Quranic Seerah #06 Hijrah – The Heroics of Fleeing

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We said that about three years into Revelation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded to go public with the Dawa, with the call to Allah azza wa jal and Islam. And for 10 years until he left to Mecca, he had to leave Mecca, there was just incredible amounts of gradually increasing torture, abuse of all kinds. They killed some of his companions. sallallahu alayhi wasallam they tortured so many others sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will choke him in the streets until he fell unconscious I use Salatu was Salam. They would dump the blood and guts of slaughtered camels on his back when he was making sujood at the kava Allah He Salatu was Salam

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hazing in the streets for him and his companions taunting poetry is being written about them, humiliating them, the daughters of the Prophet SAW Salem Witch were married to the two sons of Abu Lahab are divorced and thrown back in his face. This is a father right? All of that is happening together for those 10 years,

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approximately two years into those 10 Two years into the the barrage that came their way. The Muslims were instructed by Allah that a group of them flee Mecca, to Abyssinia have a shot which is Abyssinia or Ethiopia that region where there was a Christian kingdom there and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them ruling over those people their king his name was US hammer he is known as by his title then I guess and the Joshi

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no one is wrong, treated unfairly by this king, so go and so they fled and they rode the seas and they traveled across to they got to ever since the Americans couldn't leave them. So they sent after them an envoy with precious gifts. And they basically tried to buy out they bribed all of the high priests, the majority of the patriarchs, and so that they can go and press are convinced the king to allow them Atkins to have the Muslims back so they can do with them whatever they wanted. And they accepted the gifts and they agreed to to convince the King to be unfair to not hear them out and just give them back to the leaders of Quraysh. But they were wrong in thinking they were able to

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convince the king and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was right in him telling them the foresight that Allah revealed to him over there as a king that is never unfair to anybody. He was right Ali's salatu salam, he said, I have to hear from them first. And they said, but you don't know what they say about Jesus. They say he's not God. And so he brought them forward and said, What do you say about Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. And so it also habit convened quickly and they said, We will say nothing but the truth we're going to stand our ground and be honest. And so they stood and they recited to him what had recently been revealed. Allah's timing is always perfect.

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They were prepared with the recent revelation of sort of muddy yam, they recited to him from the chapter of Mary Surratt Maria and when he finished Jaffa, the cousin of the Prophet SAW said and finished reciting to him a section of Surah Maria, the story of Mary and the Jesus peace be upon them both. They look up to us Ohama and they find that he had soaked his beard with his tears. And he said to them, in Hatha well let the jet be Hypno, Miriam, Leia, hello, journeyman Muscat in Wahida, that which you have just recited

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and that which the Son of marriage Jesus Christ, peace be upon him brought to the world, those two lights emerged from the same lantern, he said, they come from the same source, I will never let you go, you are free to worship as you wish and he secretly became Muslim. We know that later because when he died, Allah revealed to the Prophet SAW Salem to pray Janessa on him in his absence, because no one really knew he was Muslim. Very few people actually knew he could not openly say expresses Islam. So that was the incident of the migration to haberdasher to Abyssinia, Ethiopia, obviously, surety here is pretty straightforward. There is no way these Arabs he could even recognize it

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through a translator through an interpreter, they could not have known these details about Mary peace be upon her and her pregnancy and her pain at the base of the palm tree and the child and the bringing them back to the people and the Israelites condemning her for it and there's no way you would have known all of this, you must be a prophet. Okay. So that in terms of, you know, some of the greatest critics of the Quran.

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non Muslims, of course, they unanimously testify that there was no copy of the message of Jesus, what they call the New Testament. Anyway,

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They're in Arabia, or even outside of Arabia in Arabic for two 300 years after the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, like William TOS doll and some of the even the Pope's of the Alexandrian church. They tell you poor partial translations of the New Testament existed in Muslim Spain in the ninth and 10th centuries. That's why he knew so easily is no way you would have known this stuff. So that's in terms of shorty. It's a no brainer. For those that know they know that it must have come from the same lantern it must have come from the same source from Allah azza wa jal as for purity, what can we reflect on in terms of purifying our hearts for the light of Allah eligibility for

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Allah's light to enter our hearts better? And for us to remain eligible to be purified to enter his paradise forever in sha Allah to Allah? I'll mention to you just two reflections in his final four minutes. The first of them is humility.

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The second of them is proximity. That's just how I remembered it for tonight. Okay, I'm sorry. Humility. Well, what humility

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is an energetic he became Muslim. Why? Because he was receptive, right? It was through translation, but the message struck a chord inside him because he was open to truth.

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And one of the greatest things that will puncture your heart and believe the guidance and purity from your heart is for you to be argumentative, to be defensive when Truth comes your way. When Allah sends you any truth, regardless of who's carrying the truth, you are a servant of the truth. You submit to the truth of the advice that it's true you submit to it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mao dolla, Coleman Bader, who then can lay he is able to juggle

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no people ever go astray after having been upon guidance, except that they were except that argumentation was cast amongst them. You argue and you resist and you're stubborn and you're not receptive and you don't consider Who are you to advise me maybe you don't express it, but you you and you're triggered by it. You're defensiveness is triggered by it.

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An agenda he and some of his priests that became Muslim. Allah records about them in the Quran will attach you then a crowbar whomever that and this sort of man either. Lil Lavina Emanuel Lavina Kalu Inanna surah the people closest to the guidance closest to the faith among the disbelievers are those who say we are Christians. Then Allah says that is because among them are rabanne, devout worshippers and kissy seen priests were hula yes, that could be rude, and they don't have pride. That's why, you know, Rahim, Allah, He said, whoever is tested with pride, afflicted with pride, stubborn arrogance, rejection of truth, right, don't have much hope for them,

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and whomever it stayed with desires, share Hawa, then have hope for them.

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Because shaytaan went astray because of pride and he never came back. And Adam Alayhis Salam, when slipped, went astray for a moment made that mistake because of a desire, an appetite, a moral weakness in front of temptation, and he came back. So you go very far, if you allow it to go below your radar, any pride in here, you know, I often tell couples when they come to me fighting, and please don't come to me if I think I tell them listen, does he the she admit her mistake?

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Like sometimes not openly, but like they kind of indirectly try to make up for it. Show that they're sorry. And if yes, then that's a righteous person. Right? They flare up, we all flipped, what do they sort of come around? That's a good person. Appreciate what you have. If they don't, I'm not saying divorce, but it's another story. Okay, it's another story. It's a little bit more complicated, but that's a good litmus in the beginning. A righteous person is not a perfect person, a righteous person eventually comes around and concedes to the truth, purity, through humility. The second one I'm out of time is proximity. Proximity means nearness, by the way.

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We said when the torture began, right, that our Dean gives us so much incredible optimism and strength and bandwidth for bad news. Remember when we said this, that's a sign of your your faith. But that doesn't mean you just resigned to bad news doesn't mean you resigned to abuse our Dean has is a dean of incredible, Allah taught us in his message, incredible optimism and hope, but He also emphasized action. You need to take action take your

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hearts by the rains, if I can say it that way, and get close to an environment where your hearts can get healthy.

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You know, they asked Albert Einstein, what is insanity, he said to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result. Right? Some people they just don't they feel bad for themselves and they just, you know, pity them, um, keep falling back into the same sin and you're you're in a circle, you have to move away from the place or the people that cause your heart to become corrupted. You have to move away from the fumes of vice of this obedience so that your heart does not become polluted, right or wrong. You gotta move. That is someone who is serious about purifying their heart.

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Sometimes it means blocking certain people removing them from your life. Friends, don't let friends go to the hellfire, right? This is not just about an abusive, you know, antagonist of the faith who's like laughing at the believers? No, even if you consider them a friend, and they're not laughing at you, but they're laughing with you, while you're disobeying Allah. That's a traitor. That's not a friend.

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Let's just be frank here. You have to make hijra, the Sahaba made hijra away from those environments. If you actually want to cleanse, rinse and improve. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us clarity and give us purity and give us the resolve to make tough decisions sometimes Allahumma Amin will sal Allahu Salah Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi