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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of fasting during Shabbat, as missed fasting can lead to negative health consequences. They stress the need for continuous fasting to avoid these consequences and emphasize the benefits of fasting for some individuals. The challenges of fasting are addressed, including the length of time it takes to stay healthy and the use of armor. The speakers encourage individuals to monitor their progress and achieve their spiritual goals through continuous fasting.
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Number 11 salatu salam ala cambia while he was having he went

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My dear brothers hamdulillah we have completed Ramadan and we are today, the day after eat the second oshawott one quick clarification because several people yesterday asked me this question about the fasting of Shabbat.

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We were not on the holidays and we saw seldom that somebody who fasts for six days in Shabbat

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would have in effect, fasted for the whole of the year. And the way that is, is that the 30 days of Ramadan,

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and the six days of Shabbat and Allah subhanaw taala will give a reward of one to 10 so that is 360 days or 65 days. inshallah that's for fasting for the whole year. So if somebody fast the whole of Ramallah, whatever it was 30 days

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and then if asked for 60 days of Shabbat, then Allah will give him the reward as if He fasted for the whole year. So this fasting of six days in Shabbat is a very important thing we must do that. The reason for that is that these six days can be fasted anytime during the month of shovel. They need not be consecutive, you can do one today one after three days, no problem as long as you finish the race. Or you can do them all six together usually it's most convenient to do that just to all six together then it's finished. But whatever is convenient, there's no compulsion that it has to be done together. The other important thing is the question I was asked was that is can we make up the

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fast the missed fast of Ramadan? Especially the sisters who miss the fast for Shariah reasons? Or even the brothers for whatever reason for sorry reasons?

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If you have missed a fast for a reason for which you can make other then can you do that in the first 60 days of shovel? The answer is yes, you can do that in the first shovel not only yours, but the making above the fold fast of Ramadan takes precedence over the fasting of shower. So we must make up that first. And then you can do the fasting of Shabbat inshallah.

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If somebody deliberately did not fast, without a shirt a reason, then that cannot be made up by just keeping one fast. For that you have to fast continuously consecutively for two months.

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For one missed day of Ramadan, so it's a very serious matter. Please understand this. It's not just a matter of saying today I don't feel like fasting. Shara if it is what are the challenges, one is health,

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for which there is hamdulillah roxa. The other one is travel. If you're traveling then there is no problem. And the third thing of course, for the ladies, it is the time of the month. But other than that, if somebody did not fast enough for whatever reason, then this is a very, very serious matter as far as Islam is concerned.

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What I want to remind myself a new is that 100 all of us in Ramadan, no matter what we did or didn't do, we all had enhanced ama

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even if the least of it is simply to go and start in therapy. We did that.

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And under those who are lucky if you did more than that you read more Koran. And obviously you were fasting so you had that benefit of fasting as well. Plus those who are lucky if they have it they made ethic up and so on and so forth. So there was all additional but even the minimum basic minimum is that most or inshallah all of the Muslims would have prayed taraweeh at least eight rocket even if not even if those who didn't pray 20 at least they prayed a trigger. Now that Ramadan is over, obviously there is no therapy. But what are we doing with our armor?

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Now I'm not saying to that even though there is no therapy that you have to pray 20 daikatana feel every day No, but what are we doing? This meant that we each one of us has to ask ourselves that in Ramadan I had

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all these additional ama

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which I was doing at hamdulillah busy later and now that Ramadan is over Is there any change for the better in my life? Even if I'm reading one page of Quran more maybe both from whatever I used to read before or if I'm maybe reading dwaraka or say for example, I was not particular about my soon after the fire I have after the First Alert but now I

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am praying all the sooner you know regularly and I will pray inshallah we make the near that we will pray this

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sooner similarly other things rasulillah salam used to fast every Monday and Thursday and he would fast for the three

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Days of or three nights of the days on this full moon there are those nights which is 13th 14th and 15th of the month every month,

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I was just doing a bit of a calculation yesterday.

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And if you look at the number of days there are solar cells and fasted, so, it is 30 days for another six days of shower. So, that is 36 days, two days of Ashura

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right ninth and 10th he is too fast, he was five faster and 10. But he signifies live, I will fast for two days or take two days. So that is 36 plus 238 days.

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And then the first 10 days of the ledger,

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right, which is also not too fast. So that is now 38 plus 10 is 48 days, then, every Monday and Thursday, that is two days a week, there are 52 weeks there is 104 days. So either way, 48 plus 104. That's how much 140 852 days, 152 days, plus the three days per month, that is 36 days, some of those will be consecutive with these Mondays and Thursdays. So let us remove the 30 keep the 50 Let us move the six and keep the 30. So that is 152 plus 30 is 182 days, that is roughly 50% of the rosov used to fast.

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And he said the best fast is that of the elderly Salah who is too fast on one day, and he would eat the next day. And Allah subhanaw taala likes it the most effectively, that's what this is, if you are fasting one day and eating the next day, it means out of 365 days, 180 something days you are fasting. And that is what Nebuchadnezzar himself did. And if we also do that, not with the intention of losing weight, but with intention of pleasing Allah, you will also lose weight probably what I'm saying that that's not the Nia was very careful, I don't make these stupid near and fasting because I want to lose weight to your fasting and you're not getting the benefit of the fast also, because

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your net is not to please Allah, it is to lose weight. So don't make these these needs.

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So make sure that we if they follow us on our processes, then we have the benefit of following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu. And also as a lover, you get the additional divided the benefit of the virus itself. So for now, I think I should suffice to say that let us take stock of our lives and keep a

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monitoring of this. You know, it's like being in the hospital, if you are in hospital, Ella Savers, for hospitals, but if you are in hospital, then there is a schedule, every six hours, the nurse will come and she will take your temperature. And then every 12 hours, they will take your blood pressure. And then depending on what you are in there for every couple of days, they will come and pick up the needle and they take a couple of drops of blood and they do a blood test. They are monitoring you How are you progressing, that went up or down or you know what's happening to you their progress it is they don't just keep you in the room and feed you or leave you know, you're

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there for a reason. And so therefore they're monitoring your progress as you're going you know in the right direction or the opposite direction or what or you're not going anywhere you're just staying in one place the monitor this, that's very important for us to continue to monitor our spiritual progress. Also, Ramadan was the was the intensive care, we were in the ICU and

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now we have come into the ward. But just because you are in the ward doesn't mean now that you are you can be off the hook now very important to ensure that we monitor the progress of our spirits and ensure that the Spirit which was in the ICU and is getting some intensive treatment, now that it's out Is it free from disease? Or is it headed back to wherever it came from? in

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whichever bad place it was it? We don't want to go back there. So we'll make sure that we never reach that place. How to do that by continuous monitoring? And Shall We ask Allah to make it easy for us and to always say, apart from easy We ask Allah to give us the sweetness of this it's not just a question of easy it's a question of the sweetness of addition that's what I love about that was his relaxation that was his distressing you know in Salah was his was his relaxation gela Let's try to achieve that Salah should be something we look forward to and we wait for it. We are from one seller to another Sarah This is the the world is having to wait for one for one seller they will

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wait for the next some further is waiting for the orphans already waiting but inshallah we let's try to do that for ourselves also inshallah, when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make this easy for us and to help us to experience the sweetness of this was a lala land we'll get him while he was there.

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