Suleiman Hani – Why Do We Believe in the Unseen

Suleiman Hani
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If I were to ask anyone who is listening today, do you believe in angels? Do you believe in paradise? Do you believe in hellfire? We would no doubt say yes of course is a central part of our Eman pillars of Eman.

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The question is why you have not seen the melodica with your eyes you have not seen or heard paradise and hellfire. What is it that justifies our belief what is it that gives us conviction certainty strength, in our foundation of belief in anoint the unseen. The word alive in the Quran is found in 60 Different yachts, and it's in different forms as well. The most common form by far is live or a Lloyd and Allah subhanaw. Taala emphasizes that he is the one who knows Allah will who you're the one who knows the Unseen. When we talk about the concept of alive there are different types of unseen but generally, most people when they bring up this question, or are studying belief

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of the pillars of iman, when they're talking about this concept, usually they are thinking about the absolute unseen, the absolute, unseen, alive and Mukluk is that which Allah subhanho wa Taala knows and he has not given us information about there is a type that Allah subhanaw taala has prevented us from seeing from accessing with our senses, but he has told us about reveal to a messenger, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and informed us for a reason and foremost for a benefit.

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As for the type that Allah has not told us about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in authentic hadith, the keys of the unseen are five and then he recited an ayah What are the keys of the unseen you find in Surah to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala mentions, we're in the homothetic rule of Idealia NEMAHA Allah, He has the keys of the unseen meaning ALLAH has knowledge of everything and there are certain things that no one knows except ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us clarifying to us, when he says the keys of the unseen are five and then he recited a different he recited an ayah from Surah flockmen in which

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us what these things are in Allah hurry them who are in Musa, Allah has knowledge of the Hour, when does the Day of Judgment begin? Even the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam does not know when they came to ask him. He said I do not know the one who is being questioned does not know more than the questioner I do not know. Even the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam does not know when the day of judgement is going to begin. The angel that is required to blow into the trumpet is Seraphin does not know but is waiting for the command. Allah subhanaw taala kept that knowledge to himself.

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The second Why are you gonna Zeno loi eighth, he brings down the rain. And it's very interesting to think about how as much as we try as human beings with all the technological advances that we have. Still we do not know what's happening in two or three weeks. Still, there are drafts, cold and warm drafts. Still there are disasters, still there are things happening in terms of the weather that we cannot possibly know. And sometimes even the next day, there is a prediction of what's to come and it changes. When you notice you don't have like the loss of hearts on the nose. What's coming now, in a day in 1000 years in every land and every place on every planet in every galaxy. Allah subhanaw

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taala has that knowledge to himself. Why are Allah MUMA fill out or how Allah knows what is in the wombs? Before you know that someone is or is not pregnant, Allah subhanaw taala knows and knows what boy or girl knows how long they will live and tells the angels who are writing the decree as the soul is blown into that body into that fetus. Allah Subhana Allah has the angels writing down the decree of that person that is to come. Number four, one Tajiri enough soon, the taxi boo hada one Tajiri enough soon be a ye around in 10 moods in a law Holleyman hobby. As for number four, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow. You don't know what's coming

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around the corner. You don't know what your future looks like. You don't know what you will experience of ease or have difficulty. You don't know where your income might change or there might be a loss. May Allah protect us and grant us wellbeing. And we have the example we referenced in last week's hope about our brothers and our sisters in Turkey in Syria. And this is one example out of millions. An example of someone who does not know what's happening the very next day, going to sleep at night thinking there's a very certain plan for the next day and experiencing something very different. experiencing something very different

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People who used to live in some of the tents and some of the camps on the outskirts of the city of Antioquia. At times, they were looking to go to the city itself to find a family to host them. They want it to be hosted why in the apartment buildings, something that's more secure a home that is complete with a door and a shelter and a roof.

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And the reality is after the earthquakes, those who are evacuated in the entirety of the city on taka evacuated completely, many of them were going to the camps are now being hosted by those who are in the tents. You don't know what will happen tomorrow. You have no idea what's waiting for you tomorrow. I'm gonna tell you that enough. So mother, taxi bajada. And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us you don't know in which land you will die.

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There are people who left here who went to Turkey who went to Syria to visit or to help relief work and other things. And they passed away in those earthquakes. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on them and accept them as Shahada. You don't know in which land or which place you will die you don't know who pray janazah upon you, and as you pass away, and you're being preyed upon, like the prayers that you've seen many times the masjid here and other massage and you have no idea who amongst the residents of the city will be there for that prayer and who will be traveling and coming through passing by the city. One time I was traveling for a conference in Norway, and I got there a few

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hours earlier than I had anticipated the conference was set to begin the next day and I arrived between I believe maybe right on the verge of Loja prayer ending and right after the Salah it was a very very, very small audience. Right after the Salah. They basically turn around they said you only can somebody prayed and as a prayer upon someone who had just passed away, they asked me to leave the Janaza prayer and I thought it's very weird and very odd that this feeling this thought that you're coming from a different place in the world passing by a masjid, you're praying janazah upon a brother or sister you don't know. And the same applies to Mecca and Medina. With all the janazah

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prayers, almost every single form of prayer there is a Janaza prayer. You're preying upon brothers and sisters you don't know who will pray upon us when we leave this world. And then Allah subhanaw taala summarizes and concludes in Allah Alima Hubby, Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing he is the one who has knowledge of everything. Now we make dua and if I were to ask you how many of the names of Allah do you know that you can call upon him with you're supposed to use the names and attributes of Allah, we know of many, but we also know that we do not know every single name and attribute of Allah we do not have access to all the names, and in the famous dua, the DUA that is authentically

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reported part of that dua as you're asking Allah by every name that he has the names that he has revealed. And then as well, I was thrilled to be here in Malaysia and the names that you will have kept to yourself the knowledge of which we don't have access to the knowledge of which we don't have access to when you read the Quran, and you start from the very beginning. You start with certain Fatiha a lot of people will read the first five out of sorts and belcarra frequently they'll be very familiar with them. If you read from the very beginning of the most half you find what the very first characteristic of the believers of the pious you have of course and if la meme daddy Kalki

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tabula rasa fi This is the book there is no doubt regarding it. Who doesn't didn't want to clean it as a guidance for those who are mindful of Allah they obey the creator, the very first characteristic

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Alladhina you mean on eBay eBay, you will play Moon our Salah

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was upon whom you feel Kuhn, they are those who believe in a light. The very first trait pay attention and ask yourself why every single part of the Quran every idea, in its order is there for a wisdom is there for a reason. And what to clean. Those who are mindful of the Creator are those who number one believe in alive the unseen

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they establish their salah, while the models have now come up Akun from what Allah provided them, they remember their wealth is not theirs. They remember that this belongs to Allah. So they are giving spending giving and sort of a charity. These are the three characteristics mentioned in this. And Latina You mean when are behind this formula is very important for us. Live includes belief in Allah The angels are quick to view but also the books the messengers that you did not see, to believe in life after death, to believe in paradise and hellfire which you cannot see and detect directly to believe in God or decree higher than he was shortly the good and the bad, the sweet and

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the bitter. And there's a really beautiful glad tiding there's good news here. The very first verb in this is a Lavina you mean noon to have Iman, you know generally is translated as belief. Those who believe in Allah like

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the word Eman doesn't have a perfect translation because belief or faith has some limitations.

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The word Eman at its root is linked to another word which is that of security that of safety. Why what is the link between

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To believe to have a man and Alladhina you know and and the concept of security. It is because Eman is something which is secure and it gives us security. Eman is something which is secure and it gives us security. Eman is something which is secure. And it gives us security as well. So for you to believe, to have Iman rather, is for you to be in a state of security, in terms of your conviction in terms of certainty in terms of being strong, as well as security in terms of salvation in terms of success in terms of reaching the highest levels of paradise. That of course, we cannot say I have Iman and then disobey Allah and never practice anything of his revelation. Rather, Eman

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is in the heart. It's on the tongue and it's in one's actions otherwise Tafseer gem here, otherwise the devil himself believes in Allah He would be classified amongst meaning if that's all that it took. He believes in the existence of Allah. But rather Abba was stuck but Allah can Amin al caffine. No, he's classified as a Catholic, why? rejected, rejected, practicing what Allah commanded. May Allah protect us and guide us? Imagine if that's one such there was that was rejected with arrogance and Kufa and envy and jealousy towards Adam Ali Salam. If that's one such that What about the one who intentionally skips an entire obligatory prayer? Neglecting it and knowing that

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it's a command of Allah may Allah protect us from any pride in grant us humility? Lama Amin? There's a beautiful story found in Surah Surah Al Baqarah. About Prophet Ibrahim Ali salaam, Prophet Ibrahim, as many people know highest levels of an extra one mirage. He was witnessing the highest levels of the heavens the seventh heaven, given the nickname of the friend of Allah Halina Rahman Helene, Allah, one of the greatest messengers we learn so much about we emphasize every year, Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam Allah tells us that he made a request with quatre Ibrahim will be at any time UK for Turkey in Malta My Lord show me how you give life to that which is that

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all the LLM took me Allah subhanaw taala asked him Do you not believe?

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Do you not have that security in terms of faith? Do you not believe on Ebola? What I can do to my inner kalbi? He said no, I do believe yes, I believe, but rather to have another layer of tranquillity another layer of belief, what is this other layer? This different type of belief is that which is seen I know the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam was actively calling people to Allah. He was debating with a Nimrod the tyrant of Babylon, he was debating with him about the belief in God and one of the things that was stated also in Surah, turnbuckle, a few years later, one of the things that he told him is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives life and death. So in

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Hebrew try to challenge his Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam is now asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for a sign of life after death,

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as though to say as I'm calling people to to the truth, I want to have be able to say I saw this myself. I witnessed this morning Jesus, but it doesn't mean he's missing anything of his faith. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the 100 Hubble was Shakyamuni Ibrahima, if called we are more liable to seek certainty to seek your clean to have conviction than Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam when he made this request meaning you and I are more responsible and required to say yeah Allah grant me steadfastness yarmulke Lehmann Palooza, bit call me Anna Denecke, one of the most repeated dua of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Last week, the hope was that we

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had we mentioned the examples of many brothers and sisters in Turkey and in Syria, who are expressing firsthand what they saw or what they experienced if they were survivors of the earthquakes. Some of them for example, lost 1015 20 family members and relatives on one night to basically May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on them. One example is a brother who said I felt like my Eman was being tested and that everything that I had learned up to this point was being applied. I felt like my Eman was being tested. And this is the time to answer with everything that I knew was correct. Now the answer here is not an intellectual theoretical one. You don't have to think

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intellectually. What did I memorize? What's the right answer? No. The answer here is going to be based off of your religious state your conviction combined with your emotional state, because grief is a very powerful thing. He said, Of course I didn't lose my Eman at all. Hamdulillah he said, but I felt so much grief. What helped me to move forward? I think the thing that drove me forward in terms of Eman was knowing that the Promise of Allah is true, knowing that there is a life after death, knowing that those who die with crumbling buildings upon them amongst our OMA are considered martyrs shahada, he said, so this is something that helped me to move forward. And when I would read

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the Quran, I would remember the speech of Allah is the most true of speech, the most truthful speech, woman US law criminal law here cleaner and whose speech is more truthful than ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So he said, although there was a grief, with the loss of life will help me to move forward is belief even though I cannot see it believe that what's coming

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After death is better for me better for us as believers than what we are experiencing in this world.

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One time the Sahaba were having lunch with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this was reported by Abdullah on the long run. And one of the companions asked, or some of them had asked Yasuda Allah Hi Domina Are there people who are better than us? Are there any people that are better than us? They said, a slim no America had no mark. We embrace Islam with you and we perform jihad with you think about how many times they were attacked and how many times they had to defend themselves battle after battle after battle after battle, almost with no break. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said in this report, he said nah, yes, there are a people who will come after you. You

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let me know and I'll be they will believe in me when I'm your only but they have never seen me. They will believe in me, but they have never seen me. Now this hadith reported my student data me and others, there's a dispute about whether or not it's authentic. Why because of certain words that are used in this narration, there is another narration that does not say or they are there are people who are better, rather, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was talking about, I just wonder at someone who believes in the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, although they have never seen him. So in this particular area of faith, just this one area, nothing else. We're not talking about

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superiority of ranks there. There's no generation that's greater than the sahaba. Of course, just in this area of seeing unbelieving, the Sahaba would say like Abdullah bin Masaru that we have seen the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, but there will be people who believe and they have never seen him.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling the Companions, it's an amazing thing to think about, that the people who will come after all the generations thereafter that he had seen Djibouti. I saw him showed him that woman, all these people will believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and now we are 2 billion Muslims today, but they have never seen him. You've never seen Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam and yet you believe in him. You've never seen his miracles, aside from the Quran. You've never seen all the marches that that he was given at that time. And yet you believe in him. You did not see the 23 years of him struggling to defend the

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mission that Allah subhanaw taala given you did not see the Companions struggling, some of them losing their lives, some of the martyred some of them kicked out persecuted by their families and yet you believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sunnah.

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When we say we believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the things that increases that belief is studying the Syrah because when you study the cedar, there is going to be both the intellectual and the spiritual connection to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the intellectual and the spiritual conviction as well that you're in increases, so your rabada should be increasing as well. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the opening passage of Surah Topo, we will clean out your home you will clean when they have a clean certainty, you have clean is considered the highest level of knowledge you have clean is defined by some scholars as that which no doubt can

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penetrate meaning you're so certain that there is life after death, you have no doubt whatsoever Allah subhanaw taala informed you your filter informs you, you know, with details in the Quran and the Sunnah, that there is life after death. The concept of * is so important for us in the 21st century, in this year, in particular in year 2023. To emphasize for our generations, even more so than some of the past generations. Why? Because with all the advancements in science and technology, with all the discoveries that Allah has blessed us as human beings to access to know.

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At times, there will be people who will start to replace their belief in God, their pursuit of Allah's pleasure with the pursuit of their own desires, their own thoughts, their own conditions, there will be people who thought in the past we rely upon God who now think what oh, we are independent of God, because Allah has blessed them with more of a dunya there will be people that you think the more they study the sciences, the closer they should be to Allah. But the more distant they become, because of their arrogance, the more closed off they are, the more blind they are to the truth. And so we are commanded to believe in the hype, in addition to using your senses, your

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five physical senses, and using your aka your reasoning, a fella talk to you only homeopathy, you don't yet have a karoun we are supposed to think and reason. We have this faculty, you have the ability some people have the ability to see others do not. But every faculty you have, in terms of the tangible world of physical, in terms of what you can observe is limited, but the test of life. The test of this world is not in that which you can access with your body in your hands, it's going to be a test of the state of your heart. If the heart is pure, if the heart is pure, even the one who physically cannot see will believe in the truth. And if the heart is blind, and there's

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arrogance there, no matter how many evidences you show a person, like in the time of Prophet Saudi Haile salaam, like in our times with access to the Quran, no matter how many miracles signs and evidences you show someone that are tangible or empirical, they will never accept the truth. So it's not about whether or not you can physically see it's not about whether or not

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You can hear, it's about the state of the heart. That is one of the essential parts of the test of this world. When you purify your heart, your heart becomes receptive to the signs to the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala, all around us. And within us, there are many people who told told us about their terminal illnesses. So when a doctor would tell them, you have approximately, you know, six months, maybe a year, nobody really knows, but to give them some kind of diagnosis. A lot of people told us sometimes they would seek a second opinion, or third opinion, and every physician, every doctor gave them something similar. They said, Okay, now I feel relief, I believe now that this is

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likely what's going to happen, which is very interesting, why you're not a specialist, you have no idea what this disease is, how it functions, how it works. It's not your area of expertise. So you went to someone who knows, you believe that they are qualified, maybe you looked up the best doctors in your state. And then you got another opinion and a third opinion, and now you feel secure. You have belief in something you cannot see. There's a man behind here. It's based on what qualifications and credibility of someone else. It's based on testimony. Testimony is so important. We believe in things that other people say all the time. You may not have seen, for example, the

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snow that's coming from another state, but you believe when all the different channels tell you there's snow coming, perhaps there's a high likelihood that there's snow coming. We believe all the time. You're driving on the highway driving even to the masjid today, you found there's a certain area in which there's traffic. So the GPS told you there's going to be a traffic there. It's already on the GPS take another route. You didn't see it yourself. So you decided to trust and take another route. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. The reality here is what this Eman below him to believe in the unseen. It's not blind faith. It's not blind faith at all. It's evidence in many

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different ways. But one of the greatest evidences aside from your filter or your natural disposition, the heart that Allah subhanaw taala gave you the spiritual heart. Aside from that, it is the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is credible is a person of integrity is a person who is trustworthy is a person of honesty. And this is why we study data in Abuja, the proofs of profit. This is why we study jazz and Quran the miraculous nature of the Quran. Because when you study it, and your reasoning is there, your heart is there, and your heart is present and sincere. You accept the truth and everything that comes with the Quran and authentic hadith you take with it.

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So your belief in Allah vibe is justified. Your belief in paradise and how far with all the details that we have is justified your belief in Metallica, even though your eyes cannot see the angels is justified. And there will be people who will always say especially today, I will only believe when I can physically see it. That is not the highest level of knowledge. In fact, that is one of the lowest animals, animals do not have the advanced metacognition that we have, they don't have athletic like we have advanced thinking and conceptual thought and so on and so forth. They react to and respond to the physical senses since experience, human beings, many of them are given an honor

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by Allah subhanaw taala because of the purpose of life, so you think you reason you have conceptual thought. And you can think about the fact that you are thinking you're conscious of the reality that you are conscious. Animals don't have that. Allah subhanaw taala gave us that advanced faculty that advanced cognition so that we focus on the state of the heart, more than just the basic knowledge we seek with our sense experience. There were people in the past, who said to the Prophet sallallahu, I said and said about him, why doesn't an angel come down? Like let's see an angel come down with the one who is supposedly a prophet of God? Well, Paul, you know that when Xena Allah, He Monique. They

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were very blunt and very adamant with their arrogance and Allah subhanaw taala said, what happens is a Nirmala can now hold the camera within Mala Yong Varun is basically an angel came down with the Prophet, the matter would be over, the test is over, some of them would have still denied and they will be punished immediately. The test would be over. In fact, the test of life. The test that we have right now is that there are certain things you cannot see directly with your eyes. But you have to work with your reasoning and with your senses and most importantly with the state of your heart being sincere and wanting the truth and then purifying it and reinforcing it after that. Because

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there will always be people who receive the signs of the unseen and will reject and they're looking for something that is conditional on their terms. I will only believe in the unseen if X y&z There have been many atheists and agnostics who were surveyed in the US and North America who are serving and asked, even though they identified as atheists, do you believe in anything beyond the physical realm? Do you believe in anything supernatural at all? And many of them the majority of them said yes. But they would of course reject belief in God. Yes, they believe in certain things, but not God. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Alladhina shownotes being the ye Bina whom I will feed on

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to a German cabbie in the Surah we should be reciting every night so that will, indeed those who believe in Allah and they have a fear of standing on the Day of Judgment.

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and they have a Hashem towards Allah subhanaw taala believe in the unseen, you cannot see Allah directly here, and your acts of worship when no one is watching you, but Allah subhanaw taala are being measured are being taken into account, Allah subhanaw taala saying there is going to be a forgiveness and a great reward. This is the ayah that should drive you for it. Those who believe in the light they also believe that Allah subhanaw taala will reward them. And if you want to know how do I reinforce my belief? How do I become stronger in my belief in the unseen turn to the Quran? Who doesn't even want to clean AlLadhina unibuddy Right, turn to the Quran study its miraculous nature,

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the origins of the Quran, turn to the literature, the abundance of literature we have on how you know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam is the messenger of Allah. When you study these topics, your Eman will increase and with it you take everything that the Quran and the Sunnah has, you will notice your Eman rising as our iman rises and falls We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us monks, those who worship Him beloved and are rewarded with that forgiveness and with that great reward at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala tells us man hacia Ramona will be called the money those who have harsher towards Allah fear or towards Allah in alive and they came to him with a repentant

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heart. He says what Hello happy Sudan Delica Yeoman Hollywood enter paradise in peace. The reward is Jana. You cannot see Jana now but there is that reward that is waiting for you may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and have mercy on our brothers and sisters ask Allah to forgive you he is the offer giving the Ever Merciful.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was so happy woman Wada.

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Even if I am Rama Allah had a long description of Jana. And one of the things that he said is imagine hearing this voice yeah and gender or people of paradise. You know everybody AlLadhina fallone Beloved, well I'm you're only old people of paradise, where my servants who worship me without ever seen me? How dare you only mozzie This is the day of more this is the day of greater reward. And that leads to the meeting with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. What are some action items number one, turn consistently to the Quran. With attention, pay attention to it. Have the Quran playing in your home often and try to pay more and more attention to it with sincerity with understanding

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number two is to ask Allah for beneficial knowledge. There is no type of knowledge that will affect you and harm you. There are things that you can learn about that will not benefit you in terms of a dunya but when it comes to beneficial knowledge manava it purifies you it protects you it gives you steadfastness security, it helps you with your Eman. Every time you hear the Quran and you're studying this is the surah you studied it's tough see it? You find what that tomb Imana that it increases them the believers in faith in belief insecurity. And number three is ask Allah with sincerity constantly consistently for a pure heart alomost allaby and another door Lawmaster Balbi

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wa Mineola purify my heart and my actions. These are three things mentioned beginning of Surah Al Baqarah. And these are a formula for success. Alladhina Yamuna beloved while you clean Munna Salah woman models of now I'm gonna feel when they established prayer as well and the gift from what Allah has given them. I want you for a moment just to think about the end of Surah turn Munna for your phone in which Allah subhanaw taala says we're unfaithful now there's a command to command for all of us were unfaithful mean models have now come from what we have given you may have had a coin mode before death comes to one of you and you did not do that. For your follow up. Biloela attorney in a

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genuine body My Lord give me a little more time before my soul has to leave my body for a sadef Our Camino sadhvi so that I can give him charity and I may be amongst the righteous and Allah tells us no soul will be given more time. Of course, we know what's happening all around the world. We know what I'm alone is around the corner we're less than a month away along with a little nada Milan or John Fe community McLean we know we are in need of our hearts being soft and we know that our Salah can improve in terms of who you are in terms of time in terms of quantity in terms of quality, we know that we are always in need of rushing for x of height believing in Allah hype, that if you are

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to do good, Allah will reward you. This idea that we are talking about the believer who dies and asks for more time. If you believe in it, you believe in Allah hype. You believe that Allah is telling you that some believers will die and ask Allah for a little more time so they can give in charge. And we have these opportunities every single day of the year. But sometimes we procrastinate or we hesitate when there is a hesitation, as scholars say with any act of worship, including and especially salah, because it's mentioned beginning to soften Makoto and sada and zurka with it. Of course, if there is a hesitation, there's something in that moment in which there's a low amount of

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faith, meaning there's a struggle. So somebody stands up to pray an extra two rockers and they decide not to there is a struggle in terms of the level the strength of their Eman in the moments that their death is around the corner, that they will depart from this world.

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The more you connect to an E man behind by reading the Quran by reflecting on it by making dua by disconnecting from a dunya the more you will find yourself rushing and not hesitating May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and guide us

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