Is There A Name Of Allah I Can Use To Protect Me From Sinning

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We all are human and we all commit sins. Allah (SWT) has numerous names and attributes which are mentioned to us. Is there a name we can use to prevent one from sinning?

Ustadh Ammar AlShukry answers

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Is there a name of a law that can protect me from sinning?

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So one great name of Allah that protects from sinning is Rob or Rob be and where do we find that we find that is the name that was invoked by use if it said I'm in an incredibly difficult circumstance, and he says, Are besieging la me Maya droon ne La, La La La Sullivan, Nikki de una hospital la henault acuminata he did. He says, All my rub. The prison is more beloved to me than what these women are calling me to and they were calling him to Xena. And if you do not divert me away from their plotting I will be inclined to them and I will be of those who act ignorantly and so use writing set up is asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to

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protect him from sinning and what is the word that he uses. He says what will be my Lord, my protector, the one who cares for me, the one who nourishes me and provides for me and as such, love is a beautiful name to call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala by to protect from sinning and Allah Subhana Allah knows best