Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Adaab Of The Masjid Part Ii

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning about Islam and maintaining the decorum of the church is emphasized, along with advice against leaving the church in public and touching things. The speaker also emphasizes the need to teach children to respect the rule of the hada and avoid disrespecting it, as well as training children to wash their feet in public settings. It is emphasized that following laws and avoiding disrespecting things are essential for proper Islam.
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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam O Allah, Colombia Allah, Allah, he was heavy on Allah, or God

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on the subject of the masjid thing is very important for us to learn these other and to teach them to our children.

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It appears that the big culprits are the parents not so much the children. Children do what they see their parents doing, they see what the parents teach them. So it's very important for the eldest to learn how to behave in a mosquito.

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Number one very important role the masjid is primarily and only

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if not only then definitely primarily for the worship of Allah alone. And I'm saying only not only because it is also

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for teaching and learning about Islam,

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which as we know, is also another way of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So the purpose of the magic is to worship Allah subhanaw taala whether it's in the form of formal Salah whether it's in the form of listening to a football, whether it's in the form of

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attending a lecture or class, and therefore the decorum of the masses must be maintained. When we do not maintain the decorum of the masjid, we are committing a crime against Allah subhanho wa Taala because the disrespect that is shown in the masjid is not shown to the mom it is not shown to the muscle is it is shown to Allah subhanaw taala the image is not the house of the man the machine is not the house of the muscle, the muscle is the house of Allah. So if someone behaves in a Masjid in a way which is disrespectful, then he is disrespecting Allah and then therefore let him be prepared for the consequences of disrespecting Allah.

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So therefore, first rule in the masjid as far as respect is concerned is to maintain silence is not to speak except and unless it is to, it is in connection with the worship of Allah subhanaw taala number one number two is not to speak on in the masjid about anything to do with a dunya no business deals and no networking and no talking on you know, talking about things other than Islam and other than the work of Allah.

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Third thing is telephone must be on silent. Phones must not ring. If they don't they should not be answered. If you want to answer the phone, leave the masjid go outside and answer the phone not not inside the masjid. Don't answer phones at the masjid don't have them bring best thing in the world is do not even bring the phone into the masjid leave it in your car, leave it in your home, there's no need to bring it inside the machine in the first place. And if you bring it in the machine, then all these evil starts besting leave it in the car, when you go back to your car, then you can pick up all your missed calls. After all, you're not spending hours and hours in the machine. Most of us

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do not spend more than a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and the world will not come to a halt in that 20 minutes, believe me. So therefore just leave the phone outside the machine, leave it in your car, leave it in your home or wherever it is. But do not even bring it too much. If you bring it ensure it's unsafe, it is silent and sure it is switched off. Let it not let it not ring at all in the first place. And if you happen to be in a situation where you forgot, and the phone rings, even if it is during Salah, turn it off, then even if you have to break a salad, turn it off, break a salad, but do not let the phone ring. If you just turn it off in your salad,

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the salad doesn't break. So no no fear of that. But do not let the phone ring because it disturbs everybody else and suppose there's a law that is a worse crime than

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then then moving you're moving to turn the phone off. So do not allow the phone to ring

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for thing. never run in a Masjid. Walk with dignity. Now walk with

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dignity is it seems to have been, you know, be removed from our lexicon I mean amazing is how people behave in ways which are more close to the behavior of animals than to favor human beings. So let us try to be dignified right make an effort it's possible we

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behave in a dignified manner, walk with dignity, don't run to catch a rocket there is no need does, Allah is not going anywhere. If you miss one rocket, you get the next one. second, third, there's the the other matter is once you reach the JAMA,

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make your Nia, make that with the Hema and join the mom and the Java in whichever position they are in. Many times you see people, the JAMA is in Institute and you see somebody who's just standing there waiting for them to finish their studies. Maybe that says there is a Saturday in which Allah Subhana Allah has decreed your own forgiveness, and you miss that such that don't wait for the soldier to finish. Don't wait for the do to see if the man will stand up or not. Whatever position the Jamaat

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In, join them in that position to get in salute you go to Saturday, there's nothing wrong and making sense that Allah subhanaw taala, believe me. So, as soon as you go there, make a bit and then go into whichever position join the position of the Imam and then continue the Salah from that position.

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The other issue with the budget is especially in Juma during the hotbox

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it is not permissible to talk it is not permissible to unnecessarily even it's not permissible even during the hotbar to read the Quran or to make us be almost something all of these the all of the actions are disliked during that particular point in time. So even if you are reading from the football stats, put the put the Quran away, Buddha does be away and pay attention listen to the code. But in many massages, we have these the practice of the talk a lecture before the hada. Obviously that lecture is not in English, it's not in Arabic it it's in some other language. And that lecture does not have the same level as the hotbar. But then the lecture also does not have the

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level of a TV program, it doesn't have the level like it doesn't have the level of some horrified that you do at home. It is a religious talk it is something which which it is something which must be respected by you must sit silently listen to it, maybe there is some good for you in that. If you don't want to listen to it, then the best option is do not even enter the masjid stay outside. Once the hood once that talk is over, then come and join for the Arabic code but no problem. There's no compulsion on you. But if you come inside the masjid and the lecture is going on in whichever language it is, then it is highly disrespectful to the masjid for you to do someone something else

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or to talk or to disturb the people who are listening to the football. Do not do that. I mean, there should be no need to say all these things.

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Because this is the whole issue of upbringing of children, the parents are supposed to teach all this at home but since parents don't seem to do that,

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therefore it's necessary to speak about these things and let us get some of that from wherever it is coming. So do not disrupt the peace of the masjid the most as I said the masjid is the house of Allah, it is not the house of the vibe. It's not the it's not your house, it's not my house. It's also a law. And therefore if you misbehave there, then you're misbehaving with regard to Allah subhanaw taala and as I said, if you want to do that, then you are responsible for the consequences so do not Don't tempt the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala I don't think that's something that we really should take any chances with.

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In terms of the other of the muscles, it's very important for us also to teach our children all of these things, the Salah, we have to master absolutely still not fidget around, not move around, no unnecessary movements and Salah. So let us make sure that we follow these

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these rules of the masjid so that we don't we don't violate them and then we ensure that our Salah is accepted and our dogs are accepted.

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And that that our massages of Allah subhanaw taala are respected, they are kept clean and there they are maintained the way they should be maintained. And as Allah said in the Quran, the massages or law can only maintain by people of taqwa. So this is a measure of our own tacos. Well. Last point, the facilities in the masjid, the lighting, the air conditioning, the bathrooms, all these are meant for us are from the lab. And therefore we need to take care of them we very often we see people who will enter the bathroom turn on turn on the lights, and when they finish this walk away, now who's supposed to turn the lights off the Imam or somebody else.

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So the basic rule to follow is if you turn it on, you turn it off. If you didn't turn it on, if you found it on, turn it off. That applies to the lights that applies to air conditioning. Many times you find people they enter the masjid they will turn on every light in the musty they turn on all the switches. They just turn a switch on because it's dead that's ridiculous you know, just turn on as much as you need the rest of it leave it off and when you finished and off and go do not abuse the facilities in the masjid as I said it's the house of Allah. So watch out Don't Don't play games with the house of Allah subhanaw taala ensure that the lights are off ensure the taps are off that

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no Water is leaking. Ensure that the place is clean. The bathrooms ensure that the bathroom is

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just called a bathroom right it's just not because you need to have a bath in it. We find people in the in the bathroom the toilet and that place is flooded because somebody has been washing their feet in the toilet. May using the the shower inside the toilet. That's meant for some of the

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part of your body not feel free to. So please do everything of how many things

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are we supposed to teach? You want to we want to people do you want us to teach people even how to wash themselves in the toilet water level? I mean seriously let us behave like civilized people and ensure that we do not abuse the facilities that are that are meant for us in the masjid and use them in the best possible manner. ask Allah subhanaw taala to me to make it easy for us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from actions which are displeasing to him. Because those actions only harm us and nobody else was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was ibH main but I'm going to cover what I mean.

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