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An-Naml 1-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 20-26


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The military race needs regular attendance to achieve peace and order in a community. discipline and fear are essential drivers for achieving success, and learning and practicing Islam is crucial for achieving full knowledge and progress in work. The importance of the liver and the bird's behavior is highlighted, as it is crucial for achieving full knowledge and progress in work. The importance of the hoopoe duty is emphasized, and the bird's health and reputation are highlighted as drivers for achieving success.

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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 196 sudo to Nemo will begin from Ayah number 20.

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What the other player and he took attendance of the birds who Sulaiman or the Santa. Earlier, we learned that today Monterey Santa, he took his armies of the jinn of people as well as of the birds on a particular expedition. And as they were marching forth, they came across a valley of a valley of ants. And there, he heard the speech of the ants, that how one of the ants he was warning the rest of the ants to take shelter. Why in order to be saved from the unintentional trampling by the army of Solomon or the center.

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And now we see that after the expedition, he took attendance of his armies,

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and in particular, he took attendance of who,

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of the birds, the army of the birds, what they felt by the player,

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the other is from the roof that was fell off, then. And falcoda literally means to lose something.

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We have learned this word instead of the use of also where the people are usually said on the set of the brothers of use of nslm that in the comb lasagna cone. And they said no, we're not thieves my That afternoon, what is it that you have lost?

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So falcoda is to lose something.

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And the fog powder. The word that you see over here is to look for something that is lost.

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It is to look for something to search for something that has been lost.

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So it is to inspect, to examine, to investigate. So he investigated the words meaning he reviewed them as to who was present and who was not present. So in other words, he took their attendance to make sure every bird was there.

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So what happened then? For Karla, so he said, Molly, what is for me, meaning what is wrong with me? How come la I do not see a Hood Hood? The hoopoe bird?

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If you notice over here, mellie mellie, Allah Allah, What is wrong? Which means that I do not see the hood?

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I'm gonna, or Is he minella? Even of those who are absent? He is saying in other words, that is there something preventing me from seeing the woodwork? Or is it really that the hood is not there? Do you understand?

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Molly? or What is wrong with me? Is there something me? It says, Oh, he's saying, Is it just me? Or is the hood really not there?

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Which is why I don't see him.

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Now, what do we see over here?

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Another side of Sulayman? Are they sometimes planning in maintaining his kingdom?

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And what was that, that he took attendance of every single individual, whether human or otherwise, to make sure they were present? They were on duty. No one was absent. What does it show

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that he was very strict when it came to discipline.

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And he was also very observant, that out of the entire army when he did not see just one bird. He noticed that. And he questioned about that.

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And we see that he questions that what is it that? Is it just me? Or is the bird really not there? Is the Hood Hood not there? Why is the Hood Hood not on duty? Why is he absent?

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Now, many times it happens that today, if there are only a group of people working together in a particular place, it is so difficult to mark their attendance, even if it's a seven or eight people. Why? Because first of all, we ourselves don't take our work that seriously.

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We show up, we do not show up. We leave we come late. We leave early, without even taking permission into the noon. What did we learn? What is the way of the true believers that they never leave? Except without permission?

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Whenever they have to be absent, they must be absent, then what do they do?

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They take permission before leaving. And they take permission before just not showing up. This is something very, very essential. Because you see for any work to function properly, every single individual needs to take responsibility. Every single individual

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which means that whenever they're required to be at a particular place, they are there. It's not just that they don't show up and everybody's wondering where they are. Because when we have this attitude, that one day we show up another day we don't show up then it's very difficult for us

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Other people to keep track, it's very difficult for other people to keep a check on where we are, where you are, where they are, it's very difficult.

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So we see that, first of all, the regular attendance of every single individual of that army. And also the fact that today manner Hassan himself, he took attendance. As the leader, he himself took attendance, he himself made sure that everyone was there.

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And this shows not just the commitment of a minor listener, but also the commitment of who

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of his army,

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that if even one was missing, even one was absent, it was noticeable. But unfortunately, what happens today, five people don't show up. Or people show up one day, people don't show up the other day, which is why when they're absent, they're not noticed as much, isn't it?

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And if a person comes regularly, and they have a particular spot, they come and sit at their spot at their seat every single day, when they're not there, they're noticed, isn't it?

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Like, for example, in class, there are some people who regularly sit at the front regularly, and they're there every single day, whenever one of them is not there, I noticed that. But there are people who don't really show up to class regularly, or who sit at the back, or who don't really pay much attention in class. So as a result, when they're not there, they're not really noticed.

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So, if we want to be noticed, if we want that we should be a part of some work, then we have to be extremely active. And we have to be very regular.

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If you notice, the Hood Hood is absent, it shows that godhood also played a very important role. That delay manner is that I've noticed it notice that it was absent that uncanny min alpha even what is the reason? Now according to some narrations, the Hood Hood, the hoopoe bird of this army, it was responsible for a particular task. And what was that particular task?

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It is said that whenever the army of Solomon or this lamb, it would go somewhere, then the hood was sent in order to locate water

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in order to find out if there was any water nearby.

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And if there was any water nearby, the huddled would come. And he would tell the rest of the army, he would tell so they manually set up and then he would send his troops. And some have said he would send the gin in particular who would dig out and as a result, there would be water for all of the army for all of them to drink from.

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So the hood it was sent. And it did not come back. So so a minor incident, he was upset. It is also said that Irma to learn who he himself was such a leader, how that he would also go around the streets of Medina Why? To make sure everything was running smoothly. There was no facade going on. Nothing wrong was happening. And he himself would inspect. And this ensures that there is peace and order in a community and that everyone is doing what they're supposed to do. When does this happen when the leader is active? When the leader is active, only then this work can function smoothly. So what happened then?

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Lower I don't know who said a minor I said, um, he said, Surely I will definitely punish the hood, or there been shady than a severe punishment. Meaning if it doesn't have a genuine reason for not showing up on time for not being here, that I am going to surely punish the Hood Hood or the oven should even a severe punishment.

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What could that possibly be for a bird? Like for example, the feathers being blocked. So imagine he said that I'm going to punish the bird severely, oh, or the handler who I'm surely going to slaughter it, I'm going to slaughter it. If it doesn't bring a genuine reason that doesn't show up, I am going to slaughter the bird

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oleic DNA or it should definitely bring me this autonomo bean with a clear evidence. Meaning either has to bring me a clear evidence for not showing up for being absent for not being here on duty. Or I'm going to slaughter the bird.

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Now it may seem as though so the listener is being quite harsh towards the bird. What do we say? So what if I'm not there just the first time isn't it? And if we are given strict orders like this, or strict conditions like this, then we think that we're being treated very harshly.

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But we see that today man in Islam Who was he was a prophet of Allah.

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So if he said this, there was a reason behind that. And what was that reason

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that he had to maintain a huge army and that huge army

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was not just a human beings but also of jinn and birds. And to control them, you need a lot of discipline. And sometimes part of discipline means being very strict

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so that no one leaves their duty, No one leaves their work.

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It doesn't mean that the leader should be strict all the time, every single moment, every single day. Because if he's strict all the time, then what will that lead to?

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Fear is an utter.

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And people, they may do things out of fear. But when they do something out of love, out of ownership of the work, that's much better.

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Because when they're driven by fear, only, then they'll do it in front of you. And when you're not there, they will not care about it,

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isn't it?

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So it's not necessarily that the leader must be strict all of the time. No. However, strictness is necessary at least some time, you understand strictness is necessary, at least some time, it should not be the regular habit. However, it should be there sometime. Why?

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Because if it's completely absent, then people tend to take their work very casually, they do not pay much attention anymore. They tend to take their work in a very non serious manner.

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And when people develop a non serious manner towards the work, then like this, nothing can be accomplished, isn't it?

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Like, for example, when we are all working over here, all of the time, you're not showing strictness, but sometimes there are occasions when you are dealt with strictly why.

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If that is missing, if that is not there, then we would tend to be very relaxed,

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isn't it?

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So sometimes you need these harsh doses. Okay? So don't take them personally. Never take them personally take them as a push. So we see over here today, modern Islam is also very strict at this occasion, why to teach his entire army a lesson

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because of the workload is missing today. And he says, okay, doesn't matter, then what will happen tomorrow, engines will be absent, and 50 words will be absent. And like this, the work will not be able to be accomplished. So he has to be strict over here at this point.

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Now, we see that to the manor listener. He is humble on one side, that when he heard the speech of the answer, he was so humble.

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And at the same time, he's also very strict.

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So this balance is extremely necessary. It's extremely important.

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We also see that our model the learner when he was a halifa, he also took some very strong disciplinary measures. Why in order to discipline the people, and sometimes as I mentioned, this is necessary.

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Forget the layover, even. So the hoopoe, it did not stay too long.

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MacArthur is from the real veterans meme calf fat, Mk.

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And what is Max mean,

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to stay in wait for something

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so far MacArthur, he remained who the hoopoe layer very then not too far,

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far as in far in time, meaning he did not stay for too long, but that he returned,

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meaning he wasn't too long. He returned very soon, soon after, so a minor has noticed that the hoopoe was missing, the hoopoe return for market availability then what happened for Karla so he said who the hoopoe, when he returned to such a minor incident, he said, I helped to I have encompassed Bhima with that which lamb to head to be he you have not encompassed, encompassed in what? in knowledge, meaning, I have come to know something that you do not know.

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Just imagine what kind of freedom of speech the army had, or the subjects of sudden I noticed that I'm possessed that they were able to say something like that to study minorities.

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What does it show that he was not a tyrant? He was strict, he was firm, but at the same time, he allowed freedom,

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which is why the hoopoe had the confidence to say something like this, I have to be Muslim to have to be, I have come to know something that you do not know

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where to go. And I have come to you mean Saba in from Subbu been ever in your team with a certain news. I have come to you from Sabah with some certain news, some accurate news. And remember the word number is used for relevant, relevant news important.

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So such information that is first of all European meaning it is certain and also it is relevant to you

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now, it's quite possible from this that it had several duties. One of them, as I mentioned to you was to go and look for water go and search for water. And it could also be possible that roupas duty was to just go and scan the earth in general and to just go and find out what's going on in the area around where so the man or the center and his armies work.

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So we see that the Hood Hood, it probably went for, it stands for its work. And as it returned, it said to salamander, this app, that I have come to know something that you and your troops do not know. What does this teach us?

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That the Messenger of Allah, yes, he has been given a lot of knowledge, unique knowledge as well. But he does not possess the knowledge of every single thing.

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Because over here, the bird knows something. That's a mannerism did not know.

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So the prophets of Allah, they do not have knowledge of everything, they do not have knowledge of the unseen, their knowledge is also limited, because they're after all human beings.

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And complete and perfect knowledge, who does that belong to? Only a loss of contact?

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So this bird, he tells salamander, Islam about Subbu, that I have come to you from Sabah with some certain news.

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Now, what is the subject Subbu is the name of a nation, as well as the name of a particular area, the area where this nation used to live, the nation was also known as Saba.

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And it is said that the people of Sabah, they were a dynasty in Yemen. And as a nation, they were extremely wealthy. And remember that the kingdom of Solomon early cinema was that in Palestine, and this nation was all the way in Yemen.

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So so the matter is that, um, he did not know about these people. He may have been familiar with this area, but he was not familiar with these people.

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So the hood, when it went there, it discovered these people, and it came to study manual Islam, and he taught evangelism about these people. And he said any word or two, indeed, I have found in more than a woman. I have found that over there in Subbu, is a woman and this woman Tamika whom she ruled over them.

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And the hood founders very amazing.

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Because typically, who are the leaders of nations, it's men.

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So he says that I have found that there is a woman over there who totally go home. She is the queen, she dominates them, she ruled over them, who does not give the meaning of she owns them, but rather that she has milk over them, meaning she has authority and dominance over them. So in other words, she is the queen.

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And she has been given men coalition of everything.

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What does it mean by this well, UI admin coalition,

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that first of all abundance, that they are extremely wealthy, they have a lot of wealth, they have all sorts of things.

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And men coalition in everything that she needs to run her kingdom.

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She has great armies, she has many lands, she has great resources, wealth, people, all of that. And on top of that, what are her ocean alene and she has a great throne.

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Now it seems as though the bird was very impressed by the throne in particular, because he mentioned that what an ocean.

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It is said that this throne that belonged to this Queen of Saba, its length was 80 cubits and its width was 40 cubits, and its height was 30 cubits and it was made of gold and silver. And it was encrusted with pearls and rubies and emeralds and all of these precious jewels. So the bird definitely It was very impressed by this. As he came back and told us in a manner about this nation, he in particular also mentioned the throne, while the hair option early and then he said that we're just to her, I have found her meaning I found this clean, will comb her hair and her people. Yes, Julie Shamsi that they prostrate to the sun, men do nilay besides Allah.

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He also mentions their way of life, their religion, as he finds it very surprising, that look at them. I found them prostrating to the sun, other than Allah, they're not worshipping Allah instead they're worshipping the sun was the yen Allahumma shaytani r mala home and the shade line has beautified their deeds for them for the home and so he has stopped them on a severely from the right way.

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For him lay the dune so they are not guided. Just look at

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The observation and the report of this bird.

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We think birds and all of these creatures, they have no sense. But look at how observant This bird is that he doesn't just Delta, a mannerism about who rules the people, where these people are, what kind of wealth they possess, but also what kind of worship they do, what kind of religion they have.

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And he's amazed that look at them, they're worshipping the sun, instead of Allah, and shaitan has beautified their deeds for them. And as a result, they're prevented from the right way. And as a result, they're not guided.

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And they as Julian there, he and they do not prostrate to Allah, unless combination of and

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that they do not frustrate to Allah, Allah, the digital hub fsms, what he will have the one who brings forth what is hidden within the heavens and the earth.

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Look at them. They don't worship a lot, the one who takes out what is hidden from the heavens and the earth. And instead of worshipping Allah, they're worshipping the sun.

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While your alma mater fouda, warmer, totally new, and he knows what you can see. And what you declare, what does that mean by El hubba

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hubba from the roof veterus haba Hamza is that which is hidden, it is used for something that is hidden, it is also used for hidden treasure, and the hub of summer, what is hidden in the sky, and the hub of the Earth is what is hidden in the earth. So what is it that's hidden in the sky, and then Allah subhanaw taala takes it out and shows it to us. Like, for example, the moon, it's hidden during the day, and at nighttime, it's brought out and it's shown to us. Similarly, the sun, the stars, and on the other hand, what is the hub of the earth, that is it and then Allah takes that out the plants, various creatures, out of the minerals and resources that are underground, and then a

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las panatela takes them out or gives us the ability to take out.

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So unless you have a facility where they don't prostrate to him, they don't worship Him, where you're allowed to hoonah and he knows what you hide when matterley known and what you reveal.

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Now we're saying all of this, a bird, that a bird even has such good recognition of the loss of

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a bird even is so well aware of who Allah is, of what Allah does.

00:22:39--> 00:22:43

And we think these birds, they do nothing, they have no idea.

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And it shows to us that the heat that is ingrained within animals even that they believe in the oneness of Allah, that the bird is amazed that these people are worshipping the sun. It says, oh, the bird cannot understand why would they do that when Allah is the one who takes out what is hidden from the sky in the air.

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So it shows that the heat that is ingrained within all the creatures, that every creature is born with this though hate with this fitrah even the human beings but as the human beings grew up, they're either made into Jews or Christians or so on and so forth.

00:23:21--> 00:23:32

And we see that the bird also says that Allah is the one who knows what you hide and what you reveal. Why does he say that? Do express the complete and absolute knowledge of Allah Subhana

00:23:33--> 00:23:43

Allah, the digital Hopper, what does that reflect his complete power and authority? And the second part, what does that reflect the complete knowledge of Allah soprano.

00:23:45--> 00:23:55

Instead of the rod we learn so well main command a solid Ola woman, Jehovah B. It is the same to him concerning you whether when concealed his speech, or he publicizes it,

00:23:56--> 00:24:00

whether we conceal it or we show it, Allah knows about it, it's equal to him.

00:24:02--> 00:24:13

And then the bird says, Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah there is no deity except Him who are up go laubscher Aleem, He is the Lord of the great throne.

00:24:14--> 00:24:17

Why is it set over here? Who are a bull*ter? I mean,

00:24:19--> 00:24:34

he was very impressed by the output of the queen. But then he's mentioned that Allah is far greater, that his house is far greater. He is a Lord of the greatest throne rapala Shall we?

00:24:35--> 00:24:43

And if you look at it about the Queen what was said when I was shown a woman but over here he says, who are a bull or Sheila when

00:24:44--> 00:24:46

we listen to the recitation and will continue

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00:25:25--> 00:25:26

how to be

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00:25:38--> 00:25:38


00:25:44--> 00:25:45


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00:25:55--> 00:25:56

polish admissions he knew

00:25:58--> 00:25:59

he was a

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00:26:03--> 00:26:04

was a

00:26:08--> 00:26:09

false one.

00:26:45--> 00:26:48

It's amazing how the bird is so observant

00:26:49--> 00:26:53

and he notices that the entire nation is engulfed and shirk.

00:26:54--> 00:27:07

And it's possible that sometimes we're doing something wrong. And we think that nobody's watching us, nobody's looking at us. But it could be a creature such as a bird who is watching us was going to be a witness against us on the Day of Judgment.

00:27:08--> 00:27:30

Because these birds, also these creatures, also they have some sort of perception, they understand they see and look at how he is describing in detail, the people of server. So Alo earlier when we're doing something, these animals, these creatures, these ants and all of these things, they could be a witness, either for us or against us on the Day of Judgment.

00:27:32--> 00:27:32

What else

00:27:34--> 00:28:14

that we see, that said a mannerism, he did not accept just anything that anybody said he had a very high standard, a very high criteria, which is why he said that the bird must bring me so funny movie. And when the bird comes back, what does he say that I have brought to you? Never in your clean? Certain news? What does that show? That's a reminder, isn't it, not just accept anything. And his subjects that were very well aware of this fact. So whenever they told him anything, they made sure that it was accurate, it was calling to the best of their knowledge. And there's something very, very important, because when we start spreading around things that we have heard, or we think,

00:28:14--> 00:28:20

or we have assumed that what does that lead to? chaos, confusion, isn't it?

00:28:21--> 00:28:46

We see how the bird despite the fact that the hoopoe saw such great wealth and such great minds of the people of Sabah. He wasn't that impressed by them, despite the fact that he saw this picture of him. And he mentioned that he wasn't so impressed by them that he wasn't all of them. And he said, Oh, I should become a part of them. No, when he saw the data check, they lost all value in His sight.

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So many times what happens we get so impressed by the wealth of others, the beauty of others, the eloquence of others, that we forget what we believe in, we forget the values that we have. We get so impressed by them, we get so taken aback that we have no steadfastness then. So this is very, very important.

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And one more thing I want you to notice over here, that the very firm aka Robert Eden, what does that show that the bird came back quickly? Although it was late, but he did not take too long. He came back quickly, because he knew that his time was very strict.

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So even if, let's say for some reason, we've gone to do some work and it's taking us time to come back. We should try our best to be back as quickly as possible. Because if we're not back as quickly as possible, then what's going to happen? We will suffer, others will suffer. Now the hoopoe duty was very, very important. Everyone relied on what the bird did. If the bird found water, everybody had water and if it didn't, nobody would have water. So it was a very important task, which is why we see that the bird came back

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as quickly as possible.

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Yesterday, one of the students that came in and met me and they told me that they just came the day before from another country. And the next day they were at school. Why? Because the sooner you come back, the better it is for you.

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We see that the hoopoe, it realized that the work that he was doing the investigation that he was doing at the nation of Saba, that was very important that he had to tell Solomon or listener about these people, because they were doing Schick. So he didn't just say, Oh, my God, I have to be on duty, I have to be back. I have to save my life. Too bad. Whatever these people do, let them do it. It's their work their life, whatever they do. I am concerned about myself, no, the word was concerned about these people, which is why he inspected them very carefully. And he came and gave a complete and full report to Solomon.

00:30:52--> 00:31:13

He could have been very quick, in order to save his life in order to have a very good reputation. But he realized that this was very, very important. And we see this in the end as well. But the number when she saw the army of sentimentalism coming, she didn't just say, Oh, my God, I have to save my life only No, she warned the rest of the answers. Well,

00:31:15--> 00:31:40

look at the good supposition of the hoopoe that he doesn't blame the people that look at them, there's so much in darkness is and they're astray. They're doomed to hellfire. No, what does he say that shaytan has beautified their deeds for them. And as a result, they're prevented from the right way. And as a result for whom like to do. So it is as though he realizes that it's their responsibility to go and guide these people to go and help these people.

00:31:41--> 00:32:02

Today, man or Islam, he didn't just assume that the word was very irresponsible. No, he said that, is it just me that I don't see the word? Or is he really of those who are absent. And he said that he better bring me a good reason. Otherwise, he is going to be punished severely. So he didn't just assume he doesn't just, you know, show anger immediately.

00:32:03--> 00:32:16

We see that even a word can be given a huge responsibility. That's a reminder, listen, I'm you trusted a bird, with such a huge responsibility to go and look for water to go and search for water to go and inspect the entire area.

00:32:17--> 00:32:30

And we tend to undermine people a lot at all. They don't know anything. They're so limited in their power. What can they do? They can't do anything. They're useless. No, give opportunities to people you don't know what kind of hair you might discover in the

00:32:32--> 00:32:50

house. That if you look at it, the wording that the hood uses, that led you to have a fist somehow it was out that these people they prostrate to the sun and Allah is the one who takes out the sun. Because when do people worship the sun when the sun is rising, or the sun is setting?

00:32:51--> 00:33:02

So who is it that takes the sun out? Allah subhanaw taala people get very impressed by the rising of the sun, there is a power that is greater than the rising of this.

00:33:04--> 00:33:04

Anything else?

00:33:05--> 00:33:36

We see that when the bird comes back and he gives a report to remind her Listen, I'm listening to the report in complete detail, that if you look at there's so much detail, there's a complete report of those people. And then there's his own reflection, his own observation, his own understanding. And today, mannerism, he gives them a chance to speak. But many times what happens with us if somebody wants to speak we don't give them a chance. We just want to talk ourselves, or we tell them to be quiet because we're very busy. We're very concerned with great important things.

00:33:37--> 00:33:55

If you look, what OTS mean coalition, that's what the Word says that she has been given everything by who by a loss of Hunter. See that the head in the words that how much belief they have in Allah. Allah is one who gave everything to this bird. He is one who takes us out.

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So we listen to the recitation

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was the

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at you.

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was a

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Aloha mobi humbucker. Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mr. heruka wanted to be like a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.