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The story of Adam either his Salam is a story that I find myself thinking about a lot and all of us should be thinking about it. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned his story multiple times in the Quran. And he isn't the end of the day our Father, we have a actual connection with him. He is our Father. He is us his story is our story. How to Look can you imagine? I mean, imagine being Adam Alayhis Salam. Imagine you come into existence and you are the only one of your species. And you see around you mother Cooter, summer watch evil earth. You are not on Earth you're in the heavens. You see Gibreel you see every angel you know Allah fashion do with his hands, you know, Allah blew the

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roof into you. You have been told to stand up and all of the angels as far as your eye can see for such a that Amudha eco Kulu whom a gemstone. Imagine that scene, the angels the Ashraf mahalo Khattala they are told to do such that to you and without doing any Iman

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and turn to Jana know him to Han hand no active are no empty law no dunya and passing the tests of dunya. No, Allah creates from you for you, your spouse, perfect spouse for you. And the two of you are told for the intergender

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Can you imagine the feeling that our father and mother would have had and they're roaming around in Jannah for coulomb in hell rather than how to shoot tumor, eat bountifully the whole Jana is yours. They got Jenna for free. They got Jana without doing anything. It is as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling them and through them, me and you, that's where I want you to be. That's your default position. You were created and born to be over there. I want you there. So Allah put us there, my mother and father, your mother and father, Allah put our parents there to show us that's your goal. That's where you belong. That's what I created for you. Can you imagine the blessings of gender

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being handed to you and you are mashallah enjoying every bounty of Jannah.

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And you are told one commandment, just one, what are talking about how the Sharada for the coda middle body mean? That's the only thing prohibited and what happens? Years go by. Centuries go by, we don't know how long eons go by. And subhanAllah our father Adam is me and you the prohibited fruit. This is me and you that which is prohibited becomes alluring, even though in that which Allah has made halal is plenty for us. We don't need to go to the Haram Billahi we don't need to go to the Haram but shaytaan makes the Haram beautiful for us but Wes was an homage shaytaan we think the forbidden is more pleasing. But in reality it's not more pleasing. Well Allah He the halal is

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sufficient for us. Allah has made everything I learned. But shaytaan comes and makes us think that one haram thing that's better for us.

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Can you imagine our father and mother Adam for how long they were tempted by that which they didn't even need? They didn't even need it. But they kept on thinking what about what about what about and Shavon made it bigger and better than it was?

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What God Amana how kumara Bukom and how the he sheduled the elantech una mala Kenya to record it in. What kaha sama Houma in the La comida Mina Nasir in shaytaan promised them false promises. That's the promise of Shavon Shavon promised them false promises. He promised them that which they cannot have eternal life. And he said that's why you're forbidden the same way he promises me and you every type of false promise that how our money is gonna make you happy. That haram pleasure you will feel so good after that. That one thing that Allah has forbidden actually, you're going to enjoy it more than the hell out and we'll lie we know we don't enjoy it more than the lol we know our experience

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teaches us that the Haram does not bring us benefit it brings us nothing but guilt nothing but regret, but we still fall prey to the seduction of Shaitan to the lies of shaytaan

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Allah azza wa jal wants us to learn from the story of our mother and father and Subhanallah Imagine, imagine how our father felt, I sin and you sin and were overcome with guilt were overcome with the remorse. Allah has blessed us beyond our measure, and yet we use his very blessings to sin against Him how guilt

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To do we feel but then I wonder, how would our father Adam have felt? Well, like can you imagine the guilt of our father Adam? Can you imagine Allah created him with his hands? Allah gave him Jana. Allah said, do whatever you want just one tree I'm telling you don't go and he still ate from that tree. How do you think our father felt when he realized all was gone? When his own clothes that Allah gifted him said we cannot clothe your nakedness anymore? When the very blessing that he used to disobey Allah turned against him said nope, not anymore. We are clouds of gender. We're not allowed to cover up those that are committing sins. How do you think our mother and father felt when

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they were told by Allah he built on me and hugged me and get down to earth?

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How do you think they coped? Well, Allah He, I think about this and I asked you to think about it as well. Think about the first few days, weeks years on earth. Think about that. I want you to think about it because Allah has told us this. How do you think they coped without agriculture without domesticated animals without infrastructure to build houses, there were no metal Iren there was nothing to carved, they literally had to start from nothing after being were not in a major city like Dallas that has in in Jannah. Look at the change from Janna, onto this planet where there was no other human being no structure, no tools, no instruments, that is where they had to start from.

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If anybody feels overwhelmed because of your situation, my mother and father and your mother and father hated much worse. If anybody feels how can I cope with what is happening with me? Well, law here we have it infinitely better than how our mother and father had it when they came down to this earth. If anybody becomes overwhelmed with helplessness, despair, a feeling of guilt and it is good, to feel guilty, but we shouldn't become overwhelmed. It is good to feel regret. But if we feel overwhelmed, put yourself in our parents shoes,

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the utter disappointment they would have felt, after all that Allah gifted me and this is what I ended up doing.

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After all, that Allah has given me everything I could have asked for document quality myself to he gave you everything you ever asked for. In fact, he gave Adam what Adam didn't even ask for he gave him Jana without anything. Can you imagine the regret and remorse of our father Adam, how he would have felt imagine? After all the blessings and still just one thing he said, Don't do it, I did it.

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But we learned from our father Adam, that's the whole point of the story. We learn what is the moral of the story.

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He didn't lose hope in Allah. He might have lost gender but he didn't lose Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The history of one in Allah, the seeker in Allah subhanho wa taala. No matter what I've done, color banner phenomena and fusina were filled and now with our hamlet and Hakuna meadow city. That is the ultimate story moral from our father Adam Alayhis Salam. No matter what I've done, no matter how bad I have been. Ya Allah I need you to forgive me. There is no hope for me other than you.

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In the story of Adam and his salaam,

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we gain the ultimate example and role model.

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I am a sinner you are a sinner, that will Allah He when I think of my father Adam and the sin he committed the the the measure of that sin.

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I can't even comprehend how that guilt would be for him to have seen what he has seen, to have been gifted what he has been gifted to speak with Allah directly. Can you imagine? Allah spoke to Adam directly are processing himself so he said literally, Allah spoke to Adam to claim and without any valen barrier, and Allah taught Adam the gift of speech will allow them to smoke Allah. Allah taught Adam to say the salaam to the angels go to the angel say said mo Alikum. Allah taught Adam the gift of language. Allah has shown Adam what he has shown him and within a period of time, all those blessings are gone and he comes to this earth and he lived here for centuries on Earth with the

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memories of Jana. Can you imagine?

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Every winter, every summer, every struggle, can you imagine the guilt that our Father either would have felt? Where am I now because of what I've done? Can you imagine that guilt, but he still didn't give up. That's the whole point of the story. Our Father Adam did not give up. He struggled in this dunya and carved out mankind. He started by to Adam, we're all here because of him and Hawala him set up. And not only that, he continued it his religious everybody and worship, and he taught his children to hate and worship, in spite all of his past in spite of the sin that he had done, he realized what matters is the future, not the past. What matters is my ending, not by beginning. So

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in the story of Adam, the story of Genesis is what the Bible calls it, and it's a true name, the beginning. It is our story, every one of us we should look at the story of Adam Alayhis Salam, we should benefit from it in our own lives. Subhanallah the DUA that our domain, it is a dua that we should memorize. It is a dua that we should incorporate and also the philosophy or the spirit of it should be found in our all of our do ours. All Robina alumna and fusina were elemental fildena Water hominid and Hakuna no middle Hostin in this dua we can divided into four different parts, each one of which we can benefit and are regular to us.

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All Rob banner, you began your DUA, because these are the Knights of dua, you begin your DUA, by invoking your LORD with his most powerful names and attributes. This is how you do our begins. You begin your DUA Robina, what does Robina mean? And there are two names of Allah you can use in any dua, Allahumma and Rapana. And there are other names that you choose depending on the DUA. Do you understand this point? Two names no matter what you ask Allah, you can use those two names and they're perfect names. Allahumma and Ravana. And every other dua that you have, there are a set of names that you should choose for them if you want to be forgiven. You don't have to have food Yeah,

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right man yeah to walk. If you want to be wealthy out to Zakia. Kadeem, if you want to have righteous children, yeah. Wahab if you're sick, a loved one is sick. Ya Shafi Caffee on and on whatever do that you have in mind, you begin your DUA by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala Rob Donna, Allah Humala, Cal Hamed, O Allah, and if you don't know Arabic, and again, you know, I've said this a million times, you're my community, I don't need to teach you this. What's important is not the wording it is the Spirit. You're not eloquent, don't worry about it. Allah is not judging you on your eloquence, don't care about the words care about your heart. Raise your hands up to Allah and

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praise Him in the language you know best in the manner that you know best. You praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah you have blessed me you Allah you have gifted me Allah you have given me everything that I want ya Allah you are a crumbled Academy and you are a bull. I mean, yeah Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth the founder of the summit and oh, yeah, Allah God, Rob of Jabra, Ed Seraphin mica IL, yeah, Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the great throne you keep on praising Allah, Allah bene that's what it means here. All of your DUA should begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as he is worthy of being praised. Open up your heart to Allah and praise Him

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and realize you will never do justice in praising him but you still praise Him. Semi Allahu demon Hamidah Rob burner, whether ClamD Sami Allahu Allah, Muhammad Allah, here's the one who praised him. Our scholars make an interesting point here.

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Why is the phrase semi Allah Who human Hamidah mentioned when Allah hears everything? Semi Allah halimun Hamidah Allah, here's the one who praise him. Why is it linked only to the one who praise Him? Because at the end of the day, Allah hears everything. Our scholars say, the one who praises Allah truly from the heart will always feel deficiency, that I haven't praised Allah enough.

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The one who praises Allah Alhamdulillah if he understand what he is saying, and he understands who Allah is, he will always feel a sense of shyness. This isn't justice. I cannot praise Allah the way he deserves. That's why our Prophet system in such the in pm will lay in 200 in winter in the right nights of Ramadan, what would he say in Sajida? Subhana Allah or Sleeth Anna and alayka Anta comma with Anita and enough sick Subhana Allah Oh Allah, I cannot praise you the way you deserve. This is I just this is incapacity. Ya Allah I can't do justice. Oh,

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Only you can do justice in praising yourself. So by saying semi Allahu demon Hamidah we are being told, Don't worry, we know you're not going to do justice. It's not the words. It's the fact that you acknowledge Allah is worthy of praise. Allah is Hearing you, semi Allah Hanuman Hamidah. In spite of the shortcoming in spite of the fact you cannot do justice and praising Allah, it doesn't matter. Allah is Hearing Allah is listening. Allah cares, Allah will bless you for that spirit of praising him, Don't feel shy, that I cannot do justice praise Allah subhanho wa taala. So we began or art or a banana or Allahumma. And of course, each one can be used extended interchangeably. For

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every single two, as we said, but Robina has meanings and Allahumma has meanings or abana. The meaning of Robina is

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Oh Allah, the One who created and sustains and nourishes as in charge of me, Rob from tarbiyah rob from Lord and Master, when we say Rob, we are saying, Oh Allah, you brought me out of non existence into existence. You're the one who is in charge of me worlds. How am I going to turn Yara I have nowhere else to turn you on my Rob. You're the one who created me. You're the one who sustains me. So when you use the word rock, you are automatically establishing a connection. Yeah, Rob, I am abd I am Luke I am created. You are my Mole. You are my protector. And when you say Allah and Allah Houma Of course, the meaning of Allah has a very deep meaning, and that is the one worthy of being

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worshipped. Allah Houma, the one worthy of being worshipped and he is worthy of being worshipped because To Him belong every single name and attribute of perfection. You are Allah, worthy of worship because you are Semir you are Allah because you're bossy you are Allah because you're right man, you are Allah because you are harder. Every Name of Allah belongs to Allah. That's why you are Allah. So Allah Houma, you are all perfect to Allah. Who else am I going to ask? So we begin our two hours by praising when follow up after we praise Allah by acknowledging our shortcomings. This is the second etiquette we learned from our father Adam, it has said before we have the audacity give,

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give, give. First we acknowledge I have fallen short your rope.

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I have fallen short. I'm not worthy of all that you've given me. Your up by acknowledge. You have given me more than I am worthy of I acknowledge it. Yeah, Rob, and I have not lived up to those blessings. Yeah, Rob, I confess that I have not done justice to what you have given me yet. Still, here I am asking you for more of what I'm not an fusina. You begin your request after you praise Allah by acknowledging your own incapacity, your own sinfulness, your own shortcomings. Because Allah did not create Adam to be like God. And this is the whole point. Brothers and sisters, we are not the sinless creation. We are not the milestone creation that commits no sins. If Allah had

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wanted to, he would have left with the angels, and we would not be here. Our role is to perpetually show our human nature, to follow in the footsteps of our father, Adam Alayhis Salam, we are not perfect. And we're constantly battling the good and bad and evil between us. And that time shape on side wins. But when it wins, we cannot let it permanently when we have to fight back like our father Adam did, no matter what the consequences even if we're out of Jannah and on this earth, even if we've lost paradise itself, we haven't lost Allah subhanaw taala. And so when we come down to this earth, regardless of every other loss, no matter what other pain, suffering, no matter what

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embarrassment, no matter what has happened in the past, we can afford to lose everything. We cannot afford to lose Allah. We can afford to lose everything. We cannot afford to lose Allah subhanho wa taala. So we raise our hands to Allah and we confess, I'm not worthy. You're up. I know. I'm not worthy. You're up. You've given me so much. You're Rob and I have not even praised and thanked you for this. Not only that, but I've used those very blessings to sin against you, Yara and the sins of mine. I didn't need to do them. They weren't necessary. I did it for my own self and ego Valaam non fusina I had no reason to do it. I didn't need to do any of those sins. I could have sustained

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myself without them. I confess your Rob I did it because I am weak. And I only harm myself. I didn't harm anybody else. You are not harmed because of my imperfection. You are not in need of my worship era. I am in need of you. You are not in need of me.

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So we go move on to this phrase what Amna and fusina we have wronged ourselves, Oh Allah, and we confess our sins to Allah. And in this confession, and in this regret is our salvation in feeling regret. That's why our prophets have said the famous Hadith entered man in two words, memorize it. Another move Toba towards Hadith that's all Hadith. Another move Toba feeling guilty is repentance. If you don't feel guilty, you haven't repented. If you don't feel guilty, you have not fully repented. So feeling guilty is silver. So when we say alumna and fusina, we need to acknowledge and recognize we need to think of our sins like our father Adam thoughts of his sin. We need to

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acknowledge our shortcoming and ascribe it to ourselves. This is another difference the story of Adam

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when a police was kicked out, because the police was also kicked out. What did the police do? Rob baby man away, Tony, you cause me to do this? Yeah, Rob, you put me in that circumstance, you force me to commit that sin.

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Look at the difference between Adam and Eve beliefs. They both committed the sin.

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And Adam said, I made a mistake. A belief that it's not my fault you put me in that circumstance. I was forced to rob the Bema wait any you deluded me? You misguided me? Oh Allah, this IBLEES anybody who justifies a sin is following satanic path. And anybody who admits and confesses, you are in the good path of our father Adam. Own up in front of Allah. Own up, Yara I made a mistake. I didn't need to do that. Yeah, Rob, I am sinful of alumna and fusina. So this is the second point in our eyes that we make. And again, the whole lecture today is benefits from the story of Adam and the door that he made so that we can follow the same philosophy the same motif, the same methodology, all of

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our drives. So number one, praising Allah number two, admitting our own shortcoming number three, we're in limited fill in our Tarhana now you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for what you want. You ask Allah directly. Yeah, Rob, I need your forgiveness. Or if it's something else, yeah. Rob, I need this from you. Yeah, Rob, I don't have a job you're robbing I'm in debt. You ask Allah subhanho wa Taala directly for that. And you ask Allah knowing that Allah is Severe and Corrib and Mooji knowing that no one can give it to you except Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that Allah loves to be asked the creation the more you ask them, the more they despise you. The creation the more you ask the

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same person, the more he's going to want to have nothing to do with you. But it is Allah subhana wa Tada. The more you ask Allah, the more beloved you become to Allah subhanho wa taala. Why? Because Allah To Him belongs the treasures of the heaven and earth. Allah is the rub of the Irish Allah is the rub of all that you see, and all that you do not see. When you're asking the one to whom all of the Creation belongs, your DUA has is not going to affect him. Rather, it shows your love of Him, your trust in Him. It shows your acknowledgement that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala hears and knows and sees that Allah is your Rob and other coalition and Kadir so when you make dua to Allah, you are

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acknowledging Allah is magical, and in that acknowledgement is your salvation. Never feel ashamed to ask Allah for anything of this world or the next, whatever you need, turn to Allah and know that Allah subhana wa Taala has guaranteed to respond to your request. We'll call the ROB buco Moroni a study welcome. Your Lord has said, Although only a study of two words you make dua, I shall answer in Arabic this is called a joeboy, Chateau Joab, the conditional clause, the clause and the condition and the response to the condition you will do X, you shall get why Allah has made this in a simple manner, you will make dua, I shall respond to your DUA. Muslims, we need to have your clean

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Allah does not lie. Woman are still coming Allah He Akela woman Astok woman Allah Hadith, what kind of word allah haka Allah's word is true. Allah has said definitively you make dua, I shall answer. There are no exceptions to this rule. You need to make dua with that certainty. Allah has promised to answer my dua.

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Now, answering the DUA doesn't mean you will necessarily get what you want of this dunya.

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Answering means Allah has heard you and you shall get what you want, or something equivalent

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to what you want.

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But you shall be answered. There is no doubt anybody who doubts this is negating Allah's promise. When the Sahaba were taught to this reality, because the Prophet system said, Ma'am in Muslim and yoga or bow, no Muslim makes dua to Allah, except that ALLAH will either give him exactly what he wanted, or will give him something better. You want money, but perhaps your health is more precious and Allah will give you health instead of money. And you don't you think I just want my risk? Perhaps Allah will save you from a calamity and Allah will bless you with better health and you don't even know you think I need that $1,000 No, to be saved from cancer is much more important than

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the $1,000. Okay, a promises Saddam said Whoever makes dua to Allah, Allah will either give him what he wants or something better equivalent, or he will get an edger on the Day of Judgment. Yanni something you will get a gift from the Day of Judgment. Can you imagine you're coming on the Day of Judgment? You get this massive gift? Yeah, Allah. I didn't do these good deeds. What is this? Oh, remember, you made a DUA, I didn't give you anything in this dunya. That's, that's your gift here. Three apps absolutely free. When the Sahaba were taught this. They were bewildered. It's that simple. They were confused. Yanni. That's it, then yeah, rasool Allah, we're going to be doing

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nothing but asking. I mean, you're telling me it's for free, right? Either NASDAQ videora surah. Allah. This is a beautiful Hadith, we should all memorize it. They were literally like confused. It can't be that simple. Candidate Rasul Allah, you're telling me every time I raise my hands and ask Allah for something, I shall get something, if not in this world and in the next world? If that's the case, I mean, are you sure? Because if you are sure, we're just going to do nothing but ask a lot, even NASDAQ theory, and our profit system smiled because Haven't you understood? A lot of work thumb? Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Theurer. Allah is more than anything you can imagine.

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Allah is not like us. We have a limited budget, limited treasury. Don't you know the Hadith could see in Sahih Muslim, our prophets have said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yeah, anybody know?

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If every single mclucas amongst you, the men and the women, the jinn and the ends, the Muslim and the kaffir if all of you stood simultaneously on one plane, can you imagine how many billions and billions of human beings and jinn and you asked me until you ran out of things to ask me, and I gave every one of you what you asked for, man Akasa daddy come in Mulkey che and my Dominion would not be diminished in the slightest, like a needle put into the ocean does not diminish the ocean when it is taken out.

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Can you imagine you're dealing with the Lord whose dominion is beyond what you can imagine. So when that is the case, ask and ask and ask and ask and never stop asking. Never get tired of asking ask Allah the most trivial and ask Allah the most Grandest Thing and continuously ask Allah subhanho wa taala. But of course the most important thing to ask Allah is that to do with the spirituality, Mo Farah Jana forgiveness hedaya. And these two hours by the way, you're guaranteed to get them as you ask, if you ask sincerely. I want to make this point again, there are of two types do as of this dunya. And so as of the next day two hours of health and wealth and children and job and raise and

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sustenance and Zenwatch This is of this dunya and do as of hidayah and Mal, Farah and Jana, the two hours of this dunya sometimes you want something and it's not good for you. So Allah might give you something other than that something better. Oh Allah, I want that job at Google. I want that job at Facebook, that particular job I wanted. You don't know maybe that job will destroy you. You can ask, but Allah might give you something else story. But when it comes to the Diaz of hedaya, of mofetil of Jannah. If you ask sincerely, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want. Exactly. There shall be no substitution for spiritual to us if you are sincere. And that's why our prophets have

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said mandala Bashar shahada, whoever asked sincerely to die the death of a Shaheed Allah shall grant him the death of the Shaheed even if he dies on his bed. There is no substitute

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Mission when it comes to two hours of spiritual nature, the substitution only occurs of this dunya. So, the third point, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada specifically for what we want, but another before moving to the final point.

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Another careful and important disclaimer IBLEES also made dua Iblees, also made dua did not IBLEES make dua, kohlrabi on Vita, nila, yo you guys don't.

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By the way, notice Rob Banano, Robbie on burning, and other phrase underneath underneath. And our scholars mentioned that in most of the doors that are attributed to Bliss, there is no Rob. But in the door of Adam, there's always Rob as if a bliss is demanding without praising and the bliss is blaming Allah and not blaming himself. And then what didn't you bliss? Ask Allah? Allah unwittingly in a yo yo the iPhone? I want to live until the Day of Judgment. Notice this is what he tempted Adam with. But it was released his desire not Adams will lie Isn't that sad? It wasn't even something our father desired. But he believes made him desire and it was IBLEES his desire not our fathers.

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Similarly, Wallah he sometimes we don't even want something. But because it's off our limits shaitan is going to come ze yen at a homer shaytaan was was the Roma shape on, we don't want it but shaytaan is going to keep on saying ha the forbidden fruit. Ah, you want to understand this tactic of shape on it was Shavon who wanted to turn to life, not our father Adam, but shaytaan kept on doing it. In any case. My point I wanted to say here Shavon asked Allah for this dunya he didn't he as well theoretically could have said, I also made a mistake Forgive me no arrogance. So we learned from this

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and be careful to listen, listen to me carefully. The priority dua for the followers of Adam. Priority two is spirituality and Mo Farah. And the priority to offer the followers of bliss is this dunya

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understand this point, I say priority because of course we ask Allah for the dunya but look at the Quran Rabbana Artina. So Allah says woman in St. Manuel olu Robin attina for dunya wa ala Whoville abdomen kala there are those who say we want this dunya and they're not asking for the arciero You're not gonna get the Akira. And then Allah says what women human yaku Robina Artina for dunya Hasina what Phil Accola has been working on either one or three two hours two of them are spiritual and religious and one of them is dunya we rough rough proportion 1/3 of your as I'm just being rough here I'm not any I'm not this is not I'm just giving you a rough idea right don't read in too much

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1/3 Roughly yes yeah, I want good health good wealthy auto give me a fancy car Good. Well, that all of it is hella no problem. All of it as Alan even though by the way, the best dua is to be simple yet to give me the best of this world Robin attina for dunya Hasina. Don't be too specific about the color of the car you wanted to dwarf orders didn't any Don't be that because you don't know what it I'm actually being serious here. Don't be Tuesday Allah I want that job. No, yeah, Allah give me the job that is best for me. You see, you keep it open. Yeah, Allah give me the list that is best for me. Give me this that is halal. Give me this that is sufficient for me and doesn't miss guide me.

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You ask Allah generics. But if you want to, you're allowed to ask specifics. Please don't misunderstand you. You're allowed to ask specifics for this dunya. But it is not the perfection to ask specifics, the perfection to be generic of the dunya. But when it comes to the era, that's where the majority of your answer should be. And yes, you are specific era I want my fellow Europe I want gender era. I don't just want any gender. I want fill a dose and that's why our processing is telling us to go to the highest. What did he tell us? When you ask Allah for Jana?

00:34:11--> 00:34:26

Then ask him fulfill those salida he made this request, not just in a private halacha to overcurrent Amato, the Allahu Anhu Hey, you elite of the Saba come you have us but no, he made this request to all of us.

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

What do you lose by aiming for the highest? What do you lose by asking Allah for the best of the best? You ask Allah for the best of the best. And even if you don't get the raja one if you get the two hamdulillah no problem, but you're asking for the highest of the highest. So the third point in this and that is the issue of being specific in what you want. And like I said, when it comes to this dunya you may be specific but it is sunnah to ask for generic good

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

You're up give me risk that is hella and cough era give me health that allows me to worship you or give me righteous progeny. And if there is a need somebody is sick you make specific are no problem all of this is fine. And for the akhira Yes, you ask much more. And yes, you ask Jani completely unconditionally. I want to be in Genesis for those Seattle I want ultimate forgiveness. I want you I want to be of the idea and then we jump in and you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And the final point we learned from the drop of Adam and again much more can be said but time is limited. We're in them to fill the water hamdulillah coolant mineral has seen.

00:35:36--> 00:35:38

If you don't do this, you're Rob. I'm gone.

00:35:40--> 00:35:52

What we notice here is a complete sense of frankly, desperation. Really it is. And this is a reality of Eman.

00:35:53--> 00:35:57

If you don't get this from Allah, you are gone.

00:35:58--> 00:36:46

You are desperate for Allah as Rama. You are. There is no living without Allah's Rama. You need it. Demonstrate that poverty to Allah directly to him. Europe I cannot live without you. Yarrabah cannot live without your merci Yara be futile Forgive me there is no hope for me. Yes, you are begging for something more important than your life. And that desperation translates into a loss. That's really what it is. It's loss as Allah says in the Quran, Guru rom com Savile Row Anwar Coffea. Make dua to Allah Tada roar with complete humility, and healthier Yanni silently in the state of Hashem. You don't have to loudly scream when you're alone. Allah can hear the one you know, you may make your

00:36:46--> 00:37:27

DUA in a silent and secret matter. But today, what carrier Runa Robin wha they would make dua to us, between the states of a hope and fear, hopeful for a response fearful for our rejection. This is the essence of dua, you're optimistic, Allah is listening, but you're also scared what if he doesn't, these two emotions must be combined. You must have your pain, Allah is listening to me. You must have your pain Allah will give me but that your pain is always but what if he doesn't? You see that tension must be in your heart. You have your clean Allah is listening. You have your cane, if I've done everything right, Allah is going to respond. But then you doubt what if I haven't done

00:37:27--> 00:38:00

everything right? What if my repentance is not full? What if I have risked haram? What if? What if what if, and that tension should live with you until you die? We talked about this a few days ago, if you listen to the outbursts, I'm doing the tension between hope and fear. They must be coexistent in your heart, and each one has to temper the other. Because if you don't have the other, it can lead you astray. If you have only hope and no fear, that's arrogance. If you have only fear and no hope you're really going to go down the path of fundamentalism. We don't want this. So bottom line,

00:38:01--> 00:38:39

the story of our father and mother Adam and Hawa, there's so many blessings for us. But the primary blessing is that there is always hope, regardless of what you have done. There's always hope in Allah's mercy and forgiveness. Subhanallah our father Adam was blessed much more than me and you and the gravity of the sin that he did, was far greater than anything iron you can ever have done. Do you understand this point, the gravity of the sin given who he was, is far bigger than anything you and I could have done. And yet still, our father Adam did not lose hope.

00:38:40--> 00:39:24

Our Father Adam, turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and begged Allah for forgiveness, and live the rest of his life as a righteous Nebby Our job is to take that lesson, no matter what we've done up until this point in time, that's the past. The future is what dictates my rank with Allah subhanho wa Taala let us on this blessed night. Make a sincere dua to Allah subhana wa Tada to cleanse our sins completely away from our register of evil deeds. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to forgive us up every single sin and fault we have ever done on this last night. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our Khedira and our ciliata to forgive our intentional and unintentional to forgive that which was done

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

in public and that which was on in private to forgive this is we remember this is we don't remember we ask Allah de la for Dr. Farber Armando Andorra Rahim yeah Rahmani r Rahim. Yara man you are the one full of mercy Yeah, a fool you are the one who loves to forgive ya Kadeem. Oh, generous one. Allahumma indica fu one to hibel Alpha One. Rob. Rob indica, full one to Abel alpha for ANA Allah. Allah Monica full one, Kareem on to April alpha for Anna Robina Vadhana and fusina We're in Lambton fildena What are Hamner then Hakuna nominal cost Sydney and welcome toffee.

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

Learn what are Hamner then Hakuna? Nominal. Ha CDN? Yeah. How you yaka? Yo Ma July Chromia send me I do ah yeah I'm big here man. Akuto coalition in Yemen who Eugene What are you John? What are they? Yeah, hi yah, you mudra magic and astellia Allah, Allah Allah that's a kin ln fcnr purify the ion and wala con Kalamunda Yeah. Are you have you taken a stab at Allah Allah was looking at if you if you're dealing with dunya Allah was looking at if you if you're dealing with dunya Allah was open and if you if you're dealing with dunya Allahumma fildena What is one indulgence of accountable Iman? What are the Jaffa Kuruvilla Zilla Lilina Amano Robina in Nicaragua for Raheem?

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Sterling either

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me Ms. Dahiya. Doll Seanie any one tells

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me what to feed

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at what

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feels cool to me.

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Journey danza dasa, down

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