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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah see the more saline water and he also have been here and send me some method, whether the LA oma Dean, or their respective brothers and sisters As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome once again to this course that we are going through, which is the science of the plan course. So Alhamdulillah last session, we had an introduction about the science of the Quran, what is the science of the Quran? What does it involve? What are the main elements and also we discussed the importance of the science of the Quran in such a knowledge to be studied. And also we studied history of how it

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developed. And I hope that you would have all agreed now and understood the importance of such a science in for a Muslim to understand and relate to, and as I mentioned to you before, that the science of the Quran really sets the tone for a lot of your other sciences to build on. So it is important, that person understands this as a general, big picture, but then inshallah, with time a person can dwelve into the more sub branches of this science, to try and get closer and closer to the origin. So today in sha Allah, we're gonna be looking at the next part of the module, which is the definition of the Quran and its names. So by this inshallah you should be, by the end of this,

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you should be able to define the Quran accurately, and also be able to list several names of the Quran, with references, and hopefully not just that, but also understand what the names mean and their relevance.

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Okay, now, because Islam developed as a as a science and as a teaching module, and one of the important things of any learning aspect is to actually learn how to define things. Because when you first try to learn anything to understand what it is first, so, anytime you define something, it allows you to, first of all, understand what you're talking about also makes the wide maybe sometimes haphazard information more refined, so that you actually can see what you are looking at. And this just doesn't go for sciences, but even goes for sometimes bigger issues. Sometimes you'll find people who are sometimes arguing about certain points or having a discussion, and they're not

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really defining what they're arguing about. So they might somebody might be arguing about one point, Elizabeth another point, because they've not really set

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the actual point, that's been August. So, always defining something makes you understand sometimes a person might be, you know, arguing that something is a certain thing is haram, for example, you know, and then an opposing No, no, this is not how this Hello, and they might be using the same word, but they're talking about something different. So, always defining something is important to make a person understand now, something is very important for us when we define anything, we have to have two two aspects of definition.

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In any definition, the definition has to be German, and has to be man or German means that it has to be

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it has to be

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con solidary. So it's bringing all the aspects of that definition together, not leaving anything out. And at the same time, man it It must be preventative, meaning that it prevents any other aspects of which might also be understood from that definition. Okay, so for example, if I wanted to define a car,

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and I said it has it is an object with wheels, okay. Now, you could automatically say well, okay, that's not really a very precise definition because bicycle has wheels, a motorcycle

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has wheels tracks or has wheels boss has disease. So, by defining something by just one element, you are not allowing the definition to be understood at the same time I need to give all the aspects of the car, which actually can make you understand

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that it is the object object, so, it has to have all the elements that the definition can then focus you on that point okay. So, it could be

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an object which has a run by a motor and has wheels

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and is used for transporting

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beings or things from A to B for example, so, I have to bring as many elements to allow it to be here, but at the same time, I have to give things which are not going to prevent from putting other aspects in which may confuse it. And also important thing about definition, it must not be

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It must not be, I don't need to add extra things, which is of no relevance. So, in this example, we are going to say that it is an object which has wheels and it comes in different colors, you know, it comes in different colors doesn't really add anything, there is just extra extra amount, which adds nothing to the real definition. Okay, or it comes in different makes and models, or it you know, some are big, some are small, you know, that kind of extra isn't so, so when we come to define anything, we have to have those kind of elements in the definition so that we understand, we can we can enable the definition to give us the right picture.

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So, now we're going to define the Quran

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we have to take that into consideration.

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what is the definition of the Quran? First of all,

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you have to have these following

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There is a miracle and by miracle, the word miracle is really not a good word not good translation of the Arabic word which is more Jesus or a jazz, the jazz literally means to make things hard or impossible. Or or unachievable, that's what modular means, that the miracle cannot be translated as a miracle but but what it means is that that more jeiza is the aspect which makes

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somebody else difficult or impossible for that person to replicate

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or to do something like it it leaves you almost shocked in all that what the mortgage is that means yes to the Quran, the Quran as we will see has to has that aspect secondly

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that it is the word

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of Allah

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God Almighty

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we have to

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include the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam somewhere in this definition, because

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it is linked to him

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we have to include

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the angel jubelin as well which we will find out in a moment

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we have to understand and include the modes that it was transmitted. Okay, which is the motor

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mode, which is multiple chains.

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how was he actually

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and this is more of a sort of like, the advanced How is he actually being calculated? How can we define the Quran now?

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And the last point is that what is specific about its wording

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in terms of a budget or worship,

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okay, so these are the kind of elements that we need that definition because we want to be able to include everything that is necessary but at the same time, exclude things that are not going to be

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They're going to be caused confusion. And we'll see that in a moment in Sharla. So, what the the, the element has defined the Quran therefore is it is the miraculous word of Allah sent down to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through the angel gibreel which is written in the scripts and has been narrated through multiple chains of narration which is called metadata and can be worshiped through its re citation.

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Okay, so that's the definition of the plot.

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If we said the Quran is the word of Allah and we just stopped, okay, that's going to confuse us or that's going to bring in other types of words or loss that will include things like the Injeel which was given to a Sally's or like

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a Torah which was given to Muslims and it would include all other books as well. Every messenger that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent

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how many messengers de la sent Does anyone know?

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How many

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messengers Yeah,

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For now

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313 is close 360 360 messengers with lots of contacts. And every messenger has a book, some sort of book and by book,

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we will find out today when we describe book does not necessarily mean you know something that's written on paper and is you know, a book means something else which inshallah we'll find out. So that's why when we say if we if we just said the word Allah will obviously, but when we say

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the word of Allah, sent down to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then we have removed all the other previous books, which may have therefore, be confused with that definition.

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When we say, via the angel gibreel,

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we are removing all the other types of revelation that was sent to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because revelation why as we will find out inshallah, later on, can come in different modes,

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the way that Allah Subhana Allah communicates with a human can be in different modes. And and the scholars have have listed eight modes that Allah subhanaw taala can speak to humans or communicate with humans. So we remove some of those modes which do not amount to being in the Quran. So that's why we say, why the angel Jubilee I assume, because that is the way that the Quran was revealed was not revealed through other modes.

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When we say it can be worshiped through its re citation. What does that mean? It means that when it comes to the Salah, and there are times in the Salah when you are standing, that you recite the Quran, recite Al Fatiha

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and which without the slides is not complete as the prophet SAW Selim said last I'll tell him and let me o'clock before it heightened keytab there is no prayer for the one who does not recite the opening of the book. And then when you read another verse and all that, so you must be from the Koran you cannot come and recite Hadeeth you know, you recite some good saying or line of poetry or whatever, it must be from the Quran. So therefore, it is worship through a bad and on top of that, if you sat down now and recited some of the poems malaria, or Emanuel Rahim in our by, you know, go with our you get reward for reciting the Quran. So your worship through the citation. Even if you

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don't understand the meaning, you get the reward. But you do not get the same reward if you sat down reciting a hadith For example, let's say in Nam Alam Albania, you don't get rewards for reciting a hadith. You get rewards for learning how to use you get rewards for reading and studying Hades as you get rewards for reading and studying any knowledge. But you will not get a specific reward for reciting Hadith and more. So what's known as Hades Odyssey had you could see which the prophesizing says a law says so it's the saying of a law it's a word of Allah.

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Okay, and it's through the prophet Mohammed slicer lemon, it may be through gibreel as well. Like Like when the processing said Allah has said

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Managua Li and forgotten to Bill Harper whoever shows enmity to one of my associated

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friends then I have surely declared war against him. So Allah has said this, but this because cannot be recited

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not a worship or citation and also does not fulfill sometimes a condition here or here, then you cannot get reward just by reciting that Hadith even though it's the word of Allah. Okay. And then we have the other aspect which is that it is narrated through my tomato water which is multiple chains. Now, what is a multiple chain?

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If we look at the Koran,

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sends down the

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Quran or the narration

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Why do you Breen

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who then takes it to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he teaches

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people at different levels. Okay.

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Hundreds of people 1000s of people learn from the Prophet sola, sola and then these people will also narrate some might narrate to one some minor rate to teacher again many 10 maybe one maybe maybe nobody so as you can see it is a multiple expansion Okay, so the Quran is no longer just being

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is no longer just being related to one person. It is more than one multiple change. So a person who is here would be a similar to here because he's, they've all heard the similar steps. So that becomes a motto it becomes a multiple chain of narration, okay.

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You will get sometimes

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what happens is,

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there will be one,

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one person here

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who has heard from the prophet SAW Selim, may be able to live in this world, for example.

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And he has a certain narration

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When we compare his narration to the other previous multiple narrations that we saw before we see that this one may differ slightly doesn't, it doesn't have the same it might be extra words in it. These extra words, because they don't match up to this multiple narration. They don't become full on even though he might have

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recited the Quran, or he might have taught it others as Quran.

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Okay, so an example is,

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in the winner last pantalla mentions in the atonement, of breaking,

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if somebody breaks his oath, when you swear by a law to do something, and you cannot fulfill that oath, you have to do what's known as a cafaro, which is an atonement. cafaro literally means to hide away,

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to bury it to bury that because you've, you've committed something, it's almost like a sin to try and bury the sin away. So it's no longer apparent this will go far. So what is the kafala for someone who does not know?

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If you say something that will law he'll do this or you know, if, if I pass my exams will law he I will give 10,000 pounds and charity and then you come at the end of the at the end. You're actually you're actually owed money you don't have money to get. So you say okay, I can't I can't fulfill my promise my oath. So I have to do something. Well, so what's the cafaro?

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Three days? Who said that? Okay, so three days

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of fasting.

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Does everybody agree?

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Does anybody does anybody disagree?

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is they're really scared

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Don't worry you don't get you don't get any points subtracted if you make her own

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who agrees with this?

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Put your hand up you agree?

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Okay we have a few

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sisters one from the sisters okay. who disagrees?

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Who wants to abstain?

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Three days fasting is actually a common mistake that many people do

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what what what is the what are the Quran said is that you free This is the way it is free a slave. So you have a sermon our slaves don't have anymore but if there was a slave, you free a slave or you would close

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10 poor people

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average clothing, or you would feed

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So actually, this is an example of how a loss hunter has given you options of how you can deal with it. You made it an oath, you made the person you cannot fulfill it, you have three options. One of these three, you can choose whatever you want. Obviously, the top one is the most expensive. And this is the cheapest one. Then Allah says if you can't, so you don't have the money to do any of these. Then you default to fasting the three days.

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Okay, that's that's a that's an important difference some people did on Sunday all three days straightaway. No, no, don't Firstly, you have to do this first. If you can't, if you don't have enough money to feed MPI feeding a power poor person, you know, may cost one pound per person. So you know, it's 10 pounds, not a lot to pay, or 20 pounds or whatever. So you don't have that you're so you're poor, you've got debts wherever then you go to three days. Now what that's why I wanted to mention to you, then the Quran says, fasting three days, that's all it says. Okay? Now, Eben Massoud happens to have in his narration.

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Okay, that he has recited or his has compiled that it doesn't just say three days it says three consecutive consecutive days. So he says for cm with Ella a Yamin motor tarbiat. So he has the word motor tarbiat in his compiler, when we come and we look at all the other narrations or everybody else, all the others are happy, but they don't have this word with a tablet.

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So we say to him that what I do not we don't say to him, but what I said to him is that your narration even though it might to you, you heard it from the processor, you learnt it, but it is not narrated through a multiple change. It's not that a lot of people have narrated it, it's not something that's spread, everybody else doesn't seem to be narrating the word with the Taliban. So we don't accept your extra word as part of the Quran.

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So, it is

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okay. So, that's why we have to have that clause which is multilateral and must be through multiple chains and the beauty of having it through multiple chains or the reality of having two multiple chains is that it can it can it is it is consistent, it is impossible for someone to have made an error you know, it is impossible for someone to have

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fabricated it, because that's the widespread number of people have narrated it make it impossible to have been fabricated.

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And also we make the same provisions when we say it has been Khan Khan, it has been compiled in the scripts okay. And we will come later on inshallah and down the course we will learn about something about how the Sahaba they were faced with something in history,

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which was a ultimately there was a time where the Muslims were going to differ differ about the Quran. So they made a decision, a unanimous decision amongst the Sahaba and they unified the narrations, the Quran into one script, which is known as the earth manuscript. Okay, and we'll talk about that later on inshallah. So, through that definition of the Quran,

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we know that it must be the word of Allah and the nature of the word of Allah in the Quran is that it is miraculous. So no one can duplicate the hold on when we say miraculous, what are we removing out from here? Does anybody know?

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Yes, but what are we trying to? Because we said it has to be German manner. So what are we excluding what section or of this interpretation which some people might understand but we are removing by saying the miraculous

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now there's something else that we're looking for

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not only else

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we are removing all the translations of the Quran,

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okay, because the word of Allah, which is the miracle miracle is in the Arabic language. And obviously, that comes when we say the scripts, because the scripts are written in Arabic, but it is the miracle is in the Arabic language, not the translation, you know, not your use of it translation or pitfall, because that is that is a translation that is the work of man, whereas the Koran is the work or loss of Hannah Tao the word of Allah, it can, it cannot, that's where the miraculous nature is in the Quran, not in the translated

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works of the Quran, because there might be errors, even some handla sometimes even a word which cannot be properly translated, can actually skew the meaning if not chosen correctly.

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Okay, so this is the definition of the hora. So you need to be able to understand that definition. inshallah, you should get that definition if you're not written it down next week or the weekend. And then you should be able to not just understand that definition, but also understand what you are excluding from that definition, so that it becomes a German man. And I hope also you understood the nature of defining that we said when we define things, we have to have those criteria to encompass all the meanings but also prevent any meanings which we don't want to be there as well. Okay, then we're going to go on to the different names of the Quran. Now, the Quran has different many, many

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the, certainly was an Arab costume, but I think maybe not just the Arabs held this costume, it was widespread that the more something was significant or prominent, the more names it had. So multiple names, indicated significance and indicated importance. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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99 names in terms of the revelation

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in Islam, but he has more than that, because there are names that we do not know, their names which Allah Subhana Allah has held in his knowledge of the unseen, which he has not taught anybody or he's taught, he has taught few of his slaves,

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okay. So, so that so 99 names are things which are apparent, but

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they are more and even some of the allowance even when the when the professor said Allah has 99 names, he he does, he was meaning that because sometimes numbers are just given as examples not as absolute indications. So sometimes a person might, you know, say,

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you know, I have

00:28:21--> 00:28:22

I have

00:28:23--> 00:28:27

1010 chairs,

00:28:28--> 00:28:50

or I have 10 cops, or I, I, I've been to 20 places, or I visited 17 towns, all these numbers can either they can either be specific, so why means 70 or they can be an indication of a,

00:28:51--> 00:28:52

of a,

00:28:54--> 00:28:56

a sort of dimension.

00:28:58--> 00:29:37

So, that's why, you know, sometimes seven might mean sort of in that dimension in that reach in that units. And that's why in the Quran in the Quran, you will find the had you to find the word number seven, you find 70 707 all these things can either mean actual numbers, or they can mean just in that dimension in that scope. So same thing here 99 they said maybe the process I was just saying as an example within that sort of area, but doesn't necessarily mean 99 minutes. So the law has 99 names, the prophets I send them some have also named listed for him 99 names as well.

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And then also,

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

the Arabs used to give They even gave the lion 99 names such an important animal for its majesty, majestic nature, but also gave that name and similarly the Quran is no different. But the difference between the numbers of the names of the

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On some set, it's 50. Some said it's 90. And here by the what were the names does not necessarily mean a proper name, a proper noun, it could mean descriptions. You know, so it could be a description, which is also considered an A. Okay, we'll just stop further than Charlotte.