Taraweeh Reminder #12 – Maintain Your efforts

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The speaker reminds everyone to keep going and emphasizes the importance of the training program for the future. They stress the need to reenergize and use trust in Allah's subhana wa. The importance of staying true to Islam and avoiding overwhelming oneself with too many activities is emphasized.

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tanaji smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He also have been wider. My directory possesses the Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato. And I hope you all Well, we're going to start off inshallah with our reminder for the day. And the reminder is very important because very relevant, we are now in sort of in this in well into the second third of Ramadan. And the usual trend, unfortunately, what happens in the second third of Ramadan is that the enthusiasm slightly weakens, the strength to keep going deteriorates. And people all of a sudden find themselves and now and not as pushing and not as sort of

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strong and energetic about Ramadan. And that's why I'm thinking of what to remind you about today and myself, I wanted to remind you about the importance of keep on going. It's very, very important for us that whilst we're in this program, this training program, this training program of a bad this program coming closer to a loss of habitat, they don't we don't lose hope we don't have despair. We don't lose sight of the goal, we don't lose sight of the prize, the trophy that is at hand here and that's why it's very important for us to make that extra effort and the extra energy now because this is when it's going to count this is when most people are starting to slack a little bit. This

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is when you are going to inshallah put more into that and this is the nature of life. So panel law, you know, last panel Tyler has given us

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many reasons in the Quran to keep on going. But when you see the reality of the human is that there are peaks and troughs in a person's life. People do.

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Go go up, they are on the up, they are rich, richer, high status than they can be down. You never know how things are going to be. So it's important when we look at the Quran we see how last pantalla continuously and regularly reminds us and reminds the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagine the Prophet size and and he is the peak of all humanity, he is the greatest man to walk this earth. He is the greatest of a last creation. Yet even he went through times where you know, he was

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you know, it was getting to him. I want to say that he became fatigued I wouldn't say that he lost energy but it was that you know, the reactions of people go to him. And that sort of upset him because the Prophet seisen was was a mercy You know, when you imagine somebody is the embodiment of the mercy

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He is someone who cares for everyone he cares for everything he cares for every animal he wants the good for them, when you want the good for somebody and that somebody doesn't respond, you know, we've tried it being there you know with our loved ones sometimes you have a loved one

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usually a child you want them to achieve the best you want them to be to do the greatest you want them to do this this but they're not responding you will feel upset you feel that you know actually couldn't be more than here and the professor was feeling upset. And that's why even even regardless all the last pantalla you know would give him the advice with given the if these were like in words of encouragement fanatics have Neff suka Allah him Hassan Allah will say Don't let yourself go over them you know in sorrow and sorrows you know, Hamas Malik al Bella on you is only the Bella the message to convey Don't worry if they believe or don't believe that's not something that you can

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control once as well as an LA him while at a coffee leaves me man Come on, don't feel sorry. Don't feel sad over them Don't be in the state of you know by feeling feeling tight chested about about how they are plotting or they are working and things and things like these are all messages, saying that you know you must keep going or prophet of Allah, you must keep going and carry on and that message is a continual message for everyone. a continual message for us to learn because we will go through times in life. When we feel a little bit down we feel that you know, maybe not quite

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quiet there. So we have to re energize by putting our trust in Allah subhana wa atod by knocking on the door of Allah and making sure that we are always

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hanging on to the pillar of Allah Allah says water seems to be heavily ledger man hold on all together, onto the rope of Allah, the rope of Allah, which if you grasp it, it will keep you up, it will keep you that last pantalla is the pillar, which you can lean on a loss pantalla is the strength with which there is no other strength. And that's why we say La how La quwata illa Billah.

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And part of this reality is that the whole teachings of Islam, the whole message of Islam is to, you know, to give you that reassurance because last pantile understands our nature, he knows what we are made of, he knows that it's, you know, hard and difficult for the human to maintain a kind of consistency. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said la comunidad Amal ma to click on for inala halaya mailloux Hata mailloux no la la Melo Hata manga so you have to do and put on yourself with the actions that you are able to do so don't overburden yourself with things because Allah will never get tired until you get tired and you will get tired and alone never get

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tired so don't think that you can you know by doing a lot in excess that you are going to you know, so out Out Run not run a lobby out run the rules are always Suhana law This is the nature of the people who try to make things hard. You know, when you when you see those there are there is a type of brigade which just looks for making things hard for people you know, wherever we whenever there's an action here our brother Don't do this. It's it's not there's no Hadith is not sooner is better. It's not and they they don't look at the bigger picture of Islam the bigger picture of Islam how, how Allah subhanaw taala sent the deen and how the prophet SAW Allah sent him sent the deen you

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know, so that there is an those kind of people the more they make your heart for themselves, the more restricted they are because a lot of our teachings a lot of Islam and the practices, you know are based on a hadith and sometimes there's a hadith or just narrated by one Sahabi and so then that's why you have differences in the deen. So don't make it over hard for yourself. Don't overburden yourself with extensive load You know, I'm going to do this I'm gonna do this and we do that and then what happens you end up losing using your energy using your stamina so that's why I lost pantalla gives us that much as well processing gives us that message for in aloha am aloha Tata

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Melo and he said in her the dean you saw this Dean is useful, it's easy, it's it's straightforward when you shared the dino de la helaba whenever the dean is you know, whenever the dean is pulled again, it's almost like an imagination of a tug of tug of war you know with the ropes you and the dean whenever you are a tug of war with the dean you will always lose the dean will always defeat you or tug of war so never try to pull the dean and think that Yeah, I'm gonna make it hard I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna do this and I'm Mashallah brother and all that kind of stuff and then you end up making it harder for yourself and difficult and then you will just in the end the day

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collapse. And that's why, in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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in Elm but loud on Kata vahana calm is talking about trying to keep, you know,

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going smoothly and don't overburden he said, because the one who who travels continuously meaning the one who will ride his horse nonstop, he will not he will not

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he will not cover land, nor will he remain any of the animals that he rides meaning that he's gonna damage the animals because obviously I will get tired but also as a result, the animals will not cover land because if you are tired, you're not gonna you know if you don't have the energy you're not going to run or walk or whatever. So have those breaks have those pauses but keep going estimating so keep it consistent keep it at a level which is you know, which is good for you and maintain that consistency. Even if it is little that is what is important rather than doing too much and then you find yourself overwhelmed and you give up so as we are here in this kind of days. Let's

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maintain in Charlotte let's keep going try to reduce the energy dependent on law seek help of a lot was dying. The Sabri was smaller, seek help of a loss pantalla seek help in the act of a bad of salah and sober and the like.

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The last pantalla be with you