Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #28 – Seeking Knowledge

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the context and parameters of knowledge in life is emphasized, along with the need for practicing and guidance in learning and learning to become a carer or a dentist. The speakers stress the importance of understanding the deen and finding the right conclusion in learning, while also touching on the difficulties of learning in a car accident and the need for students to practice their jobs and apply knowledge without deeply affecting their learning. The speakers emphasize the importance of guidance and understanding of the context of one's statement, as well as a man who was self-involved in his own training and misread a photo as a black snake.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say the more serene, maybe now Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi oedema in.

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No doubt one of the virtuous and most virtuous acts of a beggar, that Allah subhanho wa Taala and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have defined for us

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is that relating to the seeking of knowledge,

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and the attainment of it is a very great pursuit for any person to go down with. The root of knowledge is a blessed one. Those who seek knowledge are also blessed, and they are guided

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to be vanilla, what is best for them.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us great examples, and set us great standards for this. The Sahaba those who follow them, when you look at their history, if you look at their biographies, you see that these were people who really understood the importance of knowledge.

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But firstly, when we look at the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes a very clear statement in the form of a rhetorical question. Well, Holly esto, Isla de la moon, well, you know, I won't say, can they be cool? Those who know those who have knowledge and those who do not know. And he says in another verse in them, I shall Ah ha, I mean, a badly Hillary lemma, that verily and truly the ones who fear Allah from his slaves are the odema, those who have knowledge, meaning they have those who have knowledge of a loss of Hannah, who, what Allah.

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And he said, and a lot would increase those who have Eman amongst you and have sought knowledge or have been given knowledge he will raise them levels. So just by reading a few verses of Quran, you can see how important the knowledge is not only in terms of the levels that you have, but also in terms of how it gives you the correct understanding of the last panel, which will ultimately lead you to feeling a loss of having Tyler correctly.

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The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam there's also great aspects there. The prophet SAW Selim said that fallible emphatic doctrine Allah

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the seeking of knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim because in seeking knowledge a person is understanding the deen understanding the perspective from which they are, should be practicing understanding what is right and wrong understanding the their place,

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in society, within the world and the universe at large. So that's why knowledge is always a blessing, such that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever along once for him good. He will give him the understanding in the deen. And here, this is an important perspective to, to note and to point out with is that knowledge is one thing attaining knowledge is one thing, but having the understanding of the deen that is something else. Because some people will, for example, memorize Heidi's memorize books.

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They can easily repeat things. If people ask them, you know, they can repeat what they've heard. But when you ask them about how they apply that knowledge, then the application of knowledge may very well be flawed. Why? Because they are they haven't understood the parameters surrounding the knowledge. That's an important part of a port and part of knowledge is not just to learn what is said and what is not said. But to understand how that is Africa applied. And that's why the FBI had the scholars of the past. They very much understood that it wasn't just the fact that you know a Hadees or you know, a saying of the prophesized level, you know, versus the four iron, but rather it

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is how you understood the circumstances, the context, if there were any other handy and how to apply them, how to, to understand whether the Hadith that you are quoting whether it has a specific

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scenario that it was revealed to and so on, and so by, by just applying what might consider as information without

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relating that to the knowledge can actually make you fall into mistakes, rather than actually give you the guidance that should come from knowledge. And that's why knowledge like anything else.

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Today, we you know, any other kind of job vocational, then you need to learn under the supervision, under the guidance, under the instruction of someone who has also learned and mastered, or at least learned and trained in the knowledge. You know, today, if you want to become a carpenter, for example,

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you have to be an apprentice, you have to work with somebody who's done it for many years, they, they will show you how to do the, the correct applications, what screws to use, how to cut the wood, how to get, you know, a good joint, so it's not showing how to do that. Lots of aspects, which you probably wouldn't pick up

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by just reading a book. I mean, until today, as I practice my dentistry, there are still aspects of that, which I

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thinking back, there was one one, for example, one aspect, where I remember that it was only taught to me by one person

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who said that thing, you know, it wasn't, it was a and that was based on for example, experience they had, they had worked with this method, they had learned this and they have passed on the experience. Now, if you hadn't, if you didn't have that, if you weren't in touch with that person, you will have not

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you would not have understood

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that because the experience is not passed on, you might not find that in the book. And this is very important. So Carpenter engineering, medicine,

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all these different aspects, they are not things that can just be learned, they have to be, have to be learned without a teacher. And similarly the knowledge of Islam is the same. You know, and that's why you know, today when you were a fatwa is not just, you know, not just a purist reading of, of an opinion, but it needs the person to understand underlying facts underlying opinion. So that, that it comes out in the right way. You know,

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today, I mean,

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the under the Coronavirus, there have been some really strange pathways coming out, you know, in photos, which, for me, when I think about them, I really, I laugh as much as I want to cry, because, see, these photos are, you know, they have been applied in a way which and even for,

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for someone who's a lay person, they'll say, you know, how does somebody actually come to this conclusion, like, for example, to pray with the with the Imam over the internet, you know, the internet, you know, mom is in one place, maybe miles away, you're in your house, you switch on the internet, and you and here's they're being

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streamed live.

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Or, you know, there's a delay of a few seconds, but anyway, he is streamed, and you're following him from your house and they're seeing the photo that you can actually pray with this Imam while there is somewhere else and you're praying together in a gym. Ah, yeah, it is strange. Something has recently also come out today was, I think it was in in Germany or some somewhere like that. where they are. They've hired like this big car park. I think it's almost like a drive in cinema or something like that. And they were thinking about how do they pray? Ede as a drive thru, drive thru aide, can you believe it? A drive thru is everybody comes in their cars?

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They all park their cars, and they

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listen to the hotbar and they pray in the cars. And then there are people that are actually some people some shoe who actually come and say yeah, that's fine, because you know, it's permissible to prey on on an animal's back. You know who riding a horse or a camel you can prey on their back because it's a it's a prayer is a sweetener, and etc. So some of the photos that are coming out today are really,

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you know, strange to say the least. Because sometimes it's about mixing and matching, matching and not really understanding that for the purpose of of,

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of how the knowledge is based.

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It's very important, like I say that, scholars, people

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who learned that they do study, and they learn, but they have to also be guided so that they get the best and the right outcome. And here I just mentioned last story, which became like almost a famous story in the literature. And this was a guy who was self educated. So he was learning from the books, etc. And for many years, you know, he was trying to treat people. So he's like this, you know, like these herbal medicine people using prophetic medicine. So for many years, he was treating people by giving them

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if you like, there, he would get a black snake. And he would also either kill it and do something with it, I don't know, grind it down, or whatever. And he was treating people with this black snake powder and etc. And, you know, and this happened for a long time, then people saying, you know, what, what's, what's happening here? Why, what what is the basis all this? He said, The basis is clear, because it's a Hadith of the Prophet saying that, you know, the higher to a soda,

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Shiva only Khalida, the higher the snake, the black snake is. And then until somebody actually pointed out to me, he said, it's not Hi, yeah, it's Have you read it wrong. His habit of soda, which is the black seed and just 101 dot, he completely misread it and read it as a black snake, as opposed to being the black seed. So these kinds of things,

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you know, wonder what would happen if somebody is not guided? Nobody is nobody is influenced or told about what is the correct way. So they don't know what they're reading, they don't know, what they're prescribing, and so on, so forth. So what about those people who are, you know, also giving car tours in the same thing,

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not understanding the context of the Hadeeth not understanding how it should be read, what is the and so knowledge becomes a whole complex, big endeavor, that a person has to try and gain a lot of those aspects before they dive into the aspect of trying to say what's right and what is wrong.

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