Abu Bakr Zoud – The time of the accepted Dua on a Friday

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © In this segment, a speaker discusses two opinions on a Friday night that stand out among the forty opinions. The first opinion is that the dryer is accepted, while the second opinion is that the moment of acceptance is between the two Hopes of the day. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not choosing between these two opinions and offers advice for individuals to use during the night.
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Hola, como como la when they discuss this one hour in which the dryer is accepted on a Friday, pretty much there was almost 40 opinions. But from among these 40 opinions, there are two opinions that stand out firm and clear and authentic. The first of them is that this hour and by the way, when we say hour, we do not mean 60 minutes, right? An hour could mean more than 60 minutes could be less than that. It's a time during the day, a moment during the day. That's how Sarah is to be understood. So this moment of an except the dryer during the day of Friday has been there to be any authentic opinions that have been narrated, and listen to them carefully and then listen to what

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have been heard by him a whole lot commented on this so beautifully. The first opinion is that this moment of an accepted on a Friday is when the Imam is sitting between the two hopa. So in the first Copa is given them the Imam sits and then he gets up for the second hope but that sitting of the Imam is where that moment of drag is accepted and for you to make that

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or it could be also in where the man prays and his Institute or in his solid and that Dwyer insalata Juma in the suit will be an accepted that that's an opinion in which

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Rama Mohan law said that the except the dryer on a Friday is in between the two hope of the gym when he sits or in that solid, solid consumer. And the second opinion and it's a famous opinion as well. And it's backed up with a Heidi's that are authentic, and that is that it's the it is the last hour on a Friday, which is just before the sunset, and that moment somewhere there maybe half an hour, maybe 20 minutes, maybe one hour, maybe more but more than that, Allahu Allah, Allah Juana. But the idea is that these two moments are supposed to be taken serious by the believer and been hijacked by him Allah. He said that both opinions are correct. And he said, because this suits the generosity of

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a last question. Why should we prefer one opinion over the other when both of them have authentic Heidi? Therefore, a smart, intelligent believer will take advantage of these two moments when the Imam sits down between the two hopup make dry in that time, that's a time of an except the dryer. And it's Hadith is reported inside Buhari. That's a time of an accepted dryer. And insulated it's not a time for sleep. People are sleeping at that time. People are playing with their phones at that time. That's a time of an accepted bribe. Make at the time

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you're sitting in the masjid you're listening to the angels are sitting listening with the people are playing on their phones make during this time. And then when we pre select the Juma may be in your suit Allahu Allah, that could be a moment of be accepted. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us and told us that our Friday there is a moment in which the dryer is accepted. It could be that it could be insulated you are in your suit. And then also take advantage of the last hour

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of the last hour of the day just before the sunsets take out 20 minutes, take out half an hour. Take out one hour of your time. Sit in your room, look your room, sit and make a big loss of vision for what you want. When hamdulillah This is something given to us as an opportunity every Friday, Gabriella Juan who thought it was he? So imagine how happy and how excited he was when he was told this happens every week. Allahu Akbar. And there are Muslims that don't know about this. My brothers and sisters in Islam are lucky. The point of my lesson today is not to just teach you take these words and spread it to the wall. Spread it to all our brothers and sisters in Islam. They need to

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hear that on a Friday there is a special moment in which the wire is accepted. And this special moment could be between the two hope of the Imam when he sits or insalata. Juma itself in your suit, or it could be in the last hour on the day of Friday. Just before the sunset, take advantage of these times into my brothers and sisters in Islam isn't the only thing that bothers you in your life in which you want from a law of soil to resolve for you. And you're bothered by your sins that you won't allow soil to remove them from you is in any of among us, in sickness and in pain. And he wants a lot to remove and alleviate his pain from him. Don't any one of us don't you all what the

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paradox and to be saved from the fire? Don't you want Alonzo Hill to forgive your sins then what are you waiting for? Why don't

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The Muslims take advantage of these times in which there's a guaranteed except the dryer.

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Allahu Akbar Rahim Allah. He's saying do not choose pick and choose between these two opinions take advantage of both times. Because this is what suits almost generosity. A massage is generous of our social accepting can accept the dryer, in the first opinion in where that moment of accept the dryer is between the two hope of the man when he sits and it could also be the last moment of the day or Friday could be. That's the last generosity. Why are we limiting our last generosity to one opinion? My brothers and sisters in Islam take advantage of this time.

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