Mohamad Baajour – When your MIND Ceases to Think

Mohamad Baajour
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Very short criteria that is going to give you a headache

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it's going to make you

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reach a point that

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your mind is going to stop thinking

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the sun is 90 million miles away from the Earth

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1 million Earth fit inside the sun

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Million Suns

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fit in our Sorry 1.3 trillion suns fit in our Milky Way

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and there are 200 billion Milky Way's

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Why am I mentioning this

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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that Allah has could see

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compared to what we just said,

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the size of the kursi compared to what we just said, and all these Milky Way's combined is like a ring thrown in the desert.

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A ring all these billions of Milky Way's and sun size and Earth size, compared to the kursi which is a footstool of Allah is like a ring thrown in the desert. And if I throw I throw a ring in Plano, we cannot find it. Forget about Dallas or Texas? No, no, no. In a complete desert.

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You got the headache.

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All right. Okay, listen to this. We've not done the currency compared to the Irish. It's like a ring thrown in the desert.

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The currency of this compared to the Throne of Allah, Allah, the stellar ally in a way that only befits His Majesty is like a ring thrown in the desert. That what are we getting?

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I want you to remember all that when you're saying Allahu Akbar.

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I want you to remember all that when you're saying Subhan Allah. I want you to remember all of that when you raise your hands and know who you're asking. You're not asking but you're

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when you raise your hand, we raise our hand sometimes and we ask in a way that we are asking one another.

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But when I think about the greatness of Allah azza wa jal then, what is my million dollar debt? What is my Cancel for stage is nothing. I am asking the Shafi himself I'm asking the attorney himself

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well, yeah, me know I'll shut up because Hong Kong young man, even Somalia, on that day, there will be eight angels carrying Gosh,

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how big are they? Only Allah knows, but Rasuwa is seldom said only in a li I was given the permission

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to describe one of them. The distance between his ear lobe and his shoulder is 700 years traveling.

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And also I want to remember, I want you to remember all this. When you think of sinning.

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When you think of this obeying Allah azza wa jal

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who you are disobeying

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my brothers and sisters.

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The greatness of Allah azza wa jal is beyond our comprehension.

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And Allah azza wa jal told us that he loves us

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to ask him, he loves us to ask him exactly the opposite of the human being a human being. You asked him a couple of times, you get bored * and you leave me alone.

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Allah gets upset if you don't ask him. So yeah, when we ask, please remember all that. Remember who you're asking? The one who owns all this, the one who runs all this with utmost perfection.

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I was telling the children today in, in I will have school Have you ever heard or the skies closed for two weeks for maintenance?

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Millions of years and millions of years to come in not one scratch. You build the house in Texas after three, four years cracks all over

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at most utmost perfection. So the point is, please when we ask, ask with certainty with the Akin, that Allah not only can Allah will answer my dua May Allah answer all our da May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the pleasure of looking at his face Zack can unlock it so Hannah Colombo

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how you Are you home?

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Who seems to move

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level math is Emma Do you want to

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the hash power Marine

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who in in law magazine ad him wanna follow from home was

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born ambi che in Italy in levy Masha

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was the outcome CEO who's

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101 i Oh, hey, Flo, Huma. Well, normally you love the

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