Do Not Judge Others 07 – Avoid Bad Suspicion

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Happy he or Manuela,

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the seventh reason why we should avoid judging others is that judging others leads to bad suspicion, which is otherwise known as one in the Arabic language. Up to now, the first six reasons that we are spoken about is about your knowledge and really the lack of your knowledge about the person you are judging. Now we're going to be talking about things how it will affect you how this bad practice of judging others actually affects you. And in this video, we're talking about the whole aspect of one on one is when you suspect of others suspicion you have suspicion you have assumptions. So by having assumptions, it actually is something that will result in a lot of negativity within society and

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that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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yeah, you're Latina Armen jueteng evil kefir on me no one in Bhavani ism. Allah Subhana Allah said, Oh, you believe abstain from most of one most of suspicion because some of suspicion is a sin. Now because some of it is sin, you have to avoid all of it because you might be falling into that sin. And also the prophet SAW acid and further emphasized and clarifying and supporting. If you like this verse, He said Yakumo one for enough one acculevel Hadith beware of one bureau suspicion because suspicion is the most false of all speeches. Now, this hadith is narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim and it further emphasizes the prohibition of keeping away from one. Now when you are judging others,

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you're suspecting things about them, you're thinking about them, you're saying, well, they only did this because of that, or they must have done this due to this reason, and so on, so forth. So it automatically creates a negative impact on you. And obviously, it creates a negative impact on society as well, because you are now spreading things about this person, and it's not based on fact is not based on truth. If it was based on truth, this is also a problem in itself. But because not even based on truth, then it's double jeopardy.

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And when you look at the the reality of how a society should behave, is what Allah Subhana Allah told the Mediterranean society when they saw more people suspected bad of eye shadow, the Align her the wife of the Prophet sizer and ally said, Lola is similar to mobile wondering what mean when are we now to be unforeseen Hi, Ron, had you heard these assumptions, these bad sayings, then the believing men and the believing woman should have good suspicion good assumptions about each other and not fall into this initial trust the individual so this relates to what we said before you know is that when you know somebody, you have to give them the as they say the benefit of the doubt, but

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you shouldn't be doubting them anyway, you should just leave them because it's not your position and bad suspicion. One leads to negative vibes when in society people think badly of each other suspect badly. And so power law it affects you as the individual who is doing this because you will then start to think you will always have like this negative thoughts in your mind why is this person doing this? Is he treating me like this was the reason and it's actually not healthy at all. And that's why I lost pantile and his messenger so why Salem, prohibited us from one and warned us about practicing such an act ceramide