

01:09:14--> 01:09:22

Does Aqua McLennan so panic Aloma will be hamburger Chateau La Ilaha Illa and Estelle Furukawa tulelake alaykum warahmatullahi