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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "has" and "will" in Islam, with Has being used to express a desire or goal. They stress the importance of clear understanding of Allah's actions and the use of email to expand one's understanding of spiritual teachings. The segment also touches on the topic of "has" and "will" in relation to achieving something.
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Vladimir salatu salam Alesha for the mirror in one sitting while earlier he was having a debate

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we were talking about the Eye of Sauron as well as Ron Terra says, Allah in Alia Allah Allah Hoeven lane well known Allah Dena Amano work on with us one

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lahoma butcher of it had to do with laughter

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as I explained yesterday, unless Ron Odetta

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explained to us The condition of being a world of Allah

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and the condition of being overly of Allah, is that you have a man and you have Taqwa.

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The difference between a man and taqwa

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as I've explained earlier,

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is a man is the doorway.

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image is the declaration

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DACA is the understanding that why is the expression of the declaration

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the man of the declaration that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.

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taqwa is to actually worship no one other than Allah. Eman is a declaration that there is no one worthy of asking for help other than Allah.

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taqwa is to actually not ask anyone for help other than Allah.

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Eman is to know and accept that Allah subhanaw taala is watching us.

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That we have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala is what we seek. And that the anger of Allah subhanaw taala is what we seek to avoid.

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taqwa is to live the life in such a way that all of these are expressions.

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Of what is the fear of offending Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is not fear of Allah. It is fear of the displeasure of Allah.

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It's fear of offending Allah, it is fear of doing something which will attract the anger of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So much that he is somebody who lives his whole life

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24 hours with one thought, which is, is Allah subhanho wa Taala pleased with we are not

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motivated one when he or she is faced with any situation in life, no matter how small no matter how big.

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That person, he has only one criteria. And that criterion is with what I'm about to do with what I'm about to say,

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with whatever my situation is in life. is Allah subhanaw taala going to be pleased? Or is Allah not going to?

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If the person is sure that Allah will be pleased, then he will do it.

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If he is your ally will not be pleased, then he will not do it.

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He is not sure will Allah be pleased or not? Then he will not do it until he ascertains

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the truth of the matter?

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Is there something to do or something not to do?

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And McDuffie is the one who lives his life thoughtfully, not thoughtlessly.

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It does not live his life in a lovely he lives in live his life with the rigor of Allah. And the rigor of Allah is not to sit with us we zeker Allah is to contract the constant awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the whole of our lives.

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There's nothing wrong and sitting with me. What I mean is that the seeker is not restricted to that.

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It's not restricted to counting beads or something. Liquor is to live our all life with this one thought is Allah subhanho wa Taala pleased with me or not?

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Because in the end, that's the only thing which matters. The only thing that matters,

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the amount of people with whom most of mankind was not pleased.

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the envy of people who are very unpopular if you look at the popularity on a popularity scale, if you look at what was the rating of no allyssa it was abysmal. It was ridiculous.

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It was very highly unpopular man.

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So what

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is one of the orgasm in Colombia?

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Although Latin men are also

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popular is one father didn't like his own father told him I'll stone you to death. If you don't stop saying this and if you don't leave this place, I will stone it.

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very highly unpopular man.

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What is the position of the Prime Minister with Allah

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Today we get very carried away by this whole popularity business you know, how many people come to my door so many people listening to my hotel many people, these are people that does not make a demo of a difference. No different whatsoever.

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As a matter of fact, it is very good if nobody comes because then your employer is under law. Marvels.

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If a million people are coming there is very likely that your own class your own insecurity is that is at stake. It's in danger because maybe now you are speaking to play this whole crowd because the whole crowd is there

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when nobody comes, and if you are still speaking then there's only one only pleasing Allah subhanaw taala realized a very good thing nobody comes. But that's not how we see life.

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Even in the work of areas we are constantly looking to see you know, what are the ratings dominates on the web on the on the website?

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How many of you do videos if I go to some conference, how many more tickets are being sold? As I'm giving a goodbye the whole budget feeling or not? La la la la, la, la, la la la.

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It does not make any difference. And if it is making a difference, then we have to make our dollars Renate because that means this dog is gone.

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is gone, then the ramen has no meaning that is trash because no matter how many people after listening to the cutback, no matter how many people praise you, no matter how many people said whatever they said, with a lot of arrows data that has absolutely no value zero, it's going to be thrown in the trash can. And on top of that you get sin because you are you did this thing for real, you did this thing to please the people, not to please Allah.

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That was to live with this awareness.

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That was to live with this awareness constantly.

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So if you do something and under law, if people are praising when the light Allah, I don't deserve this, not for the sake of saying it actually inside yourself.

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It's only because Allah subhanaw taala didn't my fault that people are saying something if Allah subhanaw taala uses to

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show people the reality

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then it will be a different picture altogether. We thank Allah subhanaw taala MiG tau by Allah.

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I thank you for covering my faults. While I make Toba for whatever mistakes I have read

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that why is to live constantly with this awareness. The degree to which we bring about this awareness to that degree we have suffered.

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Now does a person become aware of all of you by having taqwa because when the person has this taqwa that person is constantly in a sense of being in the Presence of Allah.

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with constant awareness, Allah is Allah watching is Allah saying is Allah, please not please transforms on. So therefore, that person is living constantly with Allah, in his life, constantly in the light.

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And that the person is constantly in the Presence of Allah and then Allah subhanaw taala will help him in every way. And that is where this hadith is supposed to Allah subhanaw taala said I become the hand by which he holds. That's how it happens.

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The Madison have said that one plus one says I become that by which he holds. It means that Allah Subhana Allah will help this person in every work that he does. It means that Allah subhanaw taala the power of Allah subhanaw taala will be in every work that he does

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become the lag by which he walks. It means that this person will never go towards anything which is bad, which is wrong, he will only do something which is good. And Allah will give him is the comment because that's where you stand with your legs. Unless Mandela will give us a comment Allah subhanaw taala will keep him on the straight path. And Allah will guide this person through his own life.

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When he says Allah subhanaw taala began the IRA which he sees. It's not just a matter of seeing it's a matter of understanding we see with our knowledge we don't see with the eyes, we see with our knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala will give him fam will give him meaning understanding of what he is seeing how he's seeing, and obviously will never see anything which is wrong.

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He talks about all of it because hearing,

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hearing is the understanding his hearing is also the you know the he will not hear anything which is which is should not be hearing.

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The hearing is also the physical hearing, the hearing is also listening to the

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what is happening to him in his heart.

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And that is the whole reason the whole point of the authors get so nervous with regard to taqwa. You cannot have Taqwa unless you have That's good. That's good to know is a very important element of bringing about taqwa. When the person's heart is filled with dunia when a person's heart is filled with love of this and know that and fear of this and

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There are that there is a question of having top of the mountain.

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The whole issue of taqwa is very important, because if you look at the Quran, all the promises of Allah subhanaw taala are on the macduffie.

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Allah subhanaw taala has promised you that for him,

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what does he

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everything has has come only for the water, not for anybody else.

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There's no promise for people who are human.

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Because email is not important. No email is the boundary condition.

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Without manual Hellfires, where is the question of promising anything? Email is the boundary condition Ravana Hamdulillah, you entered Islam very good.

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But you want something for all of our data, we have to progress further.

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We have to progress further.

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And we will get to a point where we have an under the law. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to open our hearts

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to his nor to open our hearts to his knowledge to open our hearts to the understanding and to make us a long note again, and to then give us what He has promised to give us because the promise of Allah subhanaw taala is not false. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do what is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is not pleasing to Him. Or Salah Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was advised me that I had to go