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Muhammad West
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regimes with our man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi my in my brother's is Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi thank you for joining us this episode six night number six of ramadan 1441 ramadan 2020 and hello how quickly Ramadan is going that first 10 nights of the month of Ramadan soon is coming to an in melas panel in what remains of it and grantors to increase in goodness as we get towards the end of Ramadan. I mean what from the villa. Last night we started our introduction to Surah Yaseen. And we spoke about the names of surah. Yaseen, and we're talking about the virtues of sort of any Hadith from a prophet

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sauce on them that mentions anything specific any special reward. In reciting is when I asked him, you know, reciting a certain number of sources, he was certain time of the week with evening. And we said before we can talk about those Hadeeth because there are a number of narrations, we need to discuss the issue of grading because not each, not every one of those narrations are fully authentic. And so we need to understand what does authenticity mean. And to summarize quickly, we said that there are five categories of grades or five grades, you have the Saha grade, and the Hassan Great, so he hasn't basically we can say they are okay to be used, then you have the worst of

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things, which is the fabricated omo door, this should not be used and we should warn against it. And then you have the week, Grady life and during that weekend, very weak. And we said these two, depending on the nature of the weakness, we should not use it directly. We should rather be skeptical, and we should use it only in matters, which encourages us to do certain good things that are in line with the ethos of Islam. We do not use Hadith in a week for issues of belief issues of no issues of rights, these things are they need for evidence for it to be used within the Sharia. And so if it is a weak Hadith that encourages you to do something which is praiseworthy and in line

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with the ethos of Islam, then inshallah many scholars have allowed us to use it. And we find many of the hadith of surah Yaseen fit into this category of weak and in fact, we really weak. So yesterday we mentioned the first Hadith, which is found in this book, Suna didomi, which is one of the more famous books of Hadith, but it is a collection of books with an abyssal Salaam is reported to have said, Whoever recites curiosity in the night is seeking the pleasure of Allah and Allah will forgive him he sins that evening, and he is with slight weakness and insha Allah the weakness is so slight that many other scholars have overlooked it. And so this is a very good virtue, also realizing that

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it brings about forgiveness, if it is reflected every evening and maybe something which we can inculcate in our life, I mean, no problem to detect as many serious things. The next Hadith is narrated in Abu Dhabi, we dealt with

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a very famous book of Hadith. So this adds its prestige. And the Hadith goes to the prophet of Islam is reputed to have said that Surah Baqarah is the pinnacle of the Quran is the the peak of the Quran, an idol kursi is taken from under the throne of Allah, I could see was taken with reveal for personal from under the throat of our law. And yes, he is the heart of the Quran. Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran, and no one reads it for the sake of Allah, except that he sins are forgiven. And you should read it over you did when someone is on the database. So this Hadith, really powerful Hadith, it mentions with regards to IRC, and this is where that statement comes in. It is the heart

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of the Quran, and that the statement also iterates the previous highly that said, that whoever reads it in the evenings, I'm hoping for all of us forgiveness, you will receive it. And an additional thing which is mentioned here is that the Prophet Saddam Hussein, recited over your dead, this hadith even though it is found in a very famous book, I mean, it is very weak meaning it has a number of deficiencies, and many scholars have have said that this hadith unlikely to be authentic. Although inshallah we'll continue on we'll find other Hadith that might together assist in the grading of this Hadith, the third Hadeeth the steps, the most common Heidi, that you find being

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circulated with regard to Surah. Yaseen also found in a very famous book of Hadith sumatera, meaning we reported the prophets of Salaam had said everything has a heart and the heart of the Quran in surah. Yaseen. So, we will read it It is as if though he has read the Quran 10 times, there is something which is found and very commonly narrated. In fact, even the telemedia who collected the Hadees and put it in his book, he grades it as a very strange and in fact, it is extremely weak. And so this hadith very unlikely to be authentic. And one of the ways in which the scholars have said, when you find a reward like you know, once what I asked equals 10 times reciting the Quran, this

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really gives you alarm bells, it sounds it just sounds out of the ordinary. However, the statements were asking, being the heart of the Quran. This is found, of course, as we see in a few other Heidi, and so perhaps the latter part of the Hadith that it equals Tim Hortons, this might be something which is not authentic from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the fourth Hadith rather not a hadith but rather a virtue that we can disproven on the night of the heater when the Prophet also lamb was about to leave Makkah, we know there was a default

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And on his head, the what I have decided to assassinate him before he leaves America. And so they surrounded his house with a number of men waiting for him to exit and the military comes out. The idea was they would stab him, and they would kill him. And so the process of realizing that he was surrounded from all angles, he decided to write a scene. And as he left the house, he decided that the very famous Iron Man young coming at him said, Don't call him sudden, the O'Shea no formula zero knowledge and replace in front of them, and behind them a barrier, and we covered over them, we seal above them. And so they were not able to see. And when they decided to is and he got to this point,

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he was able to leave his house, and he was somewhat invisible, completely crushed, could not see him, and he even threw dust at them. And they were unaware completely. And so again, the fact that Elisa Lam will decide this surah in this very, very dangerous situation gives us an indication as a Sahaba said, it is that surah, as they mentioned in the name was the one that prevents or protects you from from calamities, the loss of virtue, and this is a very interesting narration is a Hadith, but rather it's an action of the Sahaba was haba we look at their life. And of course, they are the most guided of people off to the MBR. And we look at the the customs as really part of our

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tradition. And so it is authentically proven Sahabi called who they even hide it. So it's a hobby of the famous hobby, but nonetheless a companion for the resource alum, his name was who they even had it, who on his deathbed, he was dying. And then he asked Is there anyone around that has memorized to write a scene. And so they brought someone who was able to do so. And so we asked him, Please decide to IRC over me or decide to IRC over me as I am dying, it will ease the pangs of of death. And this as we said, The some hint in that hadith of Buddha would with the prophecies that I'm saying recites or is it over you're dead. And so we take these bits and pieces of information. And

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we corroborate them in sha Allah together. And many, many of the latter scholars, many of the scholars, such as even Tamia and even though we afterwards, they mentioned that it is a custom of the pious to the sites what I see as someone is passing away, so it's not really to be distracted of the person has died. Rather, as they are dying with us they've steadfastness and takes away the makes it easy to transition from this life to the next, the passing of the roof. So they are seen is one of those neurons that assists in that. That is why perhaps it is the custom we find here in this part of the world. And in many parts of the world around the deceased as they're dying on his

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deathbed, or as someone who's terminally ill people will come and they'll decide. So I asked him around them. And in fact, the entire Quran is of course a healing. inshallah. So just to summarize some of the virtues and I mean, again, these are powerful virtues for the small, small surah that is authentically proven on the ad that is authentic, that will ever recites it in the evening, hoping for less pleasure, use it just for the sake of Allah, and then your sins are forgiven. And we find that it was the customer than a resource on them endless Ahava and Heidi feathers mentioned that they think that in times of difficulty, that's what I have seen, inshallah will make things easier

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by reciting it, that in terms of persecution, in particular, to be recited, and of course, to be recited, as the Hadith mentions that at the time of death story, as seen is a powerful tool to be decided during this time. And so to decide, sorry, accidentally make it part of your daily life in sha Allah, this is something good. And therefore those, as I said, many people mentioned to me that because they're not in the motions, they will be making their own family at home, one of the suitors that they will recite every evening is what I have seen. And this is good. If you're able to recite, you know, your heart that is very good, but if you can't, and what you're comfortable with the surah

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Yasin hamdulillah no problem with that. Now we move on to the what is the overall message and theme and and is there any link between these virtues that we find what is interesting that gives about these virtues? And so we'll talk about the themes and the audience is important to understand, as we said, the context almost panatela did not give them the entire Quran in one go. Rather, he gave bits and pieces of the Quran in certain situations and by understanding the situation, you understand the context of the Quran of Revelation. So one of the key ways in understanding that is recorded the setup and knows all the reasons for revelation. Why was that is revealed. It gives you an

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understanding as to the purpose of the ayah. So we say that sort of a scene was revealed in the mid to late makan period. So a number of years often, they had made the Tao of public liquidation is well aware of it. This is the time So what was the climate during that time? This is when we have the stories of Bilbao being tortured severely, perhaps as a time when many of the slaves was a harbor like Ahmad acid and sumiya around the land, how much rain they were even persecuted, even maybe killed. So this was a time when the persecution was very severe. And the Muslims were a small minority in Makkah, and the Qureshi were extremely hostile and elegance by now the cursing of the

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NaVi Salama become frequent, they had abused him that harmed him. In fact, if they could, they would have killed him. So there's a lot of harm and you know misery upon the Muslims at this time. Also.

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The Qureshi at this time are extremely arrogant, that asked for many signs that asked many questions and Ibiza Salaam had accommodate them. And now really, everything had been made clear to them, but they are now simply hostile and arrogant in the, in the in the opposition to the message. And also there is a personal side to that. And he's also let me know, during this period towards the end of the second phase, as he looks for him, he feels like the Dow is not progressing. You know, he's these followers are being persecuted, he can assist them, he has made no headway anymore with his own people, by and large the question of accepting the message. So is there something wrong with me,

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he has this, the sense of internal guilt is internal and either the faulty and is the one that is wrong. And so he takes this V personally, this failure, like a failure upon himself. And so it's very important that we understand the verses of surah, Yaseen wireless plan what Allah mentioned them, and so the audience's we could say, these the audience of the policeman himself. And we said, He's going through a tremendous personal struggle, and he's feeling a bit of guilt. And he's, he's personally being abused by his people, and then rejected by his people. So he's taking it very hard, we have the heat of the majority of the equation, they are arrogant and they are persecuting, and

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they are abusive, they are violent towards the Muslims. And you have this very small minority group of Muslims, some of them even in secret, hiding the Islam, others are suffering tremendously. And so for them, they need a different message from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this sutra will reveal if that is a message to all of them. And of course, to us reciting the Surah 1400 years later, the is it is relevant to us as well. And we'll talk about that as we go through the through the surah. So the themes of the surah. As we mentioned before that the surah was revealed in Makkah, the mccanns was the chief theme was not to give laws and to give regulations rather, it was to make people aware

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of a law and it is to call them to the worship of Allah, it was to enforce certain central ideas of Islamic theology, like the belief in the after, like the belief in prophet to these things which the courage to not believe these things need to be first put in place before you talk about negara and divorce and how to do business and how to clean yourself. Those things come secondary. So this is to really enforce the essentials of Islamic theology of Eman. We also find like minima consolas, in short, it is very eloquent. There's a lot of metaphors, Allah creates imagery, Allah will speak about previous nations Allah will speak about chiama to the past and the future. This is the the

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hallmarks of of the mcom sutras. And so this is something that you will find in sha Allah in Surah in Surah, Yaseen and if we could extract and say what is the one overall theme, the overall theme of surah Yasin is the one ultimate message of surah Yaseen and indeed would say that the ultimate theme of surah Yaseen is the is the cycle of life, death and resurrection, Allah subhanho wa Taala will speak quite detail in a lot of detail about about life and a little giving parables about life and going through life and how short it is, and how quickly this can come about to anyone. And then of course, to mention about resurrection, Allah subhanaw taala will give a lot of evidences that we

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take for granted throughout our life, there are many things that we see, we actually see that you know, for example, the the ground coming to life of the state when the rain comes down, this is a resurrection being shown in front of us. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala, will remind or speak to the crusher because there are people that did not believe in the resurrection, or they did not believe in the concepts of the afterlife. And so Allah is enforcing these concepts within the within the Quran. And of course, there is a message to a warning. So it's really as it comes down as a warning to the coalition, they are about to cross a line. But if they cross the line, then look at what

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happened to previous nations who crossed the line. And Allah subhana wa Taala really gives you a limited amount of chances. Once you've exhausted those charges, then you become liable for persecution or they beat you rather you become liable for punishment from Allah from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is a very powerful surah it comes at a very crucial and serious time in the Dawa. And if Allah subhanaw taala has seen the surah down in a time of great difficulty, as a form of comfort and ease and for us in our daily life. What is important for us, you know, a lot of the themes as we sit here it is about denying the afterlife, living, you know, sort of in this bubble of

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this world, we have become so detached of the accurate we have lived our lives so far away from thinking about the realities of the afterlife. Everything is almost easy in the way we live our life, we get our salary on a certain time, we don't have to go out and plant our food or hunt our food. It's just we go to the supermarket, our life has become very insulated, very predictable. And it's when we are taken out of our comfort zones that we realize that we are very vulnerable. And this is what sort of asking will enforce and for us living now in this COVID-19 world where the world we work was we took for granted is shown that it's not everything goes according to the plan.

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But we thought we are not in control always in control. This surah really hits home when we think about that how vulnerable we are and really we are at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and at any time at any time Allah subhanaw taala can call us back and we will be answerable for our our misdeeds and these of course, going to be an

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Create the sort of perhaps paints the most beautiful picture of gender and of course also janam some really amazing verses about gender and the rewards of gender. So really everything is at stake as we live in this dunya and particularly for us now in the month of Ramadan. Understanding that between us and and kiama really could be these 25 days he doesn't make or break quarters. What we do in the month of Ramadan can grant us the ultimate success or sapan Allah May Allah forgive us it is a huge loss if we don't make the benefit of it. So Allah grant us all the best and success in the month of Ramadan. We will continue inshallah tomorrow with verse number one and the first section of surah

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Yasin Illa Allah Hey, thank you so much for salaam aleikum, loyal Virgo

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