Taraweeh Reminder #27 – Inviting to Allah

Omer El-Hamdoon


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The speakers discuss the topic of "down culture" and its relation to Islam. They stress the importance of accepting Islam as part of the job of the messengers and being a nice person for others, rather than just for oneself. The negative impact of not being recognized as Muslims and the need for guidance to achieve goals is emphasized. Prayer in the night is also discussed as a way to avoid wasting time and achieve goals.

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Today, I want to talk about a very important topic, which has probably been pushed down on our list for a long time. And I think it's a very important topic. And that is the topic of dow

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which is a very broad word, but we want to talk about it from a very specific perspective.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his mission was to invite people, to Allah Subhana Allah to

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not invite them to Islam, or invite them to the earth, but invite them to Allah.

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And when you invite people to Allah,

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then obviously you are inviting them to the reward of a law in the agenda in an era. And you're saying, the path to Allah, the path that Allah has chosen, is Islam in the DNA in the morning and Islam, the deen that Allah has chosen with him is Islam. So no doubt when you invite people to Allah, you're going to invite them to take the path which will lead them to allow which is the syrup alma stockin.

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Now, the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he said that

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of Allah is basically it's like his feast, the feast, the table spread that he has put forward for people.

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And he's like, sent the prophecy I send them to invite people to this feast.

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And so

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this is the law, the Honorable, the noble,

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the rich, the self sustaining, He's inviting you to his feast. Now the traditions of the past and even to this day, although maybe not as much

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to respond to the request, and the invitation of someone is not only

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obligatory in terms of

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the practice, but also in terms of one's

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status, one's duties, if you like to respond to come. So Allah subhanaw taala, has invited you

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to come to his feast. And this is where the word Tao comes from, because Tao is actually an invitation, an invitation to enter

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onto our laws,

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and come to him.

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And it is from this perspective, we understand that inviting people to Islam is part of the job of the messengers and those who have come after them.

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And Tao is not a function which is targeted, meant to be

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something which you force on people or something that is done in a way which is

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harsh, or is done in a way as if it's trying to win points or anything like that, but rather it comes from the very etiquette of the prophets I send him when he was a mercy, or Martin Martin will Allah mean the professor most centers of Mercy by Allah and so for his dour when he was inviting people, he was inviting them with mercy is inviting them with love compassion, wants them to come to this feast, you know, come and attend this is going to be so great for you you know and trying to convince them of the great things in coming to them. Now with time we have maybe neglected our duty in this regards and in some cases become diluted a lot of the time Yes, we talk about what's known

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as implicit dow dow where you know, through your good behavior, your good morals, you're good, you're good. You know, speech you're good. All these things will no doubt tell people

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and they will see that yes, you are as a Muslim a good person does Arcola hair Thank you very much. Let's say Zack, Allah Jose, thank you very much. You're such a nice person. But a nice person. You know, anybody who could be a nice person, you might be a Muslim, you might not be a Muslim, you might be someone who believes in a lie might be somebody who doesn't believe or be nice, you know. So that in itself is not getting the message. So a lot of the time, you'll find some

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People some Muslims are sorry some Well, yeah Muslims who came to Islam they will say for many years you know, we had we were interacting with Muslims we saw how nice they were, they're well behaved, well mannered, well, there's well that, but never did any of them actually say to me, you know, come and join us Come on become a Muslim never they say that, you know, they're always just very well behaved, very well mannered, well spoken, etc, etc. So it's very important to have an aspect where people need to know this, they need to be given that if you like guidance, that message to say to them, Do you know that this is what is expected of you, you know, this is the feast that Allah is

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inviting you to, you should try to accept his feast, you should come to his

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his way,

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etc. And all of that done in a, like I said, in a compassionate mercy way, because end of the day,

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the message of the processor was all about winning people over it was about saving people is about giving them what's good for them. The nature of the human is that they don't see what's good or bad. I mean, when I say human is not just we're talking about people who don't believe in a why every but most people, even Muslims, they don't see you, as you can't see the fire. We don't know what uh, you know, the fire has no real positioning in our lives. And so therefore,

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we know the fire we talked about the fire house was really, you know, run away from the fire, with our actions with our practices with our day to day lives.

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How many of us really search for our agenda, and so on. And that's why in the Hadeeth, the peroxisome said agenda agenda. Lionel, by the way, how bewildering and wonderful his agenda The one who seeks it does not go to sleep. Well, I job only now, Lionel horiba. How they will during is the fire, the one who tries to escape it does not go to sleep, because it becomes part of their reality. So even as Muslims today, we don't see that and that's why the person I sent them was always guiding us and telling us you know, do this, don't do that. This is how you need to do your Islam etc.

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Beautiful Hadith that sticks out to my mind is as I mentioned, this is when the prophet SAW Selim

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was told by his wife hafla about the dream that her brother

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saw Abdullayev and Omar and Abdullah has saw a dream and then he told his sister and the sister told

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the prophet SAW Lysa lamb and the Prophet said near Amal Abdul

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Abdullah Hello, can I use haldimand le What a great person great worship or slave Abdullah is if only he used to pray in the night. So it was like an encouragement from the precise I'm saying Yeah, you're doing so many great things. The only thing is if maybe you should pray in the night you know any that came was the message fire.

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The prophets wife and Abdullah's sister. And Abdullah took that on board and he changed his behavior. His son Salim said after that, the liner moves to sleep in the night without praying. So you know, he took that on board and he corrected it. So that's just an example of how dow is meant to be a merciful invitation to aim at giving people the best in their lives, and so that they can achieve the most now hamdulillah.

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There are many organizations who are working