Naming of Quranic Chapters #25 Ha-Meems

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let us move on.

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Similar Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while Ernie he also heard me he woman while yesterday, we spoke about sort of puzzles and

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And today, we are looking at a group of sewer, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has named

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with a name of

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there is if you like a con, a combination name. And that combination is the Hauer meme. It's called the how I mean, because it all started with him. And those saw we start with how I mean, even though we start with Hamming the names aren't Hamming except perhaps one which we said was known as hammy message there. And that was sort of facilite. But apart from that, the how I mean, are have their own names. So we have the, for example, the Sora is a sought after harfield we spoke about it, which we said is also the soul of Alamo men, and then Salesforce Scylla, which will also send his hammy in a session there. But then we have Surah assura, which also begins with Hamming. And this surah is

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Surah, which is named assura, which is consultation which is like the lap and the etiquette of the believer, and that's why Shura is mentioned in the surah as one of the qualities of the believers, while I'm sure avena home and their affairs are conducted in consultation amongst themselves. And that in itself is a great

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indication and pointer from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because he wants us to remember and to understand that

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in our ourselves as humans, we are limited in terms of how our perceptions, you know, how far our perceptions go, how far we they reach. Now, no matter how much you think that you know,

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there's always going to be people who think of matters in a different way, and alive, it says Woolfolk. aquilegia. Amen. Eileen, above everyone, anyone who has knowledge there is somebody who has, is more informed if you like. So there's always there's always people who will have certain abilities more than others. And that's why Shura is an important tool, that not just the Muslim but indeed the human should use in their in their day to day life because you can reach either ideas, understand perspectives, which you may not have considered access, or actually I didn't, I didn't view it from this way. I didn't see it like this. And we know that the prophet SAW I sell and

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practiced Sure, and consultation even though he was the prophesizing he was divinely directed and guided by our last panel retaliates. There were times when a loss pantalla left the matter for the shorter so that people can with the will of Allah, they can understand the issues and also practice this great practice of assura by learning how to consult each other, and to you know, dwell on matters with with each other. And assata Shula which mentions this quality amongst other qualities of the believers. It by indicating the name of this surah as the Shura, it's like forming and this is a lot of the suar do have this kind of reality is that the name of the surah is chosen to

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highlight that specific quality and to maintain it throughout the the years the understanding as well as eternity now Is it because there's always a Shura called assura. The consultation always go back to that Sora to consider how that practice should be amongst believers.

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The sutra, which follows assura is called Zoho. And Zoho means the decorations or the ornaments and our last pantalla mentions as Zoo hoerauf, specifically in line with how some people perceive, you know,

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perceive the dounia and they perceive the qualities of of people.

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Because, what the verses were talking about in this show, is that some people thought that well, you know,

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That, you know, why is it that there are different levels of of people? Why is it that some people have

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certain, you know, a certain elegance more than other and Allah Subhana Allah was, was saying in this role that some people, you know, if people were all if people were all on one level, you know, if they're on one level then there would be a meaning to say okay, why does one person have more than the other, but the reality is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah may actually give people in this life and he mentioned a lot of qualities of this dunya you know, like, beautiful houses, beautiful thrones or reclining beds and doors and

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the ornaments etc. This is all provisions from the dounia. And a lot of the time, you know, was the believer can see ch and attain goodness in this life is very much important that they understand that the real

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reward, the real enjoyment is in the AHA and sometimes you getting something in this life may actually be on the account of something in the alpha. So don't always try to seek to get something quickly you know, you're in this journey. Okay, I want something happening. Last month, I says, well, Arthur have to hire on our belt too soon and hire to do now you give preference to Haydn, about the Afterall, the next life is that which will remain and that which is better along Thailand. And that's why in fact, in sort of the sort of, towards the end of the surah, Allah, Allah mentioned some of the qualities that that people have a general good and the counterparts those people enjoy.

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There's a fear of what will there be what were their reality, also mentioned in that sort of towards the end and that's also a sort of that begins with happening.