The Meaning of Inna Lilah Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un – To Allah We Belong and to Him We Return

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The segment discusses the struggles of men in relationships, including domestic violence and ownership, and emphasizes the need for a conversation about mental health and the removal of certain stigma. The speakers stress the importance of patient mental health and loving experiences to overcome painful experiences. The need for actions to heal past struggles and bring the person who lost everything to the future is emphasized. The segment ends with a invitation to participate in a discussion on COVID-19 and its impact on society.

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In the hamdulillah nama Johannes de novo and stuff, went through the bIllahi min shallowly unfussy now I mean say Dr. Molina Mejia de la la wa my usual fella Heidi Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah, Allah Allah hola hola Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah solo salatu salam who? rebelled Allah Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal fee Kitab al Karim Allah Hi Mina shaytani R Rajim Yeah, you have to talk Allah aka toccata Illa went to the moon, because Allah you had NASA Topo Bakula, the Halacha comienzan Wahida wahala caminhadas Oh Jaha wallbeds Semi nomadic Jilin. cathedra when he sat with Topo Allah Allah de to sat alone maybe he will or have in Allah Cana La Cumbre Kiba waka to Allah un Lydian I'm gonna

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talk hula hula Kulu Conan said either use the Halacha Arma Allah can work with them. Mama Yota Hola, hola Sula, who forgot the fire hose and Alima. And my bad.

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I'm sorry.

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Rhodiola. And how was a widow, she was the mother of innocent nomadic.

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And men began to propose to her.

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And of the men who proposed to her was a baton handle on Saudi.

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And Abu Talha was a very desirable man in Medina. He was very wealthy. And I'm so lame said

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about a Bhutan has proposal. She said, I will tell her someone like you. His proposal isn't rejected.

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But you are a mushrik accept Islam, and I'll marry you.

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And so I will not have

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accepted Islam.

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And the narrator said, we used to consider that no one had a greater amount, no one had a greater amount than a greater dowry than Sudan. Because her dowry was Islam.

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They would be blessed with a child.

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I will tell her what was out one day.

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And the child this young child passed away

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on Sunday, who is this incredibly wise, gifted woman blessed woman is thinking about how she can break this news to her husband. And so when her husband comes home that night, he says, How's the baby? She says, I skinned my Akun as peaceful as can be.

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And she had beautified herself for her husband and they had spent the night together in the morning. She says to him,

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if someone had loaned you something,

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and then they wanted what they took back, or they took it back, would you be upset by that? He said, Of course not. Everyone has the right to take back what is theirs. And so she said so be patient. Allah took back our child yesterday.

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I will don't have goes to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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to tell him our own surname did and the Prophet sallallahu s&m said May Allah bless the night that you had together.

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our community

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has been rocked by the news of a horrific tragic death of sister Saudi Alonso, who was the reports are that she was killed by her ex husband and he killed her four year old daughter as well their four year old daughter as well than his or her mother. Three generations of a family wiped out May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on them and protect us and our families alone, Mommy. And there's so much to be discussed.

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As a community,

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the topic of domestic violence can be discussed. And how

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at the crux of these relationships, is the idea that a person sees a relationship that Allah has gifted them whether the side of a spouse or whether it's that have children as a relationship of ownership when it's not that

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in fact, the province of ally they send them corrected that type of thinking. One time he saw a companion a great companion of boomers route

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not to be confused with Eben must route the famous companion but Elon Musk was the Allah and who was once beating a slave of his which is a relationship that's defined by ownership there's literally a transaction that happens

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and so when was rude says that he was beating a slave of his

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and he heard a voice behind him say LM Yeah, Mr. Root Lulla who aka dead or they can make it

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he said no Obama's

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Here's the voice. Allah has more power over you than you have over him.

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If what's diluting you right now is the power that you think that you have in that relationship. I am the owner. In that relationship, I am the husband in that relationship, I am the parent I outweighed them by 40 pounds or 100 pounds or I have this weapon or have whatever it is that I think that I have that has given me a power over them. The province of Allah to send them says, Allah has more power over you than you have over them up almost route. He sees that it's Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he's a companion to he's not going to sit there and argue and so he says, ya rasool Allah who are heard only which Allah, he is free for the sake of Allah. Immediately my repentance, he's free.

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And so the promises of Elijah said to him said, Let in lamb Turfan lemma said cannot.

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If you did not do that, the fire would have touched you.

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It's a relationship of ownership, right? I was not going to ask me about what I do to my kids. No, Allah is. Allah is not going to ask me about what I do with my my family members. No, Allah is Allah is not going to ask me about what I do with my employees. Oh Allah Subhana Allah is and in fact you might have the most righteous brother coming to the messages all the time helpful kind all of these things. Meanwhile, the threat of the Hellfire is hovering over this individual because of the delusion that they had with regards to some power that ALLAH SubhanA data gave them.

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Allah has more power over you. Then you have over anybody.

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That is a conversation that we need to have. And yet we could also have the conversation of senseless killing the province la mala do is send them said that near the end of times, one of the things that will increase is a lot of Jay said what's that he said it'll cut and cut, killing, killing. And so one piece of news comes after the other. We have a journalist who was killed in Jerusalem, we have 10 people who are killed in a in a market in Buffalo. We have our sister who is killed here in Houston. And every one of them does not know why they were killed. And one is killed by a Zionist soldier and the other is killed by a Christian white supremacist and another is killed

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by a Muslim family member.

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Killing being widespread. And yet one other conversation that begs to be that needs to be had is one about mental illness and the removal of this stigma so that people go and they get help and they talk to therapists and they talk to counselors and they come to the massage and then they they express

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and we encourage family members and we don't tell them there's nothing wrong with you get up and walk it off. You're okay there's nothing wrong with you don't say that. Know that we see people are injured in our families that we encourage them to go seek help. And we knock on all of the doors that are required. All of these are important topics to be at.

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But one topic that I want in the short reminder very, very briefly.

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Is this phrase that Allah subhanaw taala gifted us and it is a phrase that I believe is worth billions of dollars.

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And that is in Allah here in Nigeria Rajon

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says what a wn a combi che in mineral whole fuel joy. We're not similar and why he would unfussy with thermal rot, whereby she was sobbing.

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Olivia either Asaba Tomasi, Baton Katarina Lila who any theological I want to, I'm not speaking about the context of any event in this moment. But I am talking about any time tragedy happens anytime a calamity happens. Allah subhanaw taala has gifted the Muslim world this phrase that relieves us of burdens that we would not have been able to carry. If you look at the pain and suffering that is experienced in the Muslim world, the pain and suffering that we experience and that we've experienced.

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And people are amazed how do you go through all of this and you don't resort to alcohol and you don't resort to drugs and you don't reserve to any sort of anything that will numb your pain? It is because Allah subhanaw taala frames for us the reality of this dunya and so of the meanings of this phrase, we say in that Allah when Allah

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to Allah, we belong and to Him, we return to Allah we belong and to Him we return a couple of points with regards to this race.

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To Allah we belong on so lame, is showcasing Abu Talhah the meaning of this phrase, if someone had lent you something and then summoned it back, would you be upset by that? And he says no.

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The believer recognizes that we are all the property of Allah.

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And that Allah subhanaw taala does with us what He wills and that Allah subhanaw taala summons us back when he wills and in doing so it doesn't mean that I don't grieve. No I grieve. It doesn't mean that I don't feel incredible pain. I feel incredible pain. The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam lost his son Ibrahim and he is weeping. And he said even you y'all rasool Allah, and he says, this is a mercy that ALLAH SubhanA data space in our heart, and he says in the lane and the man will call Bella Hazzard, our eyes weep and our heart feel sorrow what I know who Illa Europe and we do not say except that which pleases Allah subhanaw taala

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I feel grief, but my patience requires that I do not say that the limits of grief that I don't do I say that which Allah subhanaw taala does not love, nor do I entertain evil thoughts about Allah because of what I know about Allah subhanho data, I know that this is coming from someone who is merciful. I know this is coming from someone who is wise, I know this is coming from someone who is just and so I do not say anything except that which pleases Allah. And we are very early by your departure. Oh, Ibrahim truly grieved.

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That grief is is normal.

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But Allah Subhana Allah Allah tells us that this dunya is a dunya of of trials and tribulations. He says, What an absolute no kombucha immunol hope you will join we will test you. And so the believer knows the reality of this dunya is not to be a place of eternal happiness. This is a place of test and trial. But when a calamity touches they say in Allahu Allah, Allah. And Allah says we're best suited to slavery and give glad tidings to the patient. give glad tidings to the patient. This is really amazing. How Allah says rubbish she does sobbing. It's amazing. Because our natural inclination, which is what we do, is we console those who are going through trials, we console those

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who are grieving, we are the consoling those who are going through loss. That's what we do, and that's what we're supposed to do.

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But Allah says congratulate,

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not to console he says congratulate and Allah is not congratulating a person who is going through something unless what they are receiving at the end of it is greater than what they lost.

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Allah says well, that she does sobbing in and give glad tidings to the people of endurance of perseverance. Those who when they're afflicted, they say in it like you're in a Roger in that moment where they're afflicted they say, no matter what the affliction is, they say in that Eli way Nayla Joan, why, what do they receive after that? Allah says, Allah Allah, Allah him Salah to mera beam Rama, they will have Salawat they will have praise from their Lord. And they will experience mercy from their Lord because of their endurance in that moment in that test their response to it

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will let it go home and what they're doing and they will be guided on the line who hearing this verse, he said, What an excellent exchange are these two things that they say two phrases and in response for those two phrases, they get

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Rama and they get Salawat. They get two things, what an extra exchange? And then what would I go home and want to do? And he said, and what an excellent bonus, you get even more out of the great reward for that person's experience. And at the end of the day, as believers we have to always zoom out we don't look at things through the lens of the dunya only we see things through the lens of the dunya and the AFA. And Allah subhanho data says when I started talking, I will say well, okay, perhaps that you hate something and it is better for you. And Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu a beautiful framing that he showed us he says love hate if you hate him by the WHO not or that shall official

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remember the WHO Jana, there is no harm in any harm that leads to paradise and there is no evil and any evil that leads to there is no evil in any evil that leads to paradise and there is no good in any good that leads to the hellfire.

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the seeing of everything, whether I enjoy it or whether I do not like it or whether it's painful, whether it's if it is something that leads me to the paradise at the end of it then it is something that is beautiful and it is something that is good.

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Any calamity that a person experiences that a person learns to say ignite Illa who are in either here latch on to Allah we belong and to Him we return a whole massive metal monster for the Lord who were looking for stuff we don't know for right

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah a person says we belong to Allah so we we are the belongings of Allah he does with us what he wishes. But the second part of the phrase Allah says, what you lay here on your own and we will return to Allah and returning to Allah subhanaw taala that part of the phrase and deuces incredible hope that no matter what the loss is, no matter what the harm is, no matter what the pain is, no matter what the oppression is, that I am returning back, and I'm going to leave this this horrible dunya filled with oppression filled with wrong filled with and I'm going to go to a king who is just I am going to return to a king who is ramen. I'm going to return to even

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Ambassador de la and he says

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When he lost his father and a bus

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a Bedouin came to give him condolences.

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And he said Isabel Nakhon Vika sabaidee inna for in nassarawa at in the sub De Rossi, Pharaoh Minelab, bassy, Sorocaba, Idaho,

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Walla, Ohio Minka Hill ambassy.

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He said, Be patient. To Evan Abbas. He lost his father. It's an incredible loss. He said, Be patient will be patient by your patients because the patience of the flock is in accordance to the patience of the leader.

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Better for better than an Abbas is your patience after he's passed away. Like it's better for you to experience patients in this moment, than even the presence of your father. And the law is better for an ibis than you. Allah is better for an ibis than you even ambassador, nobody gave me condolences better than this Bedouin. The idea that as much as I love my loved one, as much as I loved, whatever whoever that person is, that when they journey to Allah subhanaw taala they are now with someone who is more merciful to them than I am, more kind to them than I am. And that Allah subhanaw taala is more loving of them than I am. And Allah Subhana Allah is a better provider for them than I am.

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Allah is better for me than them. And Allah is better for them than me.

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When is this phrase in the law who enabled your own legislative this legislative at the loss of any calamity? I'm gonna follow the law on him. When he would break his sandals he would say in the law when he the Rajon people say it was something that you say for something so small, and he said yes, any calamity? It is legislative for you to say he nodded. Like you're in Alien, right? You're owed. And of course,

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the great losses the loss of a child. The province of Elijah send them says in a Timothy he says that when the angels come back after having taken the soul of a

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of the child of one of his servants, he says,

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according to whether the Abdi and the angels say yes did you take the servants of did you take their child and say yes, Acaba to thermadata. For it. Did you take the fruit of their heart? They'll say Yes, mother, Karla Abdi. What did my servants say? They'll say Hamada was started Yeah, they praise you and they said in Allah He was in a hurry Elijah, to Allah we belong to Him we return and Allah Subhana Allah will save a newly added debate and was a motivated hunt, build for my servant a palace in Paradise and call it the house of praise because they praise me in that moment. And of course, when a person loses

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a loved one, I'm set them out of the Alana. She lost her husband abou Selma and the province of Allah Heidi who has said to him, he says, Nobody says when they lose someone in that in that era he Olajuwon Allah who didn't if he mercy, but living Pharaoh minha Oh Allah reward me and my calamity, and replace me with what's better than it except that ALLAH who replaces you with what's better than that, and I'm Selma, she said I was making this dua and I was thinking to myself who's better than I was enema. Like there's nobody better than my husband who passed away.

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But I made the drought and she said Allah subhanaw taala replaced me with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam she became Omar meaning and she's better than she's better than or he's better than cinema. In any case, inshallah to Allah tonight we'll be having a discussion on Friday Night Lights revolving around the passing away or some of the conversations that we need to have as a community and inshallah Tala both around domestic violence and mental illness and a number of other things Inshallah, tada invite you about tragedy and the response to tragedy and I invite you all to join us Inshallah, to Allah. Ask Allah to have mercy on her and her family and to protect our families and

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to heal our community. Ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it and to grant us paradise and will bring us closer to actions of speech and to protect us from the Hellfire will bring us close to the reactions of speech. Law minutes Erica general Makara Beatty Herman COVID mammal on Earth becoming a narrow Makabe Hamid COVID of their humble mica Mara Baroness Avira, la Muhammad Turner moto Muslimeen Huachuma Donna mother Muslimeen Salalah let's say Mohammed Omar la sala