Taraweeh Reminder #13 – Remember Death

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Some load off man are Haman hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah and he was so heavy and wider.

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Today's reminder,

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I thought we would take a slightly different twist. And that is because we are a normal binder. Usually we do talk about a lot of things in Ramadan. But here I want to talk about something which is much more general, and much more important, I'll probably be more relevant as well with the current situation is that we're going with, and that is the remembrance of death, and having what's known as short anticipation, or a short, short hope. By what does that mean? Well, a person always has aspirations, and that is good. But it's very important that he is always guided and guarded and limited, and understands his limitations. And that's why Islam is a religion, which encourages

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moderation, and balance between remembering, death and preparing for it, and remembering life and preparing for it as well. So Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to live a life of balance between acknowledging our status, and this life and doing all that we can, you know, so that's why we have all those extra things which are encouraged, you know, marriage, having a family, children, etc. If somebody didn't anticipate that they would live, they might say, well, what's the point of getting married? What's the point of starting a family? What's the point of having children or for example, constructing a house or getting a job some people if they had that kind of same kind of attitude,

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say why should I study? Why should I look for a job? Why should I try to improve my myself and so on? So Islam doesn't say No, don't do this. Yeah, go ahead, go forward, do as much as you can. And at the same time, always be aware that one day you will die, when you die, you will be accounted and you will be questioned about everything that you have done. The reality of death is that everybody knows it, whether they are Muslim or non Muslim, they all know that death will come one day and also from the reality as well is that people know that there is no set time nobody knows when they will die and take this recent pandemic that we've had in the beginning that we were told that this is

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only affects people who have weaker immune system people are more vulnerable, etc, etc. But it turned out that people who didn't have this were dying as well young people were dying people who had no health issues before and that is also the nature of life and death, you might not have anything at all wrong with you, but then you may just die and that death might be from something that is you know, what we say a natural cause Yeah, and is something related to your body relate to something not functioning well? Or it might be that something happens to you from an external source that may cause is there Allah subhana wa Taala says, cologne FC

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molds, every knifes shall taste death, this is a reality is a statement from a loss panatela which is true, it is not going to change. So the means that a person does how does a person react with that is to prepare

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to prepare for death by taking all the necessary precautions. And that's where I lost pantallas head. Yeah, you will Edina Armand will topple law one lB voronov some pandemic liquid Kotaku LA. Fear Allah Are you believe fear Allah be cautious unconscious or lost contact, let every neffs prepare what you know, look what it has prepared for tomorrow. And the word tomorrow here is a beautiful word because it encompasses this life and encompasses the next life and it is all encompassing for we said because you are preparing your lunia and you are preparing for the alpha. And when he said what double life you're alive again, you know, so he, he made that preparation in

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between the whole aspect of being conscious of online fearing loss pantalla being aware of

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also, what do we mean by shortness of hope? What do we mean by that is that a person shouldn't live their life as if they were totally oblivious to the fact that one day they will die. Some people do that. How do they do that? Well

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For example, they hoard money, they keep on collecting money collecting money collecting money, and there comes a time when, when you look at the amount of money that they have, and the amount of years that potentially is that they may live. And then you say to yourself, well, even if they were to live this life, so many times over, that money would never, you know, would be enough for them, you know, you can think about all these billionaires and multi billionaires and so on, will have so much money that even if they, you know, lives for another 100 years, that money would be enough for them to live a very luxurious and extravagant life. But that's the that's the reality of the humans

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that he still wants more, anticipates more chooses to chase that kind of aspect, aspiration, their aspiration which is not guided by, by that, and that's why a beautiful saying

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from attributed to a leader of the Align. And it's a beautiful thing which summarizes this, the status of how a believer should be and he said

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perish. Lee juniac kaneka Taizhou avida emelie juniac and Nikita

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womanly erotica kaneka terminal to harden, work for your your dunya as if you're going to live forever. See this here is long hope that I'm going live forever. Therefore I need to do as much as I can construct, educate, learn progress, develop, learn what some more develop, help others etc build construct why Melia erotica can cater more to her than prepare for your Acura as if you are going to die tomorrow. That is the kind of balance so if a person knows that they're going to die tomorrow, they're going to be doing so much things. They're not going to be hoarding the money they're going to be doing miles of charity etc, etc, etc. And some of the examples of the righteous people have

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passed were exactly this. When you look at someone like Abdullah ibn Isabel De Lima Isabel was very, very influential and affluent person, the son of Zubair who was the cousin of the professor lice lm Abdullah himself was a Sahabi as well. And he used to be a very affluent person but one of the most beautiful descriptions that I read about Abdullah Hamza bear they said if you saw Abdullah haibun Zubair in his dealings in the markets you would think this guy does not it does not know the athlete or does not you know it's not planning for the athlete not working for the academy that he's just he's keen to you know to save save some money here make a bit bargain here a deal here etc. And if

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you were to see up the lions or bear when he is praying and his ibadah you would think that this guy has nothing to do with the dunya seen as a bad and his solos devoted he was focused he was concentrated he when he was out there dealing cetera he would so that kind of balance is what Islam wants you to be to understand the reality to know that death will come to you and prepare for for death and that comes with a balanced mind focus mind somebody who plans you know I have okay I'm earning a little bit of money

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I should give a little bit here spend here plan and build and harvest and construct here as well give some for my avocado and so on. And and I think the the concept is is very clear

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and more importantly as well it's not just about the money it's about the preparation in terms of your your your aspects as well

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just before Ramadan I made a video three videos called Making a will which also goes into this aspect and discusses a little bit of how we should prepare by making ourselves a willing cetera so if you if you want go and watch that on the YouTube channel on Kingston otorrhea YouTube channel and you'll find the videos they're very informative in Charlotte Allah.

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May Allah Subhana Allah make us and you amongst those who hear the words and follow the best of it And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be those who prepare for death, as if we are

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as if we are experiencing that reality on a daily basis.