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A woman and old woman named Auntie talks about a dream she saw where she had made a small bucket to transfer brick and mortar urine to Allah's court. She tells a man named Kadeem that she wants to be his good deed and that he will reward her for her contribution to the area. Kadeem refuses to take the bucket and tells Auntie that she will not deal with Ali, Muhammad.

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One of our contemporaries, he has an amazing story. I heard him say this, he said there was a particular man who was overseeing the construction of a masjid. And it was entirely his project. He wanted this to be his baby, his good deed that he will present Allah with on the day of judgment. He was a wealthy man. He brought his own workforce. And he was very keen to not allow anybody to have a contribution in the masjid. He wants us to be His good deed. As they were building the Masjid. A woman and old woman he said came past and she had made like a small bucket, she realized that there was some construction here she heard the masjid was going up, what can she do an old lady. So she

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put together a small bucket. She said maybe they can use it to transfer a brick here and there a bit of mortar urine that she dropped it off she went.

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Amazingly, when the masjid was built, the founder of the masjid saw a dream.

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He sold his dream to palaces, and he inquired about one of them, they said, This is your reward with Allah, because of your contribution in the masjid. So you will reward with Allah because of what? Your contribution so this baffled him contribution. This is my Masjid. I built it. It's my husband and my good deed, how am I being taught? It's my contribution.

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So when he woke up, he went back to the site and he spoke to his workforce. He said to them, I saw such and such dream. Has anybody contributed to this? In my absence? They said, No, no, it's just us. He said, Are you sure? Yeah. They said it's just us. They said, Yeah, I mean, there was an old lady who passed by she gave us a bucket. You know, we used it.

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Nothing else and he realized,

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Allah is Kadeem generous. So he picked up the bucket, he inquired about the whereabouts of this lady, he tracked her down, knocked on her door, he said to her, please take back your bucket. Take back your your back and he doesn't want to share the reward. Take back your back. May Allah reward you, Auntie for what you have done. She said to him, what's the issue? He said, Well, I've seen this dream. She said to him Subhanallah I have seen the exact same dream.

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I saw the exact same dream I saw a palace and I was told this is your reward for the contribution you made for the masjid. And I cannot do without these good deeds. Zack Aloka and she refused to take back the bucket. You're not dealing with Ali, Muhammad. Jim. You're dealing with Allah.

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So what is it that builds the Masjid? The new year what will bring down the masjid then the year