Nouman Ali Khan – The Art of Quran Recitation #03 Maqam Nahawand

Nouman Ali Khan
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area it's not only Iran no no Rana Stan even Pakistan and nobody from, let's say Eastern countries there yeah listen to this MACOM and doesn't just fall in love with this one. Emily three when they are that resolves this macam V most even Malaysian and Indonesian people

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let's the whole, like five parts and hamdulillah here are belleayre, Lani ma Allah, Allah Allah he will Tez

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already weaker powered by my armor to institute

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under Allah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah He also appears remain Salam Alikum once again

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today we're going to try to cover some things about MACOM the one the Hellfire second bomb so tell us the story behind it macabre one that comes from the one city which is in Persia Aryan mashallah I heard that new version

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Farsi was okay love it oh that area it's not only Iran NO NO NO Rana Stan, even Pakistan and nobody from let's say Eastern countries there Yeah, listen to this MACOM and doesn't just fall in love with this one. Every one there that resolves this macam V most even Malaysian and Indonesian people check I have video talks about Macau and Taiwan it passes now 10 million views in that region

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oh wow come in now and one from the most anymore comment that these people love it I love it. I'm not from here but I love this McClung okay but this Muslim comes from that region call for any Pakistani any any Indian any Malaysian any Indonesian any Iran so South Asia Southeast Asia yes there are about an hour Okay, okay like for this now just go to the second thing which we are going to hum this macam inshallah hard part okay. Yeah, yeah. Bismillah

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come on the whole tune. We got to just take one part of this one the whole toilets like this

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let's do like five parts, but we're gonna just stick one part today

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last time

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oh, great, but raise your voice. It's gonna break. Oh, okay. Try to raise your voice.

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It's gonna be bad. Oh,

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okay. Try to load a little bit. All the comments if it's so hard, but know this right away. It will be easy. All right, so Alhamdulillah V. Me Alhamdulillah

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Villa mi Alhamdulillah Jana V. Me, Al Hamdulillah you know, don't be like me. And hamdulillah here are benign me in

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tears on tears again. Alhamdulillah be me Alhamdulillah he'll be enlightened any law Allah, Allah Allah he will test again. Try to raise your voice a little. Okay. Alhamdulillah

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be me Alhamdulillah Europe belied me Lushy much Allah Allah Great Great. I'm

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Tamar, greedy to give you the second one in nowand because mashallah, you perfect the difference? Why did that Lala lie now you did. You did you say for luck. Okay. Okay. I'll handle

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They learn to love the love me Alhamdulillah Hear

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me out, man your Rahi our raw manual Rafi Allah wash man and washi up mashallah, I'm so happy. Sorry for that in five minutes now you have two parts of now and all of them are five. And if we stay one hour, you're gonna have it. I'm telling you are so lucky. Okay? That was my calm and one. One from the most maklumat which Eastern people and Eastern ears love it so much in that's coming out. Okay, okay, that's amazing. Okay, yeah that time, then Tanya.

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Hola, como all Kubo again, a lot more.

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Work Again, a long haul and

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again, Allahu

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Akbar Allah who

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know all

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along Expo.

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Expo again, Allah Who Expo

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Expo last time. Allahu Akbar Allah. Akbar, Allah. Masha. Allah. Allah love your dissertation in this MACOM the most mature it's better than having its burden than but your dissertation was much more luxury. I can't hide from my life. Okay.

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That's why the way it's the best MACOM for me, and Sega and other MACOM the hardest MCOM to learn. It seems for people to listen to a lot of total control. Yeah, it's a lot of total control. It's so hard but

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I mean, I feel like as I aged, my ability to control my voice also declined. I don't know if that's a thing. No, I'm okay. With practicing everything will be smooth and will be good. With practicing. You repeat you listen and you repeat a lot, right? Everything will be easy. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much. This is really exciting.

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here's what's coming up and the next episode and this maklumat series for even if you decide to Quran with this MACOM and there is a non Muslim brother or a non Muslim sister is listening to you began to embrace Islam right away. And this is having even with my you know, closest person to me now it's my wife. She loves Islam through the voices, and especially through McCollum, Elijah. Wow, that's macam like That's the miracle of all of this makan was Shamsi, you all don't have

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much Shamsi. You are Doha, Waylon limo fishing, waiting on little mocha Fifi, isn't it? Yes. So this is your makan, by the way.

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A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoyed watching this video for those who want to learn different methods of facilitation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers, our listeners with their voice for those who want to practice in sha Allah the whole maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here.

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