Naming of Quranic Chapters #29 Chapter 096 The Leech like blood clot

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The speaker discusses the meaning of Islam, including the use of "iced from Allah" in English, the various interpretations of the word "iced" and the various meaningings for "iced" in Arabic. They also mention the importance of working towards the best of emotions and the potential for personal transformation.

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as we are ending our program Sharla today I've thought that week for the soul of the Quran, we're going to end with the first surah that was sent down onto the Prophet sallallaahu Selim or at least part of that soil, and that is Surah number 96 which is Surah Al Allah,

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which you are all aware of, which begins with a Koran this mirrabooka lady Holla Holla Pauline son Amina Allah, recite or read in the name of your Lord, who has created, he created the human from Allah.

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And this surah is called Allah, Allah, and the law saying that he created the human from Allah, what is Allah? Well, there are a number of meanings for the word Allah, which are all compounded together, so they're not contradictory, they all have the same implication, the first meaning of Allah which means a blood clot,

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a blood clot, which blood when you know, as it clots, it has this kind of

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very fluid rubbery kind of texture, and that is called or it is named ilok.

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Secondly, the other meaning of ilok, which is the word Allah,

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as known by the,

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in the Arabic language, which is the name for a leech, that animal that looks like a small slug or a worm, and it has prongs teeth, and it sticks to

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assume not just humans, also animals, and it will start to stick to them, it clings on to them and sucks the blood. So it's a form of external parasite. This is also called Allah Khan. And thirdly, the word Allah. In its very word, which is where the where the leech takes its name from is it means clinging, something to cling on.

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And when you look at all these meanings of this word, you find that almost hearted is talking about the human as a form of Allah, created from Allah, you see that all of these panels, they all form together, they all formula together, they all have the same implication. Because first of all, the human when Allah Subhana, Allah creates the human in the moon of his mother, then he does have a shape like a leech. As the human embryo develops, it starts off looking very much like a leech. And this is something that has been shown with modern science with us a modern, it's been about 100 years through the invention of the microscope and being able to see the fetus this very small

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embryo. So even before it's become a fetus, very small embryo, it shows that actually looks like this Allah. Secondly, it is also a blood clot, because that's the beginning of that creation is related to congealed blood,

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which is not like one would think is actually a sign of illness or sign or have some injury, but it's actually here, it's about the beginning of life. And lastly, the meaning of aliquot has to cling on also, that is the nature of the embryo. And the embryo does cling on to the mother's womb. And that's how it gets its nutrition. It is sucking, so not only does it look like a leech, but it's also behaving like a leech it is feeding off the mother.

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And in a very positive way, because the mother actually is happy for her child to be nurturing and being nourished by her.

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And what is more profound, is that the human not only behaves like a leech inside the womb, but also outside the womb as well. And that is probably the bigger meaning of the word Allah relating to how we link to the dunya because the human in regards to the dunya

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is very much like a leech. First of all, he clings on to the dunya the human always wants to stay on the dunya clinging on doesn't want to leave the dunya hates death doesn't want to die doesn't want to

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think about losing the different material gains that he has, so he's very much clinging on. Secondly, the human is also allegiance to in terms of that being a parent

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sights, taking off the goodnesses and I mean a human as a as a as a race you can see that as well you know we are taking from the earth we are taking and consuming and you know working the earth as as similar to a parasite would behave. So was the word I loved might seem like is describing the embryo but it's not just the embryo is the whole insan Holly Hello Colleen Santa min Allah. So the whole in the sun is behaving in that way. And that in itself is a lesson for us that when we

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think about our realities, think about our nature, think about where we are heading, we have to learn to stop acting like leeches, and stop clinging on to the dunya stop just taking but rather giving. And therefore we can actually become

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the enhanced form of what insan should be, which Allah mentions in the surah before luck either hi lakanal in Santa Fe as any tough when we have created the human in the best forms. So we can between being a best of forms and between being an Allah. There are many levels, many, many stages. You have to work hard to make sure that you are working towards the best of states best of statures best of conditions in your spiritual behavior you're allowed to a morals etc.