The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah 14.

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Did he study he extended in Hudson,

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ibis, Italy Allahu anhu, called return a collection. In a rare collection, look it up, it's not very well known the collection of Mohammed bin of Yama Adeney. He is one of the

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people whom Imam Muslim would narrate for meaning he he's one of the scholars within the generations have been listening to us before his time and he narrated from Sofia, they've been arguing and believing that y'all than others. So he was one of the higher third century or Second Century Scholars and he was you know, I'm gonna have him Allah, and he wrote yada Muslims where he had some a hadith and some scholars have been able to authenticate certain a hadith within it, and this is one of them,

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has narrate to us by birth, and this is within the theme of the significant significance of Jim I'm gonna I'm gonna do, I'm gonna continue to steam until Thursday Inshallah, so maybe four or five Hadith I want to still narrate to you. I know that it's been a while because I wasn't, I wasn't around for a week. So it's taking a bit long, but I shall by Thursday, and this theme and want something different, but I think it's important, and I'm hoping that this collection of a hadith about the significance of Jomar can be shared, especially with younger people, children so they can listen to them, memorize them learn them, so they know what exactly to do for Gemma. There is a

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certain degree of importance that Jomar carries within our deen that we should be aware of and our children should know is about as well. So I mean, I bested this way. So Carla, Jha Jun. When maybe you mean very Jakob, so Allah has some say grain whenever you are remember Jakob

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yemisi at the Hattori cabinas So the Prophet alayhi salam was on the number given heartburn and a man walk into the masjid and he's trying to get himself upfront Bacala Allah Allah you earlier Salam

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Marbella hottie come yell who had either occurred to voodoo hula Jumeirah? Yeah, T u the nurse at a hot body Ababa home. What is wrong with some of us that we waste time until we're almost going to miss Jamal and then we come late and we walk and we put our feet beside people's heads because you want to get up front and we see there's maybe a little spot somewhere so you want to fill it in so someone's sitting and he finds a sock right beside his face because the person is late and didn't want to come early enough to sit in front. So he said this is also on the number Bacala the man who's walking but I'm Alpha Allah and Allah the person you're referring to didn't do that when nama

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contour are hidden. First they have to come to but our boy to walkabout that no that's not what happened. I was sleeping the rug is on didn't point him out. He just said Why do some of us do this? So he is the guy who's putting his feet in front of people's faces. So he so he said no, that's not what happened. I was asleep. I woke up I made a video and I came to Carlos on Allah Allah He was sitting down. Oh yo man will do it in Haza why this is a day for just will do. I mean, this is the this is the salah where you just make a will do for the Salah, you have a hostel, and you have played and you dress properly and you resort to cough and you come early and there's not a human

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will do is Oh, you just Miss Lulu, that was your problem. If that's not your problem, your problem is you didn't you're not treating jomart with the significance that it deserves. And you decided they're going to treat it like any other prayer you make will do it and you come where that's not what you're supposed to be doing. But calling that oh, well we'll do it. This is not a day where you just make a little and you come back for a second and the person didn't say anything.

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But Allah Allah Islam us remain, right. You would think

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it's important to make these these comparisons or to make these distinctions.

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He basically chastised the men on a histological sir,

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what was the man doing? He was coming from Saudi Juma. Right. The guy wasn't

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stealing or killing or doing something haram. It wasn't like he was standing outside playing around while Juma was occurring. He was coming into the gym. Ah, actually the guy wanted to come sit up front so you can hear better and see better closer to the property of slides was because there's an aspect of harm because there's a tiny aspect of harm. The profit is thought to us and I'm pointed what he did out as being wrong and chastised him for it and didn't accept his because the man offered an apology. Now, I can't tell you how rare it is in the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah Allah what does it mean for you to offer him an apology and him to refuse it? I can't really give

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you examples for that because I don't I'm not aware of them. This is one of them. The guy gave an apology there's what happened? He gave an explanation. He didn't say okay, then go ahead and call it Oh, and we'll we'll do that this is the day. No, that's not the you have it all wrong. Because there are two is two issues. Number one, the profit and loss as I was pointing out the significance of Giamatti the gentleman, you don't do it like that. You don't treat Jamali Cucciolo of any other day or a show or you treat it as Juma you it's not a deal you just make we'll do it before I know you you're you're ready early you recite this with God you're wearing your your best clothes you have

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your fragrance your you made your Listen, you're coming in early, all of that you plan your day out because it matters. That's one thing. The other thing is you're not allowed to you

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So you pointed out on the hot dog club and as he was eating, you're harming people. So brothers and sisters, when you come for Jamal, if there's a possibility of harming someone, you're better off not brings your mind that week, you're better off not praying Jamaah that week, then parking your car in front of someone's driveway, or shoving your car into people's lives. So when they want to leave later on, they can't because you're paying, you're sitting on your there's no way for them to leave, or etc, etc, etc, behaving in ways that is going to cause harm to other people, or actually presents us as not very organized or respectful or, or empathetic individuals. No, you're not allowed to do

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that. So if you're going to harm people, and then that's your problem, you missed your mark, you don't cause harm, you're not allowed to cause harm and then attend Jim, I know you missed your ma, you're accountable for missing Joma you're going to be held accountable by Allah subhanaw taala. And make sure you don't do it again. And you come early next time and you come out in time so you don't have to cause these problems. But the reason I'm saying this is because if you decide no, no, I'll cause a little bit of harm and if and Joma Your punishment is worse than your punishment for causing harm and attending Jomo is more than for you not to cause harm and Miss Juma that week because you

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were late and you it was your it was your problem. Understand what I'm saying the Prophet alayhi salam chastised him when he was putting his feet and walking, and the guy explained himself and he didn't accept Oh, no, there's not a day for we'll do what you're saying is wrong. You were asleep and woke up and maybe we'll do why, why were you asleep? Where was What do you mean? Why weren't you ready? This is Juma. You're supposed to be ready a few hours in advance to come in on time and not harm people. And we have to remember that this is an issue. This is an ongoing theme in our cities, all across is something.

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Imams don't agree on everything, but they can all agree on the fact that there's always complaints during Joma by either the building, they're in neighboring buildings, the parking lot, the street outside, there's always someone complaining, because we don't, we're not respecting people's space and privacy, because we want to enjoy them. And it's great when it's angioma. Amazing. I'm just reminding you the product is awesome. didn't really expect except that that wasn't that rational wasn't enough, that rational by wanting to come, there wasn't enough. Take the time so that you don't cause harm. Take the time prepare so that you're not causing harm, not rushing last minute. He

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said these words that occur that the political journey I was gonna miss it to become rushing and again, no,

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don't treat it that way. Actually, that's really the meat the problem. The problem is that we're not respecting them long enough to make sure that we prepare ourselves and come early and do all that and understand if you work and you're not working. I totally get it. I work well work. But that doesn't mean you can't give it a little bit more thought to make sure that you do it appropriately and you don't cause harm. I just want to share that with you because I thought the hadith is a very rare form of Allah hatha yoga and very rarely does he chastise very rarely there's not accepting the apology and just not it's not his nature on the inside. But here he was pointing something out that

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I think resonates with us today. Yo ladymum Hum Madonia Jamar Denee Allahu Anhu female study he said it hasn't let me Abbas you know the Allahu Anhu man and knowledge arranger Yo Ma Joomla it whenever you saw Allah Hydra you earlier so lemme Jacobo, I remember. A colossal Allah Allah is Allah Mirbeau How do you come?

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Yell who had occurred to fool to hula Juma to Maya T Yatta hotbar Jacob and nurse, the provider Marfa? lejana be Allah. When am I going to rock hidden from my status to the home to fatawa to welcome edit the car Lawson Allah Hi Lee are you sell them? Oh yo mo will do in order. For the closer Allah is Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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