When you are grateful to Allah, you are actually grateful to yourself

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of showing gratitude to Allah for helping people to achieve their goals. They also mention a woman who prayed for a woman who had lost her sugar and eventually found a way to get back to her life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being conscious of past mistakes and the need to be aware of them before doing anything.
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When you show gratitude to a lot of is really benefiting when into when you show gratitude and thanks to Allah who's really benefiting? A lot of solution wants us to understand and know that don't ever ever think that a loss or heal is the one that benefits from your sugar. Allah is in no need of your sugar. Allah azza wa jal is in no need of we sent out of sugar is that your worship along that you do their obligations, in other words alone is not in need of your soul that is not in need of your fasting. A lot of social is not in need of you to stay away from the forbidden deeds is not in need of that. And when you show gratitude to Allah who really benefits a lot of Xhosa says,

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woman your score for in ma school in FCA and whoever shows gratitude and thanks to Allah really, really famed Anya scarily enough, say he shows gratitude and thanks to himself, then all the reward of the gratitude is going to be yours on the Day of Judgment. The gratitude you show to a law is what will be pleased on your scale on the Day of Judgment, not anyone elses scale, doesn't need it. What is the proof that a man doesn't need it? It's going to come at the end of the day, the proof that a man doesn't need your sugar, fat woman check out for him is good enough. See, the deeds that you do. They are they are yours. They give it to you on the Day of Judgment. And that in this life,

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when you perform the righteous good deeds, you're presenting and you're making for yourself a gift on the Day of Judgment. How do you want to receive your gift on the day of judgment? You receive it according to that which you did in this life. And somehow the lights amazing. Sometimes when people pray, they breathe, they're solid. It's a store of love. So you'll need to shoot sometimes how people bring Hello salata, bone, for example, Yaniv is that because he prays it by himself, he finishes in two minutes. So that was that. And then it also came, he sees all of these 15 minutes left, he left it late on purpose, he just kept delaying got up mean to a halt, like in the business.

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And I mentioned that it will sell out and whatever you want, why not call a deacon, he prayed like the chicken praise it. Right? Yeah. Anyhow, he picks down into the ground when he needs his food or which he eats food. And then he finishes it. How solid this this kind of solid is an example of a person that fourth you select this for alone, that alone means is so that when you print like this, and then you destroy your gift on the Day of Judgment, I'll give you this example. Now, if it's a true story or not, that's not the point. But just to bring the image a bit closer. This is a story of an old man. They say that this old man he used to work for a construction company. He used to

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build the houses and whatever it is that they appointed assigned for him.

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During his old courses and old age, now he's been many years in the company now he wants to resign for the boss the system nor his will accept your resignation under one condition that you need to take one more project if you build and finish one more house, and then you're able to resign. Alright, fair enough, no worries for the person who's excited to finish his work and travel back to his family and spend the rest of his life with his family enjoying. And he quickly Li puts this house together a house maybe it's supposed to take three, four months, he finished it in less than in less than two months. He finished it very quick. It finished he got a sense of the keys that were

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yearning belonging to the house, he went to the boss. And he said, Here are the keys. The house is finished along ready to go. He says wait, wait, before you leave man as a token of appreciation for your many years of work. He these are the keys of that house that you built. That house is yours now. Will you sit down? And he's regretting it? No. Why did I rush it? This was my house. If I knew it was my house, I would have taken time I would have built it. I wasn't even using my resources. I wasn't even paying anything for it. I was using the resources of the company. Like I could have made my dream house. Why did I rush it? Because now it's too late. That's it. You've been given the gift

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move on. But he let him get to the example that I'm trying to give you is that on the Day of Judgment, first you're living on a large land. And the resources you're using are most resources. Yeah, I mean, the food that you're eating wasn't yours to begin with. He was from alone, with a drink that you're having is from a loss origin, where everything that you enjoy you miss life of health, and whatever it is, it is all from a lot. You're using a mouse resources on this life. And you come on the Day of Judgment with the one that rushed in his obligations. On and Off under this. This is what you're making for yourself. This is the day of judgment. It comes packaged in a box in

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a book and it's given to you and it says here everything you did in this life it's your football Thank you use our resources you could have been a lot better. Hey, this is what you have now. Fair Yanis have had a lot that's why they have what was called the open another that they have regret and whether people regret the opportunities of good that went by them that they did not have to take by they regret the good that they did. Why didn't they perfect it even better for any of my brothers in Islam we need to understand these things.

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meanings, these meanings are going to train us and give us that that training that we need in life until we reach him. So part of our data woman Shakira for innama School Enough said, always be conscious of this error before you pray. Always be conscious of this error before you do any good. That the good you're doing you're doing it for yourself and no one else is going to benefit other than you, woman your school for in school enough say