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We shouldn’t take Allah’s commands lightly nor lose our tempers when faced with people who do.

Take Allah’s Commands Seriously [Juz 1] – Nouman Ali Khan


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wilhemina Chateau animala gene, what is called Musashi comi he in La Jolla, Morocco and the whole Baqarah call who added a Luna who's

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an akuna Minal Jaya Helene. Bobby Shockley sub requested the MD, Dr. Melissa Ania Kohli for hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was h Marina Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly. In the short reminder, I want to share with you something from Ayah number 67, of SoTL bacara, in which Allah azzawajal talks about the incident of the cow, of course, so tillbaka is called a cow. When bizarrely Sam said to his nation, no doubt it is a law that in fact commands you that you should slaughter a cow. Their first response was at the hasanah, whose work that's what the ayah says, Do you take us for a joke? Are you kidding us? You want us to slaughter a cow, a murder just

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happened? And God's response is that we should slaughter a cow. That sounds kind of ridiculous. And I'm sharing this as my first reminder, because Allah made it a point to mention what their reaction was to Allah's instructions. A prophet is telling you on a laws we have slaughter a cow, whether that makes logical sense to you or not. It's God's command. And it's validated because it's coming through His Messenger, salallahu, alayhi wasallam, or in this case, and he said, Amazon is an app. But your response is, Are you kidding?

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Why are you taking this as a joke? And you know what this is mentioned? Because this is a timeless problem. So to this day, you're gonna have people that hear of Muslims who will hear of an instruction that is clearly from Allah's Messenger, similar sort of thing and said, What, are you kidding me? Are you serious, and it's going to be their reaction? You know, you can't be serious. That's what Islam wants. That's what the media says is what the Hadith says. That's what the ayah says, no way that doesn't make any sense, etc, etc, this kind of reaction, and this kind of reaction would make Musashi so I'm extremely upset. So within the same IRA, Colorado Villa, he said, I seek

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Allah's refuge from what an akuna minal jehlen, that I should be from those who lose their emotional control. jahad actually is the opposite of arkin arcade is someone who control their emotions. Jehle someone who loses them. And this final minute, I want to remind you that this isn't just a warning to those who make a mockery out of a less commandments. On the other hand, it's also warning to those who deliver a less message, who try to do the work of the prophets, who when they say something on behalf of Allah, and it's mocked, and it's ridiculed that they should not lose their cool because musallam immediately immediately says, I seek refuge of Allah that I should be from

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those who are jarhead who lose their cool. In other words, this would really enrage him, and he doesn't, he does not want to lose his temper because then he will not be able to do his job. So, you know, carrying the message of Islam and giving advice for the sake of Allah requires a thick skin and you're going to have to deal with some very obnoxious people who say some really ridiculous things. And you're going to have to say, ooh, biLlahi an akuna Minal Jaden. May Allah make us of those who would never make fun of all those commandments and to when they do give advice to each other, and they hear things that are inappropriate In response, are able to control their emotions

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and control their temper barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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