Reminders Thankfulness Part Iii

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in their hand a lower Serato Sara ryla rasulillah. About

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the speaking and remembering the importance of,

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of thanking Allah subhanaw taala.

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And in that we spoke about the first and foremost thing to thank Allah Subhana data which is what are hid, which is for the adelphia to recognize it.

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And then yesterday we spoke about the issue of Salah, were recognizing Allah Subhana Allah is one thing, but Allah Subhana Allah and His mercy not only gave us a trophy for recognizing him as Arab, and as the highlight for Malakal hacking, but rather, but also gave us the tool and gave us the permission and gave us the way by which we can come into His presence

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and where we can ask him for whatever we need.

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So, what is the habit of the Salah

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what is the nature of the Salah, what is the issue of for sure in the Salah.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said as a flower woman, I live in a home he is allottee and pleasure.

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He said the movie known are the believers are have have become successful and they are the people who have for sure in this Allah

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The best way to understand or show my view is to imagine that you are standing

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in front of a halogen bulb

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1000 watt halogen bulb which is shining. And if you are standing in front of it and looking into it, then you become blinded to everything except that light.

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And for a while, even if the light is switched off for a while, you cannot see anything after that. You actually become blind because that light is so bright, that for a while. Even after the right is switched off, you cannot be anything else you still see the same light.

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If you imagine that we stand before Allah subhanaw taala in salah and the sort of lies a lot is I was mentioned that as the ultimate stage of a Muslim, the stage of a sun.

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Where is it?

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And that was a lark and magabala, who for ilam takuan para for in Iraq. And he said to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as if you are seeing him and if you don't see him, you know that he sees you.

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Now if you look, if you think about that, and we say that if this is the situation of the Muslim, then he is like he's standing when he's standing before us Renata is so conscious of the fact that he's standing before us Renata that will show and concentration in Salah is not the exception, it is the rule.

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Something very remarkable has to happen to change to take the Muslim out of a state of show when he is standing in Salah anything ordinary will not take him out of this show. And we have the story of the Sahaba the tools I have a who were guarding the Muslims in a reservoir, and one of them and they took turns and one of them said I will sleep for half the night and you stay awake and then other ones that I will sleep when you stay awake. You wake me up.

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And the first one was to stay awake, he decided that instead of simply staying awake, he would

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pray. So he was standing in Salah. And an enemy came from behind. And he shot an arrow and the arrow hit him.

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And he was he continued to resides. And he continued to pray and the enemy's shot another arrow and the second arrow hit him.

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And he continued and then the enemy's shot a third arrow and with the third arrow, the Javi or the Alon Whoa, he went into salutes

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and he woke up his brother who was next to him.

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Now when these second soldiers are brought up the enemy ran away.

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And by then this heavy was almost shaved because of the loss of blood and effect of three arrows. His brother told me Sir, why didn't you wake me up?

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earlier? Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Why didn't you break us Allah? He said because I wanted to complete my recitation. He said I wanted to finish myself.

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Now what is that nature of Salah where even an arrow hitting somebody does not distract them from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So the fathers have a target of wandering here and there. All of this was enabled. These are things we

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Haven't was lovely was for us to get one minute of cojones Allah is a major achievement hamdulillah Angela Allah will accept it. But while I'm making it they just think about this that if you are standing in front of a halogen lamp which is shining in your face

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you don't do don't have to worry about any other light no other light can overpower that power of this halogen.

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Now which means that if we are standing in front of the halogen lamp and it is not dazzling us with its brightness, what does it mean?

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What does it mean?

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Either Yeah.

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You're not looking at the light.

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Because your eyes are open, there is no way that you can see anything. But if your eyes are shut and you cannot see the light, then obviously that cannot do anything and that's the issue with us is not physical eyes but our eyes Our hearts are shut

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now as well as manner to open the eyes of our heart and yours sharada and do and to put his note into our Hello the and that's why I was rather than I said about go far. He's a lot closer. Well I can

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pull over let if you sudo he said they are not blind because they can't see that they're not blind because of their eyes. They are blind because their hearts are blind.

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The heart which are in there just isn't their heart sublight Mela forgive us and not include us in this list of people whose hearts are blind and will give us the hearts which are able to see but this is the issue is when we are standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala at that time after we observe Allah what really made the whole world upon us even there if we cannot get concentration and if we cannot get a sense of standing revolves around alterra then where else will we get it?

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And then we the result of the algorithm described in this review is not restricted to the law. That is the example that is given in the Zahava and also law always gives the example of Salah not because the deen is restricted to Salah but because Salah is the most important part of a person's life. If there is no Salah is as good as dead, it was the dead because if he dies was Allah it goes into Gemini we die without Salah Omar Salah Coco resaca

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lamb Jaco Minar mousseline in Surah with us there. The people of jahannam will be asked by the people of Jelena

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Baba Salah country soccer, what is it that took you into the HANA

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and our soccer is one of the levels of Johanna

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and they will say Omar Lacan without mousseline.

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Okay, well, I guess I'll do what it

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Anyway, the second I certainly went out of my head, but the meaning of the is that they said we were not among the people who used to pray

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love Naco mineral masala luminosity. He said we are not we were not among the people who used to pray. So not praying takes you into the hellfire.

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So the point is that if we are praying

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and that's the reason why the zaba and the sort of person who always gives example of service Allah is that is the most important thing in life.

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In the issue of Allah after the passing away of Allah is our Salah, when they were argument between the underside of the and the module, about who should be the haleiwa and different people from the anzar stood up and said we should be halophytes our desert, which is our one Khalifa organza and well, of all the

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hydro power is not there. And what example did he give?

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He put up the hand over physio for the first one hour scissor Delano

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proposed as an hour of Delano and and avoided

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the law as the law and is there any of these two people served them.

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But there's an hour of them Katara knows he seen the

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argument by saying what he said which of us will accept that we should be the Imam and our worker should be the Abbasali should be the book buddy.

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And all of us who are there at that time there are the nouns will do that. May Allah protect us from this how can we have our workers who break behind us?

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So there are a number of them in which case I give my bad workers to this and then they all give better. Why? Because he was very mad.

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Because also love Allah Allah had made him an Imam as a clear sign that he preferred our Casa de la mano as the referee for all the Muslims.

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After his passing away

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so our visit, Delano was given the gala because he was the one that today we have reduced Salah to nothing we have reduced the mammoth Remember to Raka

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because the mom also takes a salary the Mama Mama was not something to earn a living email, what was the what the hundreds, it was the crown on the head of the Geneva, it was not a job for you to do to take some salary.

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And that is why for a long time,

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it was the value of the of the of the of the Muslims, that to take a salary to teach the Koran and to take a salary to do to do a mammoth in a Masjid was horrible.

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He said this is not just it's not just to take money for this. This is the ground of the power of the believer. You don't take money for this thing to teach the Quran you take money however what I learned

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today times have changed and people have allowed and so on and people are taking it inshallah, I'm not saying it is haram, it is not haram if that is there is there the job let them do it. But let us not forget that what they are doing is the exception that is not what is Islam

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is not what is Islam

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was not paid a salary to lead Salah in the masjid

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because an hour was not paid a salary to to lead Salah in the masjid.

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So, Sarah is the distinction and the distinguishing feature of the Muslim Salah is what separates the Muslim or non Muslim

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and this is what Allah gives.

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We talk something more about is one word for today. Salah is the way of communicating with Allah and let us understand and remember that in terms of Osho just because just like we stand in front of a halogen bulb 1000 watt halogen bulb if you look into it, then you will be blinded to everything else. Similarly if you stand before us we know that and we are conscious of Allah subhanaw taala then we should be blinded to our disobedience of Allah. And we should be blinded to anything which leads us away from Allah subhana wa sallam Allah Allah, Allah Allah He was happy as vain verifica