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Hussain Kamani
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I was having

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dinner today in the trophy presentation we decided sort of money on

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the opening versus the sort of money of a loss of kind of without it sure is a very beautiful story of a prophet of Allah subhana wa tada but the name of the creality Sara

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Lee Salaam was one of the partners from bunny saw. And he was a devoted servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala like all prophets of Allah, you know, regarding his simplicity, the facility and they say that he was a he was a carpenter. And by trade, he would work with his hands and build things and then bring income home to provide for his family.

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So in the earlier part of the Quran, we read a story instead of alia Milan, Allah subhana wa tada started the story up there. I wanted to start from there and then we'll continue with the medium mighty mighty Salaam was a young girl whose father had passed away and her mother had made an intention that she would avoid her daughter for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the legal male guardian to watch over her while she served her time in the masjid was that curiosity set up so if anyone needs Salamis to pass by every so often visitor take care of her look after her one day when sexuality Sam came to meet her, he realized that she had some fruit there that was out of

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season. So he asked her that how did you get this fruit out of season? She said that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who gave it to me. So at that moment, look at it Salaam had a reflection he thought to himself, that she has fruit out of season. So it's possible Allah subhanho wa Taala can also give me a child out of season. Now a lot some kind of Madonna, he brings us for medium that how does the story start off? How does it start off? Allah subhanaw taala says there was a servant of mines that could he who was very old, wish that to shave his hair on his head at all on white, and he was a very weak person. And the one thing that he grieved most was that he had no inheritor that

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after he died after he was to pass away, no one would continue his legacy. His family would come to an end, his lineage would come to an end. And this is something that grieved him day and night. So after this incident with mighty mighty Salaam, he went to his his private place of worship. And he walked inside there. In quietly he started his salon instead of praying for lust.

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And in his heart, he made an intention that tonight I will ask Allah for something that I want the most. I will ask a love for a child. And he raised his hands and begin to make the law and Allah subhanho wa Taala says no put on the grass Matera Capita who's a courier is nadar who needed coffee. He was too shy to make the dough out loudly because if people heard him making love for a child, they will laugh then they will laugh at him. So very suddenly, he started asking Allah Allah, I want a child and it was under his breath. He was asking me a lot about giving me a child. And if I'm able to consider what the law says he says that he was so into his law that he started crying. And the

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only thing that he kept repeating in his law was yada, yada, yada, yada. Oh my lord, oh my lord. And then at that point, Allah subhanaw taala responded back to him by saying the big the big, the big, oh, my server, I'm here, what do you want? So he said, Yeah, Allah, give me a child, Yeti Sunni. Well, Yeti, Alia, who will be my inheritor and the inheritor of the family of yaku body system. And that inheritance he was talking about wasn't wealth, because profits don't inherit wealth. He's talking about profit and I want a child who will be a prophet. He made a very special dawat a very special time with a deep part of his heart and Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted it. And Allah

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subhana wa tada gives him a child who isn't just a normal child, Allah says, You know what, we're going to give you a child. Not only are we going to give you the child, Allah says, I will name the child myself, his name will be here. So clearly, Sam is so excited. He's about to leave, as Robin announced, everyone else is wait. One thing though, for three days, you can't tell anyone anything with your mouth. Just make gestures with your hands. So it's a curiosity slam, he exits his mirror up, and he's excited to tell everyone that's outside them having a child, but he can't speak with his mouth for Oh Ha Ha him and

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so he began to make gestures to them with his hands, that all my people it's time to glorify a lot every morning and every evening. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses the Curiosity salon with the child. Now one thing very interesting the scholars they mentioned that money about a Salaam she became pregnant around the same time in which his wife became pregnant. They were actually pregnant at the same time. And some of us didn't go as far as saying that the age difference between yada yada yada Islam was only six months apart, only six months apart. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala he gives he gives us

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six months apart. Now here he comes into the role and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says to me,

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He says regarding yah, yah, yah yah hoo, hoo wah wah Tina masovia, that we gave him wisdom at a young age. So the scholars say when when Allah says that we give him wisdom at a young age, what that means is that he had this very deep understanding of things from a very young age. Some scholars say that this young age Allah is talking about was when he was three years old son's father say it was when he was seven years old. And he remembers already about what the law had regarding himself says that when I was seven years old, I begin to perceive the reality of things. And that's when a new phase of my life started when a child hits the age of seven, a very important part of a

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child's life. So when he is seven years old, he becomes very deep. And he's so deep that when the children would come and ask him to come and play with them, he would say, this is not why Allah sent me to the world. Maybe you were set for this reason, not me. And Allah says, Well, I think you know,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in one narration, whoever, whichever person learns to read the Quran, before he reads the AIDS of maturity, he is the person who Allah says regarding regarding him in the Quran. Well, I think that we that we have given him maturity at a very young age, the one who learns to read the Quran before if not before he reaches the age of maturity. That allows them kind of what that says regarding him. Well, hi Nana Mila Luna was a car. He was a very soft person. He was such a soft person to the historian see regarding him, that from a young age, when they would come time for him to eat, he would go and eat with animals, he would gather the

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animals together and he would sit them down and he would eat with them. He was soft to every person around him the word hunted, you know, off, spin off the word hunted. Allah subhana wa tada one of his attributes is Hana johanan.

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There is a famous tradition of the prophets of Allah Han he was one of the prophets of Allah ism said there will be a person who will be in the fire of * for 70 years. And he will be in the fire and will be punished for seven years and he will be squashed underneath a boulder and he will make dua to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala will adhere to the law and he will tell His angels Go and bring that person out of the fire of *. The angels will begin to search for that person and they will say Allah We searched the fire but we couldn't find that person. Allah subhana wa tada will say that person is underneath so and so rock and when they will go and pull them out from there, they

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will hear him calling out the name of Allah subhana wa tada Yeah.

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And Allah subhana wa tada will see that this is that name of mine that when a person calls me by, I will never turn him away. And that person called me by my by that name while he was in the punishment of the Fire of *, I called him as well. Well, hi, Nana. Molina, then Allah says regarding him was that he was a very pure person, a very clean person. The Prophet said a lot while he was set up says regarding Yeah, they set up that there is no person who will come to a land that they have judgment, who will be able to say that I have never committed a sin, or even thought of a sin in my life. The sin never even crossed my heart. The thought of it never even crossed my mind

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prior to profited or during Prophethood other than Yachty the prophets of Allah do some say he is the only person who can see this when it comes to a lot of judgment that a wrong thought never even crossed my mind. What kind of Satya and he was a conscious person, he was a God fearing person. There are many stories regarding him. You know, my mother in law, he says that he used to cry so much out of the fear of Allah that there were marks of tears across his cheeks from a very young age. His father's affinia would not give a lecture if his son was in the gathering, because he knew that his son would be frightened and he would spend nights away crying but lots of hot Madonna.

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One day found that his son was missing. He went to search for his son. And as he searched for him for days, he finally found him his son was lying inside a grave.

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And he said to him, son, what are you doing down there? He said that you told me about everything in the world. But you forgot to tell me that between paradise and between the fire of * there is a bridge. And the only way to cross that bridge is by flowing tears from the eyes for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then secondly, it saw the narration mentioned as if it it said on himself came down into the grave. And he said, Let's sit together and cry and build our pathway agenda. You know, what a father What a son, maybe even a movie. Now, Allah subhana wa Tada. He tested. He said, I'm in a very unique way. How is he tested? The King there are two narrations in

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this regard. I'm just going to call it the more common and more more mature narration of what happened to them. There was a king, the king of the time, he fell in love with his niece with his brother's daughter, and he decided to marry her. The girl was happy with marrying her uncle because she knew that if she married him, she would become the queen of the kingdom. And her family members were also happy because they realized that she would reach a very high position. The king was infatuated with her and everything was kind of in place. The only problem was the grand one of the mysteries of the time. Yeah, he had a salon. He refused. He said that marriage is not permissible in

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Islam. So when this news was given to the king, the king kind of moved back a little bit, but the girl she was stuck that she wanted to marry the king. So one night she came into this very seductive form with seductive clothes on with a seductive scent. And she seduced the king and said to the king, that I will be yours if you remove the barrier between

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You and I, and the king said, What is the barrier? She said, Bring me the head.

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So then the king sent his soldiers and yeah, he Ali Salaam was in Salah inside the masjid. And according to the narration that if the Asakura hola hola narrates the monsoon. The narrative is the Roman food that sirianni salaam was praying right next to him was a Sunyani in the province of Aloha. It was sort of Mexico Yachty Salaam on the night of marriage. And he said to him, is it true that you were there the day your son's head was taken off? and said, Hey, Daddy, Sam said yes, I was I was praying salon, he was standing right next to me. And they took his hat off, and they put it on a tray and they walked away. And the purchase of a lot of audio sending an asset video that how did

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you how did you deal with it? How did you cope with it? He said, the only way I realized I could cope with that scene was to continue and make my salon even longer. And I continue with my salon I made it longer. And then what happened was that when they bought him back and the team became very happy. Then the king gave order. According to one narration, the king gave orders that go and slay his father as well because he will give the same verdict the Sunday according to another narrations, I think it said an incident was isolated. It was another another story altogether. Regardless, when the people began to come towards the Candiotti set up, someone came and informed him that they're

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coming after you. So it's pretty obvious that he was already an old man now even older. You know, he prayed for his son. And he saw his son die. His son's life started and ended right in front of his eyes and look at it Salaam and he saw they were coming he ran and they were chasing him. And as he ran, he realized that his life was cutting short. And then he turned to a tree and he said to the tree, will you not give shelter to a profitable love. And the tree opened up and entered. And as he was entering shade on key, and he held the corner of the cookie, it surrounds shirt, and he pulled it out. So when the tree closed, his shirt was still hanging out. And the people they came there and

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they saw the shirt there and they realize that this was a tree that was giving refuges

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and they chopped the tree into half. That's for the purpose of the law while he was setting he said in the narration. The companions are sitting together and they were talking, someone was talking about Ibrahim Ali Salaam, someone was talking about this prophet. The Prophet sat down with him and he said to them, You talk about all these profits. But what about Shahid even as Shaheed Why don't we talk about the merger, the son of the martyr referring to Zachary Solomon, yeah, the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said on one narration and with this, I'll end that and has anyone for saying See you there shall be an agenda has an end for saying we'll both be the leaders of the youth

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of paradise. And in the purpose of lesson one narration he continued on the narration, and he continued on, and he said, except for two other young men who will also be leaders in paradise. Yeah, he and his cousin.

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They both lived a very short life. Scholars, they say that Saudi Saddam was actually alive at the time when saddam lost his life and when he became Shaheed that's what the prophet said a lot while he was sitting when he went on marriage, you know, every every layer, he met a prophet there. So when he came to the third, when he came to the third, second or third, second when he came first one second, when he came there, he met both prophets. He met he saw a Salaam and they were both sitting together in gender and the parcels that he greeted them both. So for the last panel that I this is an ability to learn from these beautiful lessons and learn from the beautiful example and the true

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heart, the full the Hartfield law of sexuality. So, let us let us all learn from the seriousness and from the tough love from the purity of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us all to the beautiful lives like this.

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