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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a woman who was called for married brothers to her by a sister. The woman was hesitant and was hesitant to give out her information until she was arrested for bribery. The speaker warns that young blackmailers can put people into problems and put them into trouble.
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in Skype with the Mujahideen or with them, we are here that

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by because I told you about that story of a sister who said that she's a Mujahid and she was looking for a brother to get married to her. Have I told you last time about it? Yeah, there was a sister. I think on Facebook or what she announced that she is in the land of rhubarb and learn in the land of Sham and the land of victory in the land of so on. So, yeah, the religious typical religious blackmailing. And she was calling for brothers to get married to her. Yeah. And two, three brothers went and it was a scam and they were arrested or maybe kidnapped okay. So we have to be very careful. Younger brothers have to be very, very careful. Otherwise, they will put themselves into so

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many problems and they will put us into so many problems. Okay? For no fat at all. Okay, so