Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 30-32

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim See?

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My dad

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and me Oh,

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we know.

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are so much for several models either mostly water and he was a he momentarily.

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So in the previous session we were studying the passage where he talked about the gave the example of a town of a village and the people of that town, and how messengers were sent to them, and they rejected and refused them. And then we learned about the man who came from the farthest part of the city, to come to the aid of these messengers and support them, and to help them in their cause. And in yesterday's session,

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we studied the Iota talked about how, when he did speak up, and he did support the message and the mission of the prophets and messengers already set up, then he was killed, his people ended up killing him. And then he was basically addressing the last Colonel delegating the honor and the distinction to speak from the Hereafter, and talk about what transpired with him, what he experienced from the benevolence of the generosity, the kindness, the mercy, the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala in the life of the hereafter.

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In today's passage, we'll be setting three is it number 3031 and 33 items. These three items are a bit of a conclusion to that discussion in that passage, what I interpret 30 of last panel and today he says,

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now watch. The previous passage ended with

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speaking directly and talking about his punishment coming upon the people who's displaying the wrath and the anger a lot. And your last contact continues, as the in first person speaking about the plight of these people in the situation these people

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have how hopeless Oh, how hopeless is the situation of the snake. And the word Hasselhoff is a very, very strong word. It sounds like a strong word, even when you say it, and then meaning as well. It's a very, very strong word. It's even stronger than the Morse regret that dama leather, in the every language is remorse and regret has sighs a stronger word that that has literally means when a person becomes completely hopeless. He is seen as it says,

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what we have seen, it means completely hopeless. This person sees no light at the end of the tunnel. There's absolutely no hope left for this person. So Allah says, Because remember, the blast is an encounter the last

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one huge explosion when piercing blinding screen, literally that will be made their heads explode.

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And they've been put out like a fire hose put up just lying on the dead ground like this in an instant. So law says people that that happens to

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these slaves refers to them as slaves. And one interesting thing about the word Eva, the Word of God is the plural of the word, slave. It can only be used when talking about the state. When you use the word slaves Generally, the word is the word everybody's specifically talking about. So let's see

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how hopeless is their situation. And why is this situation so hopeless? Because a lot Kirsten London on any good for them. A lot decided they weren't worthy of anything good happening to them.

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By virtually no messenger ever came to them in law, except that can be just as they would mark him. Make fun of him.

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Treat him inappropriately. And this

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means not just to make fun of someone to make fun of someone in a way, like making fun of anyone is inappropriate. We're not supposed to market here and ridicule people. But these days as humiliation, it's it's inappropriate. Just to make things up. You don't want you're making fun of somebody who just got making things. You love the person once you know you start

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off with a little bit of a joke. And then it grows and it escalates and grows. And it becomes a situation where you just start making things up just to get a few laughs and kicks out of this person. That is what this is. That's what they will do to the messengers. You just start making things up foolish, you will take mindless things, senseless things, just to get a few kicks or laughs out of the messengers. I mean, when I say that, it makes you very uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable saying you speak that way about a messenger to get kicked out of a messenger.

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but that's exactly what they did. And they did the matches up every single time these type of people. Because remember, I was presenting like a template. That's why the town of the village, the name of the town, but even the village and even the messengers name of the people, it isn't provided. It's like a template.

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It's like a analysis that this happened over and over and over and over again, fraud history, and the prophets, a lot of them. That's right, it's a constellation to look, others have gone through this as well. But this is what how things ended up no matter how hopeless things started to see if

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you're just a bunch of liars.

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And then somebody is helping you in supporting under killing those people. They're persecuting those people like it happened in America, the people that spoke up on behalf of the person what would happen to them, they will be beaten senseless, and they will be killed in broad daylight, publicly just murdered and killed, tortured. So no matter how hopeless the situation starts to see how bleak the situation becomes, it always works out at the end. So this template is analysis has been provided so much every single time the rest of the day. This is what they did. They ridiculed in the market, and even went beyond all limits, just making things up just to make fun of

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my team members who live in that movie.

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And what interesting thing that just goes back to

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the beauty of the prom and the precision of the word, the word usage in the province.

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In number six and seven, there's a similar discussion on what's wrong with Allah says welcome.

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And how many prophets can be sent amongst those who came before the first people came when it came in the beginning, in the academy assessing, and each and every no prophet ever came to them, except that they ended up making fun of you. There are a lot of use of the word Navy, here in sugestion uses the word rasuna. Why? From the beginning of the sentence.

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The word mosa, which is from the WordPress tool has been used consistently throughout this work. So in the last talks about the rejecting prophets and messengers is more appropriate for the word and also to be used here. Because it fits with this rule. It shows the consistency of the language.

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now has powers Allah says Aleppo?

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Have they not seen? Haven't they understood? Have they not seen?

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This is now talking about the people of

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the people at the time of the prophets.

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Have they not seen

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how many we have destroyed Kabbalah before them, we know from generations, all the generations of people that came before them, how many of them have destroyed and

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that was definitely those people who have been destroyed. They are not coming back to these people.

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They're not going to be coming back. Never home. It's in the majority of the present and future tense one. They're not going to come back. Don't wait, don't wait. Don't wait.

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Don't wait up late at night for them. They're not coming back anytime soon. They're gone, wiped clean off the face of the desert. It's very strong. It's a very subtle way but it's very strong statement that they were literally eradicated, erased,

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just completely gone, never to appear again, to the point where sometimes there were not even any remnants of these people left behind, just completely wiped clean off the face of

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So as pepper says these people are completely wiped off the face of the earth. History is repeating itself. History is repeating itself. It happens time and time again and

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over and over again and up and previous. But it's happening all over again. Now these people are following that same exact pattern. So it was for him to remember. But even though they were all completely wiped out and eradicated and removed that yet

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all of them will definitely

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We all gathered together near us.

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Last quarter, they will all be gathered together and brought before lunch.

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That in the life of the year after on the Day of Judgment, all these people who were raised and eradicated and removed, eventually on that day, they will be all brought together and presented and placed before a loss of power.

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That accountability is being reminded that it's not just that these people did this horrendous act of treating the messenger so appropriately.

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So they were destroyed. And that's the individual. It's

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not that easy. On the day of judgment, the lobby,

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the lobby, and the lobby collected and presented, made the stand before us that day, and then the decision further will be made for them at that time. Now, a couple of last thoughts here, a couple of interesting things. A lot of our time at the end of this is he says

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they will be presented, they will be made to stand before it let's say that they will present themselves that they themselves will present themselves, they'll be made to be presented me to be forced to put on talks about this

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From user own, we'll see if

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they'll literally be driven in hordes like wild beasts and animals.

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So that we treat it like wild animals, and they'll be chained and coffin, Pollard. And then they'll be forced to be presented before the last panel into a stand for accountability for reckoning for judgment and face when they didn't decide. We resigned it is today in suits, similar to this lawsuit,

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where illustrata talks about this is justice. This is actually true justice in its ultimate form, you get what you got,

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you will face exactly that what you done. Allah says if

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you read your book cover

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this should suffice for your accounting today. This is enough to count. You know, the way I explained this is you tell me what I should do.

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You know when a kid brings your child with a bad report card from school, as lined up a report card, and he comes in and puts it before you, you look at it, you read it, you put it back down, I will use it use even tell me what

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you tell me.

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Similarly, that person will be told read your book, this is enough.

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You tell me what should be done with you.

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This is the reality of their reckoning and then standing before what's on that day of judgment. And there's now kind of concluding and doing what we do at the end of the day, every night is kind of seen the underlying lessons. And what we can extract from this what lessons we can take from

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this topic, this issue of dow what kind of you know this this guidance and these lessons of Tao are being worked through these? If so what lessons can we take from this? The thing is we've been seeing how it was showing us the progression of power, when the message is presented in the messages delivered that what happened? what transpires at that point. So we saw the aggression that takes place, and requires people to speak up and support it. Well, sometimes. And then we also talked about yesterday how sometimes a person's allies that he doesn't get to see the immediate results of his dollar like that men get from the outskirts of town

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from the farthest part of the city that Ben did not get to see the fruits of his labors. Even everybody didn't convert and everybody who take Shahada Mashallah

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that didn't happen. They ended up killing him.

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But in the hereafter last month I gave him the most amazing and generous reward. So similar to one other thing that is being told to us as a cancellation and to build your thing conviction in what I am standing for what I am saying what I am living by this The truth is that when these people don't accept them, they don't believe but at the end of the day, Alice never lets the Dow be just completely removed, erased, eradicated, humiliated? their sacrifice, there are times there are some low points but never to the point where the Dow The truth is just completely eradicated and diminish that never happens. never happens. in Medina.

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They got very, very

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similar to

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talks about this soft power

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of law says that it has already been proven. Our work are different

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For our slaves who are messengers in the vuca world, that they most definitely are helped are aided by the loss of our toddler exclusively at all times were in the gym that are definitely valuable, and that our army will most definitely for them will be dominance, that they will be the ones who will dominate, they'll be the ones who win, and then into a suit. That's what logic tells us that know how to use Allah. He dealt with a lot of adversity, a lot of difficulty. I referenced that a couple of days ago, but eventually further out. But when he prayed, he prayed, he asked, he called out to his Lord and His master, and name of Luma that I was definitely and being overcome. I've been

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dominated. I've been I'm starting to experience defeat, fantasy. So help me come to my aid in my rescue. And we saw how we're looking to rescue literally wiped out entire humanity and saved him in his followers. The most amazing probably event that's ever occurred on the earth, like in terms of like a natural disaster

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occurred at that time.

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So this is a lot harder as letting us know at the same time, the dollar will never diminish it will never eradicate will never go away. It will always remain. It's strong, it's firm, and it's never going anywhere. And that's the deck we recited, even in today's restrictions on to the saucer diet lost his job and how was

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the truth has arrived. And evil false, has diminished, evaporated, just completely, completely gone. In the bottle again, is a robot that bargain injustice, forceful evil is meant to go away. That's his whole purpose in life. It's temporary. Just like you know, when you buy food and you leave it out, what's it supposed to do after a while

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it's supposed to go, it's supposed to last forever. So when it comes to eventually go away, that beautiful parable and example that allows power to use in food or to run and then in a semi EMA, that the water came down from the sky for salads, od into recovery. And then the valance became flooded all the way to the top. fact I'm gonna say who's ever done Robin, and then their water has flooded there. What does it have on top of the NASA stone and the debris and different things that collect on top of it? for Amazon?

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What does that say about the phone that's on top,

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it's eventually going to dry up, just evaporate away, and the debris will settle to the bottom to the bottom of the of the water and then what will happen what's left by enter an astronaut. And that which benefits people it stays there in the earth.

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This is the example of truth and falsity. The truth comes false, it rises to the top.

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When you look down on top, all you see is that but it's temporary. it evaporates and expires and goes away. It settles down to the bottom. And then the truth that which benefits people is left.

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And that's what we need to focus on that if truly our intent our purpose is to just help humanity. the goodwill of people, I talked about this a couple of days ago, the prophets of love and just wanted to better people's condition, better their situation. And if that is at the heart, that is at the root of what we're trying to accomplish, that we need to keep pressing forward with what we're doing, continue to do good continue to help people better people's situation, better their quality of lifestyle, and their quality of life. And help people bring them peace, bring them tranquility, bring them happiness, fulfillment in life by finding the laws

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then that will remain that will prosper that will overcome any and all obstacles and difficulties. And that exact example was sourced from the example of the messengers. And at the end of the day. It was Cortana. That's why he says when he couldn't imagine we already know

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who's right and who's wrong. It's not a decision you and I have to make.

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Why because all of us, everybody.

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Everybody will have to stand before

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whether they want to or not. They'll be forced to stand for a law and alone will make the decision he will make the judgment on that day. We have lost the ability to practice everything.

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So how long will we have the Socratic along we have a shadow and back to the suffering