Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #26 – The Complaint of a Neighbor

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a narration that appears to be a false statement about the presence of a man who was watching a television. The narrator describes a situation where a woman talks to a man who is mistreated by her neighbor, and the woman refuses to give any of their profits to her neighbor until she gets her license. The narrator also mentions a story about a woman who talks to a man who is mistreated by her neighbor and refuses to give any profits to her neighbor until she gets her license.
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So this is one of those narrations where you have an unknown companion, but clear instructions that we can benefit from as an owner of the profit slice of them. So the first narration is actually listening my argument, it's an authentic narration, that there's this man who was looking at the Prophet sly Salam. And the Prophet saw my son was standing and speaking to another man for a very, very long time. And he said that the prophets like Selim, was occupied by this conversation to the point that I started to feel sorry for him. Right so prophesy Sam is a busy man. And he gets stopped all the time. You can imagine how many people want to talk to him it his thought was set up. So he

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said, I stuck to it. He mentored at me he Mara, I felt sorry for the prophets lie Selim, because of how long he had to stand and talk to this man.

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So eventually, I waited for the profit slice on them and that was so lost. My son came and I said, Jada Sorolla, who was that man that was talking to you, because I felt sorry for you for how long you had to stand with him and the prophets lie Selim says, Did you see him? And I said, Yes. So the Prophet SAW Selim said that could you breed that was to breed it has salam ala Wello, salam to Allah He Lara Danika Salah and he said, if you would have come to him, and said Salam, he would have actually answered your salaam, so it was a missed opportunity for you to come to him and say Saddam, and then he said Masada you will sleep with the job Hotel on until a no cure for who? He said

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Jubilee rally his salaam kept on coming to me and telling me take care of the neighbor, take care of the neighbor take care of the neighbor until I thought that he was going to assign inheritance to the neighbor. Now why do I start with that narrations actually precedes a chapter in the book other than move forward by the moment Bahati Rahimullah Tawny mumble hottie, of course, so he said Buhari has the most authentic hadith from Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah to Allah, other than mu fraud are some of the mannerisms and etiquettes that we can learn. And there's some a hadith that he includes there that might have a weakness in the chain. So this chapter is called Bab Chi Chi at a job, the

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chapter of psychiatry job, the complaints of the neighbor, and it's narrated by Java or the alonside. I know that this man comes to the profit slice and I'm to complain to him about how he is being mistreated by his neighbor. And while he's sitting between a rockin Walmart calm, the profit slice on was between the Roman and the MACOM. This man approaches the Prophet slice alum and he sees that the Prophet slice and M is with a man who's wearing a white garments. And he mentioned the beauty of this man, and the fact that, you know, This man seems completely unknown and out of place. So he said, they went to the MACOM, where they were preying upon the dead. And he said, I asked the

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Prophet so I said, I'm I said, Yeah, this little law. May my mother and my father be sacrificed for you. Who was this man? That was with you, and the Prophet slice? And I'm says, Did you see him? He said, Yes, he said, the right to hire and Kathira, then you have seen much good and he said, that was Djibouti, Ronnie his Salam coming to me. And he said, he kept on speaking to me about the importance of the neighbors until I thought that Jabril and his salaam was going to command me to assign inheritance to the neighbors SubhanAllah. And both of these incidents and they could indeed be the same incident. You have a situation where the prophets lie, Selim is talking to Djibouti, and

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it has stood on for a long time. And Djibouti ready Saddam keeps on saying the job or the job or the job, the neighbor, the neighbor, the neighbor, be careful with the mistreatment of the neighbor, you know, warn the OMA about the way that the neighbors are supposed to be treated. And you know, you know, that famous story of the woman that used to pray a lot and she used to faster lunch, she used to give a lot of southern but she had an abusive tongue towards her neighbor, right? All of these Hadith all of these narrations are coming from a place. And there's a spirit that is often lost in our discourse today, because the emphasis on the neighbor is not really there. And that's something

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that even the Sahaba you know, they took from the Prophet, slice alum, and they didn't just take it with one another. There's a beautiful narration in Abu Dhabi. Ooh, that's an authentic narration. That Mujahid Rahim Allah says that our beloved know, well the law of Tyler and Homer, and we know who he is, he sacrificed a sheep. And as soon as it was sacrificed, before they could start to, you know, take the portions of it. He said, have you given some of it to my Jewish neighbor? last panel, I mean, this is he sitting amongst Sahaba sitting amongst her very, what do you mean my Jewish neighbor? He said, Have you

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Given some of it to my Jewish neighbor, for I heard the profit slice and I'm say Gibreel, it has Sudan kept on coming to me and talking to me about the neighbor, the neighbor, the neighbor, until I thought that Djibouti Rada has Sudan was going to make the neighbor, an inheritor. And so we learned from this Subhanallah that you know, if we could listen in on some of these conversations, that much of the conversations we would be able to witness and see from the Prophet slice I'm gonna read it Islam would actually be about us with an issue that while it is not at the forefront today is still very much important to us. Even if our neighbors are not Muslim, as was the case of Abdullah will be

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a lot of time on

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