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Let's see what everyone's talking about.

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So Shay, why do you think people are so adamant about satisfying their flesh, their worldly desires, and they keep forgetting about the soul, there could be a number of factors. One of the factors is that many human beings simply ignore their spiritual side. In other words, they concentrate concentrate solely on their material side. And every single human being is composed of two parts, the body and the soul. And if people don't even recognize that the soul exists, and that is the perception of many atheists, and many philosophers, in fact, many even people of religion, neglect that there's a soul inside of them. If a person is not even aware that there's a soul inside of him

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or her that requires its own needs, how then do you expect them to satisfy those needs? Another reason could be the fact that bodily desires, the happiness is immediate, you feel the sensation, right then in their spiritual desires, it settles and it takes a while, but the spiritual desires when they're satisfied, they actually give you a longer happiness and a eternal happiness and a much more fruitful happiness. In other words, when your soul is content, then even if the bodily desires are not met, you feel good, but when your soul is discontent, then even if the bodily desires are met, you still feel discontented. So, these are the two main two factors that people neglect the

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soul. Firstly, they simply either they are not aware of it consciously, or they deny it, which is which I said atheists do, or subconsciously, unconsciously, they simply neglect the needs of the soul. And the other thing is that the pleasures of the body are very different than the pleasures of the soul. And so like animals, many people simply neglect the pleasures of the soul and concentrate on the pleasures of the body. Well, I sit on a lake home. This is Shaykh yasir Qadhi. I'm Eddie, your host of the D show. We're going to take a break. You've caught us in the middle of a very deep conversation. And I'm sure everybody if you sit tight, you're going to be able to benefit after we

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come back on the show.

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Salam Alaikum and welcome back to the deen Show. I'm Eddie, your host and we're here with my special guests. Good friend shift.

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yasir Qadhi set on a particular set. Um, nice to have you a Winnick once again Am I having you? Are you having me what's going on here? We I see you so often I'm losing track. You know what, I'm happy for that.

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So people got to see a little bit about you now read a little bit about you they and remember that we have a special section. On the deen show calm if you if you don't catch us live on the TV in Chicagoland area. You can see all of our shows at the deen show calm and Shaykh yasir. Qadhi has his own section. So if you like this topic we've covered we have many more, you can go to our website and click on Yes, accardi. And you see all the shows pop up. But today we're talking about

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peace. Really, when a person has billions of dollars, and he commits suicide, when somebody is a celebrity, and they're deteriorating in front of our face, and you see our youth, they're trying to mimic these people. What do you got to say, Shay?

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It's interesting. You mentioned the millionaires and billionaires who commit suicide because the irony is, it's always the rich and famous, it's always the elite. It's always the cream of the crop who commit suicide. Have you ever heard of a person who's in a famine in Africa committing suicide? I mean, these are the people have nothing, but they don't kill themselves. Because they have hope in life. You know, they're more optimistic than the rich bankers and the stockbrokers when the stock market crashes, they just jumped out the window. Isn't that ironic is that the the people who who are the most despondent of life, they despair the easiest, or the elite of this world? who enters

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the rehab who has drug problems, who look at the marriage and divorce rates of of celebrities? It's an utter joke. Why is it then that our society looks up to them as role models? Isn't it something it causes you to think? Yeah, what type of role models are they they're not in any way our role models and morality in family values in ethics in humanity?

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I mean, what type of role models are the it's something that's really amazing, our true role model should be those who give us meaning and purpose in life, those who fill up a spiritual, void and vacuum. And these people are the people of God, these people are those who have a spiritual side of them, that gives them a sense of purpose, gives them a vision gives them you know, what are they here on earth for? What's the purpose of life, the people of God know this purpose. And that purpose is to come close to him and worship him. That's the purpose of life. As for the those, these other people whom society has taken to be role models and leaders, they are not role models and leaders,

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they are entertainers, you know, they they waste your time, many times in a vain way, many times in a way that actually distracts you from God. So it's ironic that you mentioned that it is, indeed the millionaires and the billionaires It is indeed the rich and elite that have the drug problems, they have the suicide rates, they have the most issues of taking Prozac and all of these antidepressant drugs. I mean, it was estimated that one third of Americans are on antidepressants. I mean, what type of lifestyle is that? When you are supposed to be and we are the richest nation on Earth, right? We are the most powerful and mighty nation on Earth. Well, then why is it that such a huge

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percentage of our own population on antidepressants? What is the reason? I don't think even one 20th of one 50th of the African continent is on is on, you know, antidepressant drugs, or the Asians or anybody? Why is that the case? The reason is, is quite simple. The reason is, when we have these material possessions,

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and we still discover that these material possessions don't give us happiness, we lose the purpose of life, we feel hopeless. When you get to the rich and elite, when you get to the millions, when you get to the fame, when you have the fortune, and you're still not happy. You realize what's the point of living them?

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Because everybody else thinks you are it. And you know, you're not it. You know, you don't have that happiness. So you don't have an avenue, you've climbed a ladder to the top, and you think that's the top and you're not happy. So you think, well, I might as well that fall off, there is no more ladder for me to live off, you know, there's no reason there's no purpose for my life. But you see, that's not the case for the man of God for the Muslim. And in fact, to be brutally honest, for any man of God, any person who believes in God, and has trust in Him, even if they're not Muslim, they're not suicidal, you know, they have a purpose in life, because their belief in God gives you that

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strength, it gives you that stamina, it makes you appreciate life, and it tells you there's a higher purpose to life. So for the Muslim, the higher purpose is the life of the Hereafter, the higher purpose is to come closer to Allah subhanho, wa Taala, whatever we have of this world, this is temporary. If we have it, we are thankful, if we don't have it, we have something better to look forward to. So the optimism that comes about through belief, the the the the joy of living, that comes about through faith in Allah, it is something that cannot be substituted cannot be purchased with with material gains, it has to come about through spirituality. And that is the whole beauty of

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our religion, that it takes care of the body and the soul, but it emphasizes the soul more than it does the body. Okay, the guy's saying now that look, I find solace in my heart, I find some pleasure. Maybe he has a confused with peace. He turns on the radio, and he's listening to the 50 cent of the Tupac I don't know if you familiar with these names, and he lights up a joint. And he has a few women waiting for him some alcohol and whatever other drugs and he says, You know what, this makes me feel good. And without it, I don't feel good. How do we respond to this? Well, the response is that, yes, he will feel good in a certain way. We're not denying that he doesn't feel

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good. In fact, the only reason he does it is because it feels good. And we all know that the pleasures of food and drink of sensuality and intimacy of loving and to be loved. We all know that these are human pleasures. And in fact, when they are human pleasures, every human being enjoys them. But two points. Firstly, we all know as human beings that these pleasures when they are misappropriated when they are done in an incorrect manner, they become not pleasures, they become pains. And we know this from our own experience. When we do when we eat things when we want like for example drugs, or we do something that we know we shouldn't do. There's an inner conscience that God

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has placed in us that makes us feel guilty and dirty for doing that. And it doesn't matter if you have a group of friends that also agree with what your lifestyle is, in your heart of hearts. You know, this is something I don't feel comfortable with. So you feel disgusted at what you're doing. The other thing is that this pleasure is a worldly pleasure. It is not a spiritual pleasure. And when it is a not a spiritual pleasure, it means that it will not give you eternal pleasure. It will give you temporary pleasure. And there will always remain an emptiness that has to be filled up. worldly pleasures put together will not take care of your inner need of spirituality.

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Is the spiritual pleasures when they're taken care of that the body, bodily pleasures become secondary. But if the bodily pleasures are taken care of the spiritual pleasures still need to be answered. So these pleasures, indeed, are giving him pleasures, I'm not denying that. But even this person realizes that there are pleasures greater than this, more eternal than this pleasures that don't give him any guilt, that make him feel good, make him feel fulfilled as a human being. And those pleasures are not pleasures of this world. Those pleasures are not the pleasures of women and wine and drugs and alcohol and food and drink. No, those are pleasures of the inner contentment and

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happiness, feeling fulfilled with your life, being happy at who you are, what you do. And that's not something that the world gives you. That's something that comes from within and not from without, let's talk about quickly the harms of following your desires. And leading this path, letting your desires dictate your life and doing these things that we just talked about, what are the harms, the harms are twofold, there's a worldly harm, and there's a spiritual harm. As for the worldly harm, when you live your life, like an animal, without any care for a higher cause or goal, then the Quran tells us you become an animal, you become an animal, you don't you you, you lose your humanity,

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because you become you, all you're concerned about are your animal instincts, and you are not just an animal, you are more than an animal. And that's the whole beauty of being a human being. So when you do that, you're going to face certain problems in your life, because you've neglected your spiritual side, you're going to face physical issues, look at for example, promiscuity and the diseases that happened as a result of that. Look at the lifestyle that you live, when you get involved with drugs and alcohol, it ruins you ruins you financially ruins you mentally. So even physically, you'll you'll ruin yourself, that's a one level, the second level, when you don't take

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care of the soul, the soul will wither away and eventually die. An internal death. When you don't take it, when you neglect the soul, what's going to happen is that your soul will begin to wither away, you're not going to feel fulfilled with your life, you're going to feel something is missing, because it is missing. And what's missing is your soul. And just like if you didn't feed the body, the body would die. If you don't feed the soul, the soul dies. But as I said, it's an internal death. It's not that you die. It's just the soul withers away, until you just don't have any joy and pleasure, even in worldly pleasures. And that's why the drug addict after he gets addicted to the

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drug, he then needs to take the drugs, not for the high, but so that he doesn't suffer the pain of withdrawal. It's not that he gets high and he needs to get it's just that he doesn't like the pain of withdrawal, he'd become so used to that pleasure of drugs, the drug don't give him the pleasure that they used to. Rather if he didn't take them, the withdrawal symptoms were so painful, he needs to take those drugs. So even the worldly pleasures are lost and the spiritual treasures are not taken care of. Therefore, as God says in the Quran, casilla dunia was after he has lost this world and the next, neither the worldly pleasures nor the spiritual pleasures will be met, benefits of

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leaving off following your desires, submitting yourself to the Creator of the heavens and earth and leading a path that he wants you to leave. What are the benefits of doing this show more than can even be mentioned in many, many lectures, but the most important benefit, a feeling of contentment, of fulfillment of doing what you're supposed to do. peace and serenity, enter your life in this world. And of course, in the hereafter you get the pleasures of a lot. So in this world, your life has a meaning and purpose to it. So much so that even if you don't get the pleasures of this world, even if you're deprived of what many other people are deprived of, inside of you, you feel good.

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inside of you, you feel that you're accomplishing something, and you are accomplishing something because you're doing what God created you to do. When you do what God created you to do, you feel fulfilled, you feel liberated. But when you turn away from what God created you to do what Allah wants you to do, you will never attain the happiness because you're not in your right place. You're not in the place God wanted you to be. And you're searching, searching vainly for that place in the worldly pleasures, and you're not going to find it. So when you find your place your sink, when you find your niche with that God wanted you to have and that niche is the worship of God is that is

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remembering him and praying to Him. When you find that niche. All of a sudden you are liberated from the problems of this world, they become secondary to you. That doesn't mean that these worlds that the problems of this world are vanished, they don't vanish, but they become secondary. They are not anywhere near as problematic as they used to be. They become trivial for you because you have bigger issues on your mind, issues of attaining God's pleasure and not and you know that if you're happy with Allah, and Allah is happy with you, everything else is irrelevant. So once you get to that stage, you feel a sense of contentment and peace regardless of what happens in this world.

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I think anybody who has a

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basic understanding of the English language can understand what you're saying, and whoever's humble and sincere, they have grasped what you said, God willing, tell them out what they need to do. Give us some advice. What routine? Should they be honest sort of the routine of the nightclub and party lifestyle? How do they get on another routine, give a very, very simple, every single person who's on that lifestyle and routine, I speak to you directly and I say, quite frankly, you in your lifestyle are not happy, and you know it, you don't have to confess to anybody, confess to yourself, you know that there's a feeling inside of you that something is wrong, something is missing. And

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what is missing is belief in God is making your life a purposeful and meaningful life. And the way you do that is to realize God created you not to be an animal, but to be a human. And a human is more than just an animal. A human has spiritual needs as well. So if you want to fill that void, if you want to fill that vacuum, all you need to do is to turn to God, raise your hands up and say, oh, Allah are all you who created me, guide me to the truth, make me a better human being. And once you say that prayer, that da and you are sincere. If you're a Muslim, become a better Muslim. Start practicing and praying. Give up this lifestyle that you're doing. If you're not a Muslim, start

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researching religions, find out which religion makes the most sense to you. And I say this go and research all the other religions. I'm not scared because we have nothing to hide, right? You're not scared. I'm not scared. Go research. If you don't find truth in one religion, you will find it in another and I'm confident if you're sincere, you will find the truth in the right religion, the religion of God. So once you find that truth, embrace that truth and accept Islam and then live live your lifestyle according to the commandments of Allah quiddity commandment commandments of God when you do so you will gain this world and the next. Thank you very much for your advice and for being

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with us. zocalo hideaway yakko was always a pleasure. And thank you for sitting tight and listening to this. This was shaved Yasuo cardi, and remember he has his own section on the D show calm so if you want to learn more, visit the D show. com click on the yes or cardi and as he had advised you as the Creator of the heavens and earth to guide you and start doing the research, start putting in the time and God Willing Everything will be okay. We'll see you again next time on the deen show. Until then I salaam aleikum, peace be unto you.

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When Allah subhana wa tada created our father Adam alayhis salaam. He created him by combining two components, two elements, two entities were fused together to form a human being. And those two elements were the elements of clay, and spirit just said and Roy, body and soul, these are the two elements that make us human, we have a physical body, and this body is created from clean, this body is created from clay from sand from Earth, but the body in and of itself is an empty shell, it is devoid of spirituality. It is devoid of Cognizant functions it cannot think it cannot act it is temporal it is created at a certain time and it shall DK min ha ha da Kumar fi Han or a token woman

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Hana Phrygian comes out of the body was created from certain soil and earth and he shall return to soil on earth and then Allah azzawajal will resurrected from the soil and Earth. It is not the body that really makes us human, no not at all. Rather, it is this room. It is the spirit that actually gives us an element a type of eternality not full eternality full internality is only for Allah subhanahu wa Tada. As for our type of eternality, Allah created the rule, it is not eternal. In we call it in English pre eternal versus post internal, pre eternal meaning that which emanates from the beginning without any without any thing before it. The rule has not pre eternal, but it is

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sempiternal it continues to live forever. And this eternality comes because Allah subhana wa Taala gave us the ROI and not adjusted, put together as we said we get the human being the human being composed of these two components requires sustenance to sustain these two components. A human being because this human being is created requires sustenance to sustain these creative things. So the roof requires sustenance, and that just says requires sustenance, the body needs its food and the soul needs its food as well. The food of the body you all know it

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We are all experts in the food of the body. The body that just said, comes from soil and sand. Therefore, the nutrients of the just said must also come from soil and sand. Because the body comes from the soil, we need that which comes from the soil to feed it. Plants and animals water that is stored there vegetation, crops, fruits and vegetables and the animals that feed on these fruits and vegetables. It is this basic staple source of food that sustains and nourishes the body because the body comes from that source. Additionally, worldly pleasures comfort the body, because the body is worldly. So it is not just food, physical food, but there is also the joys of the body. We call them

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animal instincts. All that animals do and we also do we enjoy. We have to enjoy because a part of us is indeed animalistic. And this is something the beauty of Islam it recognizes that, unlike certain factions of Christianity, that prohibit the pleasures of man, prohibit the pleasures that Allah created for us. holdeman Hara Rama Zenith Allah say who has prohibited the beauty and the finery that Allah has created of food and drink. Allah says, nobody has prohibited it, Allah has channeled it. We are humans we have desires, desires of love and tenderness and intimacy, desires of food and drink desires of clothing, these desires, Allah says they are pure and halaal as long as you make

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your life in accordance with my idea, they are pure and halal in and of themselves. They are not evil, unlike segments of Christianity that say it is evil, no, being human. There's nothing wrong with that we are human. So these are the desires of the body. And there is no denying that these desires give us the pleasure that we want, because this is an element of our humanity. We are human. Therefore we enjoy eating and drinking. We enjoy loving and being loved. We enjoy intimacy, we enjoy finery. And Allah says this is for my believers in this world and exclusively for them in the hereafter. Kalia, Latina, amaroo filha to dunya Honda and Yamaha piano. This animal instinct that we

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have Allah says go for it as long as you channel it to head on, as long as you eat and drink the hanon you love and you'll be loved in a halal manner, and hamdulillah all of this is permissible. But, but our religion teaches us that that is not the end all and be all. Our religion tells us that indeed, these things will give you happiness. But there is a happiness beyond this happiness, a happiness that is an eternal happiness. The body is not eternal, that just said is not eternal. Therefore the happiness of the Justice will not be an eternal happiness. No, it will be a temporary happiness, no happiness that the body tastes will be an eternal happiness. It will be a temporary

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happiness. Not just that, but a profound point. Chef Alessandro Samia mentioned this even sent me this great scholar of Islam. He says and listen to this.

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He says, no human being

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who tries to achieve pleasure, tries to achieve happiness from a source other than Allah.

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x except that he will also suffer pain and unhappiness from that very same source.

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No source will give you pure happiness. And the best example for this are the people whom you love your parents, your spouse's, your children, any successful relationship, you love it and you enjoy it. But is it not also true that the most painful experiences of life also come at the hands of those whom you love? Is this not also true? This is a part and parcel of our human happiness. If you try to love something that is not godly, that is not divine. You are trying to obtain eternal happiness from a source that cannot give it to you. Yes, it can give you partial happiness. Yes, it can. And that is why even sins give a type of happiness. Come on, why do we commit sins? Why do we

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disobey Allah because it gives us a false illusion of happiness. There is an element that we enjoy of the sin. This is indeed a happiness. But Allah tells us that this happiness is a temporary happiness. It is a bittersweet happiness. It is a happiness. Some of the scholars of the past they said a happiness that is obtained through sins is like a poisoned candy. It's a cannon.

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Tea, which tastes sweet, but in reality it is poison. When you put the candy in your mouth, you feel this happiness, you feel a sweetness, but what happens, then the poison spreads, then that evil feeling comes of having committed a sin. And you don't find any pleasure in that at all. These are all worldly pleasures. The ultimate pleasure can only come from the source of everything. And that is Allah subhanho wa Taala ultimate happiness is a blessing that can only come from a law and it is related not to the body, but to the soul. Not to the just said, but to the roof. Just like that just said, requires nutrients or sustenance that come from the source of that just said, Where did the

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word come from? What is the origin of the roof? Well, yes, aluna can you Roy kulu, filming Emily, Robbie, wanna ot two minute, la kalila. They asked you about the ROI. What is the ROI? To this day, we have no idea what the ROI is. Our medical instruments, our scientific equipment, despite its advanced achievements, to this day, it cannot even detect the ROI. It can even prove there's a roof that exists. And Allah says you have not been given anything of knowledge except a little bit. You don't even prove you cannot even prove that the roof exists exists using your equipment. But we do know one thing where does it come from? Holy Roman m Robbie, say the rule is from the command of

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Allah. The rule is from the command of Allah subhana wa Tada. Therefore, it originates in a way that is unknown to us from Allah. It is created, it is not a part of Allah, some of the groups believe that the rule is a part of Allah and we have an element of divinity within us. And I think the five percenters also believe that as well that there's an element of divinity within us. No, we don't believe that. We don't believe that. But we do believe the rule comes from Allah, that the origin of the rule is from Allah. Not that the rule is a law. No, it is not. But the origin of the rule is a lot. Therefore, the sustenance of the room, the nutrients of the room, that which gives the room

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it's life that comes from Allah, not from this world. Because the body is worldly, its nutrients are worldly, because the rule is related to the divine. Because the origin of the rule goes back to the divine. Therefore the nutrients of the rule are that which come from the divine. Anything that comes from the divine, anything that re establishes a connection with the divine, remembering Allah worshiping Allah, believing in Allah, knowing a lot praying to Allah mentioning Allah's Name, anything that you do that has to do with the divine, anything that has to do with Allah, it feeds the way it feeds the root. And when it feeds the root, this is what makes the room alive. It gives

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the room a type of life that it doesn't have before. And this is what Allah says in the Quran. When he says yeah, you will Latina Armando, you who believe is that Ji boo Lila, he will era soon Harkin and obey to the call of Allah and His Messenger, either come Lima, yo, ye come, when they call you to that which will give you your life. Let me repeat the verse, obey the call of align His Messenger, when they are calling you to that which will give you your life. Now hold on a sec is a lot of talking to the corpses and the dead people. Is he talking to the people in the grave? And he's saying Come to me, I'll give you life? Or is he talking to me and you? Is he talking to people

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who are eating and drinking and walking and living on the face of the earth? Of course he's talking to us that only not alive, we are alive. In a bodily sense. Our just said is alive. Yes. But it is possible that the room might be dead. It is possible that a person cuts off the supplies of the ROI. A person does not feed the ROI until that ROI becomes may yet and that is exactly what Allah says in the Quran. A woman can a mate and Farina give the example of the one who was dead and we brought him back to life. injury that poverty the famous professor said the power being given the example being given is not the one who was dead and Allah resurrected him but rather the one who was often the one

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who was unaware oblivious, heedless to Allah and Allah gave him and guided him to Islam. Allah call the one who was devoid of a man a law called him dead me yet, and the law called the one who worshiped him. Hi

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Look, I called him alive. It is not that the just said, Is Dead or Alive that just said is alive right now a time will come when it is dead. But right now for all of us it is alive. But Allah is talking about a different type of life. a life that is above and beyond the worldly life that we know a life that is spiritual, a life that is involving the rule. And therefore Allah says, hearken to the call of Allah and His Messenger, when they invite you when they call you to that which will give you your life, your ECAM your spiritual life. This is the life that Allah subhana wa tada wants us to have. Brothers and sisters, how long will your bodies last? For how long will you live? One

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marginally better than men political holds? We never gave any human being eternality before you Yasuda law, emitter for whom will hardly don't. If you are going to die out of solo law, do you think that they will live forever? Do they think they will live forever when you're going to die. So no body will live forever. No just said lives forever. What we want is that the room lives forever. in general. This is our goal. We want the room to live on. We want the room to have a full life. And the way we do it is by feeding it in this world. The way we do it is by taking care of in this world. And that is why brothers and sisters that is why when we feed the ROI. When we sustain the

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ROI. That is what makes us feel alive. A type of life that the body can never give us. It makes us feel content and happy. It gives us meaning and purpose. We have a reason for living. We have a goal. We have a destination we know what to do. No matter what happens in this world. We have a higher goal, we have a loftier aim. And that is the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada and this is the life of the soul. And you know what? Let me be honest here. I don't need to quote you Koran and Hadith. I don't need to give you example after example. This is a reality. I know and you know from our daily experiences, it is a reality that we have tasted and smelt it is a reality that we have

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licked. We know it from our daily existence by Allah I asked you I asked every one of you How do you feel after you've read the Quran? How do you feel when you wake up with a hedgehog? How do you feel when you pray? fudger How do you feel after a day of fasting? How do you feel after you've gone for Hajj and Umrah sitting in front of the camera making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Do you not feel alive? Do you not feel alive? This is the life that Allah subhanho wa Taala is promising you? Can money purchase that life? Can anything of this world give you the happiness that being spiritual gives you you know this as well as I do nothing? conversely, how do you feel when you commit a sin? How do you feel when you disobey Allah? How do you feel after you've done something disgusting? You feel filthy, you feel dirty? You feel so dirty, that all the showers in the world would not get that dearth go away. You feel a distance between you and Allah. Let me ask you can all the money on earth get that feeling out of your soul? Can all of this worldly pleasure

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take away that feeling of remorse and regret and guilt? You know this as well as I do? We experience it. We know this reality family home and if you don't, then why then do we turn away from the remembrance? Yeah, Johan insaan ma hora de arabic al Karim. Oh mankind. Why are you deceived about Allah, the overgenerous? What has made you so deceived? The problem is with us. The problem is that we lose track of the rule. And the just said, the problem is that we keep on thinking if we satisfied that just said we can just ignore the ROI shareholders. Now even though I am the student, we were Tamia. He said, there is a vacuum in the heart, there is an emptiness in the soul that is

00:34:04--> 00:34:52

only satisfied by the remembrance of Allah. And if you try to fill this emptiness with every pleasure on Earth, the emptiness will not go away. And this reality is a reality of existence. It is a part and parcel of humanity. Brothers and sisters, let us realize that this is a facet of our existence that we are aware of from our personal experience, the problem comes that our desires overcome us that are just said, tries to ignore the element of the ROI. And when this happens, all that we need to do is to remember that the just said is temporary. That just that is temporal. And it is the route that we want to give the eternal life. All that I have to say can be summarized in a

00:34:52--> 00:34:58

portion of the Quranic verse, not even one entire verse four words. four words can summarize everything

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

Basically law he talks about indoor pool let's make that five. Allah is the health can be five words. Allah Vickery law he talks about inner loop. Allah how food can be very realized indeed, no.

00:35:16--> 00:35:54

Only through the remembrance of Allah. Only through the remembrance of Allah be decree law. And the Chroma includes prayer and fasting includes charity includes knowledge, anything that is godly, anything that is related to the divine. This is the cruel law. Only through the vicar of Allah, do hearts find their tranquility, this is the reality of our existence, and this is the only way to ultimate happiness and tranquility. akoto probably had also the love was center about a karate Mohammedan were early he was such a big Marian or Sarah medical model Missoula here about a cartoon