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The speaker discusses various topics related to the naming of stars and the characteristics of them, including Al Hadid, Roswell, the light on the sky, the star being a "icey stutter" and the possibility of a lost hunger star. They also mention the importance of learning about the universe and its potential for exploration.

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Some of the chapters in the Quran are named in a way to

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bring our attention to these specific things or concepts that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to maybe understand or research a little bit more because there's a lot to be learned there or to at least gain information and knowledge from that. So for example, when you look at sort of Al Hadid, which is iron ore loss of Hanoi, Thailand mentions I in in one verse of this surah.

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But in keeping the name of the surah as Al Hadid iron is an invitation to understand more about this element to learn more to learn about his properties, etc, and so on. So it is

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now part of the naming of the swarm is there to alert a person to maybe some bigger concepts related to the name of the Surah Surah 57. When you look at surah

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85. And 8685 is the surah of elbowroom,

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which is related to

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the different

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constellations of the stars. Last montage talks about the summer he that he lowered the sky which is full of all these constellations and the different

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signs within the stars and the formulations an invitation for us to think about that and to think about how the stars are and the patterns there. And we spoke before about how last night I named Roswell and legend, which is there to discuss and to alert us to the importance of the sky. And one of the things that a lot of Paradise is even in another's work. So the work is for locsin will be more waka in June. So verily I bring to both the

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places the positions of the stars. And then our last how to further emphasize that we know la casa de la Tyler wanna leave it is, it is an oath, if you bought new, it is such a great oath. So mighty oath, because this is great power and Subhanallah as we now have advanced in the understanding of the universe and astronomy, we know that one of the aspects when I was talking about the moussaka of the new jewel, is that what we are seeing of stars today, for example,

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is almost like we're looking into the past, and there's elements of light travels, the time travel, because the star that you are seeing is the light that was there when the light sets off to reach your eye because it's like millions and millions of light years away. By the time the light actually reaches you.

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Not only has that star probably moved and shifted from that place that you are seeing now, but it might be a some of the astronomers tell us that even that star might have actually

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completely disappeared, you know, it's run out of fuel, and it's just finished, it's no longer illumination. So it's a great, great superpower lies a great reality of a lost hunger that this star is being it's there, you are seeing it basically not there anymore. So that's why I was so sad that it also soared 86 a bottom, which is the name of one of the stars called the particle because it thumps or it makes a sound that it bangs, especially

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Barack has relevant to banging at night. And again, there is some aspects which are inviting us to learn more about this star and indeed there have been some some research and some some discoveries about this star which actually makes us strange sound within the cosmos

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and so on, so forth. So these the naming of these soar

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just mentioned three there, that they are there to alert us and to come to bring to our attention the different aspects of

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things that may need further exploration, further understanding so that we can learn more about the universe and by learning more, we can appreciate the creation appreciate the creator and therefore love our last pantile as we spoke about the other

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De La hota either