Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #25 Proceed to Checkout – Zakatul Fitr

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu so as we're coming towards the end of Ramadan, it is time for us to reflect about what we've done and how we've done it and shallow we've done it well. But there is an important aspect that we have to end Ramadan with which is proceeding to checkout much like when you're doing online shopping, you put everything in the cart but nothing's gonna get bored and nothing's gonna go unless you actually check out and with Ramadan Checkout, you have to pay the capital for sacado filter is that charity is an obligatory charity which allows credit Allah has applied the Muslims to pay whether young, old male, female, there has to be paid. So it is paid to

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the people who are poor don't have anything so that on that day, the day of age, nobody is actually asking for money. Nobody is begging for money on this day. So it's very important for us as we are trying to allow our fasting to be accepted.

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There is that important step of proceeding to checkout by paying the Zakat the cattle feedlot and feeling the real nature of the cat which is that purification is that growth that comes with the castle as we give it as a cattle fertile inshallah our siyam will be stamped or sealed with approval with acceptance from Allah subhanaw taala. We are happy that we have finished the month of Ramadan. The poor people are happy that they can share with us and everybody in Sharla is rejoicing in the blessings of Allah so make sure you pay this account and proceed to checkout cinema. alikum warahmatu law he