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The chapter of a sauce is named that way because there is a reference in that chapter. The main theme of surah taco sauce is the story of Musa alayhis salaam. And the reference there is that when Musashi Salam actually is

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escapes from Ferrara and his army and he goes to medion. And he means the righteous man there who many of the confessio say was tri Valley Salaam.

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He says,

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walk locker, sorry, heal puzzles. So he told him the stories. And then sure, I said, latter half Don't worry, don't be Don't be afraid you have you're safe from the the persecutors or the tyrants. And so here he mentions that reference to analysis. Now, it'll cost us means story, but actually the word itself, so it means it means footsteps, to follow the footsteps. And so it's like the Arabic linguistic here is saying that the story is like, you are reenacting the footsteps of that person. So you are seeing

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their the whole scenario as if you are walking in their steps. So we don't know exactly what story is Moosa? And he said, I'm told

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Shriver, he said, but it's quite possible that firstly told him what happened and the scenarios there. But he might also narrated to him other incidences that happened in Egypt, with the Pharaoh and the children of Israel and and the like. And that in itself,

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also points us to the importance of the whole concept of narrations and stories. And our last pantile obviously, mentioned to us many castles in the Quran. And he says that he tells us accidental causes the best of all stories, because indeed, those stories give us motivation. They give us lessons, they strengthen our hearts. Lockwood can have your kasasa him a BA, there are lessons to be learned on the stories of the people of the past. And in Seurat

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puzzles itself is the story of Musa alayhis salam, which is very much explained in other sower and and Musa Alessandra, one of the most profits mentioned the Quran and his story is repeated, often with different perspectives, to teach us many lessons. And obviously, time is short for us to go through that.

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The other thing that I wanted to the other school that I wanted to talk about was the chapter of Allah.

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And the chapter of Allah

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is, again, takes his name from Alaska, which is the plural of his band, which means a gathering or a party or people will come together, and people who align themselves together and there

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are a group of people who align themselves together to fight Islam, to fight the prophets, Allah lies and the Sahaba there reached a pinnacle in the year five, after the hegira, where they said, That's it enough is enough, we have to put an end to this outrage as they perceived it. And so they're not only Quraysh, but they align themselves with other tribes from Arabia, about fun and therapies and etc. They all came together to attack Medina in one go to put an end to that. But as we know, the story is that they were unsuccessful, and a loss of Hanoi Tyler turned their plotting to their failure. And so they even came, they couldn't do anything they had to return back and the

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story is mentioned in the books of Sierra if we go back there, but I lost contact names as soon as Allah has to remind us that,

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that as Muslims, there will always be people who have you know that they will have a enmity to Islam and Muslims.

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For many reasons, you know, some people don't like Islam and Muslims because they just seem to be like other people. Some people don't like laws and to abide by laws. Some people don't like religion. Some people don't like God, don't believe in God. Some people, you know, lots of lots of things. And there are a group of people who as well are people who want to make their fortunes by

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By deceiving others or when they are in power, they try to control others except that many, many reasons. And so with the Islamic principles,

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a lot of that is shaken. And that's why some people don't like Islam and they will be Confederates, you know, people come together, align themselves negatively in trying to attack the weak attack those who are oppressed. And so that is almost like an an ongoing

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concept that we need to understand. And the Quran tells us about his art reminds us about the story reminds us about the incident, as it shows that there will be people who will try to undermine

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others and news what influence they have in that regards a lot.