Waleed Basyouni – Patience Will Be Given The Reward

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of fear and the negative consequences of loss of wealth and the coronavirus pandemic, including the loss of people and the potential for deaths, is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for patient behavior and embracing change, as well as the importance of patient patience and guidance. The challenges of bringing food to people in poor health and staying at home are also discussed, along with the need for social distancing measures and support for local organizations. Overall, the speakers emphasize the importance of patient behavior and guidance, patient patience, and staying at home to flatten the curve of the virus.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna ba ba Jehovah God.

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eyeshadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree calahonda Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahu Mehta Sleeman kathira among that

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all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam.

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I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Surah Al Baqarah

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ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim ye Warden abbulu one be shy meenal hovi one Do you wanna

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mean al Ahmad evil for seaworth

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or Bashir is saw beauty in a Latina

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also, but mostly

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on in,

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in, in a gym.

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Oda he got him signed out to

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be him more

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And we will surely

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test you with something

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of fear

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and hunger, and a loss of wealth, and lives and fruits.

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It's a test that you be tested with fear.

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Today, people are afraid to shake each other's hands free to come closer to one another fray to

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the grocery store, somebody dropped something from the floor, pick it up, the person didn't even take it. afraid to take it from you and to being contaminated.

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frayed from your closest people.

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fear of poverty, fear of

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economic collapse, fear of chaos,

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fear of many things fear of death.

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Fear of

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you afraid about your family members, about your loved ones.

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What to do or hunger. And you see how people will basically stocking all what they can from the shelves of the stores. The fear of hunger is real. And it is about fear.

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a fear of the losses of wealth. We know people filing for bankruptcy just from last Friday to now how many people lost their jobs.

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Talking about going into an economic you know, disaster May Allah protect us, you know, people losing their wealth, people don't know what we'll do.

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So there is a test, when you lose the wealth that you never thought about it twice before. Now you think about you know, you never thought about, you know, the sanitizer that you use and the toilet papers that you use. Now you counted them.

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Many of the things that we didn't ever pay attention to before now became so valuable.

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Nuts, the shortage

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of wealth, the shortage of supply, and also the losses of

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lives people dying.

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And the count going up unfortunately, by the minute

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when it comes to worldwide, and by hours and days, when you come to a nation's and nationally

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and this is where the test comes to see how people will react. So Allah Subhana Allah said, but give good tiding to the patient to the submarine. Then he described them who when the disaster strikes them, they say

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indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to him. We will return because what is the worst outcome of anything

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disaster is to return to a lot any another word, as they say to the the worst outcome of this virus is to kill someone. So and then another word and the worst outcome that you return to Allah subhanaw taala. For a believer for someone who believe in Allah, he knows that in any way that's will return on whatever last month Allah decreed that I will die or die. And I know that if this is what it is for me, I know that mitogens Allah will not be something except good for me.

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I'm bringing that come calmness to the to the heart. Also, it means we belong to a lot and we return to a lot that is another meaning you can contract, basically understand from this, that Yala, we belong to you. That's why whatever you will decree upon us, we know that it will be good, because we return to you for seeking help and relief, an aid.

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We just don't rely on ourself.

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Those are the ones upon whom our blessings from the Lord and mercy.

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Those The one who will love praise because when calamity and disaster strike, they return back to Allah subhana wa Tada. They don't just spend their days and night laughing and joking about the funny memes than the things that the the funny jokes that we just hear. I agree some of them are funny, and just watching the news and that's it. And there's nothing change. And I will say if nothing have changed in our life, if you did not increase your reading of the Quran if you didn't increase your Toba and you review yourself, if you did not start making three of change in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala what's the point from every for all of us?

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And if we don't change that habits and bad habits that we have

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that's the whole point of this virus and this test that Allah subhanaw taala put us in.

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And those The one who Allah praise Allah insalata madurodam Allah praise such people and showered them with his mercy and mercy of Allah Subhana Allah tekun look for you look for come sometimes from where you don't expect it.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, those are the rightly guided, what would I make a human What to do?

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Allah Subhana Allah told us in your fasab your own and your own.

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Law US alone, what are you alone, when you were offered a home

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in the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala promise indeed the patient will be giving the reward without account.

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And as I said, it will not be waited it will not be made you know, it will be abundant of reward just be given to them drop on them.

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A server patience it means that you control your reactions, and you don't doubt your Lord. A server means that you adjust with the new situation that you're in, to bring the the best out of it.

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Patience means not being passive, doing nothing. No patient means that you do your due diligence do your role. Patience means that you're calm when you act.

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Patience means that you're not angry at Allah.

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Patience means that you reflect

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on your own life and in your own actions.

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Remembering that nothing happened unless Allah subhanaw taala have decreed upon us

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to know that whatever happened to you happen to you by the will of Allah for a greater wisdom and whenever you missed and you've been saved from you've been saved from because of Allah subhana wa Tada. Nkrumah said, everybody at one moment they are happy at one moment they are sad.

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Everybody get out at one moment, I time happy there's a time of happiness though sadness can when I can use our photo hashtag Keira Webb is no sobre in the moment of happiness, making a moment of being thankful and grateful. And the moment of sadness make a moment of Toba and repentance on suburb.

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My brothers and sisters it's one thing that we lose wealth, the losses of wealth, the losses of money, the losses of of all these no boundaries that almost matter like giving us but you know what's the real losses. What you see right now.

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The real losses when the loss of Hannah attalla take from you

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the ability

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to raise your sins and to increase your good deeds,

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the real losses. To give you example, I'm not sure if I told you last week or not

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just one simple thing we used to do every day when we shake everybody's hand. in Ibiza, Selim said every time you shake somebody's hand, your sins fall off your shoulder, like the way that the the the dry leaves fall of the tree.

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You don't get that anymore.

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You don't have access to it anymore.

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You don't have access to Oman, you didn't have access to Salatu. Juma, you will not even have this number next week.

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Because the number is restricted to 10

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minutes, many of those people who are now praying Juma will not pray to Him or him next week.

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Because you can't have that number in the gathering,

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which is only maybe 25.

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That's when the last thing yes, we say the intention and allottee word but it's not by praying jumaane

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it's not like shaking the hands. Not like praying and Gemma

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has to be losses. That's the real scary thing.

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That a lot take from you your ability to increase your bar on your reward.

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That's what we need from us to say Allah, Allah hamitic Your mercy if you're not angry at us, we don't care about any else. Anything else.

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We just care for your mercy on me.

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Another message I want to leave you with before I end this hotma Do you remember the Battle of hurt? When there is 50 people, the process of them told them stay put in this place to protect us? What those 50 people,

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many of them did, they left their place in the Went,

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went down to the battlefield. What happened the enemy came from the back.

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Please don't be among those people who did that to the Muslims and to the community of Medina that time.

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When you've been ordered and asked to stay at your home, stay at your home. Stay put. When you've been asked to have a social distance have a social distance. Don't be the reason for

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people to get sick and die.

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You heard in the news about the family in New Jersey. Now I'll make it easy for that family.

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They had a wedding and they didn't care about social distance cool care about Krone one family for dead and 20 in fact it

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just one family.

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Don't be that person who bring that upon your family and upon yourself.

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Stay put in your place so will not get attacked from your side.

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mellows cannot add on your feet an hour from now what am I submit to Monster for LA Hollywood

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah? How about very quickly? Why is social distance for two main important reasons. Social distance, when you don't mix with people stay at home, spend your time with home and you keep distance from people as much as you can. Because we want in this two weeks a critical to flatten the curve of that the spread of this virus, what that will help us with number one break give a break to the health and healthcare that we have. Already it's at capacity as any doctor will tell you, we don't have mask, we can take many cases, it's impossible. We don't want to reach to the level like you haven't in Italy where they have to decide who lives and who dies.

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When the doctor said you're 65 or older or aging older, I'll let you die in peace I can do anything to you.

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You don't want that. In the whole country we have 100,000 bed in the emergency rooms

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or intensive cares. You can take that number of patient at one point yes it's not deadly for you as a young man, but you can cause it and carry it to someone who's sick. How many in our country has died diabetes how long as long as and all the list of the things that you know can put people to risk. So that's number one. Number two flattening the rate is to slow it down a little bit. So what we can we can get ready. We can manufacture things we can get hospital ready, we can basically have more supplies so the economy and the hour that country can ready to handle the problem.

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I just two immediate benefits. So why it is so critical for us and the next two weeks to take it seriously.

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The teenager you have at home, you talk to them about it from now on, because of the executive order of them if the governor will have only not allowed 10 or more, but doesn't mean 10 is recommended, it means the point is stay away from people.

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So unfortunately, no open public, Salah will be until further notice until that, basically restrictions removed.

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But the good news is we still get connected, our classes will be aligned. Our cotulla hook will be given by that couple, even Imam and you know the administration's attending just to keep it alive. And that's but you can listen to it but you pray over at your home, or work. Make sure that you pray with your kids, invite them to pray together, make sure that you support the mustard. Because this much is support a lot of people to

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make sure that you support the Muslim organizations. I know it's tough for you.

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I know it's tough, but I'm happy to hear that someone if I was so happy to hear in the news that somebody walk into a restaurant and that's also support the business local business, especially the members, our community for owns business support them. They supported us many years, it's a time for us to support them back.

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And to support the business owner and the society at large tip those who deliver the food to you well

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if you hear the news, someone tip here in Houston $2,500 I'm proud to say also somebody walked in my office and told me yesterday chef, that's a $25,000 as gift to the needies because I know there is a lot of people who are in trouble.

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There is still a lot of hair and are among a lot of hair in our community.

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And don't think that's a big amount it is gonna go like this by the amount of people that I know in need. And I know the they're very desperate situation.

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So make sure that's just for that cost but also to keep running and people are you know, it's tough for everybody. So make sure that you support your local and our national organization as well. Bismillah Ar Rahman he has a semi semi Nadeem allow me to not only become ncls Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Now that will allow him in man hop on either Allahu Akbar Allah under silica as a joke. As a joke or Jelena smell

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Naruto becoming sharifah women shall recondition and after luminosity Allahu Allah Allah cron a father now be a Nicoletti Nottingham well enough now we can became if a cat lady lying around or fallen or basically the lie Oh bomb. A local mafia man couldn't leave earlier was shukra Allah coolin Anna Cooley afia Naruto becoming Colima Kuru Neruda becoming coolie shovel to Hassan Exotica Taha Sana visiting Java route to a Santa Santa myricetin Java route to some muncul melaku whatever Kellner la de la moved along Muslim de la Hello Muslim.

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Aloha Muslim roba wine Jimmy COVID-19 Adam aloha makina Shahada Wanda Gina mineral Bella dilute fiqa karateka in Nicola condition. podere Luca afifi Jamia number

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one Naruto becoming a partner baronial, Bella Moto, Amin's in Houma, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, amin mahanagara Rob buena Lucia COVID cache it for an ohana word for another better word for ANOVA was su l Phaeton motherhood amin home Ababa Angelica Tina or Bella Gina was eliminated. Adam yamawaki mean, I asked a lot to protect us to protect our family to protect ourselves and our family, our wealth to protect our community, our city, our country and the world from the evilness of this virus. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah what his mercy with his mind with his ability to shower us with mercy and to bring a relief soon, that sooner than later to that to the world. We ask

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Allah Subhana Allah to make this a great test for us to come back to him and to repent to him. Today when we pray in sha Allah to Allah we're going to maintain the six feet distance from each other. So when we line up you line up on this one of these green

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lines and we're going to maintain the six feet distance and during the Salah

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inshallah Tada. So but we follow the first line, first and the second and so forth. Second, below halen was the lower center Mountain abuna Mohammed Ahmed Hassan

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