Quranic Reflections – Ep. 02

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True hope

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as Muslims, we assume as believers that we deserve the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I want you to reflect on this verse with me and sort of bucket up. What also panna wattana describe some difficult deeds, when he says to Panda wattana in the levena armano, when levena her General Ledger huddle feasibility lab, indeed those who have believed and those who have immigrated, and those who have fought in the path of a month, and note that these deeds are some of the most difficult deeds, migrating from one's homeland, that he loves the one he's become attached to become accustomed to leaving that homeland, or the one who goes out and fights in the path of a law, perhaps he loses his

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life, perhaps he becomes seriously injured. These are some of the most difficult deeds. And then what does the law say after that? Bula eco yo Jr. Renata law, that these are the ones who have hope to receive the mercy of a law will law have a fool Rahim in a law is the offer giving the All Merciful mm even a theme Rahim Allah talked about the difference between Rajat which is hope, and Amani, which are false wishes. Then he said that if you have true Rajat true hope for something that necessitates three things, first of all, that you love that what you hope for second that you fear missing out on it, and thirdly, that you strive for it. And then he gave an example, about the one

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who has an agenda, hope for something when he's going along the path that he moves quickly in order to obtain it. And example of the days that we live in. If you're late for work, you're in a hurry to get to work. you're rushing to get there, with hope to get there, but what are you doing, you're making the effort you're rushing to make sure you get there on time, and thus the one who wants to be successful in this life and have a law be pleased with him and obtain the mercy of a law. They are the ones who strive and work hard for hula eco Judo rock metal law. These are the ones who have hoped to obtain the mercy of Allah