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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah find out early he was happy he woman while Lama Luna myinfo. Now one final remark tener una casimiro Mooji. With da llaman. You can rely on fat or SHA one FC Latisha or do I use my or vanilla zocalo whenever there is a tenor, or have been amulet on charisma, or herb, or be strictly solder us, Lee Omri, what's your letter melissani of Cabo poly Sara Monica Moroccan, everyone Jazakallah here for joining my apology for joining little bit late, we just have some technical issues on last pantile hamdulillah and made it

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What I want to share with you today is in I call it an interesting subject for myself something we don't see a lot of people talk about it. And we're not talking about knowledgeable men, or scholars or knowledgeable woman and scholars. Actually, no, we're talking about mothers. And this topic applies to everybody applies to every family applies to every mother applies to every father applies to every child. And the interesting thing in this Subhan Allah is that some of these women who see what Allah subhanaw taala will give us time to

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share with you some of them, we don't even know the name of them. So they are that we know them by the mother of because the child or two who later on become these color became very popular. But the main reason after a loss Panama, Thailand specially some of them that I will share with you is the mother herself. Some of them were single mother. And the first thing I want to

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say before I go into the subject that we all as parents as families, our goal and I see this almost every day, even between non Muslims and non Muslims, it's just like a natural human instinct and desire is to have righteous children are wanting to work to have good children. Right, and you feel that the child is like, part of you and his or her success is your success. And the opposite is also true. It's part of you. So if you see me a lot, protect all the children, the child didn't succeed in one way or the other, the parents mother and father will feel it is their failure if you want to lose. And when you go to the origin, as we always say in these programs that the first thing we want

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to go, we go back to the we want to go back to the origin.

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And what is what is the origin here the origin here is a core I'm assuming. So let's see it

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and it came to my mind that wow for father to get a father as someone was an OB and he said he wanted to be a father he was begging Allah to make a father and they do ah he said in the three he said as a career when he asked Allah pantalla after he saw see them Areum right. And he taught see the money and he was

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so overwhelmed by her and who wouldn't he made to her to Allah, tala area, right and he saw that she has a lot of sustenance. And he said, Well, where did this come from? And she said, in numerous color, this is from Allah yahudi Maya luggages who we who he ever wills here, Satan as a courier may do are related to our subject he said Don't be heavily Mila don't return by yerba. Your Allah give me gift to me. from you. It's difficult. He's old, and his mother and his wife, his input on both. And he said you're from you send me send me the reattempt or I just child, pure child. So in general, in general, every parent's once that child to be successful, this is a well known fact. And

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there is nothing wrong with saying that Ibrahim, his son is seen this way. Who doesn't want that? say they are called his son say know yourself. Now what? But how does that happen?

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After the tofi of Alice pantalla who has the key in this. The second thing I want to share with you before I get to some examples, is Allah Swati Salatu was Salam. And he said in a Hadith, we'll call mine wakulla Miss own Andhra Yeti, all of you are, you want to use the word Shepherd or guardian,

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Qumran, every one of you and

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every one of you is in fact buying

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Shepherd, Guardian responsible, local Massara hundra Yeti and each one of you is responsible about their guardian who they are responsible for. You will be asked basically what he's saying, Qumran each individual on this earth has a guardian or he is a guardian taken care of. He said Qualcomm, everybody what Qualcomm is all under it and all of you will be asked about those who are responsible. So the parents and now he come and says that so they would like who are who are these people? And he said, number one, I knew who the governor is a guardian responsible for those who he governed what Rajat Orion, Allah elevating and the father is responsible and will be asked to

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remember this to hear responsibility, there is honor and responsibility, there is your response and you will be asked to the responsibility. What are the raw data and the man the husband, the father is responsible for his responsible for his family, and he will be asked about it. Now come to the mother. While not sure if it is Oh gee how wala D and the woman the mother is responsible Guardian, her house, husband and oualidia and his child. Look at this beauty of Rasul Allah is or towards ceramic. Everything comes from his mouth, and his sight or Salaam is a jump. He specified the child, he connected the child with a mother while moratoria to elevate his Lj and the woman is suitable for

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her house and the children and, and the husband is responsible for everyone. And the husband is responsible for everyone.

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And this is why we're called Akuma Yeti. So basically this is what our Swati saw to us. And this is actually a hadith in a Buhari and in its in body and in

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Muslim. So who are the one I want to share with you today? Right? I have a long list. So I don't know, when Allah Subhana Allah will allow me and give me the time and in our coming semester, the summer semester, I will be teaching a whole

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course on a Saturday inshallah starting end of June is about knowledgeable woman, women of knowledge is is in general throughout the whole Islamic history. And one of them I'm going to mention here today but I'm not going to mention in detail because I am going to mention in detail in the course. I'm going to talk about the son and then see where the mother so who is the son that's going to be talking about the son is an

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addict, hydraulic and pneumatic is as a hobby is a companion, right? He's a companion and he is

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in Medina. And what was so special about him and his Salatu was Salam

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in the household of Rasul Allah, his salatu salam, he lived in the household of Rasul Allah saw Tosa grew up in his house since age 10. And then he became who he is, including he was one of the frequent companions, great habits of Rasul Allah, his Salah Chaucer. So let's see how he ended up in the house of Allah Azza wa sallam and he is not his his child. He is not his son. He related this hadith saved nearness and he said our Swati has sought to sit on King to Medina, and I was about eight years of age, eight years of age.

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My mom took my hand and took me like grabbed my hand and took me right. And told us what he saw it was

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also a lot there's many narration he is saying this. Remember when he when he became older and be

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happy when he was one of the narrators of Hadith he said, my mom brought me I was about 18 years of age in some narration was 10. And she came to us what a wonderful to Medina. She said your rasulillah everyone from Al Assad, the helpers, give you some thing. And basically I don't have anything to give you.

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You basically meaning material thing what they gave you. I am going to my son

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who take him

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my son

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My bad luck. Let him serve.

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You as long as you want, let him serve you as long as you want. And he said, and this is in this narration, and he said I

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served him almost

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10 years. Never

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a word that me Never in many narration, but the one that's probably an overall idea and he said he never in the years I served him, he never asked me why did you do this? or Why didn't you do that? That's an SUV nomadic, that that younger man used to have been of the servant of a Rasul Allah, his salatu salam.

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Now who made him the servant of Allah Swati site was sent out his mother. And he said, and they say he used to really so happy and proud about this title, the service of avasarala hisako Center, and you look what he used to say, say, he used to say, I hope I will meet a roswaal a sort of set out on the Day of Judgment until the Day of Resurrection for a hula. I will say to us while he saw to a sinner, who a democrat and I will tell him, he Allah, so Allah, this is your little servant, your young servant, Ennis, and a sub pneumonic. Okay, what is her name?

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Everybody knows her into names, not her name. What the most famous name that she is more or less, right. And she was she had many names actually, if you look at literally they, they differ in what's her real name. But the most popular name she was known is also named the mother of saline.

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ins, in fact, was her son from the first husband.

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She married when she was in Makkah, she was a Muslim, or Swati saw to Islam brought Islam she was one of the early ones who accepted Islam. She had ns at that time, she came to her husband, and she said, I became Muslim, you need to become a Muslim.

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And he refused. And he left her with a baby with an S. She's a single mother.

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And he left left how to any want to they say they will be glad to Sham to the area of Syria and Jordan. And he left she said, I will not get married. Unless look at the mother. I will not get married, unless I see an us as young man growing up. And He is known for his knowledge

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and will not get married until I see this young man growing up. And he has a lot of knowledge. And

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she taught him herself how to read and write. So when she brought him to Roswell, he has salatu salam. He knew how to read and write. And this is one of the things that she said.

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You're so alive. This is my son. And he's a younger man, but he knows how to write.

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That's a single mother, who has one child who

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was homesick of ours, Panama Tyler, that's number one. And number two, focus,

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taught him then sacrificed her child for the sake of her child.

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Oh, it's very difficult for a mother to give up her child Subhan Allah can I'm sure all mothers who are listening to me will find this very difficult, but she did it. So how long she did it. And when she did it, and her goal was focusing on her son to become knowledgeable. She said to us what he saw to take him he is he is a young man who knows how to how to read and write and are Swati saw to some accepted, kissed him. And many they do for him and he said Allah, I wish this day. All of us would love to have this do our former Rasul Allah saw to Solomon he said Allah axioma oladapo We are a law, increase his wealth and increase his offsprings or his children.

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And this woman, this woman, so her son became an assumed pneumonic device or hobby. There's a hobby the companion that is not like any other companion, but not only grew up in the house of Ross, what they saw and who had the idea who made the sacrifice the model, but also he is the one that learned the formula, Swanee sought to center and then he became by himself, the scholar

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And she this woman I'll give a very short story about her so you can know when the child when you want your child, your child to become special and I am talking about special in the sight of a loss pantalla not in the sight of this doing, not necessarily famous and has a lot of money that haven't been

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the most important thing that he is famous and he is or she is a child she or he are good, pious, Allah pleasing, successful Indonesia. It is mother and the father of Fatima. I mean kissing on the model, because most of these righteous men, scholars, their mothers made the sacrifice. Their mother made the sacrifice SubhanAllah.

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So she, this woman, this woman,

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she had another child, after NSA, NSA grew up and became knowledgeable.

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She got married to another Sahabi

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she had been helped from him. Young, he got a call, he was sick. And one day Paul had died. His father was outside the house. This woman covered

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in the end, the room just died. The husband came home. She didn't say anything. This is a story that gives me goosebumps. Again, I will discuss this woman in detail probably in an hour total in our upcoming course woman of knowledge because she is also became a knowledgeable woman with a lot of background and knowledge. Anyway, the husband came in person died and he's in the house. She came in, open the door. The husband came in. Did you had dinner? No, I did not. She served the dinner. Then she gave fulfill his right. Then she asked him

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the son died. She said what if you if someone come to you and says that somebody gave them something as

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tossed? And then they came back later and they wanted their trust back? What do you tell them? He said, Of course after them give the Thrace back because it's not theirs. It's there. It's not they don't own it. The other people own it. She said, Well, your son was a thrust from Allah. And he took him back.

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So for the law,

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that's the model.

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The model of saying is so humble. Second one, I want to shut up I hope you're feeling what I am feeling if it's something beyond second one I want to talk about is a mom Shafi, which we all know. So who is it the man Shafi. Right? Mm Shafi, we all know is difficult. Everybody knows that. So he is the squalor of flick that he was a student of an email Malik but he made his own,

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which is a good amount or a good number of the Muslim countries follows him around a sharpie part of Egypt. You have the other Sham Syria, Jordan, and some of Iraq, some even in the Gulf, even in the east, Salima Shafi, right, his mother

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described as the following. She was originally an Arab, but she's not from the people of Cornish. She was tequila, she was a lot, feeling a lot conscious of it. And she was also knowledgeable, and very smart and intelligent. And she knows the value of knowledge. This is very important. I will not study, I will not teach Well, I don't want I will not push my children to study something. I'm not talking about religion, unless I know the value of this. So you want your child to become let's say it person, because you know the value of it in this time only want your child as many parents to become a physician or become a lawyer. Because you know the value of it. She knew the value of

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knowledge. So that's the first thing mothers and I will say fathers in general Muslim parents, you really need to know the value of knowledge of this Deen what impact it has on the house, on the children on your offsprings and their children. And the value of this knowledge in the sight of a law and the value of this knowledge of the Day of Judgment. So the mother of Imam Shafi emu can utterly fully lay Mikado, she knows the value of it. She pushed her child to learn. She puts the child to learn and grow

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All these children had obstacles. So we talked about the same as he was.

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She was a single mother. She was he was her only child. She pushed him to the house of Rasul Allah sola sola to, to learn. And remember, it was not only a fact he was not he was not only the founder of the frick shafia or the school of thought of resharper he was the first one who puts on he started or he founded the discipline of Asana, in fact, the principles of not the principles of it, and he was also an Imam Shafi.

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He was a scholar of commentary of the Koran, and he was a scholar of Hadith. And he was a poet. And he was a very famous poet, and he was an excellent Archer. And he was a traveler, well educated traveler, mm, which is another scholar, his mother also involved in his up in the result of what we see, he said about the mom shuffling and he mumbled FM and he said, Can you mama Shafi because she loves to read dunya and Imam Shafi was like the sun to this world. And colossian Enos like health for people essential that's what it is. Why do I need the song? I can't live

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no sign. We can't live we how do we feel when there is no sun and allow fitness like health to human being if I am sick or you're sick? How do we feel if you are not healthy? How do we feel essential? So he said he mama Shafi to the people was an essential

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and he said if it was not for mum Shafi we didn't know what the heavy topper was, what he saw was Sarah.

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Now, he was an orphan, and he Manish Shafi. His father died and he was two years of age,

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two years of age, and he was an orphan. His mother took care of him. Now, she took him to Makkah.

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why tureens his father Julie was from Makkah. So they will have some one in some family close by. And he has little bit of inheritance that they can live on, but it was very little. And the main reason that because NACA was the source of knowledge was maca was the source of knowledge. She spent she focused on teaching him

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which way he finished memorizing the Quran at age seven. Now memorizing the Quran with understanding, memorizing the Quran, value of the Quran at age seven. Then she took him this is all the mother single mother minimum amount of money was very tight for them. She took him by her hand to the masjid al Haram in Makkah, to the teachers to the scholars. And

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she told him I want you to learn from this from this color, I want you to learn from this color. And I want you to learn how to read well the Quran and I need you to read to know the commentary of the Quran. He was 13 years of age 13 one three, he was an absolute scholar of that age.

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These disciplines in the Quran, in the reading and in the tafsir and he memorized the whole moonwalk but the book of Imam Malik at age 13. And then he made or he founded his his own and his own display and his mother, his mother

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15 or 16

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she said now time to travel to Medina.

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I want you to go to Medina and I want you to learn from me Mr. Malik. Because in America is a scholar of that time. Now when I say these when I say these stories, what do you need to think? mother's parents,

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children, children, it's like a dog. You move them the way they are and this is how Rasul Allah saw to Samson, he said puligny Adam kulu kulu

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Akuma lewd EULA Johanna, every newborn will be born and will fit on the natural instinct which means that every child when he is or she is born, they will be born. They know that

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As a creator,

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who then history runs, you let you magician who you are, how are we done here are set on his parents will make him Muslim Christian Jews, others. What is this hadith teaches me it's the parents influence in the house, the parents influence in the house. And here is specifically the mother has a huge impact on the on the child. And there is many, many usual sayings in in different parts of the world about the influence of parents on children, and let under model and there's a very famous scene in the Arab world, the meaning of if you

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turn the container upside down the mud the daughter is like the mother it's times, like you look at the door, you say this is her mother or you look at the mother, you say this is her daughter, the influence of parents on the children is phenomenal. It's phenomenal. And even in studies, we have seen it if you move a child, let's say with a child who was born in Japan, so he is by genes is Japanese. But if you bring him to live here in the United States, you will grow up as an American, although the genes are Japanese meaning the influence on the surroundings and the force surroundings is the parents. So his mother took him. The man Shafi at age 16 1516 to two

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took him to Medina took him to Medina

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to learn because she said Medina

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is where more knowledge are there. Basically Malik was there and he stayed there for nine years. And he didn't leave Medina just to come and visit her. Now she didn't even teach. She didn't teach him only knowledge. Nanny go alone. But she also taught him character she said, beyond it's a said that she used to teach him to be generous, and donate and she said every time you come to mark to visit me, don't enter America before you give up a charity

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hepatitis on the amo jihad, young man, how much he has, every time. What do I need to do now if I want to use it these days I will say to my child, every time you go to the masjid number one, I'll take my child to the messenger

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because the masjid is the place when we live in a non Muslim country. That magic is the place where the child will see and will feel and will be connected with his religion. Where will you and I learned religion when we are outside all in mind we have Allah who will remind me of a la soiree Sato Santa. The Masjid does one and number two if you want to apply this form, if you want to like copy, the mother of an Imam Shafi look in the masjid in the community where there is a scholar where there is someone who knows I will have my child to spend time with them.

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Rather than I have my child spend time on unfortunately the iPad and all the games and all this i'm not saying we should not give them time for play. That has to be also part of it. The focus and then if I am want to be like the mother of a man chef a when my child entered the masjid, I teach them every time you enter the masjid give a charity so he grew up charitable, pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that and also she was one of the stories about her that she was absolutely very smart. And she was very

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when when when you look and when you look at these mothers it's amazing that even the name as I said in the beginning we don't even know the names of these of these woman but we know the mother of so I always ask a mechanic we should ask ourselves right how people will remember me, the mother of okay and the mother of all of what is that child or she or he or that son or the daughter brought to this life?

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What again what footprint we will leave after us when we leave

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other than the we enjoy it and have learned everything is good, but what did we leave? So the mother of a man Sharky look at who the man Shafi and she was a single mother with minimum resources, but her focus was to have her child pleasing to Allah pantai. Now these are the amount of Shirky a man nsmb Malik. These were not only knowledgeable men, but they were righteous men. I just smell a lot of feeling a lot connected. If they didn't see this in their home. It will not come to them just by the knowledge just by the knowledge. So

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Subhan Allah, the mother of an Imam,

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the mother of an Imam and her name is Sophia. Sophia the mother is Sophia Imam Ahmed story is very similar to Imam Shafi. Also, he was Manisha was born in the second 100 years. And they were very, they were poor at the limited resources. And again, he was an orphan. And his father died when he was young, so much similar to him, and Shafi. Now, what did she do?

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What did she do, she used to wake them up in the morning, she used to wake him up in the morning, and prepare the water for him for the Salah herself. And he used to want to go early, because they're that time they used to teach the

00:30:56--> 00:31:41

classes have knowledge they used to teach it in the masjid, after fudger which actually now if you go to Medina and you go to mark, your see this tradition still is after even in our Masjid in many masajid there is always some teaching time after fudger. It's time which is a blessed, and time where we are awake. And we as a day start we have we don't have this distractions yet. So he used to go to the link. Now we're talking about him and his mother. He used to go to learn the Hadith. So he used to go to the masjid, she take him by herself, because he was young, and she was a single mother. And she was very worried about him. So she walked with Him to the masjid. So he wanted to go

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earlier, so he can sit in the front. She used to say no, wait, let's pray for God. And I'll take you with my hands. And they said she was she used to cover complete, excuse me, and goes with him to the masjid. This is he talks about his mother and ultimate humble. And he said, when I became 16 see how much it's the same story. When I became 16 she said go and travel, go travel and seek knowledge and see what she taught him.

00:32:18--> 00:32:25

She said go and seek knowledge age 16 because because

00:32:26--> 00:32:42

traveling to learn is actually a state of migration to Allah subhanho wa Taala look at the model. 16 years old son told him go learn, go and learn because going learning

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he or she told them go and learn the Hadees learning is absolute, like a state of migration to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, see what she taught him in one statement to reflect on this statement. Traveling for knowledge is a very noble thing to do.

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But knowledge has to be for our last final metalla and it is like migration. So she puts in the heart of the 16 years old. The importance of knowledge and you're talking about the knowledge of Allah, the importance of sacrifice for the knowledge and that you need to do things that's pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he said this is he is talking about that. Mm hmm. And he said when she get things ready for me to travel, she puts for me they had minimum they didn't he was not rich he didn't have much. And said she put for me little bit of food. And she said he was traveling alone. She said my son I am going to send you with the production of last pantalla I am going to

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give you as a tossed in the hands of a loss pantalla and anytime human being terasse put his trust or put something as a tossed it with Allah subhanaw taala luckily

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what you have trusted with Allah will never get lost. And this is actually one of the do. We say when we leave say subdial cola lady letter we are there. Yeah. So when you travel, right islamically we say sldr cola. I leave you with the last panel with IRA as trust with Allah and Allah we never what you trust with a lot will never get lost. She said this her 16 year old son, and she's a single mother minimum resources. She said go learn. I will leave you in the in the hand of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he ma'am athma again, he was a man of heavy. He has a whole wizard he has a whole book of hurry. And he was a man of luck we all know for call humbly which is

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Now in the mostly practice in the Gulf area, he was also of course a half of of the Quran and he was legend in his

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last conscious I mean when you read about he has actually a book called The zoo his relationship with Allah pantalla and his connection with Allah subhanaw taala who is also scholar of the Arabic language and he said about himself, I have written about Arabic way more than any scholar of Arabic have written and Eman Shafi described the Imam Imam and he said the Imam asthma Now, look what this woman brought to us as a man of shafa he said that a man has eight eight characters, eight qualities. He was a leader and the Hadeeth he was a leader in film. He was a leader or Emacs scholar, a four burner scholar in language in the Arabic He was a scholar of color and he was a

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scholar of zuid he was a scholar Film Noir, a lot less attachment to this vignette and he was a scholar on a leading and following the son of a Rasul Allah he sort of said all this young man, single mother brought him up.

00:36:36--> 00:36:37

What did this mother had

00:36:39--> 00:36:51

connected to Allah spawn Tada. knowledge for her is prime importance sacrificing, and I want all the mothers who are listening to me and fathers

00:36:52--> 00:37:01

sacrifice for the sake of a law. So my child will be done like of Imam Muhammad, don't you want your child to be the like of a man?

00:37:03--> 00:37:06

famous, popular? Everyone Remember him?

00:37:07--> 00:37:09

Almost 1300 years later?

00:37:10--> 00:37:13

And what rewards he brought to his mother.

00:37:14--> 00:37:24

All these people who learned from him everyone I don't recall. I have studied something or read something if the name of an email didn't come. Pamela

00:37:25--> 00:37:36

and so behind him as we have said there was this woman who is absolutely right just and righteous woman and

00:37:38--> 00:38:22

probably for the time I will cover only one more and then as I said, the the classes our summer classes are handled I have a brand new neurobiological hammer lawmakers of the Grateful are starting this coming week. Next week. And we have again new classes that handle a lot of brand new variety of topics. We have color and normalization we have color on reading how to learn the Quran from the basics of battle if you don't know at all to reading beginners to perfecting to teach read all this humbler memorizing different parts of the Quran where you live. And also we have Arabic language you want to learn the Arabic the Arabic of the Koran. We also have that Willingham and also of course

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willingdon han Do we have two guests and speakers will I have this coming summer we have a whole

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program about pickoff Salah to be taught by Chuck Ayesha was was that's actually her specialty. And we have a full week's program for the goals 13 to 17 emotional intelligence that will be taught by a sister Husein Majidi How does this young? Remember young girls be proud of their identity? emotionally? How do you overcome all these challenges around what do I need to prepare them with, but this is for the girls themselves. And I will be only teaching our weekend, some courses, one of them will be Muslim of knowledge. And I will cover women that most of us don't know them who have, who are scholars and have left a huge impact on this oma on us. Some of them were scholars and were

00:39:25--> 00:39:46

also mothers of scholars. The last one I'm going to end up with today is an economic theory, which we all know who doesn't know the name Subhan Allah And amazingly people know him as an enamel blowhard who is basically from Bihar. It's a place in the in the East close to Russia these days mojarra

00:39:47--> 00:40:00

he's a boy Abdullah and his name is Mohammed mercenary. So his name is Mohammed. And he Mahmoud Buhari. What is so special about Emami Bihari, let's start from now. He

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

He has a book that is by the consensus of all the scholars all that all the times. That is the most accurate book of Hobbes

00:40:14--> 00:41:04

Chapin law. The most accurate book of Hadith that had in that book, and Emmanuel Buhari has done every Hadeeth he puts in that book, he said, I prayed st hora to Allah, before I put that Hadith in my book. And he has so strict criteria and then one day inshallah we may cover these topics also, but I'm just gonna give you an idea, but then we'll talk about his model. He has shows string, you strict criteria, to put a hadith in his book, The heavy is the saying of roswaal a Software Center has two parts, just general information for all of us to learn. There is the what they call it a mutton, the content of the heartbeat and the senate the chain. So who heard that from our soil a

00:41:04--> 00:41:50

salt or sand then who heard word till attritional email Buhari, who are these people? Right? He had so strict criteria about these chain to accept so he put it to accept that chain to put it in his book. Because usually, a Swami sought Osama speak in a gathering, and there is more than one person. So there is this person, that person, that person, and then each one will go and talk to another person, another person. So sometimes you see the same heartbeat as many chains, as we call it. Senate chain, and Imani Bihari for that change, we accept it for him, he required that everyone in that chain not only lived in the same time, or lived in the same era, but they have to have met

00:41:50--> 00:42:13

person to person is one of these strict criteria. The point emammal Bihari that that email who has that book that had no other impact, no other book had impact on the Sunnah and the Hadith likely Mahmoud Buhari at a two years of age, he was blind.

00:42:14--> 00:42:15

He became blind.

00:42:17--> 00:42:23

So Pamela there but I know who he is sorry. He became blind. His mother

00:42:24--> 00:42:41

so how long should a dream and this you find it in more than one place? The story, his mother. This is a mother of a child who the child was singing. And then he became blind. And these two years of age span a lot you can you can imagine.

00:42:42--> 00:42:55

She saw in a dream. What? Satan Ibrahim? In the dream, he said to her, yeah, happy for for you. Woman basically.

00:42:56--> 00:43:01

Allahu Allah, Nikki vasara. Allah have sent back

00:43:03--> 00:43:27

the eyesight of your son, your son can see now but he didn't say he can see said Allah brought his eyesight back. By what? Because throaty do a kick by you're persistent, and plenty of your supplication to Allah was a drug de la vida, he was Allah and Allah have sent back his eyesight back again.

00:43:28--> 00:43:46

What a woman, any imagine what relationship this woman had with Allah, tala that he accepted, how do I how to send back the eyesight of her son, she was described as,

00:43:47--> 00:43:58

spend a long time and do our issues to cry a lot. Once she hears the words of Allah subhanaw taala. She used to take him herself to the masjid.

00:43:59--> 00:44:45

And she sent him it's the same stories of how long I was reading, preparing this as like it's the same characters in this woman. The woman herself is a pious woman, the woman herself is connected to Allah, the woman herself, know the value of the religion know the value of the knowledge. That's why she can give it to her child. Some of them they taught, but the examples I gave you, they didn't have a lot of knowledge to teach the child, their child, especially men, so she took them herself with sacrifice to scholars to teach them and that's the same thing with the email a Bihari his mother used to send it she takes him to the masjid and let him sit with this call. Remember Buhari

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

was described as very thin, not too tall, not too short, and he was rich. This is very different from the others he had inherited from his father. A lot of wealth, but he used to give it up in charity.

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

He used to eat minimum. They said sometimes the whole day, he doesn't eat maybe one meal, and he had a lot of honor. And he was, he doesn't take things from people and he speaks very little. And when he speaks, like gems comes out, and he was so fearful of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that anything that even if it is something that is lawful, a lot of lawful, he stayed away from it out of fear, out of fear, that he may be doing something not pleasing to Allah. He said, the following. I have never backbiting anyone from the day I learned that backbiting is home.

00:45:49--> 00:46:38

This is imaginable. Holly said I have never backbiting anyone from the day I learned what did he learn when he puts the heavies when he puts one year on the IEA when he read the commentary of the I I have never backed by Did anyone and he said a lot. Look at this one. He said I hope I wish I pray that I will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and he will never take me accountable because I have backed martyred anyone. I wish I hope I pray. That's when I need a last panel wattana I will never be asked about somebody who I backed by hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen we have a little bit more time to speak about one more mother and hamdulillah hiragana Allah is always is an Imam Malik. So you have an Imam

00:46:38--> 00:47:13

Malik in the fifth, the fourth school of thoughts. We have an Amen Malika. He was the first one Mr. Medina. This is the one that the mother that the demand chef or his mother send a mama Shafi to learn front, then Mama shafia his student, right, then we have actually I'm sorry, the first one is email Abu hanifa Please forgive me, the email Abu hanifa then you have an Imam Malik. When you have an email I'm Shafi and you have an Imam surely my Malik his mother. Right. And Natalie Her name is Elle Heidi, the loaf of the lofty one right and she was also from a well known Arab

00:47:14--> 00:47:17

tribe. And same thing

00:47:18--> 00:48:01

it's almost the same like so how long but these they lived in a different time in different places. Number one, made her child memorize the Quran, young age, young age because the Quran and I always see this statement and I was taught the statement when you memorize the Quran is not only you memorize the Quran, but actually the Quran protect you. When you memorize it for the sake of Allah not by force on you memorize but you want to memorize it, or one when you are memorizing it somebody let's say a child, and this is for the children hearing listening to me when your parents wants you to memorize the Quran and then Allah opens your heart to see the beauty of what you are doing the

00:48:01--> 00:48:04

Quran will protect you. Half of the

00:48:08--> 00:48:59

half the Arabic language is the carrier but also the protector. carrier and the protector so it's the Quran protect so is his mother made him memorize the Quran, and she used to send him the Imam Malik sent him when he's a young child send him to sit with the scholars now special about Eman Malik mother, she used to make sure that he dressed very well dressed very well. And so she makes sure you dress well and make him have his turban. And then she takes him says go and learn. And not only she paid attention to the way he dress and the external appearance, but also who he who he is learning from who he is learning from the same way we say these days. Who are the Friends of your

00:48:59--> 00:49:29

children, who are they learning from and I'm not talking necessarily human beings, the internet, the friends on the social media Who are they learning from? And he chose for him who he learned from so she said go to the one of the famous scholars in Medina but not only scholar of knowledge, but he was famous of his Adam is tickets. She took her and says you go and learn from him, his advocates

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

and she was also she herself was very disciplined. And she taught her family a lot of discipline. And the Imam Malik just to let you know he Mama shafia he's a student. He said about his teacher Lima Malik he said Mr. Malik between scholars like the stars, like the stars, like when we said the mama chef a for the for the this life is like the sun

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

And they say that the man Malik is like the stars.

00:50:03--> 00:50:15

And he's also Fatih is also a scholar of Hadith. And he was, again very pious. And when you talk about people of knowledge, a man Malik,

00:50:17--> 00:50:29

Yanni, always his name comes up and Amen, amen Murphy and Medina and she. And when they say who influenced this, this is humblot Allah made me remember this is

00:50:30--> 00:50:40

an EMA mark. And this will be very surprising to you and I will end up here very soon. He said this, he said when I was young, I really loved singing.

00:50:42--> 00:50:49

Not long in America, he said, I loved singing and I used to enjoy listening. And his mother said to him,

00:50:51--> 00:50:52

my dear son

00:50:54--> 00:50:57

won this if the person who sings

00:50:58--> 00:51:01

has ugly look, people will not listen to him.

00:51:03--> 00:51:36

Basically, they look at the external, she was trying to teach him external, what people look for. I want you to learn the real internal thing, which will show up on you. And people will listen and learn from you. Somehow, wow, I couldn't believe I was doing lucky. My mother used to love to listen, nanny loved he wanted to be a single action. He wanted to be a singer. So how, let's look at this woman. The point we learn here also from this incident, how to deal with the children or the How to

00:51:37--> 00:51:57

and it's easy to say it's not easy to practice and I'm not gonna say it is easy, but my Allah, by Allah help by the fact that you are sincere and you really want your children to become a law feeling. And we're number one, number one is that you practice

00:51:58--> 00:51:59

children to be

00:52:00--> 00:52:49

and we see this in the Arabic language factor the sheep lay off in the person who doesn't have something cannot give it. So maybe I am not happy but I couldn't in my time. That doesn't mean my child will not be a hassle. But if I want my child to become a half of the Quran, because I want my children to be the perfect children and so they I can boost about them in with my friends and society that's not for Allah subhana wa tada and this may and may not happen and if I am teaching my children things and I don't practice it, if they won't, it will not come out on them. And if you see all these mothers and mothers, if you see what they wanted from their children and a mother a single

00:52:49--> 00:53:34

mother gave her son to roswaal he sought asylum at age eight or 10 and says server was widely sought was very difficult. But they loved the last fantana and they love Disney and they were willing to sacrifice This is what we all need to learn troupis our last pantalla we have to sacrifice and I always I was just reading it very recently I'm hasip to enter totally john, do you think you will enter Janina Allah May Allah Allah my Allah Mila hola Nina jaha Domingo Allah ma Sabri, you think you will enter Jannah and Allah will not know who are the one who struggled for a sec and they were patient, we fasted on my watch was not easy. We stood up for Salah It was not easy, we tried all

00:53:34--> 00:54:16

this, and hamdulillah Allah made it happen. Same thing, if I want my children we all do. To become watchers, to pleasing to Allah successful in this life and the hereafter. Number one, I have to be a person who sincere to Allah. And what I want is for the sake of Allah, not to, again, show off and to brag about it. That's number one. Number two, I have to practice what I want my children to do. Literally, it was a list of the things that what parents needs to do. And simply I'm putting it in a nutshell for all of us. Number one, I have to be the righteous person to my best.

00:54:17--> 00:54:51

I feel but I try and I get up. Number two, I have to be sincere to Allah subhanaw taala I want my child because this is a pleasing to Allah, not for any other reason. It has to come with a sacrifice. Nothing comes in and we see this all the time in the United States. We say there's no free lunch in this country. no free lunch, nobody does things for free. So there's a free you're saying Why? What does that mean? You have to pay have to struggle. You have to work hard, you have to go out of your comfort zone, same thing for parents, for the children to become righteous.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

And I have to be the role model. Again, as I said, Who What is this the circumstance

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

As the children are growing up, if my focus is on this, my child most of the time would be his focus on this find focusing on five things more all of these things about dunia children would come out the same way. So these models if you look, their life was not easy. And your core children they brought up by sincerity by asking Allah I can't remember Buhari by being connected to Allah subhanaw taala My dear sisters, listening to me, connect to Allah subhanaw taala keep asking Allah pantalla ask Allah for forgiveness, purify your Nia intention, work hard for Allah, yourself and sacrifice for the sake of Allah. And may Allah subhanaw taala er be I mean you're beaming for bunnahabhain as

00:55:43--> 00:56:27

wodgina with the Ria Tina poeta you were talking to him is our last pantalla that he makes all the offsprings all the children, you are obey me. So what are you it's the coolness of the eyes. It's a very common sense it's even said in the Oran corners of the eye like when I see the children, my eyes feel cold meaning I am comfortable I am happy we all want our children to be there and let's make dua for everybody whether they are my children or not. Every child become a righteous Allah pleasing successful good human being bring higher goodness to this earth. You're beyond me. This is akin to panic a lot more Ambika shadow India and I still feel called to be a solo and I say no

00:56:27--> 00:56:58

Mohammed Ali he was hybrida Sleeman kathira again, please forgive us that we started a little bit late May Allah pantalla forgive me and it's just a technical thing happened when he died. He will soon shall live next to me. Again Don't forget our summer classes hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen Registration is open. We're starting most of them next week in sha Allah and my stomach class not my stomach studies with a lot use me to teach is actually starting at the end of June and again you can register online salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.