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Episode 12 – Surah Al-Hadid – Nouman Ali Khan

June 16, 2016


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The importance of faith and spending faith in the path of Allah is emphasized, along with the use of words like " faith" and " faith and spending faith in order to achieve their goals." The use of light to protect people's lives and make predictions about future events is also discussed, as it is often linked to a belief or action. The segment ends with a call to donate to cover expenses and future projects.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah sorry, were suddenly Emily Ragnarok that Emily Sonia Kohli I mean yellow banana means bad once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Let's together try and understand and try and get to know Salat al Hadid, the 57th surah of the Quran. This is the first of them who said we had the most of the heart are a series of Medina Sutras, they will reveal that at a time when the Muslims were feeling a weakness in faith as a result of, you know, a growth in the Muslim community. And some people that had just accepted Islam weren't as mature in their faith as those that had migrated with the Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam, that's not to say everybody who came into Islam in Medina is weak, but a good number had not truly understood the gravity of the matter, and the seriousness of the matter. So what Allah does in these Sutras, is he rejuvenates the faith of the Muslim community. And this is the first and the largest of the most of the heart. It's a very, very powerful surah. And a remarkable one. This is actually after a long series of mK consolas in the Quran, and where it's situated, ending with sort of luckier from here, 57 all the way to 66 are all Madani solos that continue. This is the lat last large group of Madani solos in the entire Quran, and this is the first of them. The thing that I'd

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like to share with you about the sutra is how beautifully you taught to remember its subject matter. One of the easiest ways is again to look at how it's organized. And you can look at it as divided into five passages, five distinct passages. But instead of telling you 12345 I'll actually tell you how the correspondences work inside these passages. The first passage made up of six I art is actually a description of a law, and what you what you need to understand who God is, who Allah is, how everything declares his perfection, how he's the first and the last, how he owns all kingdom and dominion over all of in all of existence. So homolka sumati will, will allow you to do more to him,

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all matters are going to be returned. He's the one who makes who pours the night into the day and the day into the night. This passage almost sounds like you're being introduced to Allah for the first time. You know, even though this is a Madani surah it's the idea of it is to revive your faith in Allah. And contrasting this if you travel to the fifth passage of the soul or the last part of this surah you'll notice a theme recurring over and over again dominating that passage is faith in Allah as messengers. So level c'est la casa la de la Nabina. We sent our messengers with clear with the clearest proofs, the Anima lahoma, Yasuo yasuharu Sula, who believe so that Allah may know who

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aids him and AIDS His messengers without having in from the unseen welaka vibra him we sent as messengers new Abraham no one Abraham will call for another attorney him bureau Selena Latina who Injeel

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of nlb ASAP new Maria Martina Holland Jean, we reinforce them with many other messengers like Jesus, the son of Mary and we gave him the gospel. And then yeah, you have the Xena, Amanita Colaba, Amina Bella Sunni, concluding all of it have Taqwa of Allah and have faith in His Messenger, what I'm getting at is faith in allies, section one. And faith in his messenger is section five. And between the two of them is going to be the other three remaining passages. The interesting thing also you will notice is that faith in Allah is actually something that is inside of the hearts. And faith in the messenger is only manifest when you obey the messenger. It's practical in nature, and you'll see

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that dichotomy inside the soul as well. So now, let me get you to the second passage. The second passage is a mix of two things. Two things, the first of those things is your faith. And the second of those things is spending in the path of Allah. And the way those two things play together in this passage is a lot of talks exhaustively about spending, you know, believe in a lot and as a result spend from whatever he's given you. And later on, he'll say, what's wrong with you, you don't spend a lot on Kofi Sevilla, mala, Mala Mala and then he'll say Mandela de la Cava Hassan, who is you know, who will give a lot of good loan, a beautiful loan. And in the middle of this all this

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conversation about spending spending spending in the heart of it is actually believing. Whether the Rasul Allah Allah, He is a mobile unit, Lucretia camino de la Mattila. No. So he revelation has come to you so you can pull you, you can believe in it, and it can pull you out of out of darkness into light. So what I'm trying to say is the second passage is dominated by free by spending and the route of spending. What is going to give you the courage, the strength, the will to spend is going to be your faith. That's that's the second passage. If you travel to the second last passage, you'll find the opposite. You'll find secure your heart seek forgiveness from Allah, strengthen your faith.

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Don't let your heart become hard, you know, for kosaku home, their hearts had become hard the people who came before sabich

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llama Filipina bacon raised to earn forgiveness from your master. This is all about securing your faith and earning forgiveness. And in the middle of that one mention at the heart of that one is the opposite is actually spending in the path of Allah in Alamosa de phenol Masada caught up Corrado la COVID, and Hassan. So what I'm trying to get at it is in the second passage, and the second passage you had spending, faith spending, that's how it was organized. And the exact opposite. Now you've got faith, spending faith. That's how they're so the two are so intertwined together a lot makes that same point about how inseparable those two things are. My faith and my chariot ability are

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inseparable from each other. And he makes that point in both organizations in the second passage, and in the fourth passage, that leaves only one passage, and that's the Middle Passage of the surah. Right, so the first and the last were connected, and the second and the fourth, were connected, leaving right down to the middle. And the middle is one of the most unique places in the entire Quran, describing something about judgment that has not been described anywhere else like this. It's describing what's going to happen to people who thought they believed, but they didn't really believe. And they resurrected on judgment day around others, true sincere believers. But they

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noticed that everybody else around them has light shining from their front and the right hand, by the way, Yes, I do.

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at him a big money him their layout stretches from right in front of them and their right. What that suggests is the light of their faith, and the light of the right of their hands, their deeds. What was the face, it's already been talked about in the soda, what's the hand is the hand that charitable, the one that gave the one who spent, you know, and so these people are, they wake up, and they're waking up with light in front of them in the right hand. And as a result of that light, they're able to make their way towards heaven. And you're standing among them, and you can't see that you have any light. So you call on them that all nine activists Missouri come, you know, wait

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for us, give us a chance. Let's catch your light. Let's take let us take advantage of your light. And they're told Caleb zerowater a comforter mizunara go back behind yourselves go return behind yourselves find some like yourselves, you can't have ours. Hello, what a dramatic scene. But these of course, these people cry out, you know, they can't just go back. There's no going back now. So they try to catch up to the believers. And a wall is dropped Faludi babina homeschool mahoba a massive wall in scalable wall is dropped between them that has a door to it. And the one side of it is mercy which means the path to heaven. And now it's secure because those people even if they look

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back they're not going to be dragged back to anything there's a wall there securing them but the people on the wrong side of that wall well law hero human criminality lava

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you know the backside of it the side that's manifest is actually right before it is punishment headed your way. So they cry out alumna kumarakom we with you. And they're told you where but you know what, I cannot convert into one full circle you put yourselves in trial without a bus tomahto What's up? Don't you procrastinate. And you fell into doubt. Well, how about qumola? Man your false hopes filled you up? Hatoyama until the decision of what law came. Well, how about common law horror and the ultimate deceiver deceived you. So this diagnosis of how a person a person who has faith who has faith, just completely you know, trashes it and loses it and ends up becoming a loser on

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Judgment they may end up make us from them is right in the middle. You know, this entire scene of protecting one's light that is going to the only thing that's going to save us on Judgement Day is that light, everything else in the solar faith in Allah, faith in the messenger, securing your faith and spending, seeking forgiveness and spending all of it is there to protect that light in the middle. And so you'll appreciate what happens in the last I have the solar It's so beautiful that Allah sums everything up everything in the surah in one ayah the concluding Ayah Yeah, you Hello the nominee, those of you who believe in Allah, be cautious of Allah. Remember, the first precious

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passage was about Allah? Well, I mean, you'll be able to hear and believe in his messenger. Remember, the last passage was about the messenger.

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And then he says, you can, you can give him your rationality. If you were to do that, he will give you two portions of His mercy, which I'll come neuron to, by the way, you give portions Allah is giving you portions when you spend a lot of spending on you. Whereas I look on neuron tissue and IV and he'll put a light for you that you can walk in. So kind of the second lesson of the surah sums everything up just a whole scene that the solar paints has been drawn up together and then Allah is telling us that we shouldn't become like the people of the book, The Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah shaman Fabiola wonderful Fabiola de Masha Allah has been, you know that the favor of Allah falls

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upon whoever Allah wants. This sutra teaches many things and one of them I'd like you to walk away with is that a less favorite falls upon anyone. You don't say about yourself? Well, this is about good people. I'm not good people. Or you know, this is about people that are much better than myself. I've made way too many mistakes. Nobody is beyond the favor of Allah. And He grants it to whoever he wants. You know, if it's late or early Jordan

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Some of the people who when judgment day comes, it's said about them without a bust on you guys procrastinated, you knew you were messed up. You could have turned around you refuse to you just decided to take more time. This was giving us a sense of urgency than even we can become those who fall under the great favor of Allah. Allah include all of us within his favor. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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