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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah How on earth He also having water.

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So before the solder, we were speaking about the

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names of the client. And we said that the first name and the most prominent name is put on, as Omar subhanho wa Taala says in a whole lot more on Kareem and this name, obviously something that was repeated

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many times in the, in the Quran itself, the second name, which is important.

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So that's keytab.

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As our last panel, Tyler said, hammy, one, Nikita, Moby, so was pantalla swears by the word kita, which is another title of the Quran meaning Al Kitab Al Kitab comes from the word ketubah. Which linguistically means to compile or to bring together so that's that's what word ket ever means. And so when you say something is a key tab is because essentially, you're bringing the letters together, or you're bringing the words together, so you have a key tab. Now, a key tab nowadays can be obviously that a written form. So it's in the scripture form, but it doesn't have to be as I mentioned before, also Some say that it is L keytab.

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So the answer, the keytab can can be either a scripture form, so you have a book, or it could be the compiler ation of words, or compiler ation of words is a key tab as well. So if I had a story, and I was telling you a story, so that would be a form of kita. So even though the Quran

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did not exist as a scripture, full text scripture as it is today, at the time of the prophet SAW, so we'll talk about that later on. It was still called a key tab. And some say that this is because in fact Allah was saying

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to the people that the Quran will become a book, which is compiled even though it was not that at the time of the Prophet some

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other things that it means keytab because actually brings together all the different different aspects. So it brings together stories to bring us together laws, it brings together admonishments begins together reminders, so it's a keytab in that way, bringing together all these different things.

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Third name of the Quran is an alpha con.

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Coming from the word follow up, which is, in fact, it's probably the opposite to cateva. Because cateva is bringing things together photocard is separating things. And that's because the Quran is called l for conterra or kaylene as lol for on alpha. so alpha on is known as that because it distinct, distinct, distinctive, so it distinguishes or it makes distinct, or it separates between the truth and the falsehood. Or it makes clear what is

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what is Islam and what is co for

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what is a believer and a hypocrite so the Quran makes all that manifest in its words and teachings. So that's why I was calling for fun. And that's where Omar on the other hand was called at Pharrell, because come from the same word, which is that he used to be alpha beta Hawk. Well, Barton, he was a guy who, who would distinguish between truth and falsehood. So that's why he was named and Pharrell. Also funnel outcomes also means something which runs away for something for common who means he ran ran away from him. And that's because they aligned the shavon needs to run away from Alma.

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That's how strong the profit is. And I said that and how do you do that? Well, I hear I'm on

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low silica, low select

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fechin the selection panel for general, if you walk down a wife edges a wide road wide view

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road if you walk down that Valley Road shavon would go and walk in a different road.

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Okay, so that's how that's because again the name follow

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fourthly, the Quran is also known as

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was vichar mi a comes from the words reminder,

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reminder is dicker, or it can mean mentioned

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that our last pantalla says we're heard the call mobile icon. And this is a decal and this is a deca it's a blessing ticker, which We have revealed. So it is a reminder because obviously the Quran contains admonishments, it contains reminders, warnings, stories, and so on. But also the ticker means mentioned. The victim this person has a decoder means he hasn't mentioned a good mentioned. And one thing that the Quran is an Allah subhanaw taala shows his favor onto the Arabs, especially when he says that this or an gives you mentioned it gives you a raises your status as a last data set to the process. And we're in a whole ethical lecture, while the public was self autonomy, it is

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a form of honor for you and your people last metathesis to the processor, because with this Koran, it raises people so those who become associated with the Quran, it raises them and those who dissociate themselves from the Quran, it will put them down and we have the famous hadith of our model, the allama Henry's from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he wrote in the context of this hadith is when once Ahmad, he placed a governor

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over Mecca during his reign as a halifa.

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And one day Omar called the governor to his to account in his he said, you know, invite him to come to Medina. So, the governor, he didn't want to leave Mecca and he shouldn't have left the mecca without any person in charge deputy deputized so he deputized someone called a been a be observed.

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So when he when this man the governor came to model their line, he asked him who have you left in charge of Mecca, he said, even though it'd be absurd, he said,

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he said he used to be a slave, but he is a freed slave. So I'm always surprised that you've left the slave or a free slave in charge of Makkah. And the reason why they were surprised is because the slaves and this is

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something we need to understand as well is that the mentality of the slave, obviously don't have slaves today. But when they did exist, the slave had the mentality of,

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of not having any concern. There's no real sort of the burden on the slave was very much reduced. In fact, the Sherry reduced loss of burdens of slave half half of what the

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the free man would have. So the so the punishments, the penalties, even the the burdens of the Sharia are reduced. So a lot of time if you read in the Sharia, you see certain rules are not obliged if a person is a slave. Like for example, even Juma, a slave doesn't have to come and attend Juma is not obliged to play to come and do Juma and other things, you didn't pay the car because he doesn't own the money and so on.

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So anyway, the mentality of the slave sometimes is a mentality which is not ready perhaps to to be in control. You know, someone who is someone who has always lived their life without really understanding always he's being told what to do. How can you put him in a position where he is telling others to do he may not be able to, to measure he said, You left someone like that in charge of Makkah? He said, Oh ameerul momineen he memorizes the Quran

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and also he knows that I can the rules of of inheritance. Yeah, he has him in the file.

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That's why I left him so he was he's someone who is knowledgeable he has the Quran he has. So Omar initially said by Allah, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law Hellfire will be having Ronnie acquirement wire that will be allow arrays with this book with this foreign people and he will displace or put down others

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So this person who was one time a slave, he's now in charge of Makkah, which was in history. The people in charge were Quraysh, they were considered the noble men and even horatia monks themselves, they were, they would fight to who would be in charge, you know, so it wasn't just anyone who's got balls and this guy used to be a one time a slave, he's in charge. Why? Because he memorized the Quran to see how his zeker raises, it raises the mention of the person who is associated with it.

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There is another word which is similar to the curse, but it is it is the feminine

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which decry is more like a room

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which has meaning of more of like a

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you know, also reminder has a has a form of reminder as opposed to the code which has the two dimensions to it. So last fantastic weather cube in Africa 10 found more meaning.

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Okay, so those are four names or five names that we've just mentioned today. And as I mentioned last time, Sharla every lesson will add a few more

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to them and that will help us to gradually build on

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build on those names.

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But as you will come to realize and probably realized it already, that these some of these names are shared. So you know elkie tab, the book is not specific for the Quran. It there are there'll be other books, which are called the Kitab. In fact, the CBOE CBOE at the famous Arabic master he he compiled his his book, he compiled a book which contains all the Arabic grammar, grammar and Arabic linguistics and he called it Al Khattab so he named his book Al Kitab, which were famous reference in Arabic language, from a man who, who didn't used to speak Arabic, where he, he was he was learning Arabic, and he was sick. And then he was making so many mistakes that his, his chef said to

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him, you know, you will never have a tea success. And he was this language that you're speaking Kenny speaking so. So he went and he made that,

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like, he made on himself a pact that he will go and master the Arabic language. So he can't he went back and he wanted Arabic language and he became an authority in Arabic language.

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Okay, so that's

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alright, so the next section of the course is we're going to talk about something called y, which is revelation. So we need to know in Sharla in this section, we can understand what y he is. And we can understand and list the different modes of why and also at the same time understand what's the difference between recited and normally cited.

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Okay, so as before, why is a word which we need to define and understand what it means linguistically, so then we can understand what it means from the shehryar perspective. The Quran tells us mentions the word a number of a number of occasions. So for example, a law says that a law

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well how buka Ilana had a law

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gave ye

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to the bees, well, how bouquet lanahan concert of the night and the bees like isn't the way to go and live in the mountains in the trees in the different in their abodes. And he he gave them the instruction to go and different paths seek the paths and to obviously produce the honey. Also lots of Hamlet Allah mentions that

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while hyena

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in a mimosa to the mother of a lot also gave why.

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The mother of Moosa

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when she gave birth to moose, and she was worried about what to do, she knew that Pharaoh was killing all the children, all the boys, and so she didn't know what to do. So Allah says, well, hyena elomi Musa and out of the eight who gave her the war hain that she should breastfeed him. But if she felt

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that if she felt harm, she was worried about him to put him in a in a basket and to put him in that in the river.

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Also Allah subhanaw taala said

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The shale clean which is the plural of shape on the shale clean,

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give wahi to their associates

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to argue with you,

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especially with regards head and meat, allow mentions in the Quran, that you know sometimes you there was an argument arises, however is not halal and is it sorted for Allah or not. But Allah said with Charlene, they will have why with their associates to argue with you debate with you about you know, this is halal and

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making Thailand WISE WISE No. So all these things, you can see that the word ye has been used in these contexts. And so, you know, it's used with, you know, to the animals to non profits, shouting into their associates. So, from that their own amount understood that what he is a form of communication, which is a almost like a quick, it has the element of a quick

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communication. But not only that, it is between different

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beings. Okay, so there is a communication, which has a quick

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is passing on of knowledge. And it's quick, it's almost hidden. So it's not apparent, so like speaking directly, so it's is the aspect of being hidden as well.

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And because it's hidden, obviously, it is not apparent to others. So there's that that's the sort of linguistic understanding of why it's a was like a form of communication, it's most formal, like inspiration, if you like.

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And, like we said, this one, is a form of like, an instinctive inspiration. So last pantalla, has placed that instinctive instruction or inspiration into the bees, that that's how they should live their lives. And that's why it's Pamela, even today, when we see the bees, you know, they work and things like, it's only today that, you know, the scientists are discovering that the bees have a certain they have certain dances, and they have certain modes of communicating with each other, and they flap their wings and so on all these different modes of communication. And yet there are very simple, you know, beings, you know, in terms of their, in terms of how high they are in the

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hierarchy of intelligence, intelligence, they are low in terms of that terms, but even then, they have all that,

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that sophisticated methods of communicating. And that all indicates that there must be, in fact that, you know, an indication of an external teacher who is teaching them and telling them how to live their lives, which is a loss of Hannah to Allah. Also, this can be a form of natural inspiration here, because I said, like an instinctive one, here is the natural inspiration that Allah subhanaw taala, almost put inside the natural instinct and inspiration of a woman and the mother, that she one of the first things that she does is that she breastfeed her, her child. So it is this is that form of ye that Allah has placed naturally within the mother how to deal with her,

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her child. And with Charlene, it is almost as well it is a form of communication in the form of whispering.

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So it's that communication that the West WESA The shavon has and the Shelton have with their associates people who are willing to listen to them, so that they can engage in that and that was was always you can be in terms of whether we said mentioned that, but I mentioned about meet, where it can be in any aspect at all. So you can see that all these things are aspects of, of why

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in terms of either actual communication, or it can be something which is a form of inspiration. And so that's how we can understand why and that's why we see Wayne the poor and you have to understand it in that reality. So you don't think that okay, Wayne means one thing, and that's very important. I think that's an important lesson that you need to go away with. And a lot of people sometimes make this mistake is they go to the origin and they see a word and they think I've understood what this word means. And so then they every time they see that word in the Quran, they think that's how it must mean a classical one is the word could fall, for example, in other words, what could fall could

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plural of capital, okay, so you go to the Quran every time you see the word kofod is Allah who is disbeliever. Okay? But kuffaar also means a gardener or a farmer. Because the farmer he, the word cafaro means to cover. And the farmer, he covers the seed, puts the seed in the ground, and then he covers it. So he's called the capital, as well, linguistically. So you go in the client, sometimes Allah refers to the gardener as a capital in the plant. I have a job Elko, Nevada, Nevada to the garden, the plant bewilders the calf,

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you go and say, Oh, this is disbeliever. No, it means that the farmer because when he puts the seed and then he sees the plant, you know, he's delighted. And anybody who's tried gardening, is always happy when he sees the seed is sprouting, you know, giving that fruit you feel that so happiness that you know, is cut out.

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And similarly, you will find the similar things as well. In the Quran, you'll see the same kind of understanding in terms of attributes in verbs and attributes now, so don't always take that as as well. That's the that's the beauty of the Quran is the lesson that upon gives you the fact that you have to understand even you think about death, and we're fat. You know, how, how almost how we know that Allah is the one who takes away the life of La Jolla, tawaf and enforces a law who takes away the life. But then almost pantalla refers to alpha as the angels taking away the life. Okay, and then another verse, Allah talks about the Angel of Death is the one who takes away the life. So how

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do we understand that in that context, Allah talks about reserves, and we all know that Allah is the one who gives the result. But also Allah tala mentions that the human gives the result as well, when he says, zoom in, you know, when you when you come to divide the inheritance, Allah says if there's any poor people who have attended division of inheritance, then for whom provide them from that inheritance give the man is a form to keep your you've just earned a nice amount of money from your deceased relative. So Allah says give them so here the word the result does not mean the same result as what we mean in terms of that Allah is the only one who provides it's a form of giving. So I

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think that's an important lesson that we have to go with that don't always take the words don't expect every word. To me, there's always contextual meaning to the word. And sometimes it has linguistic meaning as opposed to a Sharia meaning okay. So, we understood the linguistic meaning of what he means,

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but the other meaning, which is the Sharia meaning of why is the hidden okay or non apparent

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communication that Allah subhanho wa Taala has with his prophets.

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So it's the hidden non apparent communication, which remember, is is quick

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with which he has with his prophets, that's the Sharia definition, when we talk about the shediac definition of why he does what we

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shall I mean, when you get your notes next time, you find the different examples of the way so, even, you know, we said that he can be a signal also, you know, that's linguistic and it can be a signal as Allah mentions that as a carrier, when the carrier could not speak his mirror as a miracle sign was that he will not speak for three days. So when he came out people couldn't understand what he wanted to say say that Oh Ha Ha and he was giving them signals of what have what to do a lot also called the Y or the Y that occurs between

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as we mentioned before the share of lien and also between the, the the righteous people.

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Okay, so, this is, this is what our aim is to understand that what that is what the Sharia meaning of Ye, which is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is communicating with his prophets,

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which is basically otherwise he is then this mode of communication, which ultimately leads to an enlightenment here. So then the prophet who has received communication from our last pantalla, who is absolute in his knowledge, who knows everything was the first and the final,

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who is aware of what people have in their hearts, who is the creator of all things, any person

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To receive ye from Allah and Allah must, wherever he says, wherever he does must be affected by this enlightenment is such a unique experience. So, we therefore understand the prophets I said I will talk about the Prophet as an example of all the prophets is that his life after Prophethood

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had to all be affected by his communication by Allah Subhana Allah Donna