Hadith – Longer life

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The transcript describes a story about a man named Sayed Alayhi wa Sallam who died one year later and was supposed to receive a reward for his actions. The narrator explains that living longer can lead to more opportunities for individuals to do things and benefit others, such as taking care of others and donating to charity. The narrator also mentions that living longer can be a great opportunity for individuals to pursue their passions.

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you remember when erase from Baja even obey the law one of the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that two men came and they they stayed with Baja Ibn Obaidullah two people from Yemen. It's almost like they, you know, they may have migrated, they came together. But he tells us that one of them was killed alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that means he was killed as a martyr who was killed in battle. That's like a high level high achievement to attain to be a Shaheed to be a martyr,

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in battle, and he said, the other guy, he stayed alive, and he died about a year later, but he died on his bed. So in terms of dance, it wasn't as as great. Now God has said that he was saw in a dream

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was sort of appeared to him, that the guy who died one year later was in a higher level of, of reward, orient enter the agenda before the other guy. So he was a little bit surprised, because the general notion that they understood was you know, today's martyrs have to high level and this guy died on his bed, the second guy, so how is that? So he spoke to the Prophet SAW Selim and mentioned that to him. And the prophesy, Selim said, Well, it's did he not pray and extra 1800 prayers, and did he not fast and extra Ramadan.

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And that's the end of that hadith. And you can see from this narration, which is, which is very enlightening and beautiful, because what it is telling us that if a person lives a longer life, they are in a position to do more goodness, more a burden, obviously, is mentioned here by the prophet, specifically, the salah and the CM, but also ways that you can benefit others, ways that you can give charity ways that you can be useful in society. So you'll be doing more things in a whole year, that is an opportunity for you to get more agile. And obviously, there is a danger that you might get more bad deeds, but that's down to you what you do in that extra time that you have given. So

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don't think that living a longer life might be a burden on you, you should treat that as an opportunity, a great chance for you to do more and therefore reap the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala