Taraweeh Reminder #24 – Control Anger

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AI: Summary © The concept of "will" is crucial to controlling one's behavior, as it reflects their past behavior. It is important to practice these practices, learn to deal with scenarios, and be in control of one's emotions to avoid becoming angry. Believers in this approach experience anxiety and anger, and are trained to handle emotions and live in control. Practice and being in control are crucial to avoiding becoming angry.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say the Masai Mara, he was so happy

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to be here de la oma Deen. There are so many brothers and sisters, salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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Today we are talking about the topic of how to empty your junk mail. And by junk mail, we're talking about all those emotions, and the extra baggage that comes from having to deal with other people's

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And without doubt, these kinds of issues can accumulate, and they can cause us lots of problems, lots of worries, lots of issues. And so it remains for us importantly, to understand the whole concept of how we manage our emotions.

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Allah subhana wa tada has praised those who hold back their anger when he said, we'll call the mean alive, those who hold backs almost like they

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a clenching back, the anger holding you back because that is what anger can be anger can be like a monster almost over coming you and trying to take over you. And so is how do you control that? How do you overcome that so it doesn't get the better of you.

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And the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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teaches us a very important lesson. When a man came to him and said, almost your law teacher teach me something

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that, you know, short advice that will benefit me and I won't

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need any other or I don't need to ask anybody else about. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a

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lot of them, do not be angry.

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the man continued to ask, you know, give me some more I need, you know, information that's going to help me. And the process. I said lamb didn't increase anything else except saying those two words, lack of do not become angry. Now, what does this teach us? Well, it teaches us an important lesson, which is that

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there was when the processor was replying to him, he didn't talk about any stimulus. You don't talk about what makes you angry. He didn't talk about any external factors.

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He didn't talk about other people, situations scenarios, he just said do not become angry. And that in itself is an indication that anger is more about your response to a scenario.

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And so it is coming from within you not from outside.

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You see, a lot of the time people say, Oh, this guy made me angry, or what she said made me angry or, you know, seeing this made me angry. Yeah, but the anger is still

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something inside you. It's come from you. So you're in control of that. You're the one who is and can determine how things are affected.

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And that's why

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if you think about a scenario, sometimes you will have a similar scenario,

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which affects

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two different people or even sometimes the same person. And on one occasion, they will become angry on the other occasion, they won't be angry. So it shows that this stimulus is not what is the anger, if you like reason, but it is more something and now if you know that, you can go on to say, Okay, well if that is the case, then I am the one who can control how I respond to matters.

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You've heard me say this many times in this month, and that is number one teaches you to control your emotions.

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When you are in charge of what goes inside your mouth, in terms of food and drink, etc. you are someone who is demonstrating great willpower.

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And this will therefore extend to how you deal with scenarios as well. You can control the physique, the physical side of things, you know what's called food drink, then you should also control the emotional side of things.

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And that's what the processor wants you to do when he said to you know, when somebody argues with you abuses you fights you say in the same, I'm fasting, I'm fasting. To give you that kind of training that yes, you can do this. Now, in this Hadith,

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the prophet Isaiah is giving you almost like a reason, which is what they are fasting. But fasting isn't the reason not to get angry.

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I don't know if you can understand this or not.

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Because some people I say, okay, all the process, I'm saying, so if I'm fasting, yeah, okay, and somebody tries to find me that I should say I'm fasting. But if I'm not fasting, and somebody tries to fight me, then I can't say I'm fasting. So therefore I shouldn't get angry, I should react with my emotions, which is the wrong way of understanding this whole training, if you like the training is the process of giving you a reason now that whilst you are fasting and in Ramadan is a training for you. So let that be a reason for you to control your neffs Now, while you're not fasting, you should continue that practice, even though you're not fasting. So it becomes an extension of how you

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behave and how you respond to things.

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The other aspect that we want to mention is, as of last time, I mentioned as well, the quality of the believers, he said why either out of the blue, a home yell of your own, and when they are made angry or they are angry, they lay them out of the blue they become angry.

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They forgive.

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So, there is two aspects here. One aspect is that yes.

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Like all humans, believers will make mistakes, will commit sins will commit wrong deeds.

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This is almost part of the human nature.

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And similarly, Paul, the human nature is that you will also from time to time get there, let the emotions get the better of you so you'll become angry. So now the second aspects of how do you deal with these emotions is

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how do you respond? What's your next step? If you like? So yes, okay, you've been made angry,

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you've become angry, the emotions have gone wrong, what is the next step yelled fear when they forgive.

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And so that attitude again, here is about also allowing yourself to be in control so that others are not getting them better.

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Because if somebody you know, you're easily somebody who is angered, your emotions quickly arise.

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Or you may even change that into form of grudges

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something in your heart against the other person, etc, then what will happen is you will be carrying that junk mail,

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you will be carrying that rubbish if we can call it

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and when you're carrying this, it becomes harder on you and it becomes a burden on the heart.

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And you will not be able to carry on with a lot of things in your life. You know, think about those people who have

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have been oppressed or some injustice has been done to them. They spend a lot of their life

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a lot of their life thinking how can they retaliate? How can they get something back? What kind of harm can they do to that person that has, you know, what kind of torture they would like they want to put them through, you know, literally is going through their mind, you know, imagine going through those emotions, you know, day in day out, you know, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that to them want to do this to them, what that how that is set you you know and that's why the whole concept is now we have something called solid metal solder which is to have the the cleanliness and the safety of the cleanliness of the heart, which actually is a very high virtue.

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And we know in a Hadeeth at one person who demonstrated that the prophecy so lamb said he was from other people agenda because of that quality that he had.

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So this trauma line learn to do this try to practice it in your interactions now and again and be in the law. You will find some great benefits there in and don't forget that they're out at the buffet I said let that last panda taught us in salted and hashed

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or been offered.

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nowaday hanyalah livina salop mundo de man. Well, geography Hulu en la London la Vina No Do not allow any rain. Any hatred to be in our hearts towards the believers have been a nickel for Hindus are full of hair for listening