Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #18 – Qiyaam Ul Layl

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The struggles of Hannah Tyler, pressured into praying in the night by her parents, lead her to become a "monster" cloak. The importance of praying for family is discussed, as it is necessary to stay at night and enjoy the experience. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of praying in the night and the importance of knowing who God is and what he wants. The speakers emphasize the need to pray for family and develop good habits to achieve success in praying.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was a happy woman weida

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Today we're going to be talking about

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something which we have been practicing

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during this month of Rama winded probably before that, what we're gonna look at it from a different perspective in Charlottetown. And that is that a bad of pm will lay

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the armor laid or praying in the night. It is a

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very virtuous act.

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And at the same time, it's a quite a hard one to do. The only is basically from the words pm which means to stand or to get up in the night. And this may refer to the fact that you are getting up from your sleep from your bed, and you are standing in the prayer

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at the night.

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And no doubt, this kind of a bad is a bad witch was emphasized greatly by the poor and in fact it was prescribed prescribed by the poor and And furthermore, it was practiced by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam on a regular basis because according to many scholars preamble laid, for the prophet SAW Selim was an obligation

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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of those Salafi battlefury Vata pmla the most virtuous prayer after the obligatory prayer is beyond will lead praying in the night.

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And the prophet SAW Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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ordered his profits or license them to establish prayer in the night he said woman a lady for the hedges v nafi letter la casa caribou karma Carmen moda and of the night to get up from your sleep, and pray this prayer as an extra thing for you. Maybe that your Lord will resurrect you a praised station.

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And indeed, the loss of Hannah Tyler also

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encouraged the prophesizing at the beginning of his mission by saying, Yeah, you had a Muslim male Camilla illa kalila. Are you one wrapped up in your clock cloak, get top established pray in the night. Except not all of the night, maybe except a little bit of it. Or he said half of it slightly more, slightly less.

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Now, piano lane is virtuous. Why is it virtuous because it involves people a person going against their self. This struggle against the self does need effort, does need determination doesn't need enthusiasm, because it's not easy, especially when the MLA involves that you're going to sleep, you are tired, your eyes are tired, your body is tired. And now you need to get up against the odds that are being pushed by your body. Your body wants to sleep your body wants to lay down in the bed, your body wants the nice warm, cozy Dovey

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and comfortable pillow. So it doesn't want to go against its instincts of wanting just to relax and stay. And that's why it becomes a struggle, it becomes a strike. And that's why a person who can actually overcome that temptation is overcoming

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weaknesses. They're defeating their weaknesses by getting up at night.

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And that's why no doubt it is one of those Eva that that not many people do.

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That's a Bagga is reserved for those who are lost panatela has chosen

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because it is especially bad.

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It's only those who Allah allows them to get up in the night that they get up. And if a lot of time doesn't allow someone to get up, they won't get up because it's a privilege and all privileges are from Allah. seeming like the privileges of you know, of

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the giving of knowledge, for example, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Sorry, the professor Sam said when we go to the lobby here on your behalf, Dean whoever Allah wants good for him. We'll give him the the understanding and the dean

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And so on.

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However, also like other privileges, nobody has any knowledge, prior knowledge or existential knowledge about where they sit in the balance. So no one can say actually a law doesn't, doesn't really want me to get up. So I'll just stay asleep. You don't know that. And you might also try hard to get up and night but you can't. So end of the day, you have to try and seek this kind of Ubud and Allah Subhana Allah will guide you to what he has chosen for you.

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The qualities of the believers are that they pray family, you know, those who are getting the great rewards. So I lost pantalla mentions in school at the very outset, in lamattina, fugen nathdwara Yun Aki Vina Tahoma boom in Hong Kong public rally Kumasi, Nene Cano de la mina Lima, Jeroen Erbil as hard on yourself

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that verily those who are pious, those who are righteous, God fearing aware of a law,

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they will be in Gen net, they will be in the gardens, and they will be in black bliss. They will be taking that which their Lord has given them. Because surely before that, prior to that meeting in the dunya, they were masini. And they were righteous. They were good people. What were their qualities can kalila mean Elena Maya, john, they used to be very little of the night they used to sleep while as hard on Mr. throne, and in the morning hours. Before fudger they used to do much stuff that was like if they're clear, like their qualities.

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And you know, the source was essentially our last pantile dimensions. The equality as if their sides repelled at a Jaffa general warmer under my watch their size repelled from the beds, it's almost like they can't stay lying down. When it's time to pray, they have to get up to pray. to Jeff I drove while my wife is the owner of Bonhoeffer, and Obama. So Pamela is one of those acts which our last panel Tyler

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has made. For those select few.

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And if you are amongst the many

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who are unable to get up for family, then the first thing that you should question yourself is what's preventing me from family?

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And indeed, this question was posed

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at the time

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hamdulillah was supposed to Al Hassan al Abbas, Fellini and other righteous people that didn't, why is it that we cannot pray in the night? And he answered it is because your sins have changed you up. Meaning that your sins have prevented you from praying in the night. They have weighed you down. You have to repent to a loss to get rid of those sins, and inshallah you'll be able to pray in the light.

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Now in normal, violent hamdulillah we know that the shelves are locked up, we know this is a great opportunity for us to come closer to Allah, we know it's a great opportunity for us to develop good habits. So why not try to develop this good habit? in Ramadan. We are praying Tara we had 100 that's a great throw it is a form of gambling, no doubt because they are related. We'll start anytime from Asia after Asia until for

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the better of it is that which is pray towards the last end of the night.

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So try to develop a habit where you're able to get up at night. And by having this habit of getting up at night and praying in sha Allah, you will be able to maintain that habit after a law and therefore you can gradually wean yourself into this gray matter.

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And therefore May I was pantalla accept that from you and from us and make us amongst those who can then feel the sweetness of this a battle.

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Like Abu Sulayman dharani said he said the people the worshipers in their night praying have more pleasure and enjoyment than those who are wasting their time at night with play and entertainment.

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Then he said had it not been for the prayer in the night I would not have loved to remain in the dunya it's like that was the thing that was keeping him going.

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So ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those people. And in sha Allah tala, we will be striving to do this. And we ask Allah to give us that award. There we go.

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